Hope was leaning against the window sill in her dorm room when a voice appeared behind her.

"Hey, are you alright?" Roman asks, startling Hope.

"Roman, what are you doing in here, didn't I lock my door?" Hope questions Roman, clearly confused and startled.

"Yeah, I picked it. Anyway, I wanted to see how you are and if there's any word on your mother." Roman explains causing Hope to frown.

"No, nothing yet. I was actually thinking about what happened when my aunt Freya was here." Hope says, confusing Roman before making him thoughtful.

"Well, a lot of things happened when your aunt was here. Do you think you can specify?" Roman asks, obviously meaning to share the nostalgia he's currently feeling, which makes Hope smile nervously at him.

"Um right, I was thinking about how she was going to bind my werewolf side." Hope explains making Roman more thoughtful.

"I thought you went through with that?" Roman questions causing Hope to simply shake her head.

"No, it was interrupted." Hope states plainly as though shaking her head wasn't an obvious answer.

"So you're thinking about it becauseā€¦." Roman starts and Hope finishes his statement.

"Because, I wanted to go through it, I still want to go through with it. I mean what if this is how I get my mom back, bind my werewolf side then use a locator spell." Hope starts to rant before realising she might be scaring Roman to the point she decides to bring it up.

"I'm scaring you, aren't I?" Hope asks when she sees Roman's facial expression.

"No you aren't I mean it's enthusiastic in a slightly scary manner but maybe I can help you." Roman suggests which confuses Hope.

"You really want to help me?" Hope questions clearly confused by the fact he wants to assist her.

"Yeah, I can sneak us out of here if you want." Roman states which causes Hope to think for a moment.

"Yeah okay, just hold on there's something I need to do first so I'll meet you at your car." Hope explains quickly and scurries out of the room.

Roman looks out the door to see the direction that she went in then sneaks out to his car in order to make a phone call.

"Hey mom, it's me informing you all is good and I have Hope Mikaelson with me. Call me back when you want me to have us head to a certain location." Roman leaves a voicemail as his mother wasn't answering.

He just pockets his phone when Hope walks up to him.

"All good?" Roman asks causing Hope to smile and nod.

"Yep, let's go." Hope says causing Roman to smile and open up the passenger side door for her before he himself gets in the driver's seat then drives them away from the school.