Updated - 04~07~2020

First Steps

Cybertron, Pan Pacific, 23th Paxian 3224, Iacon

Some months were gone after the test, and to be honest it seemed like eternity had gone since then. Breakdown and I were given a to a bigger room, which had the logo of Gipsy Danger on the door, and even if it wasn't something special at all made us feel way too important. It was more roomy, it had a pair of berths and a barthroom. It had quite a good illumination and also a quite big window with a desk under it. Not bad, I liked it. Each one chose a berth, I took the the one next to the door and Breakdown took the one at the back, and I'm glad we did it that way, because Breakdown turned to be a really heavy recharger, and never got to hear when we were called from the outside, practicing what could happen on a real event.

As I had promised, I also showed my partner the Pan Pacific Shatterdome. We hang up so often that it didn't take much time for Breakdown to join The Genius. He used to be a medical assistant, and I was glad he was still as good as he had assured me. We really did good team together. He also had great sense of humour, which most of the time ended up with Shockwave's 'Logical' patience. Back then I would have never admit it, but now I think we were kinda sparklish.

Anyway, back to my mecha. I will never forget this date, 23rd Paxian 3224. It was the day my beloved Jaeger, Gipsy Danger, was finished and for the very first time in my live, I would be able admire my own creation, completed. I told Breakdown everything about the Iaconian titan, our titan, and every time I got to talk about it, he laughed at me because he said my optics couldn't go brighter in enthusiasm, not my grin wider. But all in all, he always ended up impressed by thing like how big robots were or the fact that they could actually become an extension of the pilots themselves, mimicking their movements naturally. Breakdown once told me that Primus Liberty was just a construction shatterdome, but that all the Jaeger ended up somewhere else, thus he never got to see them into action.

We were chatting pleasantly when we received a comm. link. from Soundwave. "You're requested into the preparation chamber number 2. Your white suits are already done and ready to test."

We looked at each other, and without a word we hurried through the base, ignoring the confusion gazes directed to us as we passed by. We loved doing things together, specially challenging each other, and this time was no different. We could have walked like any normal mech would have done, but we were anything but normal and we did had too much adrenergon running through our veins, asking us for more. We entered the pilots preparation chamber number 2 in a rush, almost toppling over some boxes on the floor. There were some vehicons opening the boxes with our respective new suits, who stood in silence watching us as we tried to recover our composure, between snickers. They were ready, and so we were.

"Good to see you're ready and in good mood." A well known vehicon greeted.

"Hey, Steve, good to see you here!" I greeted the mech that had cheered me up during the test. The others also greeted. "Hi, team!"

"We were assigned here, and glad you two are the new pilots." He grinned shaking our hands. "This team is at your service."

"Oh, please, no need of formalism." Breakdown talked. "After all we would be nothing without all of you." I did admire the way my friend thought. He understood well the concept of team, and he more than once had told me that no one gets behind. After all, good teams were those who were together, with good relationship and respect. How right was he.

We proceeded to put the black thin suit, and they soon started attaching the white pieces on it. "Breakdown, our team is too polite to say anything about it, but I really think we should imitate other pilots in their behaviour, you know what I mean." I started.

"You're the one to talk!" He replied as the vehicons laughed. "Who started the whole last-one-getting-there-is-a-whatever thing?"

"No idea who you talking about." I said diverting my gaze, playing along as he hold his laugh. "How's he?"

"You'd better not ask, just in case." My partner shook his helm and then changed subject. "Knockout, I've been wondering something for a while now, but you never got to explain it to me. Why does Gipsy Danger lack her Conn-Pod?" He looked at me. "I mean, she shouldn't have it over her shoulders?"

"You'll see whenever we test her." I grinned slyly. I felt how the spinal neural piece was attached, and soon we did only had left the helmet. Each one had one that attached to the nape and this one unfolded until covering our helm entirely. It looked quite funny, but it suited perfectly well. I moved, I also made some fighting moves, and I felt really comfortable. I surprised myself with the design, what a masterpiece, but whoever built it just got the key. "How does it feel like, partner?"

"Simply put... Awesome!" His optics said everything. "Who ever did it though about comfort too." I loved the natural humour my friend had. The room was cleared for us and we tried a series of fighting moves. After all the drift and combat practices we had done during that time, we quite learned to coordinate in fight moves. It was amazing.

For our surprise, Prowl made his appearance into the room, followed by Shockwave. They greeted the vehicons and they approached us. "You do look elder." He said like a father would have said, proud of us both. Then he interchanged a gaze with the scientist and turned to us again. "What you say, are you ready to test Gipsy?"

"Are we testing her now?" We both asked. We looked at each other as a wider grin appeared on our face plates.

"Mechs, please, follow us." Shockwaves instructed, gesturing towards the door that lead us to our Jaeger. The vehicons followed through the catwalk until we reached the heavy damper located on the nape of Gipsy. We entered in and all the lights switched on.

The Conn-Pod was even more spectacular than what I had imagined it. I gave few breems admiring every single detail I notice before I got to my place. Prowl and Shockwave secured themselves at the back while the vehicons screwed us to the controls of the Jaeger. We were literally attached to our mecha, but I didn't pay much attention, after all, I was just about to pilot my own Jaeger. My Spark seemed it was gonna get out from my spark-chamber as it took for ever to start up.

The central computer welcomed us as the main systems came online. "Two pilots in, Welcome." We took our hand controller with the respective limb we were gonna move later on in the test.

"Gipsy Danger are you ready for the testing session?" We heard Alpha's voice through the comm. link., taking from the Command Station.

"Yes, Sir." I replied. "By the way, shouldn't Prowl be monitoring us?" I asked curiously.

"I would not have missed this opportunity." Prowl came back.

"You will have Soundwave doing it for you." He answered. "You two should calm yourselves down, your vitals are too fast." He added in understatement.

I started pressing buttons, getting ready. I looked around, poker face on. "You ready for what's coming now? K, then! Grab a hold on something and brace yourselves!" Their confusion faces were priceless. "You gonna hate me for this." I contacted Loccent again. "Command, Gipsy Danger ready for the big drop." I requested. I could hear the confirmation and soon I felt the moorings letting the Conn-Pod free. "Here we go!"

A click later we were in free falling, just guided by two rails at both side of Gipsy's head. I didn't had time to see other reaction as I was too caught up experiencing my own, but what was hard to ignore was the laud thrill shout of Breakdown. Oh Primus, he almost fused my audio receptors! We made contact with the rest of the body and the rails disengaged from the head. "Oh, mech, that was incredible!" Breakdown opened his mouth in a mixture of surprise and joy, optics going wide.

The Con-Pos started screwing in the body as the plates that protected the it locked into their right place.

"I did told you, you would hate me." I grinned, looking back towards the cop and the scientist.

"How did you designed this mechanisms?" My partner wondered astonished.

"Well, I did want to add a personal signature. You know, add my own style." I answered back. "And what best way of doing it than adding a free fall? Besides, sparklings all over the world will remember this for sure."

The command station programmed the computer to prepare the neural drift. "Pilot-to-pilot connection protocol sequence." We could feel beneath us how the power nucleus started up and the lights witched on.

We heard Soundwave making the count down for us to prepare the connection. "Ready for another tour around my thoughts?" The blue mech teased me. I didn't reply, directed him a determined yet friendly gaze as we heard the computer saying something.

In few clciks, all our memories flowed faster unlike the first time. I had lost track of how many times did we had a neural handshake, but every time I got to know something new from my friend, and it really made me feel comfortable. Our connection was strong and really stable, and we could start feeling the Jaeger as a very part of ourselves. I felt gigantic.

"Loccent to Gipsy Danger, you need to calibrate the hemispheres." Alpha got me put of my thoughts.

"Uh, yeah, calibrating right hemisphere." I announced, adjusting my position.

"Left hemisphere... Calibrated." Breakdown informed too.

Following the idea that had crossed Breakdown's mind, we grasped our left with the right servo, giving Gipsy her very first signature move. We decided time ago that we wanted to do our Jaeger to be really ours, with personality, just like Cherno Alpha when he clenched his fist together. And that's what we did.

"Gipsy Danger ready to leave." Breakdown announced. "Requesting permission."

"Head the gate 2." Alpha informed us. "Good ride, mechs."

"Let's show off our new Jaeger." I said.

This time, we did not have the need of telling what to do as we both thought about the same movements. And there for the very first time, we took our first steps as pilots. We could see people admiring us. I also spotted rest of The Genius outside the lab's catwalk, specially Pharma shouting and jumping euphorically while Ratchet looked at him pissed. As we had to overview all the robot's functions, and test articulations, why not waving back? It didn't take long for Lazerbeak to be flying around us as we reached the opened gate ready to leave.

The memory of Cherno's ride came to me. I grinned remembering the excitement I felt then. It had been a great feeling, but nothing compared with piloting Gipsy Danger. I didn't even noticed, but while thinking about it, I also made my copilot smile. "Those are good memories, Doc." He talked to me.

"But nothing compared to this." I almost forgot that Shockwave and Prowl were there. "Hey, how are you doing it at the back?"

"Great. All the machinery moves smoothly." Prowl lifted his gaze from his data pad.

"It would be logical to test some other movements." The purple mech suggested.

We both looked at each other as Breakdown started with our song while I continued. We made Gipsy run. It was true. All the pilots said that the simulator had nothing to do with piloting a real Jaeger. This was much more exciting and easier to move. It was... More real.

Few jours later, we returned to the base. We walked until we reached our platform. Then, we got out the Conn-Pod, and we walked to the command station. There, we got the results of our test. "The Jaeger worked well. All the functions were operative and its performance was brilliant. So could be said about the pilots. They did coordinate well, and they did not suffered any incident." Shockwave informed.

"Incidents?" I asked confused.

"When the pilots are not related or do not have a bond, it makes more risky the drift." Alpha explained.

"We did lost two pilots during a test session, quite long ago, because their minds could not bear the connection with the Jaeger. They internal net overloaded, frying their processor." Prowl added. "But, with your results, I don't think you'll have any problem."

"Well then. We could say that Gipsy Danger is ready for fight." Alpha declared.

We both were more than glad of hearing that. That meant that the we would face the next Terrorcon. It would be the first real fight, and we were now an option to save the world. We now possessed three active Jaegers, each one with better specialisations. And we had the best one.

We greeted, and we walked to the preparation chamber to take the white suit off. Then we walked to the canteen to have lunch. There we were received as heroes, even though we did not had a battle, yet. We sat on our usual table.

The Steam brothers approached us, and the eldest one talked. "What you did with the Conn-Pod..." He said gesturing the drop, "... Awesome. How did you feel?" Everyone was curious.

"Well, you were right, the simulation is nothing compared to a real Jaeger." I said. "And believe me that piloting your own creation also makes you feel more excited."

"Spectacular, but he did not tell us that there was a big drop." Breakdown added. "Which adds more excitement."

"Oh, by the way, were you singing?" The copilot of Puma Real asked.

"Yeah!" Everyone laughed. "It was his idea." I pointed Breakdown. "It helped us during the test to keep the same rhythm."

"We do have now another Jaeger to save the world." Pharma said exhilarated. "Let's drink a toast." He got up and raised his cube. "For Lady Danger, and her pilots, for the future battles they will win and for Cybertron!"

We all raised our cubes and drank... "For Gipsy Danger!" We all said.

Little did we know about what was waiting for us.