Wedding Bells and Blues Part IV

"So, what's it going to be?" Kristen asks looking at Mr. Shin. Kristen, Tony, Gabi and Stefan were in the living room awaiting Shin's decision about who would take over as the CEO of DiMera. Abe, Will, Sonny and Rafe had went home. Kristen had found out that Shin was heading over to the DiMera mansion and had stormed in with Tony, to everyone's surprise and had announced that he was alive and her husband. Both Gabi and Kristen (as Nicole) had made their cases to Shin about why they should be the CEO of DiMera (and also why the other woman shouldn't be). Now they were awaiting his decision.

"Me taking over this company & getting it back on track…Or..." She gestures towards Gabi. "The wife of a man who has driven this company into the ground." She gives Mr. Shin a serious look.

"And who will continue to do so because she will execute her husband's terrible vision for this company." Kristen crosses her arms. "They've already admitted they are in love." She sighs. "They are attached at the hip & she will do his bidding & completely ruin this company."

Gabi looks at Mr. Shin and shakes her head. "Like I told you Mr. Shin, I will strip my husband of all of his powers. And he is fine with that." Her and Stefan look at each other. "He understands the importance of getting this company back on track with strong leadership which will be me." Gabi states her case strongly. She indicates to Kristen. "And that is not a woman who has been a loose canon since she has come back on board to DiMera."

Mr. Shin looks at both ladies and nods his head. "Well, I have heard both of you ladies make your cases and I have come to a decision."

Kristen, Nicole and Stefan look at Mr. Shin in anticipation to see what decision he would make.

"I have decided that in the best interest of this company, that Gabi DiMera should step in as acting CEO." He announces to the group.

"What?!" Kristen exclaims upset. "That bimbo will ruin this company."

Gabi smiles. "Thank you so much Mr. Shin. I promise I will not let you down." She promises him. "I will prove to you that I am the best person to run this company. I will get it back on track." She assures him.

Mr. Shin nods. "That's good to hear, but I will warn you Mrs. DiMera, you are on a short leash."

Gabi nods. "Understood."

"I can't believe this!" Kristen expresses angrily. "This was a bad mistake Mr. Shin, Gabi will ruin DiMera Enterprises."

Mr. Shin gives Kristen a stern look. "Nicole, I felt like Gabriella was the best choice." He informs her. "She has done a good job with Gabi Chic, which is one of DiMera's most successful companies. And..." He gives Kristen a look. "Unfortunately, I felt like your tenure back at DiMera so far has been a bit unstable."

Kristen eyes widen and she throws a pained look on her face. "Look, I know I may have lost my temper at times, but I am grieving my daughter and…" Tears well up in Kristen's eyes. "This has been my livelihood, a reason for me to keep going after Holly's death." She takes a deep breath. "And now I don't know what I am going to do without my job…" She takes another deep breath and shakes, putting her hand on her face. Tony pats her arm.

"As you can see Mr. Shin, this job meant a lot to my wife. It helped give her hope in such a troubling time in her life." Tony tells him.

Mr. Shin nods. "I understand and that's why I want to make it clear to Gabriella that Nicole will stay on & not be in fear of losing her job."

Gabi's eyes widen and she looks at Stefan. "But Mr. Shin Nicole is so…" She then stops herself. "Okay, I promise that as long as Nicole behaves herself and follows the rules, she will have a job at DiMera." Gabi promises him. "It will be like her a second home for her."

"Thank you, Mr. Shin." Kristen says to him gratefully.

"Good." Mr. Shin says. "Now that Stefan has everything transferred over in your name, we will get the paper work started for you to take over as CEO." He nods at Gabi. "I will be in touch." He nods at Kristen and then leaves the room.

"This is great." Stefan says happily. He leans over and kisses Gabi on the cheek. "You are now in charge of DiMera." Gabi makes a face after he does that and she looks at him.

"It was a huge mistake for Shin to let you be the CEO, of this company." Kristen scowls at Gabi. "You are just going to destroy it. Your incompetence will be on full display in no time." She predicts.

"Shin knew what he was doing." Gabi replies. "He didn't want a lunatic running the company, and that's why he chose me over you." She smirks at Kristen.

"Lunatic?!… You little…" Kristen makes a move towards Gabi, but Tony holds her back, while Stefan puts his hand on Gabi's waist to prevent her from fighting with Kristen.

"Now, now wife, let's not get into any more fighting." Tony advises Kristen "Mr. Shin has made his decision and now it's just time to make the best of it." He smiles at her. "At least you still have a job."

Kristen sighs. "Right..." She then points her finger at Gabi. "But this isn't over, Gabi." Tony then ushers her out of the room.

"Threatening your new CEO is not a good look." Gabi calls after her. She then turns to Stefan.

"We did it!" Stefan exclaims excitedly and rubs his hand together. "You are now the CEO and DiMera will be saved." He takes a deep breath. "We really dodged a bullet there with Nicole." A relieved look comes across his face. "For a moment there when she was making a case against you, I really thought that Shin would choose her over you." He smiles. "But I am glad he didn't."

Gabi looks at him thinking for a bit. She then smirks. "You're right we dodged a bullet." She says.

"This calls for a celebration." Stefan goes over and pours a glass of champagne and hands it to Gabi. He pours himself a glass.

"Here you go wifey." He tells her. "To you being the CEO of DiMera and us getting one step closer to proving my innocence." Him and Gabi toast and they take a sip of champagne. Gabi looks at him and raises her eyebrow while she's taking her sip.

She then goes over and puts down her glass. She puts her hands together. "Now there is one more thing for me to do." She informs him.

Stefan takes another sip of his champagne. "What's that?" He asks.

Gabi steps a little closer to him. "Now it's time for me to tell you to hit the road." She tells him coolly.

Stefan makes a face. "Hit the road?" He asks. "What do you mean?" He thinks for a moment. He then laughs. "Do you mean like take a trip." He then moves closer to her and puts his hands on her shoulders. "Gabi, I wouldn't mind taking a honeymoon with you, but I think it's better for us to stay in Salem for the time being." He advises.

"After things have settled down and those bogus charges against me are dropped, we can go wherever you want." He smiles. "Though..." He says looking at her and giving her shoulders a gentle squeeze. "We should still definitely consummate this marriage and I can perform my husbandly duties for you." He leans in to kiss her, but Gabi turns her face away from him.

"What's the matter?" He asks surprised by her reaction. Gabi pushes his arms off of her and steps away.

"Like I said you need to hit the road." She repeats. "Get out of my house." She tells him.

"Get out of you house… Gabi what?" Stefan asks confused. He then makes a face. "I know you told Shin that I am signing everything over to you, but we don't have to live apart. We don't have to go to those extremes." He shrugs. "And I don't want to do that."

Gabi shakes her head. "No, I mean get out of my house." She clarifies firmly. "It belongs to me and so does everything you signed over to me. And I don't want you in it. It's mine now and you can hit the streets."

"Gabi…" Stefan's eyes widen as he hears that statement.

"That's right…" Gabi tells him. "It's all mine now which is exactly the way I planned it…" She informs him.

"Planned it?" Stefan asks a bit alarmed.

"Yes, my plan has finally fallen into place. My plan to destroy you and take you for all that you are worth." She tells him. "And now you have to go."

"Gabi what in the…?" Stefan exclaims. He stops himself as the realization of what she had admitted sunk into him.

"You mean this was all a set up to take DiMera from me?"

"You got it…" Gabi confirms. "You see hubby, I have been planning this for a while now." She smiles. "And today everything fell into place. Today was the day that I was able to finally help bring you to your knees."

An angry look comes across Stefan's face. "You've been planning this…" A thought hits him. "Wait a minute were you and Nicole working together?" He asks. "Did you two get together to plan to oust me?" He questions. "And you decided that whichever one of you got CEO, would promise to keep the other one on?"

Gabi shakes her head. "No..." She says. "Nicole wanting to hurt you as well was just a lucky coincidence." She tells Stefan. "Her quest to get a hold of DiMera definitely put some wrinkles in my plan, but it ultimately aided it as well." She says. She shrugs. "Lucky me." She then looks at the clock.

"I'm going to need you out of here by the end of the night." She states.

Stefan shakes his head. "I can't believe you are doing this." He exclaims in disbelief.

Gabi rolls her eyes. "Why are you so surprised?" She asks. "You ruined my life by framing me for a crime I didn't commit." She remarks. "And because of you I was almost beaten to death & now I can't have anymore kids." She shakes her head.

"Did you think that I had forgotten about that, Stefan?" She asks. "Because I will never forget that."

"I thought you were over that…" Stefan responds.

"Oh, no. You took a lot from me and I decided I was going to take everything from you as payback." Gabi then tells him a bit about how she orchestrated her plan.

"I knew you wanted me & I knew that getting you into bed & hooking you was the best way to orchestrate my revenge." She tells him.

"But you have real feelings for me." Stefan insists.

"No, I don't." Gabi denies.

"Yes, you do. What we share is real." Stefan claims. "I know it and so do you."

"What's real is that everything you owned is now mine and you need to get out of this house." Gabi retorts.

Stefan shakes his head. "No… you're in denial." He remarks. "You feel something for me and that is why you didn't leave me hanging to dry with those charges."

"I wanted to make you suffer in my own way." Gabi claims. "Now leave." She orders.

Stefan cringes. "You little…." He gets in her face. "You witch!" He yells.

"I'm not afraid of your insults and I would look good in a pointy hat." She replies. "Leave Stefan." She orders again.

Stefan shakes his head. "No! I am not going anywhere." He refuses.

Gabi's eyes widen and she frowns. "Yes, you are, you have to go." She insists.

"No, I don't." Stefan says defiantly.

"Uh… yeah you do."

"Have you forgotten that you signed a prenup?" Stefan reminds her. "It offers me protection and with this stunt you pulled I can divorce you and get back what is rightfully mine."

Gabi shrugs. "I haven't forgotten I signed it." She points her finger at him. "However if you try to enforce it I will just drag it out in court for years to come. And now I have the power and resources to do that."

"Ughhh"! Stefan exclaims frustrated.

"Face it hubby, you lost. It's over." Gabi comments. "Now get out of my home. I want some peace and quiet to enjoy my victory."

Stefan paces away from her and puts his hands on his head thinking.

"No, I didn't lose. I am going to go to Shin." He informs her.

Gabi makes a face. "And do what exactly?" She inquires. "You just heard him, he made me CEO of the company. So what are you going to do about it?" She asks.

"I'm going to tell him all about your plan and how this whole thing was a scheme of revenge." Stefan states emphatically. "I'm going to tell him that you don't care at all about bringing this company back to it's glory & that you just wanted to become CEO to hurt me." He gives her a knowing look.

"Shin isn't about spiteful behavior which is why he didn't go with Nicole as choice of CEO." He states. "Once he finds out that you orchestrated this whole thing as some sort of sick revenge plan, you will be out on your behind." He informs her. "He told you, that you were on a short leash."

Stefan nods at her and then smiles. "He won't tolerate you putting your need for revenge over the good of the company." He informs her. "And things will be over for you, once he finds out the truth."

"And then what?" Gabi asks. "Say Shin does get rid of me, because he believes you about me wanting to get revenge." She shrugs. "I might be out of a job but you'll still be out of one too." She tells him. "And then Nicole might take over and you don't want that. She's worse than I am."

Stefan frowns. "At this point, I'm not sure that is true. Neither one of you can be trusted and if I am going down you are going down as well." He responds. "So yes, I am going to tell Shin about what you did." He tells her. "And you will be out on your behind at DiMera. And I will fight these bogus charges against me and will get back in that CEO chair where I belong."

Gabi rolls her eyes. "Good luck with that, but we will all end up losing if you do that." She predicts.

"It's worth a shot."

"Well, you can take that plan and get out of here."

"No, I meant what I said about not leaving. I'm not leaving my home." Stefan protests.

"I will call security and have you removed from the premises." Gabi tells him. "Ben is my employee now and he will do what I say."

"Will he?" Stefan asks. "He's my friend and he warned me about you so I wouldn't be so sure he's going to be on your side." He warns her.

"Get out!" Gabi yells and gets in his face.

Stefan looks her straight in her eyes. "No." He refuses. They look into each other eyes for a moment and he reaches out and lightly caresses her cheek. "You know Gabi we really could have been something special." He says. "I know you have real feelings for me and we could have been on top of the world together." He then sighs. "But you betrayed me and now you will be on the bottom." He predicts.

"You'll be on the bottom with me." Gabi says.

"Momentarily." He admits. He then nods. "But I will rise again. Just like a DiMera. We DiMeras, always rise again in more ways than one." Stefan smiles. He then puts his hand on her face.

"What are you doing?" Gabi asks.

"Testing a theory." Stefan responds. "You really want me, and this whole charade of trying to take me down is trying to mask how you really feel."

"I can't stand you." Gabi claims.

"Oh really?" Stefan questions skeptical. "After all those nights we spent together… and then you jumping to my defense when you could have let me rot in jail." Stefan shakes her head. "I don't believe you. You want me and we could have been great together." He caresses her cheek again.

"You are just the type of woman that I wanted, Gabi." He confesses. "Smart, sassy, driven, intelligent and beautiful… all of the qualities that would compliment a man like me." He sighs heavily. "We really were match made…" He caresses her lips. "It's like... we were made for each other…"

Gabi's eyes widen, as she looks at him, her heart racing a bit. "Well, it doesn't matter what type of match we were or could have been." She replies. "We're over now." She claims. "Done."

Stefan gives her a look. "Done?…Un huh."

"Done." She insists.

Stefan smiles at her. They look at each other for a moment and he puts his hands behind her neck and leans in and kisses her. Gabi closes her eyes as they kiss. She rests her hands on his shoulders as they kiss passionately. The kiss lasts for a long moment and then Stefan pulls back.

"That was… something real Gabi." He tells her. "Something very real…Something we could have had, had you not been so bent on destroying me…"

"Well, I… it doesn't matter if it's real or not. I did what I did and I am not ashamed of it." Gabi claims strongly.

Stefan looks her up and down. "Right. And even then I don't regret that kiss we just shared."

Gabi makes a face. "Well…. You can feel what you want to feel." Gabi then puts her hand behind her neck, still feeling the effects of their kiss. "You may not have regrets about it but I…" Her voice trails off as she thinks about what to say. "We can't be together like that regardless of what you want."

Stefan holds up his hand stopping her. "I'm not saying that I don't regret that kiss because I want us to be together." He claims. "That kiss was my parting gift to you." He tells her.

A confused look comes across Gabi's face. "Parting gift?" She asks.

"Yes parting gift, for whatever twisted mess this relationship was." Stefan tells her. His expression then hardens. "And it is a reminder that was the last good thing you will ever get from me again." He says harshly.

Gabi's eyes widen at his words. He looks at her.

"Because Gabi I will prove my innocence." He declares. "And once I do you're going to be one that is out on the street." He threatens her.

"I don't need you and I don't want you in my life like that anymore." He tells her steely. "You were an utter waste of my time and energy." He then gestures towards the front door. "And I can't wait until you are out on your behind." He declares. "Without the CEO job, without this house, without me, without anything."

Gabi gets upset at Stefan's comments. She was a bit surprised at how much they stung her. They hurt her and made her angry. She steps a bit closer to him and looks him in his face. She then slaps him hard in the face.

"How dare you talk to me that way!" She says after she slaps him.

Stefan touches his face where she hit him. "It's what you deserve." He responds harshly.

"Get out!" Gabi yells again. "I am going to call security, Ben will have to throw you out, if he wants to keep this job."

She reaches for her phone.

"Do that and I will call the police." Stefan warns her.

Gabi turns and looks at him. "For what?" She asks incredulously.

"For assaulting me." Stefan says.

Gabi lets out a laugh. "Assaulting you?" She asks. She puts her hand on her hip. "That is an exaggeration."

"You slapped me." Stefan responds. "That is a physical attack."

Gabi gestures toward him with her hand. "You provoked me."

"We'll see if the cops see it that way."

"Uh-okay, Call the cops then." Gabi rolls her eyes. "And use important resources and time they could be spending on catching real criminals."

Stefan touches his face again. "Do you think that Shin would like it getting out that his new CEO likes to physically attack her husband?" He gives her a stern look. "He doesn't need someone running the company with your temperament Gabi."

"Likes to physically attack you?!" Gabi exclaims. She then puts her hand on her chest. "And my temperament?" She points at him. "That is something coming from you." She makes a gesture with her hands. "And the lengths you've gone through in the past when you felt angry, betrayed or slighted about something."

"That was then this is now." Stefan says.

"Yes, this is now." Gabi repeats. "And now I am the one that is in the driver's seat. I am in control. And there is nothing you can do about that." Gabi states strongly.

"We'll see about that." Stefan then looks at the phone in her hand. "So are you calling security to throw me out? And should I call the police?" He inquires. "We can call them both and let them sort things out but…" He wags his finger at her.

"If the police are called, that news will get back to Shin and you are going to look even more terrible then I will make you look to him, once I request a meeting with him." Stefan pauses and then continues. "Which I intend to do tomorrow." He holds his hands up. "So your reign of power, dear wife won't be for too long."

Gabi looks downs at the phone and puts it down on the table. "Fine." She says. She looks at him and crosses her arms. "I won't call security and you won't call the police… but do you just intend to be a squatter in this house?" She shakes her head at him. "Because it's mine right now."

"I intend to spend the night in my own home, in my own bed." Stefan informs her. "Tomorrow, I will start to get back everything that was taken from me. By Nicole, by you, Kate, Ted… everyone." He gives her a look. "You can have one of the guests rooms."

Gabi frowns and shakes her hands. "Uggh!" She exclaims. "Okay, sleep in your own bed, but tomorrow…." She looks at him.

"Tomorrow we go to war." Stefan finishes. "Tomorrow will be the next step in me reclaiming what is mine." He looks her up and down.

"You know... I was hoping that things would be differently. That I would be celebrating reclaiming my life with you by my side, but you chose differently."


"Nope that's fine, like I said. I don't need you." He states giving her an intense look. "Sweet dreams." He then walks away to go upstairs to get some rest.

"Good night you jerk!" Gabi calls after him. After he goes up the stairs, she puts her hands on her hips frustrated by their exchange. She picks up her purse and then slams it on the table.

"Ughhh!" She expresses in frustration. She was happy that she was appointed CEO, though she knew that Stefan wasn't going to he happy about that. However, she didn't expect him to plant his feet down the way he was. He wasn't trying to budge and that would make her takeover a bit more difficult.

"You got this Gabriella." She says out loud. "If Stefan wants a battle he will get a battle." She then takes a sip of her champagne and makes a face. "You are no match for me new hubby." She says, thinking about how she would deal with him and his quest to get back his life and rid her from it.