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Chapter 4 Courtesy Call

The grand council took a lot from the King, but there is no rest for the wicked. He couldn't bring himself to take a rest anymore. Not when he had so much to do. Hours were spent planning new infrastructure throughout the world. Days spent on building and arming an army. Before the King knew it, two weeks had gone by. He still wasn't complete with all his work, he still had so much work to do. Recruitment had started, many young lads and ladies signed up to the army, but an army needs more than just manpower. Weapons, rations, uniforms, etc. Contracts needed to be signed with various companies for their goods, favors to some of the lords for their materials, meeting with grand lords including: Curly, Blonde and Buddy…not a very fun time. This is in addition to his deal with Shags and all the complexities of that. Not to mention the very important meeting he had later that day with-

"Cousin, if I may interrupt?" The King's thoughts were interrupted by Ruffles walking into his office, though really the office was just his hotel room with various stacks of papers surrounding Furry.

"Of course. How can I help dear cousin?" Distraction gave him an excuse to take a small break. Perhaps even a long one, provided this conversation goes anywhere.

"Nothing major, I assure you. I just merely wish to chat." Causal conversation was a welcomed deviation from non-stop politics that seemed to be regular in the King's life.

"That'll be great. I'd love to have an excuse for taking a break. So, how's the duchy doing?" Perhaps not the best option on what to talk about, going by Ruffles expression afterwards.

"It is going…well." His hesitation betrayed his words.

"Come now, tell me what troubles you." The duke delayed his answer, taking time to let out a sigh.

"It's just…I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the new preparations you're having me do." Ruffles did seem tired, with bags under his eyes, and seemed to sport a few more wrinkles than beforehand.

"Truly? I wouldn't have thought you'd have much difficulty with such a task; most of the work is simply just signing you're name on paper."

"Cousin, it's a bit more than. I must plan for all the infrastructure, deal with the costs from the mass migration to the frontiers and endure the constant bickering of feuding families! It's just…too much." The duke could barely hold himself together, almost beginning to sob. The display of was pitiable and shook the King's heart strings. Such a sad state was no way for a duke to be in, and as family and as King; Furry couldn't let it to continue.

"Ruffles stop your weeping! You're the duke of the west, you mustn't let such trivial things push you so far. I expect more from one of my own blood." The duke tried to stop his tears from flowing but to struggled bringing himself together.

"Cousin...please I beseech you help me." The duke spoke in between his sobs. Furry was hardly going to refuse to give such help, though not without some costs.

"My dear cousin, of course I'll help you. Not just as you're lord and family, but as a friend. I only ask to be given some of your responsibilities, if you will." Responsibilities like administration of the duchy, raising a levy, and the job of running the day to day matters of the court.

Despite not knowing fully what he was getting into, Ruffles couldn't help but be overwhelmed by joy. He grabbed Furry by the hand, eagerly agreeing to his deal. "Cousin I cannot express the joy and relief I feel; I most certainly agree to your deal." And thus, the eventual centralization of the Kingdom begun.


After the heart to heart with his cousin, the King went back to work; now with plenty of extra work to keep him busy. This extra work, however, was easy to integrate with the rest of the work load due to it being very similar; not withstanding his optimizing the time spent on each task by simply delegating the more exhausting paperwork to his new secretary, Margret, and signing off her work. Margret was good worker, considering she still attended a local college while working long hours, but the alluring salary probably helped with that.

Of course, new work does not absolve the King from his previous work. He still had further plans for the army, as well as new infrastructure projects to connect the entire planet to the capital, or rather the 'temporary' capital of west city, due to its already prominent position in the world. He also had the problem of the 'unintegrated' territory of the far west. Filled with tribes and small Kingdoms, they exist with no contact or recognition of the planetary government; which is just not acceptable to a King with plans that included the entire globe. Either diplomacy or Military force will be necessary to annex the territory into the Kingdom. To add to that, a large independent Kingdom lies to the south, with a reportedly large fearsome man on its throne. Direct military force would be hard to justify due to the Ox Kings widespread reputation as a strong warrior worth more than a hundred men, though it remained possible after the full mobilization of a capable army. The careful art of diplomacy seemed a much better option, with the possible addition of a new duchy could shake up the hostile political situation. A decision would have to be made, perhaps after a formal meeting between the two Kings.

Speaking of meetings, the King realized he had forgotten he had a meeting with an important figure that could change the future of the world. As the King looked to his watch, he could only let out a yelp akin to a less intelligent canine.

"Philip! Prepare the limousine!" That poor guardsman regrets being the head guardsman.


His destination stood out in the city. Not by its style, since it arguably started the style used by most of the city, but by its sheer presence compared to other buildings. It took up more space than twenty other building and was painted a bright yellow. There stood Capsule Corporation, the jewel of west city. The location of innovation for the last few decades since the good doctor's miracle invention of capsule; a machine that is capable of defying all know physics at the time. The Doctor's genius didn't spot there, he produced and still is producing numerous life changing inventions that were treasured around the world. However, such great intellect, would also prove to be of great use to the Kingdom if directly harnessed for government projects. So thus, the King himself decided to directly come and offer the good doctor a job as the Kingdoms head researcher.

The King's limo stopped and parked in front of the round structure, with the entire area being filled to the brim with civilians, held back by police officers; the crowds roared with cheers as they caught sight of their Canine King. The perimeter had been cleared ahead of time and the event is being televised as everything is when it involves the King.

With Philip and 'Carl' at his side, Furry repeated his performance from the grand council, otherwise known as his "smile and wave" tactic. The walk only lasted a minute and wasn't an entire parade. Philip opened the door for the King, and with one final wave, the King gave one last wave to his people, before Philip closed the door to the rest of the world.

The inside of the facility was clean and lightly colored. The front desk was staffed with a young woman that struggled to hold in her awe and excitement of seeing the King. She could barely speak; the only thing understandable being her pointing down the right hallway. Following this vague direction gave promising results, with a large steel door labeled as 'lab' being an obvious place for the good doctor to be.

Knocking on the door led to a barely audible "Come in." being heard behind the door. Giving a nod to his guards, the King opened the door and went in the laboratory alone, with his guards closing the door behind him.

The lab held numerous half-built machines all around the place with books and notes thrown around everywhere. It smelt of oil and oddly like the scent of a new car. In the middle of this mess of progress and ingenuity, stood an elderly man with a cat on his shoulder. He wore a stereotypical lab coat, glasses and was smoking a cigarette. The doctor was sitting on a stool Infront of a table that had a strange device on it, with a wine bottle and glasses to the side. Clearly, despite having been expecting the King himself to come, the good doctor couldn't separate himself from his own work. The King already felt like a good friendship was being made this day.

"Ah the King himself! Good evening your majesty." The doctor stood up and gave a brief bow, showing he didn't wish to waste to much time on boring formalities.

"Good Doctor Briefs, it is a pleasure to meet a prestigious and brilliant man such as yourself." The King gave a salute to the doctor, signally for him to end his bow and to get on with the conversation.

This break in formalities brought a smile to Brief's face, as he once again sat down at his crowded desk. The doctor picked up the bottle and poured his liege a glass, and then one to himself. "I've been saving this one for a special occasion. This bottle is from the year piccolo was defeated." The Doctor stated, which seemed bizarre, considering that the demon king only fell a few weeks ago.

"Uh, Doctor, are you saying this wine is still ripe from the vine?" The good doctor shook his head to this, his smile only growing, and he let out a chuckle as well.

"No, no milord. This bottle was gift from my grandfather from a when I was young. As my grandfather told me, this was made the same year as when piccolo was defeated the first time." This caused the king to gasp and beginning to get giddy at the thought.

"Well then Doctor, long life King Piccolo!" Furry raised his glass in the air with Doctor Briefs doing the same.

"Cheers!" They cried. Within seconds both finished half of their glass, savoring the flavor of victory, no matter whether they themselves had little to do with the victory. True to his small weight and previously acknowledged lack of fortitude, the king felt the felling of a buzz already affecting him.

"So, Doctor, I have a proposal for you and your esteemed company!" Tipsiness infiltrated the King's voice with his tone sounding a lot more joyous than intended.

"Oh, do tell, your majesty. Also please just call me Leo." The Doctor seemed to also be feeling the alcohol in his body, with multiple giggles coming out between every couple of words. The glasses were seeming refilled automatically the next time the King looked at his glass.

"Of course, good sir Leo; refer to me as Furry than, as my father called me." Another glass down the hatch, with seemingly a never-ending supply of the wine being provided.

"As you wish your royal Furry highness."

"Now your pushing it." A straight face response seemingly devoid of any drunkenness would have surprised anyone else, except for a fellow drunk man. This caused Leo to break out in laughter, with Furry joining in.

Furry got over his laughter and put aside most of his drunkenness to get to the meat of the meeting. "On a serious note though Leo, I wish for you to become the Kingdoms official Head Researcher, or officially known as the Royal Grand Scholar. Your brilliance is a godsend to Earth, and I would like for you to directed work with me to help protect our beautiful world." A position that would undoubtedly be the most essential in the planet's future success.

"My…Furry I appreciate the offer. I'm honored. However, as the CEO and founder of capsule corporation, I find myself asking how this would help me, seeing as I already produce inventions that help the world." Drunkenness doesn't mean total shutdown of brain activity, and a good businessman knows to always stay alert and be suspicious of offers that could affect profits.

"Well Leo, as King of the World, I am in a great position to support any research you may be doing, as well as fund and recruit many other scientists to help you with any projects I may ask of you, but furthermore, as the Commander in Chief of the newly formed Army of Earth, it is well within to my power to make exclusivity contracts with your company concerning many key military needs that we are willing and able to pay for full price to you. With room to further negotiate if you need more incentive." The King clearly rehearsed this offer multiple times within his head in preparation.

"Hmmm…" Leo raised his hand to his chin, thinking over the deal. "Get those terms on paper and we might have deal." What little seriousness the man had seemed to dissipate.

"Good, I'm glad you agreed Leo. I'll be sure send you a contract to make it official. However, I would like to give you your first task ahead of time due too it's importance to the Kingdom." Then a veil of seriousness returned to the doctor.

"What do need me to do, milord?"

"I'm sure you're aware that Piccolo was not merely a being that had monstrous strength, but a beast with the power to cause explosions with his own two hands without any external device. I've personally seen him, and the mysterious Boy create a light show of what looked like some kind of energy beam, for lack of a better term. I wish for you to research this topic so in the event of a threat as grave as Piccolo, we have means to fight back with an actual chance." The good Doctor looked to lost in his thoughts at the topic, with some kind of battle going on within his mind.

"Well, Milord this is an interesting topic. Seeing as this is a seemingly a new frontier for science, I won't have much to go off of. Though I can't help but forget I'm missing something…? Ah Ha! Now I remember! I've heard legends of great martial artists that are said to have supernatural powers. I think my daughter was talking about something like that, though I wasn't paying too much attention to her, I was too concerned over a potential theoretical problem if you were to store a capsule inside another capsule." The Doctor then rattled on about theoretical physics concerning capsules, which is topic that causes the uninformed to grow incredibly bored. So, the King decided to cut Leo's rambling short.

"Leo, good friend, I don't need that much on the specifics, I just desire the results to help the planet grow and ripen. Enough of business, let us drink!" Both the drunken man and dog raise their glasses and begin to drink again. A common pattern is being made between meeting and wine drinking with the king. But that is an issue for another time. Now is a time joy and decadence.


Philip, Captain of the King's Guard, was glad he at least wasn't alone this time. Both he and Carl carried the drunk King to the limo, lucky that the crowd largely dispersed by the time they left, to spare the king the embarrassment of being seen in this state.

"Philip, as your liege, I command you to let go of me, and help me chase the fox! He stole my wallet!" The King's slurred words of insane commands didn't make the experience any more enjoyable.

"You know Carl, I hate my job sometimes."

"Phil, my name isn't Carl. I've been trying to tell you all this time it's – "

"CARL, I saw it, it's on your head, below your hat!"

"That's my Hair, Milord."

Philip is beginning to doubt if any amount of money is worth putting up with this.


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