Wedding Plans and Early Concerns

"What! You're going to marry Stefan." Sonny gives Gabi a look of surprise as he sits with her at the café in Horton square. His eyes widen. "Please tell me you're joking."

"I'm not. I'm going to marry, Stefan..." Gabi informs him.

"But…Why?" Sonny asks leaning back. "You hate the guy; I don't understand why you are marrying him."

"Because I'm doing this to help him keep control of DiMera Enterprises." Gabi informs him. "It will allow the company to stay in the DiMera family and it will give me enough time to prove that Kate and Ted are lying about him kidnapping them." Gabi places her hands on the table and looks at Sonny.

"Do you really think they are setting him up?" Sonny asks making a face. "He's done shady stuff before and has kept people in the tunnels of the DiMera Mansion." He gives Gabi a skeptical look. "How do you know he's not guilty of holding people captive again?"

"Because he's not…Sonny." Gabi assures him. "He had nothing to do with Kate and Ted being held in the tunnels and almost starving to death." She raises her eyebrow. "And I think I know who may have had something to do with it."

"Well Xander was a part of it, but he swears that Stefan was the mastermind behind it." Sonny states. "That's how he got his immunity."

"Xander is lying." Gabi insists. "And I'm going to prove it…"

Sonny puffs out his cheeks as he thinks about Gabi's claims. "Okay, say he is lying... who do you think is behind kidnapping Kate and Ted?" He asks curiously.

"Nicole Walker." Gabi states firmly.

Sonny widens his eyes again. "What!?" He exclaims. "You think Nicole kidnapped Kate and Ted and held them in the tunnels?" He shakes his head. "No, Gabi…"

"I'm telling you Sonny…. She had something to do with it. She's been acting so strange lately." Gabi sits up and gives Sonny a serious look. "The other day when we were planning a party for Gabi Chic and Basic Black, she was acting so weird." Gabi thinks back to that day.

"Stefan told her to get some champagne from the wine cellar and she came back empty handed." She informs Sonny. "She said that she couldn't find the champagne even though there are several cases in the mansion."

Sonny shrugs. "Okay, but Gabi... her not being able to locate champagne doesn't automatically translate to her being a kidnapper."

"She tried to prevent me and Stefan from going down and finding the champagne ourselves. She quickly jumped onboard with my idea about serving margaritas instead."

"Maybe she realized your idea was a better one." Sonny surmises.

Gabi points her nails on the table. "But she was so adamantly against my idea at first. She all but called it stupid and tried to make me sound like an amateur in front of Stefan." She then leans back and crosses her arms.

"No, I don't believe she had a sudden change of heart…." She claims. "I think that she was involved with the kidnapping of Kate and Ted and that is why she quickly changed her tune about the party." She shakes her head.

"She's been acting so weird, Sonny and she almost strangled Stefan, afterwards in Doug's Place, because he rightfully fired her." She sighs. "That woman is loco, Sonny, I'm telling you."

Sonny taps his hand on his drinking glass. "Okay so her behavior has been odd." He admits after listening to Gabi's report. "I have heard Brady talking about it at home but…" He gives Gabi a serious look. "She just recently lost a child. She's a grieving mother." A thoughtful look comes across his face. "Grief can impact people in various ways, some people take it so hard…" He looks at her.

"You and I can understand that, right?"

"Of course, Sonny. But this is different…." Gabi insists. "Nicole is acting really strange, it's like... she's not herself. Even in her grief. If that makes sense."

Sonny rubs his hand over his face thinking. "Okay… but kidnapping Kate and Ted. Do you really think she would go that far? And why would she do that?" He makes a face. "And enlist Xander's help?"

Gabi makes a gesture with her hand. "Xander is a career criminal, he probably volunteered to help her just for the fun of it."

Sonny laughs. "Yeah, he stays adding to his rap sheet, but…" He thinks a bit more about things. "But that still doesn't explain why Nicole would have Kate and Ted kidnapped. And why Kate and Ted are pointing their fingers at Stefan?" He ponders. "Why not just say that Nicole had something to do with it..."

"She's holding something over their heads." Gabi muses. "She's got something over them and they're scared of her. And I can't say I blame them." She shudders thinking back again to when Nicole was choking Stefan.

"Like I said she was so scary when she was choking Stefan. I didn't know she had that type of strength. Maybe Kate and Ted angered her for some reason, and she attacked them…" She speculates. "And then arranged for Xander to help her kidnap them."

"It's one thing for her to be angry at them. It's another for her to have them kidnapped. It just seems so extreme…" Sonny remarks in disbelief.

"There's probably more to the story, or maybe there is another person involved in addition to Nicole and Xander." Gabi speculates holding up her hands. "I don't know, but I am going to get to the bottom of it and prove that Stefan is innocent."

"By marrying him." Sonny sighs. "Gabi that is extreme and I still can't figure out what you hope to gain from that considering that you don't like him."

"I'm going to marry him to help protect DiMera enterprises." Gabi leans forward and looks at Sonny. "Sonny DiMera owns Gabi Chic and if Stefan goes down, that puts my company in danger. And I can't let that happen." She shakes her head. "I can't let my company go down like that." She says determined.

Sonny puts his hands together. "I get that... but marriage? Gabi you don't have to marry him to try and save your company."

Gabi takes a bite of food on her plate. When she's done, she wipes her mouth with a napkin. "Yes, I do Sonny." She insists. "It's the best plan that I can think of."

"But it's so…look Gabi, I don't want you stuck in a loveless marriage." Sonny states concerned. "I was stuck in a loveless one not too long ago and it was awful…. I don't want you to have to deal with the same thing."

"Well, Stefan is not Leo and it won't be a loveless marriage." Gabi responds. She takes a sip of her drink and then adjusts her fork on her plate.

Sonny is very surprised by her statement. "What?" He asks a bit stunned.

"I said that Stefan is not Leo." Gabi repeats. She shrugs. "He's not blackmailing me into marriage… It's not the same as you and Leo... It's different. It's…."

"No, not that..." Sonny interrupts. "The other part. Where you said it won't be a loveless marriage. Gabi… You don't have actual feelings for the guy?" He asks incredulous at the thought of her possibly caring for Stefan.

Gabi eyes widen. She makes a dismissive gesture with her hand. "No, No, No… I uh…. I don't have feelings for him. No, of course not." She insists trying to brush off Sonny's question.

"But you said, it won't be a loveless marriage." Sonny repeats. "What did you mean by that?" He probes.

Gabi looks down at her plate. "Oh, look at that, I almost cleaned my plate. I must have been super hungry." She looks at Sonny and smiles. "Maybe I should order seconds." She jokes. She then looks around. "Where is our waiter?" She asks. "We should probably have him bring us the check…"

"Gabi…" Sonny says, and she reluctantly turns back to look at him. "What did you mean that you wouldn't be stuck in a loveless marriage with Stefan?"

Gabi sighs and folds her hands on the table. "Oh, Sonny… I just meant…" She begins trying to fish for the best words… "That it won't be as terrible at it sounds. No, I don't like the guy… but the marriage won't be torture. I'll survive it somehow…"

Sonny shakes his head and gives her a very serious look. "You're saying that now, but if you hate him as much as you say you do, it could feel like torture…" He frowns as he thinks again about his marriage to Leo. "Trust me, it can feel like absolute torture to be married to someone you despise."

"I know, but I will be alright Sonny." Gabi reaches over and pats his hand. "I will, I know what I am doing. Trust me…" She assures him.

"Okay... but what about our daughter. What about Ari?" He asks. "Gabi, she has witnessed a lot of changes this past year, including my disastrous marriage to Leo. I was so unhappy with him and I tried my best to hide that from her. But she probably still sensed a vibe…"

"Like I said Stefan is not Leo." Gabi reminds him. "And Ari actually likes him. She's spent some time with him, and she likes being around him…" She shrugs. "And believe it or not, he is actually quite good with kids. He was good with Parker and with Holly as well…" She nods. "Chloe and he are no longer together but she could also attest to that."

"Okay so he's good with kids, but I still feel uneasy about this." Sonny sits back. "I still don't think it's the best decision and when Will finds out…" He gives Gabi a knowing look.

Gabi's eyes widen. "Let me be the one to tell Will. I will handle that. Okay?" She looks at him. He's quiet for a moment.

"Okay?" She repeats looking at him. "Let me tell him Sonny. I will even call to talk with him about it before you guys go on your trip." She offers.

"This news might not exactly put him in the camping spirit, but…." Sonny thinks for a moment. "Okay, you tell him."

Gabi nods. "Good, I will handle that." She makes a face thinking. "He won't exactly love the news, but he will deal with it, like you are dealing with it now. It will be alright…"

Sonny raises his eyebrows. "Hmmm…."

Gabi smiles and then changes the subject. "So, are you and Will excited about your camping trip with Ari?" She asks. "Ari is very excited and can't stop talking about it."

Sonny smiles. "We are." He says excitedly. "It will give us some time to relax and spend some quality time with her." He sighs happily. "It will be nice to enjoy ourselves after all of the stuff that has happened, with Will's memory loss and his tumor."

Gabi smiles again. "You guys have been through a lot, the past few years. You to deserve to take some time out and enjoy yourselves with Ari, now that the dust has finally settled." She tells him warmly.

"That's what we intend to do." Sonny states happily.

"Good. And I want you to take lots of pictures for me." She requests.

"Will do." Sonny promises.

Gabi and Sonny talk for a bit more and then bid good-bye. As they part ways, Sonny can't help but still be concerned about Gabi marrying Stefan. He hope she doesn't end up getting in way over her head, by marrying Stefan. He also wondered if she was in denial about her feelings for him.