"You did what?!" Laura screamed at LaFontaine, who just smirked at her.
"I got you a blind date!" They repeated happily, and Laura just rolled her eyes. She wasn't going. "Don't make that face! You need to go out again. Since Danny and you broke up, you've been here eating ice cream and watching sad movies! You have to start to move on L, we're worried," LaFontaine explained and Perry nodded.
"Wait… you agreed?" Laura asked with her mouth open. She would expect this from LaF, but Perry?
"Yes, well not exactly. I think you should go out but I also think that you should choose with who, not Su-LaFontaine."
"But she is perfect for you! You'll thank me later."
"Who is she?" Laura asked curiously; she never saw them so excited.
"It's a blind date! You will have to wait until Friday at 8pm at the front door." LaFontaine winked at her and grabbed a cookie.
"Why? Is too difficult to come to my room?" Laura asked sarcastically and grabbed her mug.
"No, but it's better that way," LaFontaine affirmed with a mysterious look on her face and Laura pouted.
"I'm not going!"
"Yes you will," they said with confidence and grabbed another cookie.
"Well if Laura doesn't want to go, she shouldn't have to," Perry began to say in Laura's defense but they just shook their head.
"Trust me, you will want to go."
"Who is the girl?" Laura cursed her own curiosity. She didn't have time for dates, she had papers to finish and she was still sad about Danny. They had been dating for eight months. She was a tall, gorgeous red head, her Lit TA, and they began to talk more and more until one day they were kissing in Laura's bed and the next they were having their first date. Laura smiled softly and sat on her bed, lost in her thought. Perry and LaFontaine shared a look and shook their heads. Perry sighed and sat next to Laura, she knew what would happen next. Laura began to cry again; she missed Danny so much and she knew that she had decided to break up with the red head but that didn't mean she wasn't hurt. Danny was really sweet and kind, and so brilliant that Laura didn't believe that she wanted her but she did. Danny asked to be her girlfriend and she had said yes so fast that it was really embarrassing, but the red head just smiled at her and called her cute. They were happy, they really were, until Danny began to protect her from everything and everyone. At first it was nice and cute, her own personal hero, but it was too much, she could protect herself just fine, she had practiced Krav Maga for 11 years. But Danny didn't listen to her and the arguments began to get more frequent and one day Laura just knew that they had to break up before they ended up hurting each other. Perry hugged her and LaFontaine grabbed the ice cream and three spoons. They already knew the routine: she would cry and Perry would hug her while LaFontaine would put some movie on their laptop, and they would stay there until she fell asleep.

"I'm not going," Laura repeated to them on Thursday. LaFontaine rolled their eyes and began to look in the closet, trying to find something for Laura to wear on her date.
"Yes you are! You will thank me for this for years!" they assured her with a smile.
"LaF… I'm not ready for a date yet," Laura argued again, seeing how her friend kept looking inside her closet.
"Laura, please, I need you to trust me." They looked at her with a serious face, straight in her eyes, and Laura nodded slowly. She trusted them, they were her friend. "You will go out, if you like her, great, if you don't, well, at least you tried… I can't see you so sad anymore, and I'm sure this girl will make you happy."
"I will not forget Danny using another girl," Laura mumbled looking at her clothes.
"I know you won't but… just go tomorrow and you'll see, please," LaFontaine used puppy eyes and Laura sighed, grabbing a dress that she loved. "I don't think a dress would be appropriate."
"What? Why? Where are we going? Who is the girl?" Laura asked quickly, and they just chuckled.
"You'll know tomorrow, but you should wear something else."
"I hate you," Laura growled, looking at all the clothes on her bed. She didn't have time for this, she had a paper to finish.
"No, you don't, and trust me, you will love me more after tomorrow! I have to go, Perry wanted my help with something," LaFontaine said and walked out the door, leaving Laura alone in her room trying to find the perfect outfit.

"I'm not going" Laura confirmed to herself looking at her reflection. She had chosen a dress that reached her knees and she had decided to let her hair down. She was nervous and she didn't want to go now. "But I should go and talk with the girl." That would be the right thing to do. She didn't want to the girl to think that she had stood her up, but she wasn't ready. Laura sighed and walked into the room. She looked at the clock; she had five minutes to decide what to do. Laura walked out the door. She would meet the girl and tell her she was really sorry but she couldn't go on the date. She reached the front door and looked around. There were a couple of girls out there and she cursed LaF for not telling her, stupid blind date.
"I knew you would come!" LaF exclaimed behind her and Laura jumped "I told you not to wear a dress Hollis, why don't you listen to me sometimes?"
"I'm not going, I'm here to tell her that," Laura informed them and then she gasped. Danny was there. LaFontaine followed her gaze and growled, of course Danny was there.
"She is not your date… she is," LaFontaine pointed behind her, and Laura turned around and just died. Carmilla Karnstein was standing there with her leather pants, a green shirt and a leather jacket and that fucking motorcycle. They smirked and patted Laura's back softly, trying to bring her back, but the girl was still lost in her thoughts. Carmilla fucking Karnstein was her date. She had had a crush on her since she first saw her, but Carmilla didn't date and Laura didn't want to be another girl on her list; besides, they never talked. Carmilla was a philosophy major and that she only saw in class introduction day, and then couldn't stop thinking about her for days until Danny appeared in her life. But she never forgot about her. She used to see her walking with a different girl every week and she couldn't avoid looking at her. Carmilla was gorgeous and so mysterious that Laura felt a force dragging her to the girl. Even when she was with Danny some place, if Carmilla entered she had to look at her. Laura bit her lip, she wasn't going, she wasn't going to be just a fuck for the girl.
"I-I'm not going LaF. I can't," Laura spoke quickly and began to walk to the front door again but they stopped her. "She plays with girls!"
"L please trust me! She hasn't dated anyone for more than a month now! She changed and she likes you, she really does, I know it so please! I know you like her too, I know how you always looked at her, even when you were with Danny so please go out with her," they begged and Laura looked at Carmilla who was watching at her. Then the girl smiled at her, but it wasn't her famous smirk. It was a sweet smile, a real smile. "Go!" LaF urged and Laura arranged her dress and went. She could feel Danny's gaze on her back.
"H-Hi," Laura stuttered and cursed herself; she was so nervous.
"Hi creampuff, are you ready?" Carmilla smiled at her while she grabbed a helmet and Laura understood why LaFontaine didn't want her to wear a dress.
"Where are we going?" Laura asked while she tried to put her helmet on, but she was distracted looking at Carmilla in those leather pants. It should be illegal to look that good.
"Surprise," Carmilla mumbled, grabbing the helmet and helping her to put it on.
"Really?" Laura's voice sound strange inside the helmet but Carmilla just smiled at her again and climbed on the motorcycle. When Laura climbed behind her, Carmilla grabbed her hands and put them on her stomach.
"Buckle up cupcake." She turned on the bike and began to drive. Laura gasped and tightened her grip, and she saw LaFontaine smiling at her and the sad look in Danny's eyes before they were out of the campus.
"She will break her heart," Danny said to them with a furious voice.
"That's not your problem anymore… and she won't," LaFontaine smirked at her. She knew of the rivalry between the two of them, but she also knew Carmilla would make Laura happy.
"She is a vampire."
"And you are a werewolf. Just drop it, you had your chance. Let her be happy. You moved on, let her do that too," they pointed at a blonde girl waiting for Danny, who just shrugged and walked away. She was going to keep an eye on Laura though; vampires hadn't much control.

Carmilla stopped the motorcycle in a front of a little restaurant. Laura didn't know it but it seemed a nice place. She took off the helmet and Carmilla did the same. The girl looked at her with a strange look in her eyes.
"Are you okay?" Laura asked softly and a little worried; she knew Carmilla was way out of her league.
"I-I want to tell you something before we get in… if you don't want to continue with this I'll understand," Carmilla mumbled and leaned on the motorcycle. Laura just nodded. "I-I'm a vampire," Carmilla confessed and looked at the girl who just smiled. That wasn't the reaction she was expecting.
"Oh that's why Danny and you don't get along right? Werewolves don't like vampires, right? Laura asked, curious. She had never understood Danny's dislike for Carmilla but now she did.
"Wh-You knew about her?"
"Of course I knew, we dated for eight months and I noticed that she always disappeared when there was full moon, so I asked her and she told me."
"So… are you okay with this?" Carmilla asked. She never told anyone what she was, but Laura was special and she wanted to do the things right.
"Yeah, come on," Laura smiled softly. She had been dating a werewolf, she could date a vampire. She stopped and blushed, no, they were not dating. "Yet," a little voice said in her head, a voice that sound like LaFontaine's. Carmilla smiled at her and opened the door to let her enter first.
"Mircalla!" A young man exclaimed and hugged the vampire. Laura frowned. Mircalla? He looked at her and then at Carmilla and again to her. "Finally! You must be Laura right?" She nodded slowly; she didn't understand what was happening. "Great, come this was, your table is waiting" Laura looked at Carmilla or Mircalla and they followed the man in silence.
"Thank James, everybody is fine?"
"Perfect, they miss you, you have to come more often," James told her and she nodded softly. "I will bring your food." He was gone and they stayed in an awkward silence that Laura decided to end.
"So… Mircalla?"
"That's my real name, I have to change it sometimes because, well, it would be suspicious… but I'm Carmilla now, cutie," The vampire smirked loving how Laura blushed.
"Okay then… and James?" Carmilla was on a date with her, but Laura couldn't help wondering who that man was.
"I saved his grandfather many years ago and we stayed in touch. I met his son and then his grandson, so they know about me and they've helped me a few times when I've needed it." Carmilla explained remembering Charles. He had died a few years ago and had requested to see her one more time. It was like the time didn't pass at all; she was still the same girl that had saved him. She really missed him sometimes, and that's why it was difficult go there, because James just like his reflection.
Laura smiled again and grinned when she saw the food. It was some cheeseburgers with fries, and she couldn't help but compare this food with the healthy and weird food that Danny always wanted her to try. "LaFontaine said this was your favorite beside sweets," Carmilla explained and Laura nodded grabbing some fries and then looked the glass of blood. "If this bothers you, I could put it some other glass-"
"No, no, it's okay." Laura assured her quickly and grabbed her burger with a smile, Carmilla smiled too and she grabbed some fries. "So… why-how did you-I mean why are you here?" Laura stuttered and cursed herself but Carmilla had some power over her, she made her feel so nervous.
"Well I saw an ad made by LaFontaine about needing some girl to date you. It didn't say you specifically, but who else? They and Perry are together so… I went and we talked and that was it," Carmilla explained and drank some blood.
"That's it?" Laura pouted she wanted to know more.
"I have to keep some secrets," Carmilla smirked and Laura blushed. She was so gorgeous, so perfect. "So… tell me about you cutie."
And they talked about everything; Laura told her about the childhood, about her overprotective father, about her high school and her first crush, and Carmilla spoke about her past, her human life and her life after became a vampire, how she struggled with the thirst and about Ell, and Laura felt a pang of jealousy because it was so obvious how much Carmilla had loved that human. Carmilla told her about the people she knew, about the places she went, but never mentioned her punishment for loving Ell. It was so cruel and dark, so not Laura. They spent hours talking and sometimes they just sat in silence, Carmilla looking at her and Laura blushing because of that look. James came back to refill the vampire's glass, but they were too busy smiling at each other. James brought the dessert and Laura grinned looking at the chocolate, she loved chocolate.
"LaF told you about that too?"
"No… you always eat some chocolate, I know you like it," Carmilla confessed. She'd liked Laura since the first time she saw her in the introduction class, and she knew that Laura looked at her too, but then that fucking werewolf got in the middle and Carmilla knew that she was more dangerous, she had control but with Laura… there was something about her that made her feel weird, a good weird though. She had fallen for Ell so many decades ago, and after what had happened to her, she had been alone for a long time. She hadn't trusted humans anymore until she saw her and she literally stopped breathing, no that she needed but she had to keep the appearances but Laura Hollis captivated with such force. She fought it at first, but then surrendered because it was impossible to not fall for her. She had stopped hooking up with random girls and tried to talk with her but that werewolf was always in the way; when they finally broke up she just couldn't. She knew Laura was sad and decided to leave her alone. She didn't deserve such beautiful creature after all she had done; she was a monster. She left her alone, until one day LaFontaine approached to her, they'd talked; they knew she was a vampire and it was cool with her and just like that they were friends. It was weird at first, since she didn't have many friends, much less human friends, but it worked out. LaFontaine was who had convinced her about this date. She hadn't been sure, she didn't want to hurt Laura, but at the same time she didn't want to lie to her. But they said everything would be fine and asked her if she really liked Laura, and Carmilla had said yes. That had been a lie, because she didn't like her, not anymore. She had fallen for her so hard. She loved her, she loved her smile, her shining eyes looking at the chocolate, she loved her smell… she tried to figure out what it was but she couldn't; she smelled like home and that was enough for her. Carmilla looked up and Laura was looking at her with such a cute smile that if her heart could still beat, it would be beating so fast right now it might have leapt out of her chest. "So… I think it's time to go now," Carmilla suggested, enjoying the disappointment in Laura's face. The date wasn't over, but the little human didn't have to know that yet.
"Yeah… it's late," Laura mumbled watching as James came back to the table.
"Nice to meet you Laura, hope to see you more often, you are the first girl that has Carmilla brought here in decades so you must be really spec-ugh." The vampire kicked his leg hard, but not hard enough to break it. He really needed to stop talking. She looked at the human and she looked so flushed, she could hear her fast heartbeat and how the blood was rushing to her cheeks, so fucking cute.
"Nice to meet you too James," Laura smiled softly with her cheeks still red, and they began to walk away, the tiny human first, Carmilla following her, but James stopped her.
"She is a keeper, don't mess this up," He winked at her and the vampire just rolled her eyes, but she knew he was right. Laura was waiting for her, leaning on her motorcycle. Carmilla smirked and approached quickly; she wanted to grab her and kiss her so badly, but she couldn't, not yet, it had to be perfect, it had to be- And Laura was kissing her so sweetly and softly, she could taste the chocolate on her lips. Carmilla's hand grabbed her by the waist and pulled her closer, one hand traveled from her back to her neck where she caressed softly feeling the blood rushing. She pulled apart trying to control herself and looked at the human who was gasping for air totally flustered.
"Wow," Laura mumbled and kissed her again, Carmilla stayed still trying to resist but when Laura bit her bottom lip, she growled and kissed her harder, her tongue found her way inside her mouth and tasted the sweetness, Laura's tongue found hers and began to fight for control. Laura's hands were inside her leather jacket caressing her back, while her tongue licked one fang and she could taste her blood, stupid tiny human. Carmilla pulled away quickly, still feeling the blood in her mouth. She looked at Laura who had a smile in her face. "Wow," the human repeated slowly, and bit her bottom lip and Carmilla stood still, she couldn't hurt her but Laura was making all so hard. "Carm?" She asked softly "Are you okay?"
"Yeah, perfect cutie just… I need a minute," Carmilla tried to sound normal but her voice betrayed her, and Laura was there looking so worried. "I don't want to hurt you."
"You won't," Laura assured her, and they kissed again, more sweetly and softly, just their lips brushing together, just Laura's hand on her neck and her own hands on Laura's waist. Carmilla picked her up, smiling when she heard her gasp and put her on the motorcycle. Laura opened her legs and Carmilla stood between them, her hands still on her waist. Laura hands were inside her leather jacket again trying to get under her shirt. Laura kissed her harder and she pulled away.
"I think we should go back," Carmilla gasped without looking at her, she had to keep the plan on track.
"Oh… okay," Laura mumbled, and a breeze made her shiver. Carmila smiled and took off her leather jacket and gave it to the girl. "What about you?"
"I'm a vampire sweetheart, I don't need it," Carmilla's confidence cracked a little because seeing Laura with that dress and her leather jacket did things to her. She sighed and climbed on and Laura's hands were on her stomach in a second; she put her own hands there for a moment, enjoying the warmth, and then she drove away, next stop: the roof. They rode in silence, Laura's head on Carmilla's back, and the vampire was calmed hearing her rate heart. She sped up, smiling when Laura's hands tightened their grip. They arrived quickly at the campus but Carmilla passed the front door; the date wasn't over yet.
"Where are we going?" Laura shouted, but the vampire stayed silent until they reached the building that belong to the Astronomy club. Carmilla got off first and helped Laura. "Can we be here?"
"Yes, come on creampuff." The vampire walked around the building until they reached a back door. Laura followed her still in shock. She had thought the date was over, she hadn't expected this. They entered and Carmilla went straight to the stairs, Laura behind her. They reached the roof where there was a basket waiting for them. Carmilla grabbed her hand and Laura found herself on a roof with a beautiful moon and millions of stars looking down at her, with a vampire that was pulling out a blanket from the basket and a package of cookies, her cookies.
"LaF help you?" Laura asked surprised. They had never acted or helped Danny this way, she knew they didn't get along. She didn't know why, they'd never told her.
"Yes, I may be a vampire but I can't be in two places at the same time." The vampire sat on the blanket and Laura followed her, still wearing the leather jacket. It was so warm. She grabbed a cookie and Carmilla chuckled, LaFontaine was right, Laura loved these cookies. Carmilla lay down on the blanket looking at the stars. They stayed in silence for a few minutes, the vampire's eyes fixed on the sky and Laura's on her. "I love the sky and the stars," Carmilla began and stopped, then sighed and decided to continue. She had never told anyone about this; even Ell hadn't known about it, she didn't have the time to tell her. "When I was a child there was this accident and part of my family died there, and I was… really sad. I couldn't stop crying and nothing seemed to calm me down, until my mom came and talked to me. She said that they were in the sky, that they were stars now, and they were always there, even when I couldn't see them and it was at night when they came out to watch my dreams, to watch me… I was just six years old, but I believed her, and every night I looked at the sky and watched the stars for hours until I fell asleep." Carmilla stopped talking. Her eyes seemed lost in her past, in her memories. Laura lay down next to her and held her hand between hers. "She also said that sometimes people were stars… like there was out there a star waiting for me… I never understood what she meant by that until-" Carmilla sighed, the memory of Ell in her mind. Ell had been her star all those years ago, but not anymore. She looked at Laura wondering if she could have two stars.
"Until what? Did you find your star?" Laura whispered looking at the sky with the others eyes, she wasn't sure if she wanted to know the answer. Carmilla looked at her, she could lie and say no, or she could tell her about Ell… but it was too soon.
"Yes… then I lost her," Carmilla mumbled, she wasn't going to tell Laura the whole story yet, but she couldn't lie.
"Oh," Laura bit her lip, of course the vampire had found already her star. Laura looked at her and saw a tear fall down. "Can-Can you have two stars?" The question came out before she could stop herself. She looked at the sky again, feeling her cheeks burn.
"I don't know… but I would love to find out," Carmilla looked at her and Laura looked back at her, cheeks still burning. "You are like star to me, always shining in the middle of the crowd. I always know where you are… you are a star, Laura," Carmilla told her, and she smiled. Carmilla sighed, she knew from the first moment that the girl would be her doom, but it didn't matter anymore, not while Laura smiled at her like that. Carmilla came closer and kissed her softly, just for a second and then pulled away, looking at her. Laura had her eyes closed and a little smile in her face. She brushed her right cheek with her fingers, she passed her thumb over her bottom lip and Laura opened her eyes.
"Carm… you're star too," Laura kissed her then and Carmilla kissed her back eagerly. Laura changed positions and now she was on top, still kissing the vampire. Carmilla began to kiss her neck softly while she unbuttoned her shirt and left kisses on all the skin she could find. Carmilla pulled away the leather jacket and kissed her collarbone, biting there playfully without making her bleed. Laura kissed her again rougher, whimpering when Carmilla licked her bottom lip and she felt Carmilla's hand on her thigh, caressing it slowly, teasing her. Laura's hand found her way to Carmilla's left breast and grabbed it, passing her thumb over the hard nipple. Carmilla growled into the kiss and Laura felt the fangs again, and just like that Carmilla was on the other side from the roof. "Wha-?"
"I'm sorry… I-I have more control with everything but you-I'm sorry," Carmilla tried to explain while she buttoned her shirt again. Laura wasn't just a fuck for her, she wanted to date her properly.
"Oh it's okay," Laura mumbled grabbing the leather jacket again. Of course Carmilla didn't want her, she was just a human and certainly not the most beautiful.
"Hey don't make that face," Carmilla said looking at the cute pout. So fucking cute. "It's not your fault, I want this the same way you do but-" The vampire looked away, grateful that she couldn't flush. "You are special, I want to do this the right way, I want to date you," Carmilla confessed and Laura looked up in surprise.
"Really? I-I mean you want to date me?"
"Yes cutie, do you?" Laura stood up and nodded with a big smile and Carmilla grabbed her by the waist and kissed her again softly. They pulled apart and Laura rested her head on her chest, the vampire kissed her head and looked up, she could swear that the star she thought it would be Ell was shining more tonight, and that made her smile too.
"I don't want to go back," Laura mumbled in her neck.
"We have to. I don't want LaFontaine following me with a stake because you didn't come home." Laura chuckled at that but she knew it could be true. "Come on cutie, I'll walk you to your room," Carmilla kissed her softly again and pulled away leaving sweet kisses on her chin, nose and neck, only to return to her lips and kiss her again. Laura's hands became lost in her hair.
"Are you free tomorrow?" Carmilla asked between kisses and Laura just nodded. "Great. Call me, cutie." Carmilla kissed her pushing her against the door. Laura moaned and kissed her back hard. She never felt such passion, not even with Danny. Carmilla made her feel something new, something dangerous, but she would die to explore. She felt the fangs again and Carmilla was gone in a second. Laura looked at her gasping for air. "Call me," Carmilla gave her a soft kiss and she was gone.

Laura entered into her room with shaky legs, her roommate was sleeping and she was grateful for that. She couldn't face any questions. She sat on her bed and grabbed her yellow pillow. She wanted to scream. Carmilla wanted to date her, they were going out again tomorrow and she definitely had to buy something for LaFontaine. Laura smiled but then frowned. She didn't have Carmilla's number. She growled into the pillow, how could she be so stupid?! She bit her lip, thinking what to do and had put her hands in the pockets of the leather jacket, hugging herself and smelling Carmilla's scent, when she felt something in her right hand. A paper. She pulled it out and opened it. She smiled widely. On the paper was a phone number and a Call me cutie. Laura grabbed the pillow again and squealed happily.
"Best. Date. Ever."