Eren groaned as he stood up, unconsciously rubbing his neck to soothe the phantom pain of his decapitation.

The last thing the Founder remembered was getting beheaded by a bullet, from a girl of twelve, which was frustrating enough. Even worse was that he had been close.

So close.

And now he was here, in a place utterly unknown to him, yet familiar, with no idea how he got here, yet all according to plan. Yet, he noticed, Zeke was not with him, which was strange. To get here, contact had been required between him and his older (and delusional) half-brother, yet there was no sign of his father's first child. Had something gone wrong? No, that couldn't be it, he had made it, hadn't he?

And yet, he was alone here.

Or so he thought.

"Eren Yeager."

The holder of the Founding, Attack, and Warhammer Titans spun around to find a blonde-haired girl holding a bucket behind him. She was dressed in rags, to his surprise; he would have thought that the founder of a nation would be dressed like royalty, yet the girl before him did not. She looks like Historia, Eren noted. "Who's asking?" he spoke cautiously.

"Would you do it all over again if you could?"

He froze at that. The chance to do everything over? The chance to save everyone he loved?

The chance to see his mother?

Who was he to refuse such a gift? However, Eren eyed the girl warily. "What do you-"

"Would you do things differently if I sent you back?" the blonde interrupted. "Before the Fall. If I sent you back, would you be willing to shoulder the burdens of Eldia's past sins to save them?"

"Everything I've done since getting to that basement has been for Eldia's sake." Eren spoke without hesitation. "Knowing what I know now, I could stop so many Eldians from dying. My mother…" He trailed off, then shot the girl a determined look. "Even if I have to do it alone, I would do it over."

The girl smiled. "You truly are worthy of the powers you hold inside you. I will aid you in your quest, Eren Yeager."

He nodded. "Thanks, but… where am I? Who are you?"

The blonde stared at him. "You already know this."

And it was true, for who else could be before him but Ymir, the Founder?

"What's the catch?" Eren asked suspiciously, and Ymir shook her head.

"There is none. However, I have persuaded the Father to change a few things in favor of Eldia. For one, the Curse of Ymir is no more."

Eren gaped. "W-what? You mean..?"

"Live a long life, Son of Yeager," Ymir smiled, and all of a sudden Eren's vision began to fade. "W-wait!"

"One last parting gift to you, Yeager." The goddess' voice sounded distant to the Titan Shifter's ears.

"You will not bear this burden alone."




He felt himself drifting for some time, then found himself on a soft surface, with someone shaking him. I'm in bed?

"Ugh…" Eren groaned. His head felt as if he had been tackled by the Armored Titan.

"Wake up, Eren. We're going to be late," a familiar voice spoke.

Eren's eyes shot open, and he saw the smiling face of his father. "Dad…" he whispered, then flung his arms around the older Eldian. He would freely admit that his composure nearly broke upon seeing the father that he killed, albeit unwillingly.

Grisha seemed mildly surprised at the show of affection, and chuckled. "My, you seem happy. Is it because you're finally going to meet Mikasa today?"

A multitude of thoughts concerning the Asian girl moved through his mind, then his mind caught the meaning behind the words with horror.

Today is that day.

Eren flung himself out of bed and rushed passed his perplexed father out of his room and into the kitchen, where he grabbed a sharp kitchen knife. I'll need this, won't I?

After grabbing his boots and scarf (he cringed somewhat at the sight of it), he dashed out the door and towards the Ackerman farmstead.

Considering what I made her go through before, what I said to her… Eren gritted his teeth. Saving her parents is the least I can do.

He had caused her so much pain in the past that this crusade was hardly a choice, but it was a choice he made nonetheless. He had long since dedicated to seeing his family and friends safe, and that hadn't changed, no matter what year he found himself in.

It was with this mentality that Eren left his father behind to save his friend's childhood.

Grisha simply chuckled and shook his head in exasperation as he watched his son run off. Always going where the wind calls you, Eren. His smile faded as he frowned. I wonder what's got him so rattled…

Shrugging, the elder Yeager started to prepare his medical kit.