Chapter 2

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Harry was seriously beginning to wonder if she would ever find her way back home. Six hours. That's how long she's been lost. She wouldn't count this outing as a complete failure though. She's found seven cafes, four restaurants, six clothing stores, and three bookstores (though not the one she was originally looking for) that she wanted to visit again someday.

Unfortunately, the only other english speaking people she had run into (not literally this time) were tourists who couldn't help her. At least, that was the situation until she saw that boy again.

It was pure luck that Harry noticed him at all. He was sitting among the branches of a tree on the outskirts of the park where Harry stopped to rest. In fact, the only reason she noticed him at all was because the sun reflected off his crown and ended up shining in her eyes. Harry hesitated but decided that asking the boy for directions wouldn't hurt. At worst, he'd have no idea and she'd just return to wandering. After all, her magic said that he wouldn't hurt her.

"Excuse me," Harry called up to the boy. "I ran into you earlier. Do you think you could help me again?" she asked. Harry only knew the boy was looking at her because he turned his head towards her. She really hoped he would be able to help her. It was getting late and Harry didn't want to be out after dark.

"Ushishishi. Is the peasant following the prince?" the boy asked from his perch. Harry felt her cheeks heat up.

"I'm not. I got lost and don't speak italian yet so I can't ask for directions," Harry explained. The boy was silent for a moment before jumping out of the tree and landing lightly on his feet. Harry found herself comparing the boy to a cat. He made the jump effortlessly and with a grace very few possessed.

"What's your address peasant?" the boy asked. Harry blinked in shock, not actually expecting him to help her, before a wide smile appeared on her face. She handed him the piece of paper that she written the address down (she needed it for registering at the ministry and forgot to take it out of her bag afterwards) and handed it to the boy.

"Thank you," Harry told him while he looked at the address.

"You are welcome peasant. Now follow." The boy started walking and Harry was quick to go after him. The boy navigated the streets with ease and Harry stuck close to him. The last thing she needed was to get separated from him and end up lost again.

The longer they walked, the more Harry found herself observing the boy. It seemed like he was on guard against something but at the same time he was completely relaxed. She wished she could see his eyes but figured if he didn't show them then he had a reason and it wasn't her business. Then she found herself looking at the crown he wore. It looked like something out of a fairy tale.

"It's really pretty," Harry found herself saying. She blushed as the boy stopped walking and turned to look at her in what she thought was curiosity. She blushed and rubbed the back of her neck. "Uhh sorry. It's just, your crown. It looks really nice on you. I think it suits you," she said. Damn. If her cheeks got any redder she'd match Ron's hair.

"Ushishishi. Of course it does. I am a Prince after all," the boy told her before resuming his walk. Harry was quick to do the same, falling in step with him without noticing.

"What is it like? Being a Prince I mean. Surely you must have a lot of responsibilities," Harry asked. The boy was silent for a minute before doing his neat little laugh thing.

"You are the first to ask such a question," he told her. Harry shrugged.
"I'm curious. You don't act like any of the snobs I have to deal with in school and they are from ancient and nobel houses. It makes me wonder what's different in how you were raised or if I'm just unlucky to be surrounded by the ones who only know how to hide behind their daddy's name," Harry rolled her eyes at the last part. Draco Malfoy, while having one of the more influential families (and no, Harry wasn't afraid to admit it. It was a fact, despite how annoyed she was because of it), was more of a toddler always on the verge of a tantrum when he didn't get his way.

"You are an interesting peasant," the boy told her. "What is your name?"

"Harriette but I go by Harry," she answered. The boy nodded.

"I shall call you Duckling," he announced. Harry was confused but nodded anyway. She liked ducks and it was probably the nicest thing she's ever been called before.

"What should I call you?" Harry asked curiously.

"Ushishishi. The prince is named Belphegor. You have my permission to call me Bel," he said. Harry nodded.

"Prince Bel. It's nice," she mused. The boy, Bel, giggled and Harry smiled at him, which he returned with a small one of his own.

"We are here," Bel announced a few seconds later. Harry blinked in shock. She didn't notice that they had arrived sometime during their conversation. But now that they were standing in front of Harry's new home, she found she didn't quite want to stop the conversation with Bel.

"Do you want to come inside for cookies? I'd offer a drink but I only have tea and I don't know if you'd prefer coffee over it or not," Harry stopped talking before she ended up rambling. Bel studied her closely (she thinks) for a moment before speaking.
"Tea is fine," he told her. Harry smiled happily and led him inside. It was well past dark before Bel left and by the end of it, Harry's name had been upgraded. She was now called Kitten.

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