A writing exercise...

PROMPT: Start your story with a sentence that is genuinely happy and upbeat. End it with the same sentence, but this time it's chilling, dark, horrifying ETC... Or Vice-Versa.


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TITLE: Avalanche

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Chapter 1: A Gentle Fall of Snow

The wind was calm, and the snow fell gently to the ground.

Looking to his left Jeff laughed at his two youngest throwing snowballs at each other, a smile when glancing to his right revealed Scott showing John how to use his skis. A beaming grin when from the cabin they were renting his beautiful wife stepped into the open doorway, his artistic son poking his head out from just behind her.

"Time for lunch," her melodious voice called, "come and get it before me and Virg eat it all."

"You heard your mother boys," Jeff said, watching his wife head back into the cabin with Virgil, "time too…" A rumble like thunder stopped his speech… He knew that sound, desperately hoped it wasn't but the sight his eyes met confirmed it was… "Avalanche!"

Jeff pulled a screaming Gordon and Alan into his arms, hoping that Scott had John. Thankfully, he did and less than half an hour later after a rescue team had found them, they were reunited… Except for… "Where's my wife and son?"

The rescue worker gave him a querying look.

"My wife and son, they were in the cabin."

"I'm sorry sir, what cabin?"

Jeff stormed out of the first-aid tent pointing in the direction of their holiday home. "Over…" His eyes met the remains of the cabin, buried under ice and snow… He stepped forwards… Fear, pain, a deep dread rippled through him… His whole world was falling apart…

Yet, the wind was calm, and the snow fell gently to the ground.