Chapter 14

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Bel's plane landed in England seven hours later. Still too long for Bel, but better than the twelve hours it would have taken for any other plane. The trip was made more bearable by the ability to talk to Harry. Not only was the Varia jet faster than any other plane, it had been upgraded to have zero restrictions when it came to cell phones. That meant he could text his Princess the whole ride.

She took the time to fill Bel in on what happened since she arrived in England until she called him. What he learned made him want to give into his bloodlust until every last offender was chopped into teeny tiny pieces. Starting with Molly Weasley.

The bitch made her first mistake by revealing her plans. That she was going to force Harry to marry her youngest son. And once Harry had given birth, she would kill her and gain access to all of Harry's money. It was a common situation in many of the missions he had been on. Bel was usually the one sent to do the killing after all. But the second it was HIS Princess that was the target, those people crossed a line. Her husband told their three eldest children everything she was planning. He never agreed with any of it but the Bitch had ways to control him. Bel would keep him alive, since his princess liked the man. He was loyal to her.

She made her second mistake by trying to follow through on her plans. Harry and a few of her friends (the eldest child who worked at the bank, the third child who had a knack for accounting, and the two friends Harry had told him about many times. Ron and Hermione were their names.) went to their bank to get an investigation into all the items the Bitch had been stealing from her. They had been in a meeting with the bank director for an hour and had already found many thefts. Not only by the Bitch but also by her relatives and the headmaster at her boarding school. Then there was a commotion in the lobby. The bitch had arrived and was causing a scene.

She was screaming at the desk clerk and demanding he file a betrothal contract between Ron and I. Then when she saw us she started screaming at me for not listening to her and ruining all her plans. Bill and Percy had to hold her back from attacking me, Harry had texted to him. Mammon had to restrain Bel with their illusions to keep him from destroying the plane when he saw that.

That was her third mistake. Trying to harm his princess was a crime punishable by death. If that bitch wanted to live, she better pray that Bel didn't find her. He would make her death extra slow and painful.

Harry told him about how the bitch was escorted out by the bank staff, who later told them that the bitch was heavily intoxicated. Aka Drunk.

It didn't take a genius to know that this conversation was making Harry upset. So Bel, being the wonderful boyfriend he was, asked Harry to tell him about her friends. Her mood lightened immediately at the new topic. They spent the rest of the time exchanging stories about their friends groups. Though Bel edited a few things, like how Levi was a human and not a dog like he was making Harry believe.

She seemed to enjoy the story of Mammon dressing Squalo up as a girl (actually the mist used their illusions to make Squalo a girl but that was something he left out...for now) because Squalo missed a payment. In return, Harry told him about how the time the twins accidently set off a box of fireworks in their dorm room, which spread until there were explosions in the common room.

She warned him that these twins were huge pranksters and he should keep an eye out because they would undoubtedly try to prank him. If they actually managed to accomplish that, Bel would be impressed. And probably pissed but he would refrain from killing or maiming them. Firstly because it would make Harry sad and secondly because he could use them to prank the other elite. They might even be able to do the impossible and prank Mammon. Bel didn't know how the mist did it, but they always avoided getting caught in a prank. It annoyed Bel to no end. If Harry's twins managed to get Mammon in a prank, he'd offer them a job on the spot. The Varia could make great use of those skills. Mind you, that is only IF they manage to prank Mammon.

Chatting with Harry not only relaxed Bel, but allowed the plane ride to go that much faster. Soon enough they were landing in England and Bel found himself scanning the crowd of people. There! His princess hadn't seen him yet, which gave Bel an idea. Leaving Mammon, he expertly made his way through the crowd until he was directly behind Harry.

"Boo," he whispered in her ear, causing Harry to whirl around in surprise.

"Bel!" she exclaimed happily before launching herself at him. He lifted her up effortlessly and she responded by wrapping her legs around his hips to stay secured. Bel kissed her, releasing all the pent up feelings he's had since he last saw her. The fact that it was only a few days ago didn't matter to him. Bel missed his Princess. And based on how she was clinging to him just as much, she missed him as well.

A throat being cleared had them breaking the kiss. Harry's face flushed a bright red once she realized they were still in public. Bel allowed Harry down but kept his arms around her in a hug as he rested his chin on her head.

"I'm going to guess this is the boyfriend," a redhead said, sounding amused. Harry cleared her throat awkwardly.

"Uh yeah. Bill this is Bel. Bel this is Bill Weasley. He's Ron's eldest brother," Harry introduced. Bel studied the other for a moment before nodding his approval.
"He is an acceptable servant for my Princess," Bel declared. Harry rolled her eyes.

"Ignore that Bill. Unless you do something super impressive that's about as much approval as you're going to get," Harry told Bill.

"Well okay then," Bill muttered. Bel smirked at the expression he was making. It was very amusing.

"Where is the friend you brought Bel?" Harry asked, looking around curiously. Bel sweatdropped. He forgot about Mammon. Stretching his senses out to feel for Mammon's flames, Bel found the mist waiting for them outside the airport.

"Mammy went ahead. They don't like crowds so they're waiting outside," Bel said. Since there was no reason to stand around, the group made their way towards the entrance of the airport. Bel led them to where he felt Mammon's flames. Knowing the mist, they would demand money for being made to wait. Bel was right. That was the greeting he received when they caught up.

"You must be Mammy," Harry guessed. "It's nice to meet you. I'm Harry. Bel's told me a bit about his friends, though he left out which one was coming with him," Harry introduced herself, giving Bel a playful glare. Bel was proud of his princess. Most people would freak out or treat Mammon like a child because of their appearance. Harry wasn't even phased. She just accepted it and moved on. Her redheaded companion however was staring at Mammon with a shocked expression.

"It is nice to meet you as well Harry. But my name is actually Mammon," the mist corrected. Bel was also proud of Mammon for being polite. Normally the mist demanded money for little things like that and was very snippy while doing it. Harry's cheeks turned pink and she promptly apologized for the mistake. Mammon accepted the apology and Bel thought he saw a hint of a mile on the mist's lips.

"How long have you been cursed?" Bill asked, snapping out of his shock. Bel and Mammon immediately tensed at the question.

"What do you mean Bill?" Harry asked, looking at the man.

"That's a very powerful curse I read about once. I'll explain more once we get back to the hotel. Does he know?" Bill asked, glancing at Bel. Harry shook her head.

"I wanted to tell him in person. It didn't seem right to say it over the phone," she said. Bel's smirk returned as he wrapped his arms around Harry and pulled her against his chest.

"Ushishishi. Don't worry Princess. I know all about magic and how you're a witch," Bel whispered in her ear. Instead of the shocked reaction he received from Bill, Harry simply sighed.

"Why am I not surprised you already knew?" she asked calmly.

"Ushishishi. Because I am a Prince."

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