vitaly was smiling and training his circus act and he was very happy because he now has a new wife her name's Nadia they have been married for three years and something was going to happen in their lives

nadia was smiling and holding a big plate and have an apron on " okay guys dig in guys!"

everyone else dig in the food nadia made and vitaly said" Nadia you should be on bed rest remember what melman said?"

nadia smiles and said" don't worry about telling nothing's going to happen to me or our Cubs" she took the apron off showing her round stomach which looks like she's due any day now she smiles at her mate and gave him a kiss on the lips

a few days before Nadia's due date

nadia was in the cart as the others were performing she was panting and groans in pain " ohh my God! vitaly!"

everyone was performing and finished up 20 minutes later as the others were walking to the train Nadia screams loud and panting

vitaly heard it and ran into the train cart and saw his mate panting hard and trying to push " Nadia! guys getting here it's time!"

everyone went inside Nadia and vitaly's cart to help with the birth melman checked how dilated Nadia's cervix is and it was about eight and a half centimeters

nadia groans and clawing the bed vitaly was helping his mate do her breathing and comfort her and encourage her during the pain

then nadia screams and breathing in and out then half hour later nadia was panting and screaming loud squeezing vitaly's paw hard Melman told nadia to push

nadia bears down hard and vitaly was smiling

melman said" ur doing great nadia get ready to push one, two, three push!"

nadia screams and grunting hard marty and Stefano fainted

after twenty hours of labor nadia had given birth to quintuplets three girls and two boys

vitaly was smiling at his wife and nadia was exhausted from the birth they decided to named their children aya, anatisa, rina, Niro, and vitaly the second

the end