Cold. That was the first thought that filtered through the haze of her mind, her brain fuzzy and thoughts clouded. Cold. Goose bumps traveled up her arms, the hairs standing on edge. Cold. Her jaw clenched, teeth grinding together as she fought to keep from shivering. Cold. Darkness took hold once more, drawing her back into it's own icy embrace. Scared.

Why was she scared? She didn't know. In fact, her mind supplied her with nothing more than the understanding that she was cold and scared and her body ached as if she had been hit by a tank and then it had reversed to hit her again.

She tried to move, just her shoulder at first, trying to twist in the uncomfortably tight space. She couldn't see anything but the faint outline of lights. Where was she? Bile climbed up her throat, though she refused to expel it. Canvas. Pavement. Exhaust. The smells overwhelmed her and she squirmed again. The canvas of a bag, the bag she was currently trapped within, rubbed aggressively against her body. Pain, her mind supplied when she squirmed again. Muffled sounds greeted her when she shifted to reach above her, fingers glancing over the canvas until the brushed against something smoother and less scratchy. More sounds as she tugged at the cool object, the bag splitting in two and casting her in blinding lights, the sounds of the world crashing down at her all at once in a deafening roar.

Sirens in the distance, a bottle breaking from a too high drop, a scream, cars screeching around blocks away. "Get on the ground! Down, get down! Hands on your head! Get down!" Her body jolted at the onslaught of commands, eyes wide and round as she stared at the figure clad in… well, she had no clue what it was. More orders were shouted and she tuenwd back around, trembling as she dropped back to her knees, fingers curling against her hair. "Do not move," she wasn't entirely sure she could, even if she wanted to.

Cold metal snapped painfully around her wrists, doing little to help her fight the chill already settled around and in her. She was forced to her feet, the pavement scratching at the sensitive pads as she was lead from the street to an awaiting car, red and blue lights flashing erratically on top.

Cold. Hurt. Lost. Scared.


hey everyone! thank you for reading! i uave recently become obsessed with Blindspot, but i am also very upset with it. it had the potential to be amazing - good guys as the bad guys and bad guys as the good guys? but they just had to go and make the government the righteous. nah, thwy could have done something very different and phenomenal! so, i decided to do my own take on how I think iy should have gone. this will be completely AU. some things will line up, but not much. please RR! would love some feedback.