I'm finally coming back to this after about like 6-9 months and I do plan on continuing this little project and a new kill will be out soon. Any way something I forgot to do for the first kill is to talk about the character and her relevance to the story.

Georgia Dono: Georgia would have been the 3rd victim out of the whole movie. She's a mean teacher who all of her students hated and was called "Mr D" because of her kinda deep voice and old picture she's shown of herself where she seemed very masculine. In the beginning of the movie. Ms. Dono ends up giving Anna a detention over entering the room right before the bell rings. The main character, haven't named her yet, tries to defend Anna but Ms. Dono just ignored her.

Anna: Anna is, of course, the 4th overall victim. She's known as the weird emo girl around the school, is usually just either avoided or just acquaintances with her classmates. She really doesn't like the main character because she considers her "little miss perfect" and even yells at her when she tries to save her from detention.

See you guys next kill