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A Rose Final Task

Chapter 1:From Dust to Dust.

A howl of a lone Beowolf faded in the distance, far-so far-away from where she at she can just refuse to acknowledge it. The sun had already settled in the horizon, bathing the forest with golden rays of dying light as a gust of wind wash over the tree tops rustling their blacking leaves. Her steps faltered for a few strides, hissing and limping to her last and only companion as she grip it in one hand while her other clutched tightly around her abdomen. Her tattered crimson hood was pulled atop her head and wrapped around her body, giving a comfort she didn't know she need.

Crescent Rose pulled closer, Ruby leant on her so called sweetheart for a moment to catch her breath. The giant High-Impact Sniper Scythe has been turned to a walking stick for the past few hours now instead of a deadly weapon she was designed for. In any other circumstances, the 25 year old woman would have laugh considering the effort she putted to create and modify her to her current state. But as she dare a glance to her other hand and what she so desparately trying to cover with any humour bleed out of her with a grimace that grew an inch larger as she noticed the accidental pun.

Great, you are dying and your mind decided to went full Yang for a second there.

With a shake of her head the cloaked Huntress continue her walk, fully aware with the warm crimson liquid running down her thigh and leg below where her wound was. For some unknow reason the bleeding won't stop even though she had patched it with what little first aid she carried, Ruby had half a mind it perhaps was because she got stabbed with a pure Black Dust during that battle against Salem not a day ago but honestly she didn't care anymore, the witch is dead and that was what matter.

She frowned slightly as one thought that keep nagging at the back of her mind resurface for the nth time in that day

Is she really dead though? Jinn said she can't be killed but technically she was not killed.

Of course Ruby did not let that bitch to continue roaming on Remnant's surface, after hundred of plans failed she finally manage to found out how to incapacitate Salem without actually killing her. It was kind of ironic that the only way to eliminate the Queen of Grimm is by throwing her down to the very place where Grimm is borned; to the pit of the God of Darkness' lair.

Now, Ruby is not an idiot. She didn't just throw her down to it's endless bottom unless she want Salem to return one day no, she had taken precautions which she was not proud of doing but knew should be done; by cutting her hands and legs first.

Severing the woman's limbs was a gruesome task, especially when she can regenerated her lose limbs by using Grimm appendages. But that was when her Silver Eyes power came in handy, with each limbs Salem tried to recover Ruby already a step ahead by fixing the woman with death glare which mean literal when it comes to Grimm, she never been so thankful of the gifts her mother gave her.

Her mother...

Ruby winced as she settled down under a tree, Crescent Rose collapsed to its Sniper form on her lap. Glancing around to deem the place is safe enough from any threat, she lean her head and stare at the shattered moon above, Silver Eyes glinting under its white light.

Her mother, Summer Rose, was killed by Salem herself.

She did not know about this until Salem's final moment, when Ruby tied a rope around the other woman torso, intending to use one of giant Black Dust crystals scattered on that place as an anchor to make sure Salem keep drowning until eternity.

"You succeed, child. It appears Silver Eyed Warriors are really destined to fight the darkness, just like that Bastard of God intended""

Shut up, I don't give a damn about you and your problem with the God of Light"

Despite her condition, Salem still gave her a knowing smile. One that was similiar when an adult chide a little girl for doing something wrong.Ruby seriously start contemplating to cut her head too.

"It's a shame it need to be this long though, the last Silver Eyed Warrior I fought before you did not even manage to do what half you done. I can't blame her for she was too kind-hearted, too soft to even harm me. Do you know what she did? she tried to talk me out to stop going my path"

At this point the red haired woman barely paid any attention to what her opponent said, but still Ruby tried to humour her as she tied the other end of the rope to a boulder-sized Black Dust crystal. "She was an idiot then, nobody in their right mind would try to presuade you"

"Hmm maybe, she was so naïve indeed" She paused, as if remembering something or maybe just pretending to, though her next tone suggest she did the latter. "Do you know people consider white as a symbol of purity? of love and comfort?"

Ruby stop mid-push, slowly turning her head to her downed opponent with wide Silver Eyes. "What did you say?"

"It fit her quite well, now I think about it, her white hood, I mean"

In a flash of red and rose petals, the Huntress had the other woman around her grips by neck as she lift her off the grounds. "WHERE IS SHE?!" Ruby practically yelled on Salem's face, teeth grinded together as a myriad of emotions swirl in her gut.

Hope, anger, sorrow.

"How could I know? it was a long time a go. I have plenty memories reserved for better things instead of a random human dying" her reply came in a strained voice as Ruby's grips tightened the more she speak. "But now, looking closely to you I'm starting to remember. Same red hair, same facial features and-"

Ruby did not let her finish, slamming the limbless body to the ground as strong as she can it actually left a crater. She marched toward the other end of the rope, Crescent Rose unfolding in her hands to its Scythe form. The white skinned bitch actually had a nerve to laugh, fueling her anger even more until she stood next to her make-shift anchor.With one powerful swing, she hit the said anchor with Crescent Rose's back side sending it flying toward the tar like substance with Salem following later.

A satisfying splash signaled both the Dust crystal and Salem had indeed landed there if the cease of laughter was not enough proof.

Ruby stood on the edge of it, one hand firmly holding her beloved weapon while the other desparately wiping the tears running down her eyes. Not noticing one of Salem's separated hand flew to her direction with a jagged Black Dust crytsal on its grip until it's too late.

With a clang, Crescent Rose fell of her hand and hit the ground. Ruby's hands instinctively goes to her abdomen where the crystal was, and a scream tore through the air later.

After that a painful process of removing the crystalensued, she had no idea how a separated hand could flew through the air in fast enough velocity to penetrated her Aura and the metal plating of her battle dress in one strike.

Sure her Aura was already low to begin with but her dress was a standar from Atlas military, the Fifth Gen Battle Dress Uniform specifically built for Hunters and Huntresses. It has half of centimeter Titanium-A battle plates built around the abdomen area, chest and shoulders under layers of special fabrics that can enhanced its wearer Aura protection effectiveness which also adaptable with climates change.

Or maybe it was just a mouthful.

Doesn't matter though, she liked this dress since it comes in black and red, her favourite colors of all things was the reason why she agreed to use it.

She chuckled, but frowned when she realised she doesn't actually know why. Though a quick glance to her wounded side answered her rather rethorical question.

Blood loss, yikes. Now I'll start hallucinating things.Ruby bring one of her knees close, resting her hand to it while the other fumble with Crescent Rose. She paid little mind to the blood she left on her companion from her hand, not bothering to return it to her wound knowing how futile her attempt to stop the bleeding was.

"It's always comes back to you and me, Crescent" Ruby whispered, bringing her weapon close to her chest. "You're what's left now, but soon it will be only you" once again a fit of chuckles left her throat, though this time Ruby know the reason why.

"Hunters and Huntresses alike often changed their weapons, was it because of damage or lost doesn't matter. One thing for sure, most of them did at least once in their career"

She smiled faintly. "But not me though! I will never replace you no matter what! You're one and my only baby, Crescent!" As fast as it appeared her cheerful smile gone, replaced with a more sad one. "Though, it seems I will be the one to leave you. So for that, I'm sorry"

Ruby reached for her pouch on her back with her free hand, after a second of searching with her fingers she pulled out a sheet of folded paper from it. Not wasting what little time she has, her trembling hands started to unfurl it with little more effort than she like.

Inside was a letter, one she rewrote and reread for countless time already since she first decided to created it. Ruby already knew what's inside, but reading it always bring a sense of ease knowing a piece of her probably will end up in the right hands. Though it was a big if, she refused to acknowledge any other outcome.

Dear you

My name is Ruby Rose. I'm a Huntress from Vale, though if you read this it's probably a was... Heh.

Anyway, yes I'm dead. I don't actually care with my body after I died so if you did not bother to search for it then it's okay! I'm not going to haunt you the whole life so it's fine.

But I can't say the same if you don't look up for my weapon though. Don't worry, she's easy to look out for, bright red and big if she's on her full form but it doesn't mean she was small when she's not.

Her name is Crescent Rose, a High-Impact Sniper Scythe I created when I was a kid. I want you to take care of her when I can't anymore and please do good things with her.

This is my final request as a Huntress.

Thank you.

A droplet of tear landed on the crumpled paper, folding it back to it's previous form the Crimson Huntress slip it to a compartement on her weapon. She stared at it for a moment before a grin broke up on her face. "What? I always want to help people even in my death"

As usual there is only silence, but Ruby understand her weapon like she understand herself. Afterall, a Hunters and Huntress' weapons are an extension of themselves, she really meant it when she said it years ago.

Her eyelids had felt so heavy for some time now, and she had lost the feel of her legs for quite long. The only thing Ruby can feel was her hands and the weight of Crescent Rose on her lap, even so her hands already felt so cold.

Well this is it, I've been so tired. I guess it's time to finally meet them again. Her head start to drop down, Silver Eyes slowly closing.

I did it, Mom. I've saved the world just like those heroes in your books. Though now I understand why Blake prefered to read something more realistic, there is no welcome home party and happily after but me being alone in the middle of nowhere with no recognition.

But it's okay! I never good with people anyway, and the least they know the better. I bet right now Ironwood's cranning his neck trying to figured out what happen to the Grimm in Atlas.

Heh, that old geezer...

At least now I can join you all up there, you don't know how much I miss you guys. Everyday I spent thinking what might have been if that attack on Beacon never happened, I can almost picture me, Weiss, Blake and Yang strolling down Vale's road and arguing over something silly like setting up surprise party and other good things we never done.

I just...

I just wish... we had that... chance.

With a sigh, her breathing cease all together. Hands falling limp to her sides and head tilted, her bangs covering up her eyes and if someone look out to her they will assume she was sleeping with how peaceful she looks like.

She was anything but sleeping.


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