Don't Step On Hallowed Grounds

He trudged through the swamp now, with the dead things. The scent of the detritus wafted up to him, and as he turned to look over his shoulder, he saw it in a tree. A skull, lit from within with a hellish green light. He recognized trapped souls from his families ancient library, and froze in fear.

Lucius and his family had decided that they could not stay in one place safely as long as they had, and had thus decided that they had to leave. Nevermind that their continued isolation, along with no changes in scenery, was slowly driving them insane.

So, they had begun to march south, the climate slowly becoming warmer, and more humid. The swamp was very unpopulated, making it a good area for fugitive wizards and witches to pass through unnoticed. As he looked down, he realized that not all of the limbs strewn across the muck were from trees. He pulled his wand, checking the air for anti apparition wards, and saw them there, concealed from his senses by the feel of the swamp.

Draco had turned around, and looked at his father, oddly with his wand out, pointed downwards.

'Father, what are you doing?'

'These old bones have started to creak again, so I was checking to see if the spells you made had worn off; indeed they have. Would you be kind enough to recast them? I don't think I can go another step.'

Draco approached his father, holding little Scorpius. His mother and wife, beautiful, beautiful, Astoria, had been killed during their escape. He pulled out his wand, and trained it on his father's legs. He inspected them, seeing that indeed, the spell appeared to have ended. He began to chant, and saw too late the red light.


As Draco fell, he dropped Scorpius, whom Lucius deftly caught.

'Somnium, stupefy.'

He breathed in, taking one last look at his son and grandson. He would not let them be tormented here, nor would he allow the mad man his traps continuation.


He breathed in, breathed out, trained his wand on himself, and screamed.