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Test One: Fifty Meter Dash

Glancing over at the diminutive Mineta Minoru, Carol did her best to keep from grinning too excitedly. While obviously their results in each event were being assessed against the class as a whole to determine their placement, it was pretty much a given that she was going to stand out against her competitor in this particular trial. Then she noticed that he was shooting glances over at her rather than keeping his focus on the track. "Can I help you?"

Mineta gave a slight start at the question, his eyes quickly flicking up to meet hers. Carol's gaze in turn narrowed as she realized that he hadn't been staring at her face when she called him out for his inquisitive eyes. "You have incredible thighs."

"Uh, thanks." Carol let one hand stay on the ground as the other reached back, self-consciously smoothing down the blue fabric covering her upper leg now that she was aware someone was staring at it. "Sadly for you, these thighs are already taken. Which is probably for the best; they could crush your head easily."

Mineta's eyes went wide. "Can they?!" he wasn't just a pervert, he was a masochist to boot. Carol made a mental note to watch what she said around the little bastard before turning her attention forward, focusing on the robot at the finish line as it counted down. Releasing the bonds that held her power in check, she felt her feet float up off the starting blocks as a faint golden corona shimmered into existence around her.

The crack of a gunshot marked the start of her heat.

Carol launched herself forward, clearing the fifty meters in the blink of an eye.

"Zero point seven three seconds!"

Test Two: Grip Strength

Staring down at the dynamometer in amusement, Carol gave it an experimental squeeze. The device gave a quick double chirp and a result appeared on the digital screen: 650 kg. Considering the average girl her age would register somewhere in the range of fifteen to twenty-seven kilograms... that wasn't too shabby on her part. Idly, she found herself wondering how she would measure up against Bruce or Thor in that regard. She'd never really gotten a chance to test her strength against the mightiest that the Avengers had to offer.

She lifted her head as one of her classmates whose name she still didn't know let out a surprised noise. "Five hundred and forty kilograms? What are you, a gorilla?" Standing a few feet away, Mineta and the boy who'd spoken were staring up at her most massive classmate, the imposing Shoji Mezo. Shoji had grown hands at the ends of his two left Dupli-Arms, allowing him to bear down on the dynamometer with the grip strength of three hands simultaneously.

Whistling softly, Carol slid her dynamometer behind her back. She'd let the boy enjoy his moment in the spotlight, she decided.

Test Three: Standing Long Jump

Languidly floating her way through the crisp April air, Carol studied the ground as it passed beneath her faintly glowing body. "Can someone show me where the furthest jump so far was? I want to land at least a meter further than that."

Off to the side, Aizawa let out a groan of exasperation. "Letting you participate in this particular test was necessary but the height of irrationality."

Test Four: Repeated Side Steps

Carol shook her head slowly as she watched Mineta ricochet back and forth between two piles made from the balls he could pull off of his head, letting out a vibrating warbling noise that reminded the blonde of someone trying to speak into a fan. "Well, I guess we finally found a test that I won't be coming in first on..."

Test Five: Ball Throw

"He got over seven hundred meters?!"

"Finally, a hero-like record!"

"His finger's swollen! There was the entrance exam, too. He has a strange quirk..."

"It's not very stylish."

Carol let out a low whistle of appreciation as she peered over Aizawa's shoulder, getting a glimpse at the screen on his phone. Seven hundred and five meters was nothing to sneeze at; it would easily propel Midoriya into second place for the event behind Uraraka's score of 'infinity'. Granted she still had to go... but it was a hell of a result from someone who could still barely manage to control One for All to any real degree.

"What's the meaning of this?" Carol was drawn from her thoughts as Bakugo's palms began to crackle and pop, the perpetually angry-looking boy hurling himself forward at the still-recovering Midoriya. "Hey! Tell me what's going on, Deku, you bastard!"

While the jury was still out as to how effective a successor he'd be for All Might and Carol didn't necessarily consider the boy a friend or anything, that didn't mean she was going to let him take an angry ball of explosions to the face. Launching herself forward, she dove and swept Bakugo's legs out from under him, sending the blond tumbling to the ground where she promptly planted herself on his back. "Let's not and say we did, huh?"

Bakugo shot a look of pure loathing back over his shoulder at Carol, peppering the ground with explosions as he thrashed beneath her. "Oy! Get off me! This is between me and Deku, you stupid cu-"

"Finish that sentence and I can guarantee that you'll be leaving this field on a stretcher. Why?" Cracking her knuckles menacingly, Carol drew her right fist back as photonic energy began to gather around it, the air sizzling and crackling ominously as the energy strained to be released. "Because I am here."

There was a sound like a whip cracking and then something stiff but with a distinctly fabric-like texture wrapped around Carol's wrist. "Enough." She looked back to find Aizawa glaring at the three of them, his hair floating around his face as his eyes glowed red. Knowing what his quirk was, she immediately squelched the power flowing through her fist, not wanting to give her classmates a reason to question the official story surrounding her existence. Aizawa gave a gentle tug on the ribbon that was wrapped around her wrist and she raised her hands in surrender, climbing off of the prone Bakugo. "Don't keep making me use my quirk over and over. I have dry eye. Now we're wasting time. Whoever's next, get ready."

Carol watched Bakugo like a hawk as the blond boy climbed to his feet, shooting one last hateful glare at Midoriya before skulking back over to join the rest of the class. After a few seconds hesitation, Midoriya moved to join him and Carol let out a sigh before raising her hand, ably catching the ball that Aizawa tossed her before turning and making her way into the ring. "As a very wise man once told me... in this world, it's either yeet or be yeeted."

Blinking slowly, Aizawa stared at her uncomprehendingly. "...what?"

Winding up, Carol let the energy infused into her by the Space Stone suffuse her entire body, a golden glow spreading over her skin as she grinned widely. "This one's for you, Peter! YEET!"

Just like with Bakugo and Midoriya, the ball exploded out of her hand as she whipped her arm forward, the ball creating visible shockwaves as it broke the sound barrier on its ascent. While it wasn't headed into orbit like Uraraka's attempt, Carol was pretty sure that she'd nailed a solid second place with that throw, a sentiment that was reinforced by the cheerful voice of the scorekeeping robot. "One thousand two-hundred and fifty-seven feet."

A kilometer and a quarter. Not bad compared to how she'd done half a century earlier when her own middle school had put its students through a similar set of tests. Making her way back over to the class, Carol paused in front of Bakugo and leaned in toward the taller boy. "Now imagine what that hand will do to your face if you ever call me that word again."

Bakugo stared down at her, a flicker of fear crossing his face before he managed to regain his confidence, scowling as he broke their stare down. "Tch."

Test Six: Sit-ups

"...twenty-seven... twenty-eight... twenty-nine! Time!"

Carol let out a sigh of relief and flopped back onto the mat. Thirty seconds to pound out as many sit-ups as she could reminded her of her days back in boot camp. Although generally those tests had come in increments of full minutes, while MEXT's assessment test called for half that. "Just give me a second and then we'll swap. Whoo. That was intense. I haven't done something like that in years."

Leaning forward, Ashido rested her arms on Carol's knees before planting her chin atop them, peering down at the winded blonde. "That was awesome. I can't be sure, but I think you just busted out more than any of our classmates. I mean, I was kinda looking around but not too hard because I didn't want to lose count of yours. Having to do it again would suck."

"You're not wrong." Something tickled at her ankle and Carol frowned, lifting her right leg into the air so she could get a better look. Her previously pristine white socks were now dotted with small holes, the skin underneath flushed an angry red. "Although maybe next time you can focus on me just a little harder? I think you ate through my socks while you were holding my ankles."

Blushing a truly adorable lavender color, Ashido brought her hands up to stare at her palms with a betrayed look on her face. "I'm so sorry! Usually I have better control over my quirk than that, Danvers."

Propping herself up on her elbows, Carol smirked up at her classmate. "Eh, what can I say? I'm good at making girls lose control." Chuckling softly as Ashido's blush darkened even further, Carol jerked a thumb at her chest. "And acid burns aside, I can use all the friends in this class I can get... and you're not one of those boys who belong in cages. So call me Carol."


Test Seven: Seated Toe Touch

Grunting softly as she stretched her arms out in front of her, Carol took a moment to soak in her results - twenty-eight centimeters seemed to be the limits of her flexibility - before glancing over at the girl next to her and letting out an impressed whistle. "Holy shit, Mina! Thirty-five centimeters? That's insane!"

Mina shot a smug grin over at the blonde before letting out a grunt of her own, bending just a little bit further forward as her fingers slid down the measuring surface of the sit and reach box. "Make that an even thirty-six. And I'm not even really feeling any strain at this point. I'm just a little limited because... well... yeah." Lifting one hand off of the box, the pink-skinned girl gestured to where her sizable chest was pressing into her thighs. "Who the hell makes your sports bras? Because after seeing the before and after, I'm jealous as hell, girl."

"You'll have to make nice with Yaoyorozu then. This thing is literally the best compression that she could imagine. I'm half convinced it violates the laws of material sciences, and quite possibly physics to boot." Carol glanced down at her own sizable assets for a moment before raising an eyebrow. "Seeing as how I'm bigger... if yours are getting in the way of a better result, can I get away with claiming mine are keeping me from coming in first on this test?"

After pondering that for a moment, Mina shrugged. "I mean, you can if you want. It's not the truth, but if it makes you feel better..."

Eh. Carol was proud of her abilities but not that proud. She'd let Mina have her well earned victory.

Test Eight: Long-Distance Run

Humming to herself, Carol floated along through the air using her powers, pantomiming the backstroke as she kept pace with the softly puffing Yaoyorozu. Looking over at the taller girl, she smirked. "I can do this all day. Your legs are going to get tired eventually. There's no shame in second place, you know that, right?"

Yaoyorozu continued to puff softly with exertion as she narrowed her eyes at Carol. "Everyone's quirk has a limit. You're no different. You've been using your powers all afternoon to place near the top of each test. You'll run out of energy soon. I've just got to outlast you."

"I've been training to use these powers since around when you started walking." Before that, actually; fifteen years ago would have put Carol smack dab in the center of the Second Kree-Skrull Conflict, by which point she'd already had very firm command of her Tesseract-given powers. But telling the truth would mean revealing some things about herself that the blonde was by no means ready to have known. "Besides, I'm not the only one who's been using her quirk all day. That cannon for the softball throw was impressive, to say the least. Although I'm not sure I would have gone with as fancy of a bike as you did for this event; the more you have to put into your creations, the more you take out of yourself."

Pedaling faster, Yaoyorozu slowly surpassed Carol... for all of a few seconds before the blonde increased her own speed to catch up. "Second place is just first loser. I am the scion of the Yaoyorozu clan! I was meant for greatness! I will persevere!"

"By the way, I was lying about the expulsion. It was a rational deception to draw out the upper limits of your Quirks."

As Carol stared at Aizawa in disbelief, there was a condescending sniff from next to her. "Of course that was a lie." She turned to look at Yaoyorozu, the dark-haired girl shaking her head in disbelief. "It should've been obvious if you just thought it through."

Aizawa shrugged off the class's disbelieving exclamations, turning to head back toward the main school building. "With that, we're done here. There are handouts with the syllabus and such in the classroom so when you get back, look over them." Pausing, he rummaged around in his pocket for a moment before pulling out a piece of paper, handing it to Midoriya who took it gingerly with his damaged right hand. "Oh, and Midoriya. Have the old lady fix you in the nurse's office. Tomorrow will be packed with even more rigorous tests. Prepare yourself."

So wait, they were done for the day? Carol blinked owlishly. Granted the assessment test had taken up some time, but it was still earlier in the day then her American high school had let out. And weren't Japanese schools supposed to be even more rigorous and demanding? The blonde shook her head. Far be it from her to look a gift horse in the mouth. "Hey Yaoyorozu, I don't have any plans until Yu's patrols finish at six. You want to go grab something to eat? Maybe hit the mall?"

"I... would not be averse to either of those ideas."

"Awesome! Hey Mina! Frogger! Food and mall! You in?"