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Socket puppets.

Her first sock puppet was made by her mother, she made three of them actually and showed her how she had met her father and then how she came in their life. She used one of her own sock for her own, one of her father's to make him and a tiny one to make her. Her father took part too and made his part perfect and they even filmed and Laura watched that tape every year at the same date. Laura hugged tightly the sock puppet in her arms, today was the date, ten years later and she felt the same emptiness inside her; she looked down at her mother's sock puppet and the tears began to fall slowly. Laura closed her eyes while flashes of what happened that day came back to her like it was yesterday; her father was driving, they were coming back from visit her grandparents when a truck hit them, Laura remembered how the car spun around, she remembered her mother's scream and then her father screaming her mother's name, trying to wake her up but that never happened. She remembered the fireman pulling her out of the car, she was crying hugging her sock puppet calling for her mother but she never answered, she never opened her eyes again, she never…she never hugged her again. Laura sobbed harder remembering her father running to her, she hugged him and pointed to her mom and he ran to her, he called for her too but she didn't answer either, she didn't move, she didn't breath again and she just stayed there looking how her father fell to the floor with his heart broken. That was the last thing she saw, then everything turned black around her and when she woke up she was in a hospital bed, her father was sleeping in a chair next to her bed, she tried to move but the needle in her arm didn't let her. She moved around and the machine began to make a horrible noise and her father woke up really fast and alert, he looked at her and blinked, he looked again and blinked, she smiled at him and he approached really slowly until his hand touch her cheek and then he hugged her and started to cry. Laura hugged her sock puppet tighter remembering how she didn't actually remember what had happened but she had cried too because she knew deep inside that everything had changed in their life, she didn't know what exactly but that her mother wasn't there was her first clue. She hadn't spoken for two months after that, she had put away all of her sock puppets, it hurt too much just looked at them; she never could remember everything that happened that night, just flashes in her dreams, she used to wake up screaming for her mother every night for months and her father always entered running in her room, he woke her up and then she cuddled with him until she fall asleep again. It took her five years to look her sock puppets again and it was by accident, she had been looking for some clothes in her closet when she found the box, she didn't remember it so she pulled the box out and when she opened all her world spun, she sat on her bed and began to grab them one by one until she reached the last one, her mother's sock puppet. Her father found her two hours later crying in her bed and they stayed all night talking about her, about her voice, her smile, her kindness and how much they loved her and missed her; that's when she told him about how she was forgetting about her, how she was so scared because she didn't remember how she smelled or sounded anymore. He smiled softly at her and left, when he came back, he had a tape in his hand and she smiled, a real smiled looking at herself so little hearing her mother's voice telling her again the story of how she met her dad and then she appeared in the screen smiling, kissing and hugging her. She cried all night but the next day she began to smile again, she saw the video a lot of times in the next months until now that she saw them when she needed it and today she really needed it. Today was her mother's birthday and was the first year that she didn't spend the day with her father remembering what they had, seeing pictures of her and the tape. She had talked with her father in the morning, he was trying to cheer her up and it worked for a little but now…she sobbed again and brought her legs closer to her chest and rest her head in her knees and cried harder, she cried for her mother, she cried for her friends and the mess they were stuck for her fault, she cried for Carmilla too, for her awful past and her terrible mother.

"Laura? Hey, Laura…" Carmilla called her softly but worried. The vampire left her bag in her bed and approached quickly to Laura's bed, she sat in front of her and stroked her hair slowly "Laura?" Carmilla tried again but the tiny human just stayed still, only her shoulders moved and she cried harder. "What happened?" Carmilla whispered and saw a sock puppet next to her, she grabbed it. She looked it and noticed that she didn't know it, it wasn't one from Laura's collection, she has seen it one time when the tiny human was in some class. She was about to look closer when Laura snatched the puppet from her hand. Her eyes were red, her nose too and her cheeks were wet from the tears that still poured from her eyes. Carmilla didn't move or talk, she didn't know what to do, she could deal with her mother, and Will and the tall amazon or Laura's nightmare but she couldn't see her like this, with so much pain. They stayed in silence but Laura kept looking at her while more tears fall out. Carmilla caressed her cheek softly wiping a tear. "Hey creampuff, what happened?" Carmilla tried again, she needed to know so she could help her. Laura just shook her head, she hadn't spoken about her mother's death for years, her childhood's friend knew of course, but nobody in college knew about it, not even Danny. "Okay…I'll leave you alone then" Carmilla sighed biting her lip, she was really worried but she couldn't make her talk, no matter how much she wanted; she stood up willing to go and leave her alone when a hand grabbed her wrist. "Laura"

"Hug me" The girl choked out and cried again, and in less than a second she was in Carmilla's lap, the vampire stroked her head softly with on hand and the other one was in her back, Laura's head rest in her chest and her hands still hugged the sock puppet. They stayed there for hours until the sun came out and Laura was asleep in her chest. Carmilla was still confused and had no idea what had happened to the human but she was glad that Laura had stopped crying. She moved a little trying to readjust herself and growled when she heard the change in her heart rate, she was waking up. Laura moved a little more and looked up, Carmilla smiled slowly and relaxed when the girl smiled too, a sad smile but at least she wasn't crying. "Can you grab my laptop?" Laura mumbled and the vampire nodded quickly and gave it to her, Laura sat up and began to look something. She bit her lip and opened the folder when she had the video, she looked at Carmilla who was still standing in front of her, then she looked at the video again, she didn't know what to do. "Sit with me please"

"Are you okay?" Carmilla asked when Laura cuddled with her again and put the laptop in front of them

"Yes…I…it was a bad day…I…I want you to see this and then I'll explain okay?" Laura whispered while she clicked in a file, her hand was shaking.

"You don't have to show whatever it is if you don't want to" Carmilla mumbled, she could heard her heart beating hard against her chest.

"I know…I want to share this with you" Carmilla just nodded and hugged Laura again watching the screen. A little girl…no a tiny Laura, tinier than now, appeared in the screen with a huge smiled in her face, she was babbling about sock puppets and then the child disappeared and the camera pointed to a little theatre where a puppet show began. Laura hugged her tightly and Carmilla kissed her head softly while she looked the love story about Laura's parents. It was cute but she didn't understand why Laura was showing this to her until Laura's mother appeared in the screen…Laura began to cry again and Carmilla knew why she didn't talk about her mother, why she just talked with her father and why she still had that old puppet, so she hugged her, stroked her hair and both of them stayed all day in bed, eating cookies and drinking hot chocolate and blood while she listened Laura's story, Laura's memories about her mother, about her childhood. It was late when Carmilla left the bed leaving the girl sleeping with a frown in her face, that she promised to herself and Laura's mother that she would protected her, no matter what because she couldn't see her with so much pain again, because she was dead but seeing Laura cried like that killed her all over again.

"I love you creampuff…and I will do everything in my power to make you smile everyday" Carmilla whispered and kissed her cheek. She stroked her hair and went to her bed, she needed to sleep. The last thing she saw was a little smile forming in Laura's mouth, she smiled too and closed her eyes falling sleep with Laura's rate heart.