Chapter 5

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World Earth. Within the Castle: Hadrian

"Do you understand me?"

Green eyes blinked, slightly wide. Before with a swallow nodded tightly. This was the first person who had replied in his own tongue, and it actually had startled the elf. Following the wardens involvement in the war of the 5th blight. After winning that war with many, many casualties and deaths, Hadrian should have known to not let first impressions fool him into a sense of complacency.

The blond gave a gentle smirk as he leaned back slightly. Holding out a hand began to speak once more. "As I spoke before, My name Draco, House Malfoy." He stopped for a second, brows furrowing for a moment before carrying on. "I welcome to Magi school of...Hogiwarts, place to learn Spells and finest Magical Arts around." The blond finished with a smile, looking pleased with himself, and it was impressive. The more the mage had spoken, the clearer his words and accent had become.

"Thank you." Reaching out, the elf gripped the other's wrist firmly and shook once before letting go. "Will you be willing to show me around? I am quite new to this area. Perhaps teach me your language as well?"

"Yes. I do this."" The young grey-eyed blond's smirk grew as he leaned forward on one arm on the table, Hadrian sat back eyes widened slightly with pupils shrinking in slight shock. Hands clenched in gentle fists as lips pressed together. For what he saw was not the Magi, but a different blond. A playful smirk upon those lips, golden eyes gleaming with intent, shoulder-length golden locks some braided back behind pointed ears.

"Zevran." The warden whispered in painful longing, as a throbbing sensation from the hidden mark on his back began to throb. "Dove sei, mia adorata...? Trovami..." (Where are you, my beloved? Find me…)

Then the smirk faded, as a serious expression appeared. "Sto provando il mio amore, non arrenderti." (I am trying my love, Don't give up.) The voice echoed in Hadrian's head, distant and faded, but it was Zev's voice. It was his mate's voice. "Zevran?!"

"Sono contento, riguardati." (I'm glad, you look well.) The other elf seemed to relax there as though a weight lifted off his shoulders. Those golden eyes closed, as he breathed out a deep sigh of what looked like relief. "Sono sollevato di vedre che sta bene." (I am relieved to see that you were not harmed)

Something about that sentence didn't sound right. "Parli come se l'incidente fosse appena successo." (You are taking like the incident just happened.) So the dark-haired elf decided to question his partner about it.

"Sono state solo un paio d' ore, Hadri..." (It was only a couple of hours, Hadri...) A quizzical look appeared, along with a furrowing of the assassin's brow. Clearly, he was also sensing something was off about the situation now.

"Zev," Hadrian caught the others attention once more with his faint voice. "È stato cinque qiorni fa." (It was five day's ago) If the shock didn't express it enough, the revelation that 5 days had passed between the two places was startling and unnerving.

"Zevran. Morrigan cannot keep the link open much longer. Hurry!" Both pairs of green and golden eyes met with stricken horror at being torn apart once more. Pulling up a smile, he didn't really feel the warden pressed fingers to his lips and then folded them into his palm as a promise. Before pressing that hand over his heart. The assassin did the same.

"Assassin, salami." (save me)

And with that, the other elf was gone. It was like time had frozen for that brief period. Now, as it resumed, Draco blinked at the black-haired elf in confusion, as the male turned away, his fingers curled against his heart. You see, worry was prevalent now. If five days passed for every few hours, how much time would be spent before he would see his home again?

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World Thedas, Within the Thiag

Zevran pushed himself to his feet, fingers tapping absentmindedly on his blade hilts, before tightening over the leather. The information he had learned going over and over in his mind. Behind him, the mage was sitting, leaning against the wall, face pale, exhausted of all mana and refusing any potions Alister was trying to hand to her. Then she straightened, pushing away the king's insistent hand. "What did you learn assassin?"

He turned, face pulled into a frown. "Time is strange. For us, it has been only a few hours, yes?"

"That is correct, the marks where the warden commander lay are still fresh. The fire has only just gone cold, and the scent of blood from the slain darkspawn is still lingering in the air." Alister answered a little confused but clearly following along somewhat curious where this trail of questioning was going.

"For Amore, it has been five days since he vanished. I noticed that Hadrian's leg has been healed, his demeanour is tense, and clearly, when I reconnected through the bond... I could feel the mental violation of magi intrusion."

"Magical people. A circle never seen. Magic with intent never before used in this land. Perhaps, it must have been a fade snatch. From how blindly it was cast, perhaps an amateur who got lucky. Someone with no clue of the magic they performed. Blind luck, after all, can be a powerful thing." Mused Morrigan as she stood, hand leaning heavily and tightening on Alister's shoulder for balance. It was the only way she would allow him to help, and he knew it all too well. It was a really quite a strange dynamic they had fallen into as party-members of their little band.

"Can you find them, the kidnapping Magi? Or my partner? My lady?" The golden eyes of the assassin seared into her, piercing with his furious and barely contained temper because he had no target to go after. Oh the elf could be patient, the magic had seen to that, making sure that neither of the elves would age. But even one such as himself, a crow brought up to control his emotions to a fine-tuned edge could be strung thin when their treasured possession or person got stolen by those who didn't know any better.

Oh but He, Zevran wasn't the actual threat, no. It was Hadrian, the warden commander who people should watch out for. That gentle nature and calm outward persona was nothing more than a facade, the warden could be so sweet and welcoming with his seemingly open personality. But the assassin had seen the dark depths the other had fallen to in times of desperation, rage and deep hatred.

Those people should watch themselves, a wrong move, accidentally get on Hadrian's bad side, and he saw you as a potential enemy, all hell would break loose.

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World Earth. A Little Later. Within a castles corridor with Draco: Hadrian

Following along behind the magi, the warden raised an eyebrow as they slowed to a stop outside a picture. The blond turned with a smile as he gestured toward the image. "Here be the kitchen. The servants, you find order meals needed. Talk to them, they help. They magic have could help language."

With that, Draco turned around and reached forward towards the picture. Fingers gently ran over the pear in the image, causing it to giggle and shift into a doorknob. Turning the nob, opened into a new room.

Large open fires under stone brickwork were prominent, as stoves with pans and pots had all sorts of foods cooking within. Running around, talking, murmuring and singing were strange tiny pointy-eared beings, clearly, the servants that the young magi had spoken of.

"Yooze be the one? The great one who asks zinzys help?" Looking over to his right side, spotted a little female in a dress, big round eyes staring up at him with curiousness and slight awe.

Kneeling down Hadrian tilts his head in confusion. "How do you understand my words?"

"Elves understand all language. Magic allows sir."

"Then perhaps two requests of your good nature if you would be so kind zinzy."

"What yooze be wanting?"

"First, could my meals persist of only water and food that isn't cooked in oils and fats. Just meats, vegetables and fruits if you please."

A nod from the little being as they turned and spoke rapidly to the others, whose voices all rose up in response. "We agree, yooze meals will change."

"Is there a way to learn the common language here?"

"I'z can dooze that. Need agreement from yooze." She reached forward then hesitated, long fingers inches from his face. "It'z going to be hurting, very much. I sorry's."

He smiled gently. "If this will allow me to understand the magi and defend myself within this strange world, then you will have my gratitude little servant."

She nodded understanding. "Sit, no fall when I give's words."

Sitting, Hadrian looked over at Draco, who had perched upon one of the benches in front of a table. Looking back at the little being nodded and shut his eyes. Feeling her fingers press gently upon his physic points began to inwardly prey to Mythral in instinctive reaction. 'Mythral prote...'

"Y-, -k?" came a voice as a hand gently shook his shoulder. "H-y. You ok?"

"Draco?" A sharp breath was heard, before an arm was slipped under his shoulder, helping the warden into a sitting position. "I feel strangely lightheaded and immensely Ill."

"That'll be from the reaction to having a whole worlds language shoved into your brain. It's gonna hurt, idiot."

Holding his head, accepted the cup of water exceedingly grateful, ginger had been added, and slowly his stomach settled. A distraught voice distracted him slightly from his pounding head. "zinzys sorry, zinzys sorry. Punish myself many times, will zinzy."

"It is fine, you gave me what I wanted, this is my own fault."

But she shook her head, ears flapping. "Yooze had words, helped remember."

What? The confusion was evident on his face as Hadrian looked over at Draco in question. "What does she mean young magi?"

"Magi? What is..." The young blond's face took on a thoughtful look for a moment before he switched tracks back to the current conversation. "Doesn't matter. What she mean's, is that you were born here, and probably partially raised here before being stolen away."

The warden's face was frozen as he listened. "You were the boy-who-lived. The one who originally defeated the dark lord and are prophesied to do so again."

End Chapter 5