This is my third fanfic, and I don't know how to works things, but Im learning. sooo Enjoy! I cannot wait for hollow knight: Silksong!I don't own harry potter nor hollow knight. Its GoF for Harry Potter, and the end of the game for hollow knight.


Bugish" Language for hollow knight

On with the fanfic!

//Line Break//

14 years ago

A boy with a lightning scar disappeared from a single porch, and transformed him into a small creature called a vessal, for his magic core sensed danger in the home of the almost normal porch. No soon after, the door opened, revealing a horse-like woman. Seeing nothing, she went back inside, not know of whats to come.

14 years later

In Hallownest(Ghost POV)

I was watching the rain in The city of tears with my family; my half-sister, Hornet, my older brother, Hollow, and my adopted father, quirrel. The city was peaceful and quiet. I felt a pull on my back, and it pulled me towards it. I feel my body transforming. I look out over a sea of unfamiliar and weird eyes, they came form a different kind of creature I had never seen before, even in the hunter's journal. "Where am I?" was all that came out of my mouth before I blacked out.

Hogwarts (No one POV)

"-And the champion for hogwarts is, Cedric diggory!" roared Dubledore, as the last name of the champions was announced. People were starting up conversations again, until the goblet burned again, leaving a name. Dumbledore picked it up and his eyes went wide. "HARRY POTTER!" was thr name that came out of his mouth. A flash, and there was a teen standing in the great hall. He was wearing black armour underneath a dark navy cloak, and something was glinting in a hoildster with the amour. The boy had pure white hair, and that only matched his horns coming out of his head. But his eyes were pitch black, a void staring back. "Where am I?" he whispered in an unknown lauguage, before passing out, And thats when all hell broke loose.