Ok! next chapter of this thing! reason behind the put off of this fic is because school is kicking my ass and my brain is fried, SO here is this chapter of hallow hogwarts! just to be aware of changes, one of the nailmasters is his dad not quirel, also fuck pale king.Oh and i dont own harry potter nor hollow knight.Dumbldore POV

Finnally! The boy-who-lived has arrived! Im wondering how the heck he got the hair and those horns... Ahh ill find out later. I wonder what to do with the longbottom boy.

Harry POV"Urgh, my head." I said, while getting up from a strange, warm, thing (bed) my mind thought. I studied myself, my cloak previously blue, looked grayish blue and was tattered in mulltiple places, my skin, previously black was a beutiful brownish color.

My thoughts were interupted by a tap by the door. "Ah mister potter youre awake." i turned to see a ugly colored thing ( I know she doesnt appear in book 4 but i wanna torture umbridge)