Chapter 7

When morning came they were a tangled mess of limbs. The silver woke when he smelled food to Harmony still asleep in his arms. She looked so peaceful and innocent laying in his arms like this. What had he done to deserve her? Nothing, at least in his opinion. Though he knew she would say it wasn't his decision to make but hers. That she decided if he was good enough. He didn't understand it. Xehanort knew she was out of his league and yet, right now with her in his arms. Nothing had felt so right before this. So why was he always second guessing being with her? Why did the idea of marrying her scare him so much? His breathing had picked up just thinking about it.

" Norty, are you ok?" Harmony asked a bit groggy as she was only just waking up. Looking up at him and feeling how quick his breathing was she could tell something was up. What could have upset him this early in the morning? He hadn't even had food yet. Normally he didn't know how to function until he had food in his stomach and coffee. Or tea, sometimes he would do tea with her. That was rather uncommon though as he preferred coffee in the morning. She grunted as she moved to sit up.

How did she always know when something wasn't right? It was strange how she did that, sometimes a relief. When a flashback or nightmare came he often didn't have to tell her anything. Harmony would just come and comfort him. Sit in the room with him or hold him if he wanted her too. It always amazed him how she just knew when he needed her to be there. It was a great comfort, but it also scared him. Maybe scared was too strong a word, made him mildly uncomfortable applied better. " Yes, I will be fine."

" Alright." She nodded and she leaned over and kissed his cheek. Harmony wasn't gonna force him to talk about it if he didn't want to. When he was ready he would tell her, hopefully. Getting up she stretched as she walked over to her dresser. He was gonna have to get his clothes and go to his room. She supposed he could dash across the courtyard and through the window to his room. A giggle left her as she thought about him doing that naked before she shook her head. Pulling out a pair of undies she slipped them on.

Gray hues watched her from the bed as she started to get dressed. It looked like today it was going to be black lace. Xehanort loved lace and it framed her ass very well and what an ass it was. It was so round and gropable, not that he did that when they were in public. That was, untasteful and he had no interest in that. It still was very nice to look at when she walked. The gentle sway of her wide hips did things to him when he was in the right mood. Now was not the time, more so with what they had done last night. It was still nice to just watch as she got dressed. The smoothe grace with which she moved was misleading when you considered her mouth. Harmony could have a sharp tongue when she wanted.

Harmony glanced back at him as she pulled on a crop top that was made of black cloth. She paired it with a mostly yellow wrap skirt that had black lines for the red flowers. In truth she loved her skirts and hoped she would always be able to wear them. Though, if she was honest she knew that was unlikely. Her wardrobe was a bit revealing in regards to this world and she didn't want to be stared at. So, in the end she knew that some things were going to have to change. She was most likely to justy change her crop tops out for something else. Her skirts after all weren't really revealing since they went down to her ankles. She had also seen a few women in knee length skirts so hers should be fine.

" Do you like what you see?" She asked as she went to put her skirt on. Harmony was looking at him through the mirror now. It was a little strange having him watching as she got dressed. It wasn't unpleasant, just something she wasn't used to. That was something that would come with time though. If things even went for very long. She could see the uncertainty in his gray hues though she didn't think it was over what had happened last night. No, it seemed to her to be over their relationship. Yeah, it was sinking and she wasn't even sure why she thought it wouldn't when it started. He had always prefered men after all.

" Why would you think I wouldn't?" Xehanort asked as he tilted his head. Was she already picking up on his anxiety? Would not surprise him as she knew him better than anyone else did. Though his anxiety had nothing to do with how she looked. Harmony was gorgeous, all that milk chocolate skin and ample was more than just how she looked though. Her personality was what had really gotten him. She was caring and kind, some would call her a bleeding heart when it came to others he really didn't know. The people on the islands didn't need the benefit of a bleeding heart. He knew it wasn't pity that drove her, Harmony actually cared about others. Why she cared so much about him he would never figure out. It seemed like he was constantly hurting her and yet still she stayed with him. What did she see in him?

" You prefer men." Harmony stated as she looked down as her dresser. She wasn't sure she wanted to see his reaction to that. Had he even been aware that she knew that? She closed her eyes and drew in a deep breath before looking up. She saw him right behind her in the mirror and turned to look at him. There was a sadness, at least she thought it was sadness, maybe it was something else in his eyes. It was hard to tell with him sometimes. Even so when his hand came up and caressed her cheek she leaned into it. " Its ok, if a man would make you happier."

" Your right, I do prefer men, at least in the physical sense." He stated as he caressed her cheek. There was also this right feeling that he could not shake when it came to her. There was something right about being with her even if his anxiety screamed to get away. In most cases, even with her whirlwind of emotions, she was his didn't ask if he needed comfort. When she saw that he did she gave it without questions, without any expectation of getting something back. " Harmony, it was never your body or how you look that got my attention. It was your kindness, your caring, your ability to ground me when I feel like everything is coming down around me. You are a good person, that perhaps cares too much, but the worlds also need people like you. For the people like me who have been dealt a bad hand. People like you make our lives better because you show us that there is good still left."

" So, what your saying is you didn't fall for my curves and large bosom?" The violet asked as she looked into his grey hues. She was looking for a lie in his words, but she couldn't find one. In truth she was ok with that as she believed a relationship born of a love of who the person is rather than their looks was stronger. Perhaps that meant they would always be friends even if they didn't remain as lovers. Harmony was perfectly ok with that as his friendship meant more to her than any romance. " You, didn't start to like how I looked till later?"

" Yes, to both of those." Xehanort stated as he pressed his forehead to hers. He was still butt ass naked, but that didn't matter. He didn't matter at this moment, at this moment she was the one that mattered. Making her see that she was important, that she was needed. More people than just him would need her light, her warmth, her kindness. As much as he wanted to hoard her, hoard her kindness so it was only focused on him, he knew that others would need it. It angered him to know that, because he wanted her all to himself. Perhaps it was really just the little green monster as he didn't share anything well. Harmony was no exception to this, if anything that made the drive to not share was strongest with her.

That made her feel a lot better about things and Harmony even released a small sigh. She felt a bit better now and smiled when she heard his stomach growl. The violet could smell the food and her own stomach soon growled in response. It was time to go see who had decided to cook. It certainly hadn't been her this morning. A smile appeared as she rested her hands on his bare chest, her eyes traveled down his body as well. " You need to pick up your clothes and go get dressed."

A chuckle left him as he looked at her and stepped back. Xehanort had not missed the way her eyes traveled down his body. He had often questioned her choice in boyfriends before going out with him. Then again, whether she had laid with any of them was anyone's guess. In truth he really didn't want to think about her being with anyone else. He looked around the room and noted how his clothing was everywhere. The silver could just run across the courtyard and climb in through his window. Harmony would likely enjoy watching him do that. Did he really wanna pass so close to where he had decided to cut his wrists up? No, he did not. A sigh lefty him as he went and got his pants. Once he had them on he collected the rest of his clothing before heading over to his room to get changed for breakfast. " I will meet you in the dining room."

"Alright, Norty." Harmony nodded as she followed him out of her room. She watched him for a moment before turning to head to the dining room. There was a small smile on her lips as she walked down the halls. Why did it have to be him that always gave her butterflies in her stomach? Even knowing what she knew now she felt like her relationship was still sinking, it was just slower now. Perhaps it would be better not to think about it. Live and let live, if it worked and they were happy then great. If the romance fell apart then they would always be friends and that would be just fine. She was starting to almost wish they had just stayed friends as things were less complicated then.

She soon reached the dining room and then passed into the kitchen to find Eraqus there doing the cooking. Harmony smiled at him as she went to get some tea. What kind of tea did she want though? There were so many teas to choose from and she didn't have a craving for any one tea in particular. When days started like this she always wondered what life was about to fling at her. What horrible thing was going to happen? It always started with her being unable to pick a tea to have in the morning.

Suddenly there was a male behind her and a tan arm came from over her shoulder. Harmony chuckled, surprised to see him picking a tea to start the day with. Could it be another way of him trying to make her feel better? Yeah, but it also meant a lot since she knew how much he preferred coffee in the morning. Tilting her head she held her hands out of the box and noted the smirk on his lips. It was dreaming, and yet spoke of the darkness that she knew was deep within him. You didn't go through a childhood like his and not have darkness in spades. " Which one did you pick?"

" It's a green tea." He stated as he handed her the box. It was called Mystic Dragon Tea and it was a green blend. Xehanort thought it would go well with breakfast and helped to wake her up. Leaning down he kissed her cheek though he wasn't much taller then she was. Soon the silver was moving to get the table set. He pulled down two of the special tea mugs that had a lid and an extra strainer bit to put the tea leaves in. The one for her was white with a black dragon painted on it. His cup was black with a white dragon on it. THe set had been a gift from her parents as the two were like yin and yang. " Make me a cup too."

" Alright." Harmony smiled as she went about making the tea. With them all doing something they were soon sitting down from breakfast. There was idle chatter and they were soon laughing as they ate. All in all it was a nice breakfast and they got to know each a bit better. Eventually they were going their separate ways to get things going for themselves in regards to the rest of the day. The violet smiled as she got started on cleaning up the courtyard. Maybe things would sink into ruin, she was hopeful and that was half that battle.