Chapter 1: Agent Beale Meet Agent Mitchell

Chloe Beale had been with the Agency for five years. Her work spoke for itself, but she still struggled with certain agents and staff grumbling about how she got where she is because of her father's position in the Agency. She had been released to return to duty after 2 months of therapy and was eager to get back to work. There had been a mission she was on that had gone awry; her partner didn't survive. Her father insisted she have therapy and today was the last day of the mandated therapist talks. As she walked down the halls toward one of the conference rooms she felt eyes on her as well as all the judgement they carried. She was nervous. Not only was she about to get back into the field, but today she'd be assigned a new partner. Her trust issues alone made that difficult.

She had been very close with Agent Jackson Price. She had gone to many family dinners with him, his beautiful wife, Zoe and two children, Zack and Janie. She insisted she be the one to tell Mrs. Price and her sobs and screams were a sound she would never forget or forgive herself for. As often as she was told not to, she blamed herself for his death. So, today, meeting a new partner, she couldn't help but feel a sense of dread.

Beca Mitchell had finished a two year stint in the military. After a disastrous special ops mission, she was honorably discharged. She hadn't wanted to leave the military this soon into her career, but she understood why it was necessary. But she wasn't finished serving her country. The Agency had contacted her and asked if she was interested in assisting them. She nearly jumped at the chance. Now she was weaving in and out of traffic on her motorcycle making her way to the directions her new boss had given her. She squeezed between two cars, leaning her body carefully before making a quick right turn. She bobbed her head to the music that was playing inside her helmet.

The tires screeched as she pulled into the parking garage and gave her information to the attendant. She parked in the first open spot she found and got out of the vehicle with an air of over-confidence. She took off her helmet and jacket, shook her hair and checked her surroundings. She took a deep breath as she put the jacket and helmet in the storage seat before sauntering to the elevator. When the doors opened she had 3 more sets of security checkpoints to get through before she hit the home stretch to "conference room H" that she had been instructed to meet. She made eye contact with everyone she passed, gave some cocky smiles around and then pushed open the conference room doors to find two men in black suits and black ties at the head of the table and a redhead in a black pinstripe suit and white button up blouse sitting to her right. She felt out of place in her jeans, purple V-neck, and white blazer. She gave the room a once over and flashed one of her signature confident grins.

"Beca Mitchell, reporting for duty." She made intense eye contact with the redhead who had yet to stand up, but just sat with her arms folded, giving her the once over.

"Please sit, Ms. Mitchell." The man at the head of the table motioned Beca to sit in the chair on the opposite end. "I'd like to introduce you to your new partner, Agent Beale." He waved his hand at Chloe.

"I'd just like to state for the record: I don't need a partner." Chloe glared at the man who seemed to be in charge.

"You've made your opinions quite clear. And as we've said, it is Agency policy to make you have a partner. It provides a level of safety that you don't-"

"A lot of good it did Agent Price." Chloe shot back.

"Agent Beale!" The man up front took his glasses and sighed in exasperation. "Please don't be so obstinate. If this is so difficult for you to accept, you are more than welcome to send in your resignation and not have to follow our policies." Chloe sat in silence, unable to come up with a response. Beca leaned back and pursed her lips as if she was watching a sibling get in trouble with their parents.

"Now, as I was saying." He put his glasses back on and returned his attention to Beca. "I am Captain Bruce Littner. To my right here is Agent Jesse Swanson. We are your direct supervisors. Now, you will be required to go through two weeks of training before we can consider you for any field work. Your new partner, Agent Beale here, will be responsible for helping you get through training. Once we have done an evaluation on your skills we will consider putting you and your partner into the field. You will have opportunities to prove yourself with small assignments. I have read your file thoroughly and believe you will be a great asset. I have no doubt you will be ready to take on larger responsibilities in no time. Now, I will let Agent Beale get you set up with your ID, paperwork, and such. Welcome aboard and we look forward to having you on the team."

"Thank you, sir." Beca stood up and cocked an eyebrow at Chloe, ready to get started. Chloe stayed slouched in her chair for a moment before grudgingly standing up to follow orders.

"Agent Chloe Beale." She held out her hand. Beca took it slowly and shot her a wink. Chloe quickly took her hand away and walked to the doors. "Follow me."

"Yes, ma'am!" Beca did a little skip and followed her new partner.

"This should be interesting." Jesse smirked at the Captain.

"Hopefully not too interesting." Captain Littner sighed heavily as he returned to his seat.