Chapter 12

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If there was one thing that every member of the Varia could agree on, it was that the leader of the storm devison was unusually stab happy. But only Belphegor himself knew the cause of it. This sent terror through the lower ranks and agitation through the elite. Mammon especially hated that they knew nothing about what set Bel off this time. Bel hasn't been this irritable since he started sneaking off somewhere two months ago.

Right now, Bel was creeping the elite out even more. He was just sitting in the window seat and staring out the window silently. He couldn't help it. It's been three whole days since his Harry had left for England. Not even his usual torment of the mooks cheered him up. So when his phone rang across the room, in the ringtone set specifically for his Princess, he startled everyone by lunging for the device. Bel was too preoccupied to laugh at the loud cursing Squalo was doing after Bel nearly ran him over. He couldn't hit accept fast enough.

"Ushishishi. You have reached the Prince," Bel greeted. Finally! He could talk to his Princess after so long apart. He had to wait for Harry to call him because the place she was staying didn't have reception.

"Bel?" Harry's voice came through the phone, causing Bel to frown slightly. She sounded sad.

"What happened Princess?" Bel asked. He grabbed one of his knives and twirled it between his fingers. If one of Harry's friends upset her...he'd be having words with them.

"I can't hide anything from you can I?"

"Ushishishi. Nope. The Prince is too awesome for that," Bel boasted. He was rewarded with the sound of Harry's giggles. Good. His Princess should never be sad.

"I miss you Bel," Harry said and Bel internally cursed. The sad voice was back.

"You need only say the word and I'll be there. I can have someone look after Hedwig and Archemides and be on the next plane."

"Honestly...I want to take you up on that. My friends want to meet you."

"Something else happened though," Bel guessed.

"I got into a fight with Mrs. Weasley. She tried to forbid me from seeing you or returning to Italy." Bel growled at that. He wouldn't let anything separate him from his Harry. "We argued about it and I decided I couldn't stay in that house anymore. We are all staying in a hotel right now."


"All the Weasley kids and Hermione. After some of the things we learned during the fight...none of them wanted to be around their mother for awhile." Harry sighed deeply through the phone and Bel could picture her biting her lip as she thought. He stayed silent, letting her figure out what she was going to say next. "Bel. She was accepting money to befriend me. Then she tried to force me into a marriage contract with Ron. If we had been any slower getting to the bank she would have succeeded," Harry said. Bel noticed too late that the knife he had been holding was now melted thanks to his flames. It was unusable now. Shame. He could have used it to kill the harlot that tried to control his Princess.

"I am coming down there," Bel told her. His tone left no room for argument.

"I'm sorry. You probably already had plans."

"My only plans were to spoil your babies. There aren't any jobs for me to take so I've been quite bored," Bel huffed. A lie. He could have easily gone on several jobs but he wasn't in the mood for any of them.

"Bel! You know you go overboard when spoiling them," Harry scolded him. Bel enjoyed the sound, as it meant Harry was feeling better, even if it was only slightly.

"Ushishishi. Of course I do. Only the best for my Princess. That includes her pets as well," Bel smirked as Harry sighed deeply.

"What am I going to do with you Bel?"

"Love me of course."

"I already do, even though you drive me crazy sometimes."


"That's not something people are usually proud of Bel," Harry said, though she was laughing.

"I'm not most people Princess."

"No you're not. I love you anyway. Crazy and all."

"I love you too. I'll be there soon," Bel promised.

"Call me when you land alright?"

"I will. See you soon Princess," Bel said. He waited for Harry's goodbye before hanging up. He left immediately after, ignoring Squalo yelling after him. Bel needed to pack and get on the jet immediately. He had peasants to kill and a Princess to see.

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