Chapter 17: Starlit Nights.

Starlit nights...

John rested his head on her chest, her arms wrapped around him, a blanket draped over them both. There they would sit happily naming constellations and seeing what they could spot through their telescope. On occasions his father would join them and tell them both of his adventures with his uncle Lee. Other times he would enthusiastically talk about the wonders he hoped to discover when he was old enough to journey beyond the stars. More recently Alan had been joining them, pointing up, gasping at the sights, and sitting in awe as he passed on what he had been taught.

Now, everything had changed. His father had shown no interest in sitting with him beneath the night sky and even though Alan had often snuggled onto his lap in the hopes of spotting 'mummy in the stars' the blanket that usually kept them so cosy felt empty without her warmth. How could it feel tranquil again without her?

Their mother had been beautiful. Always ready with a smile to lift their spirits and an enveloping hug that made everything okay. She was their anchor. Their ray of light on the bleakest of days. Now a petite oak box was where she rested, and storm clouds smeared the evening sky allowing nothing through. His blinds lowered. Her glimmer had been extinguished allowing darkness to engulf his starlit nights.