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The tragedy of central city's destruction led to massive amounts of unrest and panic. The news that the Demon King perished had a positive effect on calming people, but then people started wondering how? King Furry was hesitant to admit it was a child, but he ultimately chose to admit the truth. On live television he told the world of their savior, a young boy in his teens with spikey hair had come out of nowhere and saved the world. This had the effect he was hoping for. The people's minds shifted from the tragedy and focused on their hero. Only a few citizens focused on critical question like why it took a child to stop the king of demons when the government failed to do it. The king supposed this was an advantage of having peace reign so long. It creates optimistic people, who are focused on the good things in life. They also happen to be easier to control.

In the same broadcast he made many other announcements, like the temporary moving the capital to west city until central city was rebuilt, the calling for the Grand Council of lords to meet with him in west city, and finally announced that because of an event of this magnitude he would begin recruitment for a national standing army. He casually made the army announcement last and made it sound the least important, hoping it got swept under the rug, if others focused on him making an army it could cause concern to many fearing a war. A war with what? Who knows; seeing has his country is the only one in the world? Unlike rational people, the mob doesn't think about the important details, if there was fear, there would be fearmongering. His vassals could see it as a threat, but not many would, seeing as most of his vassals were related to him. Speaking of vassals, the Grand Council…

It had been the idea of his fifth great grandfather. The original concept was that one man cannot do everything himself, so his ancestor brought some of his most powerful vassals together every so often to discuss the inner workings of the realm. Of course, like every other tradition his family started, it ended up being used as some sort family thing, like the invitations. The council itself is made of ten lords of various territory, who are supposed to contribute to the ruling of the kingdom. Problem was the kingdom was running smoothly without their help now and the council meeting had turned into family get togethers. Of the lords, nine of them can claim ancestry to his family. The last one is a close family friend. So, King Furry somehow had to turn this meeting into a fruitful discussion on the future of his kingdom. What a joy.

It has been two days since the attack of Piccolo and he finally made it. West city. Truly a bastion of technological advancement. The city was home to millions, yet never felt crowded. He daresay it was pleasant. Despite being a booming city; the city felt like a small town. How this is, he had no clue, but he knew one thing. This city was magnificent. The city showed off the world's knowledge of construction, every building was rounded, everything was modern. The paved roads that went throughout the city looked untouched, because they largely were. Most cars here could hover and left no mark on the road. Much of this technology could be attributed to one man. Doctor Briefs. A scientific genius who created all these marvels of technology himself. He was also owner of the rapidly expanding company Capsule Corporation. Named after his greatest invention. The capsule. The capsule could take any object no matter how big and fit it into a little capsule the size of a large pill. This invention put him on the map, making him a multi-billionaire in mere years. With his wealth, he personally innovated the entirety West City and built his own personal laboratory in the middle of the city. He was known as a kind old man to the people of the city, but he stayed inside his lab most of the time dreaming up some invention.

King Furry had never met the man himself, but he had always considered it. To even talk to a genius of his magnitude would be delightful and now he had another reason. His memories of the battle popped up in his head, the attacks that made a lightshow. He knew of nothing that could cause that, but perhaps the good doctor was aware. Maybe he could even…no. He shouldn't focus on this for the moment. He had another to deal with. The council. They would meet in the townhall of the city, right outside the extravagant hotel he was staying at. Although he called council two days ago, it would take most lords a few more days to arrive. The only lord here was the lord of West City. His third cousin on his mother's side. Duke Ruffles, Duke of the West. He was much like Furry, only he resembled a Pitbull breed of dog. The breed of his family was intermixed from the numerous marriages to those outside nobility. Mostly because almost all the nobility was of his dynasty and incest is a rather…disgusting concept, especially with the studies that had been done a century or two ago.

Furry wasn't all too closest with the duke, he'd only met with him twice in person. Once when they both were Pups and that ended with the Duke stealing all his toys. The second was when Furry became King at his coordination ceremony. That encounter was brief, they had merely spoke small talk and generic King to Vassal sayings. Other than that, and short letters regarding the status of the duchy, Furry knew nothing abought the duke. He also never heard much gossip on Ruffles, which was astonishing because the rumor mills always told the details. If one had to guess, it was because of the duke lifestyle. Ruffles is well known for being a recluse, and much like Furry, was unwed. Why the duke chose to be recluse is unknown, but the king was likely to find the answer.

Townhall in West City was in the western part of town. It stood tall as a cathedral, made of brick and mortar. Like most of his kin; he respected tradition and specifically requested the good Doctor to not renovate the hall. Furry had agreed before but he'd was starting to see in a different light. Instead of seeing a prideful historic building, he saw it as litter of a bygone era. Its foundation ready to crumble to the test of time, only to be held together by one person unwilling to change. Furry thought that he used to that person, now it seems he the one toppling the ways of old. In order to do that, he would need to face the last man keeping it together and either persuade him to change or dispose of him. He felt that today shall be fruitful.

The entrance of the hall was decorated with portraits lining the wall. Each looking the same, an upright Pitbull wearing a suit and tie with a top hat. At the end of the portraits, there sat the most recent picture. Labeled Ruffes III, a dog stood in front of it. He matched the picture, only wearing a slight smile to his guest. He stood a full head over Furry (A dog's head that is) walked with a slight limb.

"Furry! It's been too long. Come with me, I'll show you to my office." For a recluse, Ruffles was more emotional than Furry expected, more emotional than he was at the coordination.

"Of course, dear cousin. Lead the way." Furry brought his thoughts to an end and followed Ruffles down the halls of the town hall. They reached the dukes office and Furry was greeted with the sight of the homiest office ever. The center piece of the room was a lit fireplace of brick. The desk sat in the middle of the room, far from the two stunning stained-glass windows that depicted a religious scene. The desk itself looked to be made of mahogany, like his own desk had been. Glad to see good choice in wood ran in the family.

Ruffle went behind his desk and gestured Furry to do the same. The chair looked more comfortable than it was. Not everything could be perfect. Ruffles fished something out of his desk, showing it to be wine. The label was illegible, but the date was from a decade ago. Furry couldn't help but let a grin grace his face. He couldn't help it; he was a wine man with good tastes.

"So Furry how has it been? I haven't seen you since you first took the crown." The duke brought out two glasses, each made of crystal. He poured the wine into each glass before handing one to the king. King and Duke held their glass and brought them together with a satisfying *clank*.

"To good health and prosperity. Cheers!" Both spoke at the same and both drank together, each taking a generous sip of wine. The king immediately felt himself getting tipsy, being the size of an actual dog meant he was a lightweight.

"Beside the whole Piccolo debacle, not much has changed. Until recently I've drowned myself with paperwork. Fathers laws prove nothing put annoyance to me." The duke would also be getting drunk as well, not much better off than the king in terms of size.

"Worry not cousin, I'm sure this situation will be over soon. Once this council gets underway, we'll fix everything up and have thing return to working order." The kings heard the duke's words, but he wasn't comforted. He didn't merely wish for working order.

"Ruff, I wonder, could it be possible to change a few things." The alcohol brought out the question, without him thinking. His cousin raised an eyebrow.

"Change? Change what? What needs to change?" The duke showed no emotion besides confusion, which was a good sign. Then it clicked in Furry's mind. He would introduce a few of his ideas to Ruffles while he was drunk to see his reaction. If he reacted poorly, the king would just act like the discussion never happened. If he managed to agree while drunk, Furry could coax him to sign on paper his support for the king's ideas, which would give it legitimacy to bring forward to the Grand Council.

"Dear cousin…do you ever grow bored of writing every letter by hand? I know you must write hundreds a day." He would start small, introduce the concept of annoying laws and the alternative of repelling it. Start from the worst laws and go higher.

"I suppose so, but do you truly believe that should change the law? It's tedious but it causes no harm." The duke started out rejecting, no matter. The king should soon change that.

"Ruffles, I know you must get hand cramps like me? I know it's a pain, you don't need to be modest with me. It harms our paws and that plenty of reasons to get rid of the laws." He could see cogs turning in the duke's head. The wine loosened the gears in his head, and he be begun to become receptive of the idea, but the traditionalism stuck in his head endured.

"I agree cousin, but what of your late father? It was his word that he decreed the law, should we not follow his word?" The king shook his head to his kin. The grip of his father's words plagued him even after death. He had been taught the same as his dear cousin, only he had seen something greater than normality that his ancestors strived for. Now it was his turn to teach, for he would educate his cousin of the greatness, so he could see the greatness as well.

"Father used to be king. His word used to law. His time had passed. Now I'm king and my word shall be law. We live in a world that has changed and my father rejected modern technology. Don't you see cousin? My word is worth more than my father's now." Perhaps he was too ambitious and grew too passionate too quickly and could frighten the duke. He couldn't help it, the wine transformed him into an honest man.

"Cousin…I can see what you mean. Perhaps our ancestors' words aren't worth as much as the livings. Maybe you are right, such a law is harmful. It feels wrong to say so, but I agree we need some changes." This was going perfectly, exactly as planned. A part of him said things couldn't be this easy, but you know what they say. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. He just had to roll with it.

"Thank you, cousin. With your support it'll be easier to bring this issue to the council. However, I must ask you to write it down. I fear sometimes I become forgetful while drinking." An accurate excuse. The few times the king got drunk he remember very little and woke up with a splitting headache. He had no doubt tomorrow he'd be cursed with a hangover.

"Of course, my dear cousin. Hand me a pen would you." The dukes were beginning to slur the end letter of his words.

"Cousin, you're holding the pen." Perhaps the duke was an even bigger lightweight than him.

"Oh yes. So 'I lord of the west, do grant my support to my dear cousin, King Furry I.' here it is cousin." The king watched his cousin write it down letting a smirk adorn his face. Mission accomplished.

"Now that that's done with, tell me Ruffles, what's this I here of you being a recluse? With the way you speak to me I'd expect you to be a social butterfly." Quickly switching the topics, he asked a burning question in his mind. The duke's drunken happiness suddenly took a nosedive. His grin shrunk to a grimace.

"Cousin, to be honest, I'm like this with you since your family. I don't feel the same with others, even fellow beast kin." The king was having a hard time believing such hogwash. Its matched rumors he heard but this man matched none of the rumors of reclusiveness.

"Cousin I find that hard to believe. You speak with charisma and suave. I cannot see you as a simple recluse. Why would you hide away this sliver tongue of yours?" The duke sighed for a good moment before answering

"Because dear cousin, it is others tongues that drive me away. I cannot connect with others outside the nobility because the rest are rabble. They speak simply and never stop speaking. Most hold no class and just speaking to one lead to the rest of them ravening like animals. I trust none but family and my servants." The dukes rant was driven by their drinks and reviled his clear disposition to those of a lower class.

"Is that all Ruffles? You don't like the peasants? How do you function without speaking to your locals? Their plights are yours as well. Even I as king met the peasants of my realm." The duke took a generous sip of dine before an answer left his lips.

"My advisors take care of the locals. I do the paperwork. It just works." The king wasn't satisfied in such an answer and made it known with a frown. Behavior of the duke wasn't fit for one of his office. While one didn't have to like one's own subjects, not interacting with them at all wouldn't help anyone. Being known for being detached from his own people would create resentment. At this rate the duke wouldn't be respected by his own people and many would call for abdication if this continued to be a problem. Doctor Briefs reconstruction of the whole city must've caused some form of dissent among the populace. When an old man in charge of a company cares more for their city than its own duke it says a lot to the masses.

"Cousin, such talk is concerning, and I will talk about it later during the council. However, that is for later. Now we drink." Concerns for the future were pushed to the back of his mind as the king brought his glass to his lips. Only to be filled disappointment.

"Pour me another." Was the phrase used the most by the two cousins that evening.

The king left the townhall barely able to walk and being escorted by a guard. To be more specific is was Philip; the new Captain of the guardsmen. The king had promised a promotion and the previous Captain had fallen to Piccolo back in the capital. He also did receive the years pay as well in the form of a I.O.U. from the king. Surely the king wouldn't forget his debt and pay fully once they starting racking in cash to the coffers after this mess settled itself? He would, right? Right?

"Philly go faster! We can't catch the fox at this rate." The word escorting really meant Philip carried the king to his hotel. Philip questioned his choice of work and considered if his request of a promotion was worth it. The constant carrying of his lord and being subjectgated to his lieges drunken rambling was a big downside.

"Philly! The fox is mocking me! Don't let it escape!" Tonight, was going to be a long night.

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