Brittany sends an email to her staff congratulating them on record numbers with a smile. She has been working towards this for years, improving each time, and always aspiring to be as great as her father was at this business.

Her eyes soon land on the letters her father gave her. They are framed on a wall with a picture of him. They serve as her motivation to continue to do great things and live life to the fullest. When her eyes shift to look at the picture of Santana and the twins at their wedding, she knows she's doing just that.

Her smile grows as she takes a trip down memory lane.

The wedding happened a year after their engagement. It was a private ceremony with only their best friends and a few acquaintances, but they loved every moment of it. They went on two honeymoons—one by themselves and the other with their twins.

Her eyes soon land on a picture of her and Santana's youngest child, Alexander. Santana had gotten pregnant during their first honeymoon.

She chuckles when she remembers Quinn joking about her having "super swimmers."

She looks at the clock on the top right corner of her widescreen monitor. She's got an hour two hours of work, but it's the weekend, and the company did set a record.

She presses the button on her receiver and waits for her assistant to answer.

"Yes, Mrs. Lopez-Pierce?" she hears her assistant say.

"Michelle, send a mass email to that staff telling everyone they may go home early this week. Have a great weekend."

"I can do that for you, Mrs. Lopez-Pierce. Thank you, and have a great weekend, too."

Brittany gathers her belongings and makes her way out of her office, and begins her journey out of the building so she can get home, where she knows her children will greet her.

Brittany has put Alexander in his crib, and the twins are sleeping after they've had a bath. She'd come home and spent the day with her family, who was more than happy to see her home early.

Brittany smiles at her wife, the mother of her three beautiful children, from the room's entryway. She observes Santana and takes in her beauty. Brittany finds her more beautiful than the night they met, even though she has a bit more meat on her bones. She knows Santana's been working to get that baby weight off, but Brittany loves every bit of it.

She enters the room and lets her presence be known by wrapping her arms around Santana. She rests her chin on Santana's shoulder as she presses her body into Santana's back.

Santana's arms on hers as Santana encourages her to hold her a little tighter. Santana hums in approval and rests her head back onto Brittany's shoulder allowing Brittany to place kisses on her neck.

"I never told you this, but the first time we hooked up,"


"I was really scared you'd change your mind when we got to the room. After you fell asleep, I took a moment to look at you. It was almost sure you were a fragment of my imagination."

Santana turns around to face her, but Brittany's hands come to her face, allowing her thumb to silence her.

She continues, "There was no way I found you in the club. For so long, I had dreamt of someone like you. Even though I didn't know you, I felt as if you were a memory. It felt like I had met you a million times before. Everything felt right. I wanted more because I knew I wouldn't be able to forget you. I wanted to have you in every possible way in case I never saw you again."

Brittany bit her lip. "I knew the universe would be cruel like that." She added with a lopsided smile.

"Are we confessing secrets now?" Santana teases before she kisses Brittany slowly.

She pulls away and looks into Brittany's eyes.

"I felt it too. I saw you, and I swear it felt like you were what I was waiting for all my life. The earth stood still. I think about that moment sometimes."

Santana bites her lower lip to stop a smile from forming without much luck.

"I dreamt of having your kids that night."

She chuckles before growing serious again.

"It freaked me out, but I think that dream is why I instantly loved them. I wished I could have stayed even though I knew I couldn't. I whispered that I'd miss you. If I never saw you again, I knew I would never be able to forget you. I used to be someone who didn't believe in soulmates. I met you, and I finally understood why people believed that."

Santana looks down at her feet. Too shy to keep looking into Brittany's eyes.

Brittany lifts her chin, making her look into her eyes. Brittany's hand caresses Santana's cheek before she pulls her into a passionate kiss. Think lips suck on Santana's plump lower one. It's minty as she's brushed her teeth. She deepens it but sliding her tongue into Santana's warm mouth. Their tongues meet, tasting and massaging each other. Santana moans into the kiss when Brittany sicks her tongue. Breathing soon becomes an issue, and they pull away.

"You're my soulmate, too," Brittany says, giving Santana a chaste kiss.

"You and our three kids are my worlds," she adds.

Santana takes one of Brittany's hands and lowers it down to her stomach. Brittany looks at her with curious eyes.

"Four." Santana whispers.

Brittany glances at her stomach before smiling at Santana.

"Oh my god, You're pregnant?" She asks, hope and excitement heavy in her voice.

Santana nods excitedly.

"After my missed period, I went to the doctor to confirm. I know you wanted to wait, but the baby won't come for some months, and by then, the twins will be 7. Alexander will be"

Brittany kisses her slowly to stop her wife from rambling. When she pulls away, she whispers, "I love you, I've always loved you, and I will always love you."

Brittany can tell by the way Santana smiles and looks at her that she knows she means it.

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