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Back in the ballroom, the singing is over, and the DJ tallies up the points.

The scores are in, and neither team manages to scrape out the victory. The highest score was a 28, followed by a 27. These scores belong to a patron in a navy suit for "Fairest One of All", by the Spin Room, and a maiden in a white dress, respectively. The DJ asks for a round of applause for everyone who joined in, and as it's dying down, the stage explodes.

The DJ is sent flying across the room, landing painfully on his neck, seemingly breaking it. A young woman in a smooth lime jumpsuit and a witch's hat comes rushing over to him, crouching right next to Marinette. She shakes his shoulder, whispering to him something only they can hear. Then he gets up, offers her his hand, and proceeds to readjust his head. Everyone watching is horrified, but when he turns to face them, they all manage to relax. And then, they double-take. You see, this man is the scarecrow from the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, or Fiyero. His mask was blown off by the explosion, so they very clearly see him grimace as he looks toward the lady in the witch hat. "Well, after THAT, I'm going to retire for an hour or two. I may be physically fine, but that was a shock, and my ears are still ringing. Now, please allow me the pleasure of introducing the amazing Miss Elphaba."

A silence settled over the crowd, but it didn't last. She was very quickly swarmed, and took off her mask so they could see he wasn't kidding. After several minutes of giving autographs to a crowd of mainly girls, she snapped, and flew over them to land on the destroyed stage. They calmed down.

The speakers crackled to life "Now it's time for Parsnit! A game of quick wits and forfeits, storytelling and magic. Anyone can Orate, but it takes a skilled player to make the story the one everyone lives alongside them, as them. If you wish to try your luck, step to the stage and take a deck. Once you've learned to play the game, tell a story, without shame. Our resident witch, who must be present for any duel, is Miss Elphaba, the Eminent Thropp of Munchkinland. Good luck! This time, you'll need it."

Another silence ensued, with the prince in black stepping forward to claim the first deck, followed by a man in a colourful getup reflecting his trade and personality. When all the decks had been taken, the prince challenged fiyero to a duel. They both started by drawing person cards, and Fiyero offered the first draw to the prince. The prince drew a card, but it wasn't a person, so he automatically lost the duel when Fiyero drew the Rambling Duke, a picture of a young man that had red spots on his cheeks, a beat up hat, raggedy clothes, and a painted on nose. Fiyero congratulated him on his first match, and asked if anyone else wanted to challenge him. When the man who had grabbed the second deck volunteered, they shook hands, shuffled each others decks and began.

The person cards were drawn, and again Fiyero drew the Rambling Duke "The Rambling Duke. Now there's a story that everybody wants to hear. A long time ago, the rambling duke was looking for something. He didn't know what, but he was looking for it all the same. He traveled to many places, and because he was still in school, he was kicked out of dozens of schools across the countryside, but he still hadn't found what he was looking for."

The man who looked like a neon rainbow-but somehow softer, like the colours were muted-drew the Mountebank. Instead of the card's classic rotund banker with his watch out, heading down the steps of his bank, the man was shown with a scoop in his hand and a white smock, standing in front of an ice cream cart on a bridge, smiling happily. The man swallows, and nervously begins to Orate. "The M-Mountebank was happy. He had just finished a hard days work, and was looking forward to going home for a good night's rest. His work was hard, but he was always happy at the end of the day because of the happiness he brought others. However, he himself was missing something, something he helped others achieve and grow, which was why he loved his job. He could see everyone being happy, and trying to find his own happiness was something he didn't plan on. So, where it counts, he was happy."

The man relaxed once he had finished, although he had let instinct take over at the end. There was applause, and the duel continued. Now they both had to draw Home cards. Fiyero drew first, and he drew the Worried Noble, The Magnificent Palace, and The Elderly Man. He cleared his throat and began "The Rambling Duke lived in a magnificent palace, with many more wherever he wanted. His parents worried about him, and while his mother forgave him for his many faults, his father was concerned that his son would amount to nothing. He always had a large fortune at his beck and call, and therefore lived rather opulently, not caring about the area surrounding him."

The walking rainbow chose the Quaint House, the Flourishing Town, and the Abandoned City. Feeling much more confident now that the first round was over he began: "The Mountebank lived in a comfortable home, with more than enough space for him to relax. In fact, there was so much space that another person could have lived alongside him without disturbing any of his things.

Once he got settled in at home, he relaxed on his bed before finally falling asleep with a light heart." Another round of applause shook the room for the two storytellers, who smiled, and drew their next cards.

Now came the Journey part of the duel, a series of 11 drawings until the story ended. Fiyero drew the first card and came up with the Dolly Witch, who in this case, had green skin and a black outfit. "The Dolly Witch. When the Rambling Duke reached the last school he would ever go to, he met someone incredible. There was a lecture being given about how animals should never talk, and the Dolly Witch had had quite enough of it. She caused a commotion that nobody knew was her fault, and stole the lecturer's example. She went to set it free in the woods behind the school, and while she was running, she ran straight into the Rambling Duke. He was too embarrassed to flirt with her at the time, unlike with most girls, and he helped her set it free." His card shimmered, and Fiyero stopped there, though he knew they wanted to hear more.

Then the ice cream man drew, and he drew the Fortuitous Feast. "The Mountebank kept doing his job, bringing joy to everyone around him. Each day he served a near feast of food to dozens of people, each more excited then the last." There was applause after he finished, but it was clear that he was losing, perhaps not as badly as the guy before him, but still, losing.

Then Fiyero drew again, and this time the Red Bride turned up. He gulped, the only one in knowledge of her incredibly bad reputation for ending every story she found her way into, then took a closer look at the card and relaxed. It depicted an older lady in all green with a feather quill and a piece of parchment. Her expression was malicious, and he knew her well. "The Red Bride turned up a little later in this story, but every character needs some life to them. This Red Bride was a headmistress at her own school, and taught a sorcery class all her own before retiring from her teaching career. She was a mortal enemy of the Rambling Duke later, but for now, they were acquainted, if not at all close." With that, he shuffled the card back into his deck.

The Mountebank's player chose the Forlorn Maiden, who had blueberry hair in pigtails, pitch black earrings, and baby blue eyes. He knew this was his chance to turn the game around "The Forlorn Maiden came up to the Mountebank one day looking very sad. The Mountebank offered her a treat to cheer her up, but she didn't want it. The Mountebank insisted, knowing it would be exactly what she needed to cheer her up. He even offered it to her free of charge, as she was very obviously thinking about a special someone, but still she declined. When she finally accepted, it was knocked from her hand by a passerby. When the Mountebank tried to give her another, she refused, sure she could not have one. She was wrong in the end." He did manage to bring himself back into the game, but he couldn't get ahead. Not yet.

Fiyero drew again, and turned up The Forlorn Maiden, who was a blonde, curly-headed girl in a white dress."The Rambling Duke met the Forlorn Maiden shortly after he met the Dolly Witch. The Maiden could get anything she wanted, because she was beloved by the masses, and what she wanted now was the Rambling Duke himself. She tried to get him for a long time, even saying they were engaged to make him hers, but his heart belonged to the Dolly Witch."

The Mountebank drew again, and got The Persistent Mastermind, a guy in a purple suit with a cane and a grey mask over his head. "The Mountebank felt his heart break when the maiden declined his second offering. He knew that he was meant to share his art with everyone! So when the Persistent Mastermind contacted him, he didn't refuse the offer of near unlimited power in exchange for two earrings and a ring." The crowd gasped, not believing their ears. Had he just admitted to being an Akuma?

Fiyero drew again and came up with The Deep, Dark, Caverns. "When the Rambling Duke escaped the Maiden's iron clutches, he took the Dolly Witch with him. They fled to the Deep, Dark, Caverns, where they slept together for the night. That night was probably the best one in the Rambling Duke's life." Everyone who heard him shed a tear, or, in many of the girl's cases, several.

Then ice cream face drew the Epic Duel card, depicting a giant ice cream monster fighting a teen in a black leather cat getup. "When the Mountebank accepted the Mastermind's help, he transformed. He grew, and grew, and grew as his ice cream flew to his body, making him more bulky, but giving him the ability to shoot ice cream from his hands and freeze people. He was a bit sentimental, so he always spared couples. Then someone else showed up, a boy with the power of destruction and absolutely terrible luck. The Mountebank forced him to abandon the fight until he could get support using range and charged, but try as he might, never quite caught him." An "Awwwwwww!" of disappointment rose from the crowd as they realized his turn was up.

Fiyero drew the Endless Dunes, an apparently endless desert with a dust storm on the card and two sets of tracks heading into it. "The Rambling Duke and the Dolly Witch headed into the desert together after they faked the Dolly Witch's death. The journey was long, and by the time they had finished they were both exhausted. They eventually emerged from the desert into a field of corn that seemed to stretch on for just as long as the dunes did, but everything there was gray. Utterly and totally gray." As he was talking, a deep silence had fallen, and in the silence, everyone found a shoulder to lean on. Nobody would, or could, break it. Then the card shimmered, and the spell he had set on the audience was gone. Life flowed back into tired limbs, and nodding heads rose once more.

Then the mountebank drew his next card. Before he could start Orating, Fiyero rose and shook his hand, conceding defeat before the game was over. The Mountebank had really reached into the heart of one audience member in particular, a woman in a purple and black dress with light green leggings and heels. As a hard working woman, she could appreciate his dedication. They left as the girl in the red dress with spots half swooned into the prince in black, distracting nearly everyone else. They both started at the sudden impact, and both their faces turned bright red, even through the masks. Then they started stuttering over their words, and the girl quickly ran off. Neither of them got a good look at the other, so they didn't notice when they bumped right back into each other. "Have you seen- after you- no you first- I insist" they chorused, before breaking into comfortable laughter. The prince finally said"No, I haven't. Sorry to disappoint, princess." And vanished into the crowd. She immediately forgot what he said. Mostly because the scarecrow and the witch were high-tailing it out of the room with a mob of girls at their heels.

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