Author's Note:

This is a porn-with-plot story. There will be lots of smut. This is also a g!p story. Brittana are endgame. This may not be your cup of tea. If it isn't, please skip this story.

Brittany finds her seat. It's the first time she's flown in first class. She puts her carry-on in the space above her seat as instructed by the flight crew and sits down.

Brittany sighed. Her mother died no more than a week ago. Everything's been such a blur. One minute, she was out celebrating the end of the year with her senior classmates and the next, she gets a call from the hospital.

Her whole life flipped upside down. Instead of walking with her classmates on stage, she had been in the hospital praying and hoping her mother would have enough energy to stay awake and speak with her. She hadn't known her mother had cancer. She cried so hard and despite wanting to be angry at her mother for keeping it from her, she couldn't help but feel anything but sadness.

Her friends had visited her when they could but she didn't want to see any of them. She wanted to focus solely on her mother and the little time she had left. She didn't want to call her father. She hated him ever since her parent's divorce. She would forever be bitter about that.

She remembers making the call only because her mother had asked her too. It was her dying wish.

"You have to call him. I'm dying Brittany. I don't want to leave you in this world all alone."

"I hate him."

"You're angry. I was, too. He's still your father."

"He left us."

"He left me. He loves you."

"No, he loves his much younger wife." She said with spite.

"You've never met her. You don't know anything about her. You didn't go to the wedding. He wanted you to be there."

"I don't ever want to meet her. She broke this family apart. I have no interest in knowing who she is."

"Our marriage was over long before he asked for the divorce. Way before she even came into the picture. I had found out about the other woman before her."

"He could've stuck around then. If your marriage was over long before that, he should have stuck around."

Brittany wishes she was stronger but she can't put on the front much longer. The tears fall from her face for the first time. Her mother is dying.

There was no changing that.

"I know." She says gloomily with a trembling lower lip. New tears fall from her red puffy eyes.

"I don't want to leave you here, alone.I want you to be taken care of. Call him. I want you to call him. Please. Forgive him. I have."

Brittany nods. If this is her mother's dying wish, she'll do it.

Her mother nods and closes her eyes. She's getting weaker every day.

She's not in pain. The medication given to her took it all away. Her eyes close longer and go her until she's sleeping again. The beeping machine being the only reason Brittany knows she's not gone. Not completely. Not yet.

She stays there for a moment. Half wanting to not call her father and a half preparing what she's going to tell him.

She curses how unlucky she is. The universe clearly had it out for her.

She dials the number. Part of her wishing, hoping he doesn't pick up. She really doesn't want to forgive him. She knows she will if he picks up because again, her mother is dying and this is what she wants. She couldn't deny her wish.

"Hey, Honey B" she hears the deep voice say.

She sighed. "Hey, Dad." She meantime it to come out stronger but she chokes out the sobs. Like, when her mother picked her up after she fell off her motorbike. She cried a little because it did hurt but she knew her mother would make her stop riding her bike if she got hurt but as soon as her father took her to the back of his truck to apply the first aid care, she cried like a baby.

"What's wrong, Honey?" she hears with a voice full of concern. Her father never liked when she cried.

"It's mom. She's sick." The way she says it. She knows her father knows it means she's dying. She wouldn't have called otherwise.

She hears her father's movements still. She can hear the creaking is a chair and she imagines he's sitting on his chair now. She hears him tell his secretary to cancel all his meetings and to let his wife know he will be unavailable. She doesn't hear him say anything after that. She just hears deep breathing. Then she hears a sniffle and just like that, she knows her father still cares. Everything else doesn't matter.

"I'll fly out today." He promises.

Brittany shakes her head. She doesn't want him here. She doesn't want her mother to be reminded of all the hurt he caused her. She'd seen her mother fall apart after then ended. Her mother judged every aspect of herself and her body when she found out he was dating someone much younger.

"Please don't. She hasn't got much time left. I just need to be alone with her."

"Honey, I.."

"Please. It's been just me and her for some time now."


"She wanted me to call you. To tell you."

She knows her father knows what she means. He always did. Even when she said the wrong word or when she said something weird, her father always understood her.

"Use my card. For the packing company. I'll send my agent over to take care of the legalities regarding the house and hospital bills. Don't worry about anything. there for your mom. Call me when you have the flight information. You can call me whenever. If you changed your mind, I'll be there as soon as you tell me."

A voice shakes her from her thoughts. She looks at the flight attendants' lips moving but she can't hear what he's saying. She shakes her head and he repeats himself.

"Ma'am, we need you to pull down your tray for your meal."

She does so and he puts her meal on the tray. She's begins eating while her mind replays her past few days.

Her mother dying in her arms. Her spreading her ashes into the ocean. Her mother had wanted to be cremated and her ashes thrown into the oceans. She wanted to be free.

A sad smile makes its way onto her lips. Her mother is in a much better place now. Still, she misses her. She's 17. She's supposed to be enjoying her last summer break before college with her friends. Instead, she had to move sooner than planned.

The silver lining in this whole thing is that she knows she'll see her two best friends Rachel and Kurt, in New York. Both of them had gotten into NYADA and she had gotten into NYU. She'd gotten a scholarship in mathematics but she planned on minor in Dance. She loved math but sometimes she'd lose herself and dancing always helped herself get grounded again.

She logs into the airplane WiFi and Googles gay clubs in the city. She just needs a night to have a little fun. Just one. Her mother had asked her to celebrate life, her getting into college with a full ride, and her 18th birthday albeit a bit early. Okay, a lot early. It wasn't her fault that she was the youngest in her class all the time. Her mother had explained how she was able to jump a grade because she was so smart but that must have been Kindergarten because she doesn't recall it.

A sad smile makes its way onto her face as she looks at her fake ID. Her mother had found it and confiscated it when she had first gotten it. She'd given it back to her on her death bed asking her to use it only once before promising to wait until she was of legal age to enjoy clubbing and drinking. Brittany promised.

She memorizes the name of the club and plans to go there. She books a room at a nearby hotel. One night.

She smiles sadly again, she misses her mom so much. Always pushing her to be her best. Her hero.

The pilot announces for the passengers to remain seated and buckled as they were going to be landing in a few short minutes.

She retrieved her luggage from the baggage carousel and makes her way to the loading area just outside the airport where her Lyft is already waiting.

She hops in tells the driver where she is staying and they drive off. She checks into the hotel with the credit account tied to her father's account and makes her way into the room where she showers and gets ready for the night. She wears a black dress that shows off her long toned legs and black Jimmy Choo sandals. Her hair curled. She wears her fake lashes and makes her blue eyes pop more with dark eyeliner. Her lips a shade darker than their natural pink color. She looks herself over in the mirror and winks at herself. Despite her extra appendage, she's always felt very feminine.

The club is only a few blocks away and she decides to walk there. She stands in line waiting for her turn and once the bouncer asks her for her ID, she gets it out and shows him. He looks it over and a little plastic card with her picture on it before he nods his head. He returns it to her and lets her in.

Brittany stores away her fake ID as she entered the club. She had lied to her dad about the details of her flight.

She needed this though. One night to let everything go. To dance her troubles away and drink her pain away. She's also extremely nervous about meeting her father for the first time in years. She'd been so angry that she refused to stay at his house during her school breaks. Because she was old enough, there wasn't much the court could do. She didn't even go to his wedding a couple of years ago. She even enquired about information about living in a dorm on her campus but the lack of privacy was a big issue for her.

Brittany orders a shot of vodka and downs it as soon as she gets it. She isn't looking forward to moving in with her dad and his new wife 18 years his junior. She shivers. It's a little creepy to think that his new wife is could practically be her older sister if she had one. They weren't too far apart in age.

She orders another shot and again downs it as soon as she gets it. The burning sensation numbing every sense except for the one she's been feeling all night. She thinks it's the most annoying feeling. This eerie feeling that someone has been watching her since she stepped in. She couldn't shake it.

She sighs in frustration and turns to look at the person who was still looking at her. With no emotion, she questions the girl by raising her eyebrow.

"You're too cute to be upset." The woman said. "Beautiful, too."

Brittany just rolls her eyes and turns to order another drink.

"Bad night?" The woman is now standing right next to Brittany. She takes the shot out of Brittany's hand and drinks it." She cuts Brittany off before the taller girl can even protest. "You're too pretty to be drinking."

Brittany stares at the woman. She saw her a moment ago but didn't quite see her. Brittany guessed it might have been because of the shots she had taken. Looking at the woman a second time, she was sure she'd never seen a more beautiful woman in her life.

"Hot" Brittany let out under her breath.

"It earned her a smirk from the tan-skinned woman.

The brunette tells the bartender to charge her and the blonde's drinks on her tab before dragging the taller girl to the dance floor.

Brittany can't believe her luck. She's at a gay club and she clearly has the hottest girl dancing with her. All of the women are staring and a few of the guys too. She doesn't blame them. Brittany closes her eyes trying to control her excitement but it's getting too hard to do so. Literally. Part of her is scared but the alcohol in her system is her little bit of courage.

She can't seem to care right now.

The shorter girl feel something stiffen against her posterior. Her hold on the woman's arms around her waist tighten. She's almost sure what it is or what it could be but she's slightly confused. She's dancing with a woman, right?

She grinds her ass a bit more provoking the taller woman to huskily moan into her ear. She swallows thickly as she thinks she's confirmed it. She turns around in the girl's arms keeping the gap between their bodies closed and wrapping her arms around her neck. It was her turn to moan feeling the hardness against her front.

"Is that what I think it is?"

Brittany is ready for the obvious reaction. She might as well just say it.

"Not a strap-on though."

She waits as the other woman's mind process it. She knows what is going to happen. She's used to the reaction but still, she waits.

In the past, the other woman who've gotten this far usually ran for the hills. The other times it was Brittany who ran. She doesn't know why neither of those things has happened yet. The Latina's face demonstrates that she understands. Brittany swallows deeply and nods her head to confirm that she, in fact, does have a penis.

"Jesus," The woman says breathlessly. Her eyes stare into the deep blue orbs staring back at her. "We're going to have so much fun."

"Brittany," She says, offering the girl her name. She wants the brunette to know her name but more than anything, she's hoping to tell the other woman her name will get the other to share hers as well. It works.

"Santana," the other woman responds.

Brittany wanted a name but she got a lot more. Plump lips steal a kiss.

Whatever control Brittany had up until that moment, was gone. Lips sucked on lips, tongues battled each other for dominance, and breathing got deeper.

Santana pulls away. "We need to get out of here before we end up fucking in from of all these people. I wouldn't want anyone here to have a heart attack watching me do all the crazy things I'm going to do to you." She smirks as she sees the blonde gulp.

"I have a hotel down the street." The blonde gets out. Her voice thick with arousal.

"Perfect." She says before she kisses Brittany. "Lead the way."

Brittany takes her hand in hers and pulls her out of the club. They exchange glances and kisses as they walk over the few blocks to Brittany's hotel room. The duo grew more handsy as they got closer to the hotel.

Entering the elevator, Brittany cornered Santana and groped her ass.

Santana had her arms draped around her shoulders as she exposed her neck so Brittany could kiss it. Santana smirked and winked at the camera not carrying that someone might be watching in the security room.

Brittany's teeth grazed the tan skin of her neck before she bit down. She licked it and gently sucked the flesh as Santana moaned. The elevator door opened and an elderly couple walked in.

Brittany never stopped fondling the voluminous ass cheeks as she ran her tongue across Santana's collar bone to and up to her pulse where she sucked again.

Santana was about to say something but squeaked as Brittany lifted her up. Her legs wrapped around her and her ankles locked. Santana looked down and rejoined their mouths.

The elderly man smirking at them with a bulge evident in his pants.

"This generation has no manners." Brittany hears the elderly say in disbelief at the couple before her.

She separates from Santana and gently lets her down before she wipes the corners of her mouth. Santana does the same and rolls her eyes at the woman.

"Thanks, lady, now you've gone and ruined the moment. Britt-Britt here has my panties soaking wet."

"Your mother should be ashamed." The elderly woman says in pure disgust at the Latina woman.

The elevator dings and the doors open and the woman grabs her aroused husband and pulls him out. Santana and Brittany look at each other before they burst out in laughter.

"Trust me, she didn't ruin anything. I'm still gonna give you the night of your life. I've got a packet of condoms and we've got all night." She says with her dark blue eyes staring at deep brown ones.

Santana gulps. So used to always dominating her conquest, she can't help but wind Santana up again.

"Baby," she says as she runs her pointer finger down from her lips, between her chest, and resting her hands on her hips. "I didn't choose to take birth control for no reason."

She smirks as her expert hands rise up her dress at the sides little by little while kissing the taller girl. The dress is high up now that Santana has access to her most private area. She cups and gently squeezes Brittany's front under her dress and whispers into her ear in her seductive husky bedroom voice, "I want you to cum inside me until there's not a drop left in you."

"Oh fuck" Moans out.

It's a miracle Brittany didn't blow her load right then and there.

She feels Santana's other hand grab a handful of her ass as plump lips are on hers once more.

Brittany feels the Latina pull away and when she opens her eyes she realizes the elevator door is open and Santana's already retrieving her hotel room key from her clutch purse.

She notices the extra sway of Santana's hips before the Latina turns over her shoulder and smirks.

"The longer you take to get your sexy ass over here, the less time we have for us to fuck."

Brittany practically sprints to her and Santana giggles as she pulls the blonde into the room, puts the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door, and locks it.

Brittany makes her way further into the room and sees Santana removing her heels as she flicks her feet. Brittany takes a little longer as she has to unclasp the small buckle around her ankles. Her back is facing Santana who is watching her while biting her lip as she checks her out from behind.

After finally managing to rid her feet off her heels, she turns around as is not prepared to see Santana already on her knees looking at her with a smirk and giving her a look of pure, undeniable lust.

She wastes no time in pushing up Brittany's skin-tight dress before putting her face into Brittany's groin. Her nose sniffing her most intimate area. Her hands squeeze Brittany's ass which only pushes her face into Brittany even more.

Brittany grunts out in pain. She's hard cock is tucked between her butt cheeks. Her growing erection was not only making things uncomfortable, but it was also painful. She needed to take the tight compression shorts off now. She lifts her dress farther up.

"Take them off." She says to the Latina.

Santana lifts her head and licks her lips at the sight of the blonde's tight abs. She runs the fingers of her left hand over them gently, loving how they contract under her touch. She brings her mouth and kisses the area multiple times before her tongue runs across the defining line in the center of her abdomen. Her fingertips tease the edge of her underwear where her tongue slowly followed. She stops at her belly button where she circles the slight opening before her tongue enters it.

She loves how everything tightens even more. Her hands finally pulling down the tight undergarments slowly to enjoy the whimpers and grunts above her. Her mouth nipping and licking the now exposed flesh. Her tan hands pulled the undergarments farther and farther down until at least, she caught sight of Brittany's impressive length. She gulps as more and more of it is exposed. Her face wincing as she finally sees how it's bent between her legs. Upon seeing this, her hands move faster to relieve the taller woman of her discomfort. Free from the tight undergarments, her hard cock springs forward hitting Santana in the face.

Brittany moans at the lack of tight restraints on her hard on. Her moan turns into a surprised gasp at the sensation of Santana's hot mouth surrounding her swollen, mushroomed head and her hand squeezing her shaft at the base. Her eyes closed as her hands find shelter in Santana's locks. Santana swallows more and more of her length until she can hear her choking on her cock. Brittany's breathing deepens.

Santana is absolutely devouring Brittany's meaty pole like no tomorrow.

She removes her mouth but continues moving her hand along the thick shaft.

"Look at me while I take your big dick in my mouth." she husks out. Her voice is raw and strained from having such a large object down her throat. "Look. at. me." she demands as she runs her hand from the base to the top where she clenched her hand at the top before repeating the action with each word.

Brittany swallows and opens her eyes and locks them with brown eyes with pupils so dilated that they make her eyes appear entirely black.

"You like when I'm sucking your cock, Baby?" she asks though she knows the answer is obvious.

Brittany licks her lips before she answers. "Yessss"

"Tell me" She demands with her husky voice.

"I want you to suck my cock. Take it into your mouth and make me


Santana moans at this. "What else do you want me to do?" she encourages.

"I want you to suck me dry."

"Fuck" she whispers.

Santana's eyes never leave Brittany's as she runs her hand down the length as her left-hand leads until its at the base. Using her hand to align the perfect member she runs the tip of her tongue along the slit where her precum was coming out of. Her tongue then swirls around the top before her mouth sucks the engorged head.

"Take it all in," Brittany grunts out.

So Santana does.

Her mouth takes more and more of Brittany inch by inch until her throat tightens around the top of her head. Still, Santana moves her head more and more. Her gagging subsiding as she gets used to the massive invasion on her mouth. Her eyes still looking into blue though Brittanys are heavy-lidded at the sensation of her entire being embraced by

Santana's hot mouth before she releases it almost entirely leaving only the top before she takes it all into her mouth once again. She moans at the salty taste it releases and she sucks just a little bit more.

Brittany needs more. Santana can tell as her lips buck into her more and more.

"Fuck my mouth." She tells her when she releases her cock with a loud pop before wrapping her lips around the head and sucking particularly hard.

Brittany's hands tighten their grip around Santana's head as she takes pushes her cock into Santana's mouth. She loves how Santana gags again as she is now in control.

"Is this what you want? For me to fuck you like this?" She husks out.

Santana's free hand moved from behind Brittany's thigh up her right butt cheek. She squeezes it in response.

"Look at you" she grunts. "Chocking on my fat dick" she says as she thrust harder and harder into Santana's mouth.

Santanas nails are clawing at the blonde's butt cheek as Brittany plowed deliciously into her mouth.

Harder and harder she thrust and more and more Santana gagged.

Their eyes still locked onto each other's though sometimes remaining shut for a long moment when Brittany was deep in Santana's throat.

Her movements grew erratic and frantic. Faster and faster she went.

"I'm cumming." she gasps as her movements chased her orgasm.

"Fuck, fuck, fuuuuuck"

Santana just kept taking it all in like it was the last meal she would ever have.

"Sucking it so goooood. ugh ugh ugh"

Three more thrusts and Brittany came shooting her load deep into Santana's mouth as she shouted Santana's name followed by a loud moan.

Santana continues to meet Brittany's movements as the shaft inside her mouth was still released long thick ropes of come. It twitched inside her as the last bit of it was released. She sucked her hard to ensure she got the very last bit of it before she released her now flaccid length with a wet popping noise.

She wiped the corners of her mouth with her thumb and sucked it.

She stands up straight and kisses Brittany who moans at the remaining taste of herself. She takes her hand and guides her to the bed where she pushes Brittany onto the bed and removes her dress. She stands for a moment to observe the blonde on the bed in her underwear and bra.

Brittany looks at her with her post-orgasm look and smiles. Santana looks so sexy. Santana smiles at her in return. She hovers over Brittany with an intent to unbutton her dress but Brittany pulls her down into a passionate kiss.

This kiss. It's different than the rest. She lets herself enjoy it. The warmth. The million butterflies in her entire body. No other kiss had made her feel so much.

"Wow" she hears Brittany say.

"Got lost in a trance there." She smirked.

"Give me a moment and I'll return the favor."

"Oh you most certainly will." she teases again.

She's never been this comfortable with someone. Normally she just dominates the person, gets her release, and dresses. She doesn't do this. This. Whatever this is.

She bites her lip and kisses her again before unzipping the zipper on Brittany's side and pulling her dress until its completely gone. Her eyes focused on the blue looking at her and not anything else.

"You have beautiful eyes," Santana tells her.

"Thank you" She says with a smile.

They lay there looking at each other's eyes until their lips meet again.

This is going to be a long night.