Chapter 2: Training

Chloe was sitting in the lobby waiting for her partner who was now twelve minutes late as she kept checking her watch.

"Well, hey partner!" Beca walked in the doors. "Sorry I'm late, traffic was a bitch."

"You should plan better." Chloe stood up and started walking down the hall. Beca jogged a little to catch up.

"Will do, boss."

"I'm not your boss; I'm your partner." Chloe kept her gaze straight ahead as she felt Beca watching her.

"You don't like me, do you?"

"Its not personal, I just -"

"Its not personal; its business." Beca deepened her voice as she did one of her impressions.

"Excuse me?" Chloe glanced at Beca in the corner of her eye.

"The Godfather." Beca said incredulously. "Like the best movie of all time."

"Agents don't have time for frivolous things like movies." Chloe rolled her eyes.

"So when you're at home you just sit and stare at the ceiling and go to bed then?"

"My personal life doesn't concern you. Now, here we will work on your hand to hand combat." Chloe stopped walking and motioned Beca to enter an open room that was covered in a spongy mat and there was even a boxing ring toward the back.

"Ah, time to get up close and personal, huh?" She grinned and gave Chloe a nudge.

"Grab a change of clothes from the locker room and meet me back here in 3 minutes." Chloe marched to the locker room, ignoring the shorter brunette.

Chloe waited in her navy blue tank top and gray shorts, while Beca came back in a white t-shirt and navy blue sweatpants.

"Okay, Beale. I'm ready for some hand to hand combat. But I have to warn you, I've got skills. I'm part ninja." Beca bounced on her feet with her hands up.

"Show me what you got." Chloe shrugged as Beca came at her. Chloe quickly blocked the first punch and spun away from the feet sweep Beca attempted.

"Ah, she's quick." Beca backed away and eyed Chloe carefully before starting her next attack. Chloe looked completely disinterested and waited for the little brunette to attack. Beca shot a knee into Chloe's ribs, then quickly took her feet from under her. Within seconds Beca was straddling the redhead, holding her wrists over her head.

"Told ya I got skills." Beca smirked so confidently as she held Chloe in place.

"Its never good to be overconfident. That's what gets you in trouble." Chloe seemed unimpressed even though she was being restrained.

"Oh what kind of trouble could-" Beca rolled her eyes and within a second Chloe had flipped her over, had her right arm trapped behind her back. Chloe rested her forearm against Beca's neck, restraining her from looking anywhere but face down into the mat.

"That kind of trouble." Chloe let out a sigh as if this was child's play. "You need to work on your hand to hand combat skills. You can't rely on having a weapon." She slowly stood up, giving a little extra shove as Beca struggled to stand back up.

"I'm impressed, Beale." Beca smirked as she shook out her arm. "Let's go again."

"You need to be able to handle various weaponry. You'll start by emptying your glock. Then quickly switch to the shotgun. Empty its round. Then the automatic. In the second round you'll work on reloading." Chloe set the guns in front of Beca in the shooting range.

"Got it." Beca fired the pistol and purposefully didn't hit the center on the target. When she moved to the shotgun she acted like she'd never fired one.

"Are you kidding?" Chloe stopped her from proceeding. "They said you had skills." She stepped closer and demonstrated how to hold the gun properly. Their positioning was awkward though, since Beca was a leftie and Chloe was right handed. Beca couldn't help but smirk as Chloe's hands were on hers and their faces were side by side.

"Don't pull, just squeeze. Hold your body steady." Chloe directed as she helped position Beca's hands. Beca misfired again.

"Relax your body; you're too tense." Chloe instructed again.

"Want to get a drink later?" Beca lowered the gun and grinned at her partner.

"No, actually. Now focus." Chloe nodded at the target.

"How about I start this round over again. If I finish in less than thirty seconds and hit 9s or above you go get a drink with me later." Beca offered.

"Okay. If you fail I get to write up a workout for you that you have to do for a week." Chloe shrugged, having no doubt this would be the easiest bet she'd ever win.

"Deal." Beca held out her hand. They shook and she grinned as she reloaded the ammo to restart. Chloe pulled her stopwatch out and nodded for Beca to start.

She emptied the glock in seconds all hitting the center of the target. Then she grabbed the shotgun and pumped its 7 rounds succinctly into the bullseye. Chloe's jaw dropped as she watched, half impressed and half furious realizing what had happened.

Beca snatched the automatic and unloaded all but a few bullets into the bullseye, still hitting the 9 ring. She knew she finished with plenty of time and then decided to show off a little and reloaded the glock to empty another round into the bullseye. Then she set the gun down and turned to face the redhead, leaning on the counter with the smuggest grin she could muster.

"You hustled me!" Chloe stopped the watch.

"A deal's a deal." Beca shrugged.

"Asshole." Chloe muttered under her breath as she prepared to take an actual score for Beca's records.

They stood on the track in their workout clothes. Chloe had her stopwatch out again.

"6 minute mile. 3 minute plank. 100 pushups, 100 jumping jacks, 100 burpees, and 100 crunches. Ready?" Chloe held her hand on her hip.

"Damn!" Beca took a deep breath. "Will you be joining me?"

"Nope. Just timing."

"Alright then. Here I go!" Beca took off at a good pace as Chloe quickly hit the start button. Beca ran a 4:55 mile, which Chloe tried to hide being impressed. Once she got to the crunches, Beca was getting pretty tired. She counted from 95 to a hundred slowly and then collapsed on the grass.

"100?" Agent Swanson came jogging over. "Damn, Beale. You doubling up on her?"

"Wait, what?" Beca sat up.

"You only have to do 50 for your training." Jesse shot Chloe a disapproving grin.

"Hey!" Beca jumped up to complain at her new partner.

"Just call it even." Chloe shrugged, avoiding eye contact. Beca gritted her teeth, knowing she didn't really have an argument.

Their first day of training was over and Beca had showered and changed back into her regular clothes. She found Chloe sitting in the lobby, also showered and dressed. Good, she's keeping up her end of the bet. Beca tried to hide her smile as she met up with her partner.

"So, ready for that drink?"

"Let's get it over with." Chloe put her phone in her purse and stood up. They walked down to the garage and Chloe saw that Beca was getting on a motorcycle.

"That's your ride?" She blurted out.

"Yeah, pretty sweet huh?"

"Its a death trap."

"But its fun. Wanna ride?" Beca snatched her extra helmet and held it out to Chloe.

"No thanks. I'm not interested in being picked up off the highway like a pancake." Chloe rolled her eyes as she walked over to her Prius.

"You're loss." Beca shrugged. "Meet me at Harvey's on Vincent St."

"Fine." Chloe called back as she slid into her seat and closed the door. Beca couldn't contain her excitement as she put her helmet on and quickly sped out of the garage.