Chapter 31: Big Changes

Beca startled awake after a fairly intense nightmare. Ever since she told Chloe about her past, they seemed to happen with less regularity, but when they did happen they still held the same intensity. She took one long, deep calming breath and slowly exhaled. When she reopened her eyes she was happy to find Chloe in her bed, wrapped in her arms in her silky tank top.

She smiled to herself wondering about when the last time she had spent a night without Chloe beside her, whether they had had sex or not. She worried what it might be like if she were to wake up without Chloe next to her. Thankfully, the past 2 months since Japan, she hadn't needed to. Whether it be her apartment, Chloe's, or nice hotel rooms, Chloe was there. And past Beca might feel trapped or worried; but present Beca couldn't be happier. What a sap.

Beca took another deep calming breath. She was proud that she was able to recover from her nightmares better without having to get up for a drink or some sort of tiring workout. It was really thanks to Chloe, if Beca were honest. Without even trying that hard, Chloe had been able to calm her down and help her sleep through the nights, even the times Chloe didn't hear her jolt awake.

She was proud of herself for not being an immature asshole and they didn't have to deal with stupid fights. They might have little bickering matches here and there, but never enough to warrant them sleeping apart. Beca preferred staying at Chloe's apartment, but every so often they'd end up at Beca's. Like last night. Beca realized all of the work clothes she had at Chloe's were dirty and she needed some more. The plan was to stop by, get some clothes, and go back to Chloe's. But one thing led to another and here they were.

She stared up at the ceiling, waiting for sleep to take over her, allowing her thoughts to dwell on the beautiful redhead beside her. And the quite pleasant evening they shared. She found herself annoyed that they had to stumble their way up the stairs to her loft bedroom. It was always easier at Chloe's once the blood left their heads to other areas of their bodies, it was easier to just tumble into Chloe's room. It made Beca hate her apartment.

Her apartment was small. It was the kind of apartment you got just out of college or the first apartment you get as an adult until you can find something respectable. It was almost embarrassing for a moment, but Chloe never even so much as made a joke about it. Her mind kept wandering and she pictured what it would be like to have more things at Chloe's. It would be nice to have her music equipment there. And it didn't take up much space. She loved her treadmill too, though, and there wouldn't be much room for that. She could care less about anything in her kitchen.

We could get our own place.

The thought seemed to pierce Beca's mind like a snake camouflaged in the grass as it bites its prey. Was Beca actually considering moving in with someone? What the actual fuck? There was no way Beca would do that. They hadn't even been dating a year. It was too soon to move in. Yet, the more Beca thought about it, the happier it made her. It was such a waste of time living separately. And really, Beca couldn't picture herself without Chloe anyway. They weren't spending nights apart. It made financial sense, really. Why pay for two apartments when you really only need one? Right?

Beca felt Chloe stir beside her and she instinctively held on to her tighter. Chloe in turn snuggled up closer to Beca letting out a sleepy sigh. Beca gave her a soft kiss, hoping not to wake her and let her eyes close. She slowly fell back asleep resting her head atop Chloe's, imagining a home that could be just their's. Together.

Beca was startled awake again a little later but this time the space in bed beside her was cold. She groaned and stretched as she faintly realized she could hear sizzling and scraping sounds from the kitchen. Well, the poor excuse of a kitchen if she was being honest. She let out a disgruntled moan as she slid out of bed and dragged her feet over to the railing.

"Oh, hey, sleepyhead!" Chloe caught sight of her as she was returning from setting the plates on the table.

"What could you possibly be cooking right now?" Beca's voice was thick with the remnants of sleep. "You know I don't keep real food here."

"I stopped by the mini-mart across the street. You were sleeping like a log so I wanted to make you breakfast." Chloe shrugged her shoulders like it was obvious. "Come downstairs, I'll make you coffee."

"Mmm...rrrggghh….mpphh." Beca mumbled as she swayed slowly down the stairs. "Hate mornings." She finally reached the table and dropped her head down.

"I know." Chloe said soothingly as she gave the back of Beca's neck a loving squeeze before putting two eggs on her plate. Eggs over easy with toast to soak it up. Beca grinned at how Chloe knew her favorite breakfast. Chloe smirked too as she set some bacon on the side as if she knew she had done good.

"This is nice." Beca said after finishing a bite of egg soaked toast when Chloe joined her with her own plate.

"Yeah." Chloe smiled right back, sipping on her coffee.

"So I was thinking…" Beca paused. Panicked. She was about to share her thoughts from earlier about living arrangements and hadn't thought to wonder if that might be too much for Chloe. Maybe Chloe wasn't on the same page. Maybe she preferred to still have their separate spaces.

"Thinking what?" Chloe prodded after an extended pause.

"Umm…" Beca twirled a piece of bacon in her fingers, looking at it pensively. "I think I don't like this apartment very much."

"Oh? Why?"

"Its small. My bedroom doesn't even have a door. I guess I was thinking I might want to live in a more grown up place." She shrugged.

"Grown up?" Chloe couldn't help but laugh.

"You know what I mean." Beca deadpanned as she chewed on the piece of bacon. "I just think its time for an upgrade." Beca couldn't help but wonder if she was being too obvious or too subtle. She sort of hoped Chloe would jump at the chance to suggest they move in together to save her from the scariness of doing so.

"Good for you." Chloe said brightly and then glanced around. "I mean, its not a bad apartment. But I think something new would be good for you."

"Yeah." Beca nodded quickly and looked back down at the table. She wondered if her anxious awkwardness was as obvious to Chloe as she felt it was. "So, do you have any ideas? Suggestions?"

"I have a friend who's a real estate agent. I could see if she could help you find a place."

"Oh, yeah. Um, cool." Beca nodded, getting frustrated that Chloe wasn't reading her mind and annoyed with herself for being such a chicken about just asking.

"Do you want a house or another apartment?"

"Probably just an apartment...for now." Beca shrugged. "Something like your place. I like your place a lot more than my place." Beca groaned internally. God, how many times could she say the word place in one sentence?

"I will agree, my apartment is a lot nicer. I just never wanted to rub it in." Chloe shot her a good natured wink.

"Yeah." Beca laughed weakly. "I wouldn't mind something like yours. But its probably just a little big. For just me."

"You could have a little studio for your music? Or a workout room?" Chloe suggested, clearly not catching the little hints Beca was giving.

"Yeah. I-I could do that." Beca sighed, sounding less than enthusiastic.

"You okay? You sound frustrated."

"Nevermind." Beca rolled her eyes as she grabbed her coffee mug.

"What?" Chloe leaned back in her chair, studying Beca and wondering why she was being grumpy. "You don't have to move if you don't want to."

"That's not- I do want to move."

"Okay. I can help. Why are you frustrated?"

"Because I want to move in with you!" Beca blurted out, nearly causing Chloe to spill her coffee. Chloe just stared at her for a moment with wide, surprised eyes.

"Y-You do?"

"Yeah. But only if, like, you want to, too. No pressure. We don't have to-"

"I want to." Chloe interrupted the rambling. Beca's mouth quickly snapped shut. There was a moment of silence as they just looked at each other. Both surprised at how breakfast had turned out.

"Really?" Beca finally spoke as a grin creeped up on her face.

"Yeah." Chloe smiled with excitement. "I just didn't think you'd be ready."

"I surprised myself." Beca laughed. "So we're really doing this?"

"Mhm." Chloe nodded, unable to even attempt to contain her smile. "My lease is up in three months. But I think we should maybe look for something new. Just ours."

"Yeah." Beca hastily agreed and quickly jumped out of her chair to pull Chloe into a kiss.

"I think this is cause for celebration." Chloe whispered when she pulled back slightly.

"Hmm. Another thing we're in agreement on." Beca smirked as she pulled Chloe in for another heated kiss.

They arrived late to work, unsurprisingly. Chloe drove since Beca had left her bike at Chloe's apartment. Aubrey hadn't said anything about them needing to be there at a certain time for anything urgent. But Chloe was sure she'd get a snarky comment from Aubrey.

They walked to their office and got settled. Chloe waited for a smirking Aubrey to come greet them with an innuendo before taking them to some meeting. She scrolled through her computer for a few minutes when she realized there wasn't any paperwork or research she needed to do, aside from her constant search on Kommissar, but the leads on that had dried up for the time being.

She looked across the room and saw Beca tossing a stress ball against the wall, catching it with one hand, and throwing it again out of boredom. When they first started working together, this is something that would drive Chloe completely crazy that she might have ended up taking a knife to the stress ball. But now? She found the way Beca's mouth moved in concentration every time she threw and caught the ball kind of cute. She rolled her eyes at herself.

After a few more thuds against the wall, she realized that the constant thudding might be annoying after all. The fact that she was sleeping with the offender only lessened her aggression about it. So she stood up and snatched the ball out of mid air and looked down at a surprised Beca.

"Let's go check with Aubrey if there's anything new, okay?" She set the stress ball down on Beca's desk and like the whipped girlfriend she was, Beca got up and followed Chloe out.

"Do we not have a briefing or anything today?" Chloe asked as she peeked into Aubrey's office.

"Nope. We don't have anything pressing." Aubrey looked at Chloe with a slight shrug.

"Guess the world is giving us a break from saving it for a minute." Beca smiled. "More time to search for a new place."

"You're moving?" Aubrey asked offhandedly, still keeping the majority of her focus on her computer.

"Actually." Chloe said before glancing at Beca for silent permission. "We're moving in together."

"What? Really?" Aubrey looked over the rim of her glasses between the two agents.

"Yep. She's obsessed with me." Beca lifted her lips in her trademark cocky smirk. Chloe quickly gave her a slap and rolled her eyes.

"Ahh!" Aubrey screeched, making Beca and Chloe flinch. She quickly tossed her glasses down and ran around her desk to envelope Chloe in a hug. "I'm so happy for you!" She gripped on tightly before releasing Chloe and turning to Beca. "And you too!" She wrapped Beca in a hug, which made the brunette grimace. "But remember my previous warnings still stand if you hurt her." Aubrey whispered before pulling back and beaming at both of them.

"She asked me this morning in her cute and fumbly way." Chloe bumped Beca with her shoulder, smiling lovingly.

"Yeah, yeah, well you readily agreed so don't paint me out to be the softie."

"Sure you aren't." Chloe agreed patronizingly.

"Well, look guys. If you want, you can go house or apartment hunting today. I really don't have anything and you're all caught up on paperwork. Seems like the world doesn't need saving today, knock on wood. I'll call you if anything comes up." Aubrey offered as she took her place in her desk chair again.

"That'd be kinda great actually." Beca looked gratefully at Chloe who nodded in agreement.

"Call me if you need to do a background check on your realtor or previous owners." Aubrey said casually as she returned to working on her computer.

They had looked at one house, an apartment and last on their list was a townhome. Each place was nice, but there was always a deal breaker with either Beca or Chloe. Beca didn't like that there wasn't a master bath in the apartment. Chloe hated the kitchen design of the house and didn't want to have it remodeled. So by the time they got to the townhome, they were tired and had low expectations.

However, the last place they looked at quickly took first place in which new home they wanted to get together. The nice townhome was fairly new and not too far from HQ. It was in a nice neighborhood and had two bedrooms, two baths, a study, living room, kitchen, and small dining room. The kitchen met Chloe's standards and the master bath was better than Beca had imagined. It was pretty much the perfect size for what they were looking for. And it had a one car garage that Beca knew they would end up arguing about who got to park their vehicle in, but she figured they'd cross that bridge when it came.

After the tour, their realtor, Tessa, pulled out some papers.

"Now, the current residents still have a lease for three months. They're willing to let someone take over their lease immediately and would even offer to pay your early termination fees of your own leases. They're moving out of state so they really want to get this done sooner than later. When are you looking to officially move?" She looked at the two. Chloe gave a little shrug and raised her eyebrows in thought.

"Well, I guess also sooner rather than later." She looked at Beca for approval who only grinned wider.


"How much time would we have to give them an official offer?"

"Well, it all depends on if anyone else makes an offer. Their worst case scenario is no one bites and they have to keep it for three months. So, my guess is they're going to take the first offer they get. My suggestion is if you want this place, you should take it." Tessa suggested without being too overbearing.

"We'll think and talk it over and we'll get you an answer ASAP." Chloe smiled which was happily returned by Theresa.

"Well, good luck ladies. I hope you get it. You seem like a wonderful couple."

"Thanks." Beca and Chloe said in unison before waving goodbye and getting in Chloe's car.

"This is really happening." Chloe couldn't take the smile off her face even if she tried.

"We're like, real adults for once." Beca said proudly as she buckled her seatbelt.

"Speak for yourself." Chloe rolled her eyes as she took them to her apartment for maybe one of the last times.

"Is it crazy to want to start packing tonight?" Chloe asked as they entered her living room, shrugging off accessories.

"Not at all. I've never been excited for a move before. I want to go out and buy bubble wrap and boxes. What is happening to me?" Beca shook her head and leaned against the back of the couch. Chloe was looking at her like she had that morning when Beca first fumbled around asking her to move in. It made Beca a nervous sort of excited.

"I want to celebrate." Chloe whispered as she grabbed Beca by the hem of her shirt and started pulling her backward toward the bedroom. "We didn't really get to properly celebrate this morning."

"Oh, and how do you suppose we should celebrate?" Beca's eyebrows raised mischievously as Chloe nudged her to sit on the bed.

"I prefer show in show and tell." Chloe winked as she disappeared to her closet bringing out the purple box.

"I love the toy box." Beca bit her lip excitedly. Chloe pulled out her pair of handcuffs and dangled them coyly in front of Beca. Beca eyed the handcuffs that she vividly remembers using on Chloe a few weeks ago. And just the memory got her aroused.

"You okay with this tonight?" Chloe asked hesitantly.

"More than okay." Beca couldn't help but smile as she nodded excitedly.

"Good." Chloe slowly and efficiently started removing her clothes and Beca quickly did the same, shedding her clothes faster than Chloe, always the over-eager one.

Beca scooted back on the bed and Chloe wasted no time in moving to straddle her.

"Arms up." Chloe quirked an eyebrow and Beca licked her lips as she put her hands over her head. She kept her eyes on Chloe as she leaned over her to latch each cuff on each wrist and wrap it around her bedpost. "I tied you down now that we're moving in. So I thought it would only be fitting to tie you up to celebrate."

"Fine by me." Beca wiggled her wrists to test the tightness and to make sure they were secured to the bedpost.

"I really love you like this you know?" Chloe sat back and admired Beca for a moment. Lying there waiting for her, completely at her mercy. Beca just fidgeted on the mattress. She trusted Chloe and felt completely safe with her. But there was still something about lying naked in bed while cuffed that left her feeling anxiously exposed. But it was still exhilarating.

Chloe lifted a knee so she could properly straddle Beca before leaning down and capturing Beca's lips with her own. She took her time kissing Beca's cheeks to her jaw to a little nip at her ear and then moving to do the same to the other side. As she started moving lower placing firm kisses along Beca's throat and to the valley of her breasts she could hear the metal scratching sound from her headboard as Beca got more and more restless. And it only turned her on more, but she was going to take her time, torturing Beca in the most pleasant way possible.

Beca couldn't really control it when her hips shot forward, trying to achieve some level of friction to give her a tiny amount of relief. Chloe easily held her hips down as she planted a trail of kisses from behind her ear, down her neck, to the column of her throat, to the valley of her breasts. When Chloe leaned back again Beca looked like a wild animal that had been caged. Chloe smirked at the feeling that she could have her way with Beca and Beca couldn't even touch her.

She started kissing down Beca's stomach, letting her tongue dip into her belly button, making the brunette jolt upwards slightly. Beca inhaled sharply as she felt a sting of pain from the metal rubbing against her wrist. She exhaled slowly, trying not to let the movements of Chloe's tongue make her go too crazy.

Chloe glanced up at Beca while her mouth was attached to the skin just below the belly button. She smirked coyly at the sight of Beca attempting to show restraint while restrained. She let her hands massage slowly up and down Beca's upper thighs. And without any more precursor she sank down and let her tongue lick up Beca's arousal at an agonizingly slow pace. Beca bit her lip so hard it nearly bled as her hips started rocking in a rhythm she had no power to affect.

As Chloe's head bobbed and dipped between Beca's legs and her fingertips roughly kneading the sensitive skin on Beca's thighs, Beca wanted nothing more than to reach down and grab a tuft of red hair and give it a firm tug or push. She just wanted her hands on Chloe. But being completely open and vulnerable at Chloe's mercy was a different sort of thrill she thought she would ever get used to.

It didn't take long for the rapid flicks of Chloe's tongue to make a wave of pleasure shoot from Beca's stomach down to her toes. She lifted her hips up with a firm thrust as her feet were planted on the bed. Her mouth hung open as she let out a few strained grunts before finally collapsing back down and panting heavily.

Chloe looked smug as ever when Beca opened her eyes to look at her. And she clenched her fists tightly, knowing there wasn't anything she could do about it right now. Chloe was gracious enough to let Beca catch her breath before leaning forward and capturing her lips once more.

As Beca was getting lost in their tongue battle Chloe slipped a finger inside of her making the brunette let out an embarrassing little squeak and yet another forceful pull against the cuffs. Chloe licked her lips and grinned wickedly as she added a second finger and started pumping quickly while rolling her own hips against Beca's thigh. And Beca would have been embarrassed by how close she was already, but she was too encompassed by pleasure to care.

Chloe got Beca to achieve three orgasms before Beca finally tapped out to the melody of metal chains scraping harshly against the wooden headboard. Chloe carefully freed Beca's hands and sighed against her bare chest which was still bobbing from excessive cardio activity. Beca held her for a few minutes, wanting to fall asleep, but also not wanting to let Chloe go without getting hers for the night either. With renewed energy she crawled on top of Chloe and and smiled down at her, wondering for a brief moment how she got so lucky.

"I love you." She said simply, like it was a fact that had been true as long as she could remember.

"I love you too." Chloe's glare nearly burned a hole in Beca's head. So without making her redhead wait any longer, Beca happily gave Chloe a similar treatment she had receive. Sans handcuffs.

They had enjoyed a passionate night together the previous night. They were moving in together. They were on top of the world, while saving it. With each glance they stole at each other their smiles only grew.

"You're a weirdo, stop staring at me." Beca pretended to be annoyed as she tossed a grape at Chloe. Chloe just giggled and popped the grape in her mouth while gently kicking Beca's shin under the table. They ate the rest of breakfast quickly before getting ready to leave. Of course, Beca gave it her best effort to make them late when Chloe was putting her blouse on.

"Hands to yourself, Mitchell." Chloe kept swatting her away. "But I promise as soon as we move in, we can take an entire day off just to christen every room."

"I'll call the realtor now." Beca laughed as she gave Chloe's neck one last kiss before getting dressed herself.

"Mind if I drive again today? I want to stop by Tessa's office if we have time later." Chloe asked as she looked at her own reflection, putting on her makeup.

"No problem. As long as I get to drive us to work someday." Beca shrugged as she pulled her boots on. Chloe just let out a snort, unwilling to give Beca any false hope.

"Soo…" Aubrey appeared in their office before they even had a chance to sit at their desks. "How did yesterday go?" She asked like a nosy mother inquiring about grandchildren. Beca rolled her eyes but Chloe clapped her hands together excitedly.

"I think we found a place. We're going to meet with our agent to make it official as soon as we can."

"I'm so happy for you!" Aubrey immediately wrapped Chloe in a hug before stepping back and clearing her throat to regain her professionalism. "Well, congratulations. Both of you." She smiled kindly at Beca.

"Thanks boss."

"Well, maybe I can take you two out for a celebratory dinner tonight. But...we do have some business today. Seems there's a small time arms dealer that might have popped up in DC. He's not dangerous himself really, but people who could find him and turn him are much more so. Hopefully we can take care of this before it becomes a big threat. So, I'll meet you two for the briefing in ten." And just as soon as she appeared, Aubrey was gone.

"Not much happening lately." Beca commented as she removed her jacket and turned on her computer. "Any luck in your search for Kommissar?"

"No." Chloe sighed, trying to hide the sound of defeat in her voice.

"We'll find her." Beca said confidently. "She's bound to slip up sooner or later."

"I hope so." Chloe said simply, not wanting to continue on the topic lest she became too discouraged.

They sat in silence for just a couple minutes when a man came knocking on the glass door. He looked more like a boy though with his clean shaved face.

"Excuse me? The receptionist told me to ask for agent Mitchell. She said you could show me where the medical supplies are. I'm making a delivery." He offered them both a shy, nervous smile.

"Oh, Agent Mitchell's right there." Chloe grinned smugly and pointed at Beca. Beca glared at her for a moment before smiling tightly at the scrub-clad man in their doorway.

"I don't usually handle deliveries." She said, trying not to show her annoyance.

"Oh, well….the receptionist-" He seemed to get confused as he pointed over his shoulder from where he came until Chloe stepped in.

"Agent Mitchell wouldn't mind at all. She spends so much time in our medical facilities, she really is the best to show you." She flashed a snarky wink at Beca who only grumbled under her breath as she stood.

"Fine then. Down this hall." She waved her hand for the delivery guy to start moving. "This is just Ashley getting back at me for forgetting her name."

"Jessica's working today." Chloe shook her head. "And its no wonder neither of them like you."

Beca just huffed in annoyance and walked out to lead the man to the storage area. She typed in the code for the door and was just opening it to let him inside when she felt a blunt object hit her on the back of the neck.

"What the fuck?" She hissed as she stumbled to her knees but quickly stood back up. But he was quicker and pulled out a zip tie to tie her to one of the metal shelves. Beca was just disoriented enough that he had time to restrain her. She shook her head like she was shaking the cobwebs out and seemed to just realize what had happened.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"You've managed to make a handful of enemies Agent Mitchell." The delivery guy smiled sinisterly. "Your enemies want you gone. As well as your agency's headquarters. I've been sent to plant this bomb." He pulled out a metal box with wires and blinking lights. "In ten minutes from now this place will be a pile of rubble. And you will be buried under it. And all you can do is stand there knowing there's nothing you can do to save yourself, the other agents that are here, or that pretty girlfriend of yours."

"Motherfucker." Beca growled as she fought against her restraint. He just laughed darkly.

"Rest in peace, Agent." And he disappeared through the door and it shut with a click. She knew shouting probably wouldn't work, most of the rooms were either soundproof or had such thick walls it would be nearly impossible to hear anything. And her cell phone sat in her back pocket, just out of reach. She bit her lip in frustration as she looked around for anything that might help her.

"Dumbass." She muttered to herself as she grinned when she saw the box of scalpels near her hands. She stretched her fingers as far as they would go and managed to pull it forward centimeter by centimeter until she was able to reach in and pull one out. She but the cap and spit it out to the floor and then began carefully cutting at the zip tie. She had no idea how tough zip ties were until she tried to cut through one.

The delivery man was walking briskly down the halls, fast enough to get out soon, but slow enough to not draw suspicion. He did pause by Beca and Chloe's office.

"Goodbye Agent Beale." He smiled with a wave.

"Bye." Chloe lifted her head and then the man was gone. That was weird. Delivery guys didn't usually say anything to her. She shook it off and returned to typing at her computer when she realized Beca wasn't back. She looked up again in confusion wondering where her girlfriend was.

Just as she was about to stand to go check where she was she felt a rumble. It felt like an earthquake. The walls were shaking. The few neutral art pieces fell and Beca's computer went sliding and crashing to the floor. Chloe dropped to her knees and ducked under her desk having an uneasy feeling that this wasn't just an earthquake.

Then the emergency siren started sounding; the lights went off, and the only light was the flashing red alert lights on the walls. She pulled herself up and stumbled her way to Aubrey's. She found Jesse scrambling to transfer all of the documents onto one of Aubrey's hard drives. He had a box full of the others so that they wouldn't lose all their intel.

"Where's Aubrey?"

"She's getting everyone out. Vans are taking us to safe houses." Jesse answered without looking up from his task. "Go make sure no one else is in the building."

"Got it." Chloe quickly spun around to check for any remaining agents, namely Beca. As if Beca could sense Chloe was thinking about her at that moment Chloe's cell rang with Beca's name on the screen.

"Beca! Where are you?" Chloe breathed out in relief as she quickly answered her phone call from Beca.

"That little bastard with the medical supplies locked me up. He planted the bomb."

"Where are you? I'll get you out."

"Its fine. Thankfully he was an idiot and left me near some scalpels so I cut myself loose. Just get outside, I'm on my way. I'll meet you out there."

"Okay, just hurry up." Chloe hung up her phone and felt a nervous feeling. She didn't really want to leave without knowing for certain that Beca was beside her. But she grabbed their things from the office that she could carry and then she hurried down the hall to make sure everyone else had evacuated. She looked in Emily's office and a few other techs and agents offices and was relieved to find them empty. With another rumble and violent shake of the building she finally high-tailed it outside.

"Chloe! Thank God." Aubrey let out a sigh of relief when she turned and saw Chloe after ushering several agents through the emergency exits to get into the nearby vans. "Where's Beca?"

"She's-she's not out here?" Chloe spun around and saw no sign of the brunette. "No…"

"Chloe, come on." Aubrey gulped, trying to get Chloe in one of the vans too.

"I'm not leaving her." Chloe stepped away from Aubrey with tears in her eyes.

"Chloe, I...I can't wait for you." Aubrey said quietly as she glanced at the van full of agents waiting to be transported to a safehouse. "Please come with us."

"I can't." Chloe shook her head and quickly lunged forward to hug Aubrey as tightly as she could. Aubrey gripped on to the back of Chloe's shirt, trying not to cry in front of her other agents. "I love you."

"I love you too." Aubrey pulled back and took a deep breath. "If...when you make it somewhere safe, call me. We'll be at the safehouses."

"I will." Chloe nodded and then turned around to sprint back down the stairs to find Beca before she had time to get overly emotional.

Chloe sprinted down the halls, nearly falling over as the vibrations were getting shakier and shakier. The building was collapsing and she knew she didn't have much time. She didn't let her mind wander too far into thinking about how much time she had to both find Beca and get them both out before the real explosion happened.

She pushed open the door to the armory and breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Beca. That relief was short lived when she saw Beca working feverishly on the bomb. The bomb that had already gone off. The bomb that was going to detonate further any second and truly bring the walls down. And being about four stories underground did not bode well for either of them. The relief she had felt quickly turned to mild rage.

"Beca! What the actual fuck?!" Chloe raced over and hovered over Beca. "You said you were headed outside and you'd meet me there."

"That's still where I'm headed. And I still plan to meet you there." Beca shot back with a hint of exasperation. "Now, get back outside, I'll follow you when I'm finished."

"No, I'm not doing this again with you." Chloe stubbornly tried to pull Beca up by her jacket sleeve.

"Chloe! I can fix it!"

"The building's already collapsing. Everyone's out and headed for safehouses. We need to go. Now."

"I don't know what'll happen when this second part detonates. It could kill civilians."

"Well, I don't want to be standing right beside it to find out." Chloe argued, just about ready to throw Beca over her shoulder and drag her out of there if she needed to. "We can get a new HQ, Beca. I can't get a new you. Please."

"Chloe just…" Beca paused and her hands stopped working on the bomb. "Uh oh."

"That's literally the last thing you want to hear when you're standing right beside someone working on deactivating a bomb." Chloe's eyes widened and saw the panic on Beca's face.

"Run!" Beca put her hands on Chloe's shoulders and spun her around so they could race for the exit. They sprinted through the halls of their collapsing building. Beca had a fleeting selfish thought that if they made it out alive, she was glad she didn't bring Stella today.

The second floor had nearly fully collapsed and the one staircase that led outside were completely blocked with crumbled walls. There was a small mountain of rubble that Beca knew would lead close to the elevator. She climbed speedily, making sure to avoid any sharp juttings. She turned around and reached for Chloe to help pull her up faster. The lobby was unrecognizable, but Beca could still see the silver doors to the elevator. She grabbed an iron rod amongst the rubble and shoved it into the elevator doors.

"Help me pry it open!" Beca shouted as the floor beneath her started to shake heavily, nearly giving out with the rest of the building. She shoved the bar in and she and Chloe pushed as hard as they could until they heard a pop and could see a sliver of space in the doors.

"You push that one!" Beca said as she quickly put all her body weight into sliding her door. Once there was just enough room for them to step inside, Beca climbed up on the hand rails, balancing carefully, and lifted tile that opened into the elevator shaft.

"Alright, climb up." Beca nodded at the ceiling. She hopped down to give Chloe a boost. With a slight struggle, Chloe crawled to the top and quickly spun around to pull Beca up with her.

Chloe looked up and saw the climb they'd have to make. It wasn't too far, but it still looked intimidating. But the only other emergency escape was covered in rubble. And they didn't have time to backtrack at this point or else they'd be buried under the rubble to. She'd never take elevators for granted again.

She grunted as she jumped as high as she could and latched on to the metal rope, climbed up and could feel her hands slipping from being so sweaty. And she wanted to wipe her brow because she could feel droplets of sweat about to fall in her eyes but if she let go she'd collapse onto Beca and they'd tumble right back into the elevator. Time was of the essence, and she had no time to stop.

She reached her hand out as far as it could stretch, leaning her body toward the wall until she was able to grip onto a bar, a little below the elevator doors above. She released her left hand from the rope and braced herself as her body slammed against the wall with her hands holding onto the bar. Her feet were able to find a little piece of metal in the wall to help get her footing.

"Chloe!" Beca shouted from below. "What are you doing?"

"I was about to fall, my hands are too sweaty." Chloe said, keeping her eyes on the doors above. She knew her vertical wasn't great, but she was fairly sure she could jump and grab a hold of the small platform. She breathed heavily, knowing she needed to make a decision fast while her upper body still had strength and the building hadn't collapsed on her.

She took a deep breath and leaped for the small platform. Beca watched with wide eyes and her mouth open, terrified of seeing Chloe miss. She let out a deep breath of relief when she saw Chloe not only grab onto the platform, but pull herself up.

The doors at the top were still semi-functioning, so Chloe was able to squeeze through.

"I'll be right back! I'm going to get a rope or pole or something to help you!" She looked back down at Beca still struggling to climb the wire. Chloe was in the parking garage now, although it didn't look like such with many of the columns resting in destruction on the cars. She spotted her little white car and winced seeing it smashed beyond repair.

She frantically looked around for anything in sight that might help pull Beca up. The sound of tires screeching disrupted her search and she saw a large black SUV pull up nearby and come to a shaky halt. She held her breath, knowing that Aubrey and Jesse had already taken the agents away to safe houses. Who would be coming back here right now? She feared for a moment it was someone coming back to finish the job.

One of the back doors opened and the first thing Chloe saw were two black shiny shoes hit the pavement. And then an equally black, but less shiny suit came into view as the man slid out of the seat. A tall intimidating figure finally stood straight and adjusted his suit. He stood aside and held the door open. Chloe just looked at him in awe.


A/N: So this chapter would've been up sooner but I was killing myself with overthinking stuff like the schematics of Agency HQ, how a delivery guy can just waltz right in...with a BOMB...and how realistic was this bomb? I even googled stuff. Like I'm probably on some NSA watch list...But then I realized its fiction. So as I've had to do a lot with this story, I suspended my belief in reality a little bit. Hope you could too and enjoy this chapter :)