A moment later, Hope pushes the rolly stand the coffin was on down the stairs, then you see her look over to ensure it didn't hit anyone, and goes back to get the coffin.

"How long does it usually take for a recently triggered werewolf-tribrid to get a coffin?" Tyler asks, seeming curious yet also worried.

"Well, the coffin is probably pretty heavy. Maybe one of should've went to help her?" Josie suggests then looks at Lizzie who sighs in annoyance.

"Fine, I'll go check to see if she needs help." Lizzie pouts then stomps up the steps to check on Hope, however the coffin is in the middle of the hallway, just outside of Hope's room, which Lizzie walks over to.

"Hope?" Lizzie walks closer to the door, that's open a crack, which she pushes open, causing it to creak.

"Hope, are you in here?" Lizzie asks, about to walk into her bedroom but is blocked by an invisible barrier.

"What the hell?" Lizzie thinks aloud, confused as she tries to walk in the room again, hitting the invisible barrier once more.

So Lizzie just walks away then drags the coffin to the staircase and pushes the coffin down the stairs, startling everyone, yet nobody questions Hope's absence.

"Well, we have the coffin, we should make preparations for the resurrection spell." Freya suggests looking to Vincent when she does.

"Uh, small problem. The dead guy's not in the coffin." Josh claims once the coffin's open but Josie looks over and examines it then shakes her head.

"Nope he's here, she just cloaked him." Josie claims, calming everyone.

Then Lizzie and Josie siphon the cloaking spell, revealing Klaus, whose body looks less burned than it was before.

"It appears that Hope started restoring his body." Freya acknowledges then goes to touch his face but her hand is blocked by a barrier.

"She has also been placing and reinforcing protection spells on him." Freya sighs in realization and although she's mildly annoyed, she can't help but be impressed by her niece's magic capabilities.

"These spells could take a while to break even if I channeled a powerful being." Freya reveals.

"The process would be simpler if Hope were here to undo the spells that she cast." Freya claims, but this gets everyone thinking.

"Lizzie, where's Hope?" Caroline questions, not hiding the fact she's worried.

"I don't know. The coffin was just in the hallway and she wasn't in her room. At least, not as far as I saw." Lizzie admits as she walks down the stairs after coffin reached the bottom.

"What do you mean as far as you saw?" Alaric wonders confused.

"I couldn't enter her room, I was blocked by an invisible barrier." Lizzie explains causing Marcel to sigh in realization.

"Another one of Klaus' tricks. Yeah, after he adopted me, he had a witch put a powerful boundary spell around each room, and minus the guest rooms, every bedroom has an owner, which means everyone not blood related or considered family has to be invited in, but only the people who own them can do so." Marcel reveals, shocking everyone once more.

"Well, these spells can only be removed by her. I couldn't even override or disrupt the spells even if I wanted to." Freya explains, worrying everyone, and Hayley runs upstairs to look for her daughter, rightfully more worried than anyone else.

Hayley searches the entire upstairs, including Klaus' room then runs back downstairs, stopping midway, with a look of horror on her face, concerning all of them.

"I just searched every room upstairs. She's missing. My daughter is missing." Hayley exclaims in a very frantic tone and slightly out of breath, this revelation horrifying everyone downstairs.

A/N: If you have gotten this far, don't fret. There will be a sequel to this. :)