Darry's POV

As I walked home with Pony at my side and Soda behind me, I began to think. To think what a fool I was too let Pony go by himself to the theater. As I stared up at the clouds I heard somebody start talking.

"If you had to would you date Lucy?" Ponyboy blurted out, running his hands through his long silky hair.

"That was sorta unexpected...umm..." I paused why would he even say that? "I suppose, she is my best friend so i'm not sure..." Suddenly I felt someone tug on my shirt.

"Hey Greaser!" A man yelled out behind me.

"Let me go!" I exclaimed tugging my shirt.

"Let him go! Or you'll be sorry!" Soda shouted pointing his finger at the tall, slender man.

"Oh, shut up pretty boy!" He snapped as a two more men came up behind Pony and Soda and restraining them from trying to help.

"I somehow managed to tug myself out of the man's reach.I shoved the socs off of Pony and Soda leaving them free from being restrained. "Come on Pony, come on Soda. Lets get out of here."

"Not so fast greaser!"

"Run." I blurted out. We sprinted so fast. Untill I heard a voice hollar.

"Get out of here you stuck up soc!" Yelled a womans voice. The voice sounded familiar... I turned around and I saw Lucy. She punched the soc in the nose knocking him to the ground. As the socs got up from the gravel ground and ran away. We stopped running and turned around. And was shocked too see Lucy, Two-Bit Matthews, Dallas Winston, and Steve Randall all chasing off the socs. They jogged on towards us.

"You guys ok?" Dallas panted

"Yeah..." Pony chimed in.

"Lucy broke his nose!" Two-bit laughed. "Wow! That sucker got beat up by a girl!"

"Oh you!" Lucy replied as she elbowed him in the side. "Your ok though right?" Lucy said brushing off my tank top.

"Yeah! Im fine!" I said. Incase you where wondering, im actually not. I was afraid I could have lost Pony or Soda, thats my worst fear. "Lucy, please dont do that again."

"Do what?" She questioned as her raven hair glowed in the sun.

"Go after socs... If you see them going after me just go get help. Dont try and resolve it."

"I wouldn't be talking Darry, she did save your sorry ass." Two-Bit chimed in.

"Darry, look at me." Lucy said. We stopped looking into each others eyes. "Don't ever say anything that stupid ever agin."

"Deal." I agreed rolling my eyes. As everyone started walking their own paths. I heard Soda's voice say

"You know... that was a stupid statement...but you know..."

Later that night...

I began to think as I layed in my bed. What if Lucy wasn't there? Would I have lost Soda and Pony? "Agh...I shouldn't have said that to Lucy! It was so so stupid!" I said aloud. But nobody was listening. It was just me in my bed alone.