I looked at Izzy as I smiled before asking him something and thought for a moment . "Izzy do you wanna go out for coffee with me ?" I asked curiously as I smiled at him. "Sure I'd love to sounds like a great idea." He smiled as he went out the door with me and went to a coffee shop after leaving a note to whoever was still in the house that we'd be back later .

Once we got to the coffee place he opened the door and held it for me I then went inside ."Thank you Izzy ." I smiled . "You're welcome ." He replied when he had closed the door behind him after going inside the building as well then we walked over to a seat and sat down the waiter was quite fast he had taken our orders that we wanted a vanilla cream flavoured kind of coffee and he brought it to us . "Thank you ." We both spoke at the same time . "You're welcome ." He replied then he went to take some more orders .

I smiled at Izzy and he smiled at me then we both blew on our coffees before taking a sip so we didn't burn our mouths then we had sipped our coffee . "This is really good ." I told him . "I agree it is ." Izzy spoke as he smiled. "Heck yeah it is." I chuckled . He started chuckling as well .