Dora-the-Kid and Dora-nikov have started their new journey on its quest to figure the lost treasures. They first enjoy their own vacation in Peru only to be later interrupted by some unknown visitors. There, something will carry on them to become the lone hunters.

Huancayo, Peru

One yellow robot cat and one scarf-covered person who rarely talk.

Kid and Nikov, now become lone adventurers, started seeking destiny elsewhere. Kid, influent in Spanish, addressed to local bartender as he wanted more beers.

"¿Puede usted acaba de dar dos más bávara de tipo?" (Can you just give two more Bavarian-type?)

"Sí." (Yes.) The bartender agreed to let him another Bavarian beers, for Nikov and Kid. Both Dora-the-Kid and Dora-nikov had been speaking together happily and they discussed about possible deal with the future, ever since the end of their first journey quest.

"I dunno. What're we expecting from?"

"(Little to none, but the better, be better.)"

As they were busy drinking, the sky of Huancayo started to rain, and the thunder screamed in the bar and they were also unwilling to leave, despite almost getting drunk by time. The rain might have never been over but it was also got a strange welcome.

A man, looked Asian but with a beard and kind of Faisal-looking face, the hair was also similar to Faisal. The "Faisal face" was to resemble the late Saudi King who died in 1975.

He soon came and sat together with Kid and Nikov, much to the surprise of two men. Then, he came to speak to Kid.

"Oh, you are American."

"How interesting. What's your name, anyway?"

"Abdulla. From Mindanao."

Kid, having heard his face and his expression, got a bit strange to hear a Pinoy man. But the name immediately touched Kid's feeling, and he soon told back to Abdulla.

"How on earth a muslim from Mindanao comes there and speaks to me like no one else as guest, huh?"

"Not quite. But I am the main interrogator in the Mindanao region. I work for the Government, to stop terrorists from killing innocents anyway."

"Quite funny. So, why did you go to Peru? And what do you want?"

"Recent years, the Jemaah Islamiyah and its Al-Qaeda allies are using drug money from Latin America to the Philippines, where they imported a lot from drugs in exchange for money and terrorism. I've lost my daughter because of cartel-terrorist trade, I cannot allow it to happen once more."

"Then, you go to Peru? Sounds fun. Your reason is …"

"You used to fight in the Gulf, a police officer and a military veteran. I need you, to find out Rodrigo López Amirello."

"Amirello the Tibetan Mastiff?" Kid got stunned, but he didn't try to deny. However, he soon retold to Abdulla one thing: "Maybe, but now I am no longer in the work of the White House, nor even a policeman. I am now a wanderer, but with police experience."

"You resigned?" Abdulla asked: "C'mon, you are the only few experience military officer and policeman."

"If you have interest, find the others. I am no longer a man of job anymore. Now, I want to be ripped alone."

"But you know about Rodrigo!" Abdulla insisted: "Inshallah, I want him dead! I want my soul of my daughter to no longer feel pain, machallah. How much do you know about Amirello, please. Then I will find him, even if you go or not."

"Because … for simple reason, I have already heard about him a year ago. He was one of the most notorious drug dealer in Colombia before he was beaten and exiled in Peru. However, both Peru and Colombia are unable to exterminate him due to his large presence of his henchmen. Even in Huancayo, perhaps along one of his largest base."

Kid was well-informed about Rodrigo López Amarillo, the notorious drug dealer who came from Colombia and a dual Peruvian-Colombian. He even informed more for Abdulla, the Pinoy guy whose daughter died because of Rodrigo's drug blood: "I cannot guarantee what's next. His gang have been fighting both the militaries of Peru and Colombia for years. I could not confirm if this land is okay or not. He has turned Huancayo into a notorious drug territory factory now. Worse than Pablo Escobar Gaviria …"

"Will he come here?" Abdulla insisted again: "If he comes, I want him dead. Where's he, just for me. If you don't, I won't pressure."

Kid was surprised with Abdulla's determination, so as said, he pointed out a base, located in the jungle outside the bar they were drinking beer. It located behind, Kid and Nikov used to head there, and were surprised to see the large level of drug factory in the territory.

"But this won't be easy, Abdulla. The factory was big, it was a fortress, and rare people could enter it unless having permission. You cannot trust local police, they are bribed to keep it out." Kid whispered to Abdulla: "Be careful, man. You will not have the second chance if you die, or arrested. Rodrigo is not known for being merciful. Good luck."

Abdulla just simply took the words, and he left the bar in quiet, showing that he was determined to revenge for his daughter. He didn't prefer to speak anything anymore, until Kid provoked again with a question.

"Wait, young man. What is your name, again?"

In the last moment, Abdulla re-addressed his word:

"My name is Abdulla Bangsan. Mindanao native."

"Well then … Salam mualaykum."

"Mualaykum salam, sir."

Abdulla left under the rain, and with the sky heard more thunders, the bar stood it alone when Abdulla abandoned. Kid just looked on Abdulla, but he didn't bother much.

However, Dora-nikov, who was more quiet, suddenly addressed to Kid one thing to remember:

"(Kiddo … wait, do you think, it is a story that you won't bother?)"

"I have sat with many idiots and many conflicts. Now, I have no longer wanted to be involved again. It's too much in a corrupt environment. If he really prefers to be a hero, let him be. We're not going to save for another."

"(We're both wanderers now. Ever since I chose to immigrate and became American. I mayn't like the arrogance, but I like the way Americans galvanize themselves. Let's make our own trip, maybe the last, to dismantle the notorious drug gang, and keep, at least, for the people's lives.)"

"So what?"

"(To go for our own, okay?)"

Nikov persuaded Kid to make an attempt to dismantle the drug cartel of Amirello. And this was a bit, lots of pressure from the Russian guy to put Kid into action. But Kid remained defiance and against it, he wished to stay out after blood and blood. The conversation lasted for 15 minutes and the rain ended aftermath.

As the night fell, Kid and Nikov soon headed back with the rain stopped, having paid penny to the bartender. However, Nikov spoke to Kid in his last words of the day.

"(Do you … really remember … the first day we headed to the journey? Our own campaign, our own sacrifice?)"

But what did Dora-the-Kid react?

05:00 A.M.

In Huancayo, there was something inside the jungle. A lot of men gathered together and cheering together. They were holding a lot of beers, food, wines, all but for one to be surprisingly appeared.

A man, who wore a mastiff-based coat. And he was glad to speak to his men in the jungle, which many facilities were used to do … a lot of work. And this man applauded to his own fellows.

"Mis hermanos, estamos aquí y estamos haciendo el mayor logro de todos. Pronto, transportaremos a los Estados Unidos, México y luego al mundo. Este es nuestro propio cartel!" (My brothers, we are here, and we are making the greatest ever achievement. Soon, we will transport into the United States, Mexico, and then the world. This is our own cartel!)

That man, known as "The Mastiff" because of his cruelty yet determination, Rodrigo López Amirello. Alongside him was one of his servant, perhaps brought from Curaçao due to his blackish face.

Meanwhile, a man suddenly appeared to be behind the party. He was willing to make a handle, and when he realized the place was heavily guarded, with troops, he quickly pointed on the oil chain barriers near the party. It was clear, those people were extremely reckless.

Something put him in. Yes, that man. The man who met Kid and Nikov: Abdulla! The Pinoy from Mindanao was looking to hunt down "the Mastiff", because of vengeance. Five years ago, his daughter died because of drug, something had hurt him a lot.


5 years ago

Mindanao, Philippines

The region was one of the least stable regions in the Philippines. In a country where most people are Catholic Christians, 10% are Muslims.

Abdulla, who then guarded an outpost during the peace talk between Moro fighters and Filipino Government, had a daughter who was about to be 19 years old next month.


"Dad … will you stop the fight, and go back to care?"

Abdulla was a poor farmer who joined the Moro Liberation Front. Not illiterate, but he was not very capable. He considered joining the fight was the way to raise his income and to bring money for the poor family. Fadida was his first daughter in the family of three little daughters he raised.

Abdulla did not have any motive but for the Moro's rights and for family. He didn't hold hostility against Catholics, even he had friends, who is now a soldier of the Filipino Army named Josue, a Catholic. Josue and Abdulla, surprisingly, guarded the peace talk outside the door together.

"It's so long. Why did you choose the rebels, seriously?"

"For money."

"I see that. Do you believe that … it will end well?"

"Personally, I don't want war. I just want to live my own life."

"So do I. We moved to Manila. Now, my brother is persuading a new career as an entrepreneur. Do you still enter the mosque?"

"Sure. Five times a day."

"You are quite friendly comparing to your conservative parents. When we were kids, your dad didn't like me because I am a Catholic, anyway."

"Yeah …"

When they looked after the negotiation, which was a success, they bothered elsewhere, only to hear about a new from another friend of Abdulla.

The young man, Fawaz, ran into Abdulla and spoke to the man and he told about something … related to his daughter. Fawaz was an old friend of Abdulla and also studied in the same local school, so he told to Abdulla. Abdulla got stunned to hear about the new, and soon he decided to reach the location, over 10 kilometers away.

The hall.

An explosion occurred in the hall, where the school children were making their party to end their 18th birthday. Josue used military jeep to drive there.

But when he came, it was only …

… full of red water …

"There was a suicide attack during the peace talk with the Moros." Josue addressed: "A brutal bombing!"

Outside, people were carrying the injured away …

"Mabilis! Mabilis! Tumawag sa ambulansya!" (Quick! Quick! Call the ambulance!)

"Hanapin ang nasugatan!" (Find the injured!)

Local police arrived, and also, Abdulla, Fawaz and Josue. Abdulla risked to enter the hall, an Islamic-styled hall with a minaret in the back, calling "Fadida! Fadida!"

Fawaz and Josue also risked themselves. But only Josue truly had more experience, being military personnel himself, so he was quick to call for doctors and ambulance there. However, Josue could not discover Fadida, because he had no photo of the girl.

"Abdulla … wait, how does Fadida look like?" Josue asked.

But in this crucial moment, Abdulla turned quiet. He was standing in the right of Josue, with a soulless appearance. His face got a big blunder after he saw someone … lied in the wall. In front of Abdulla, a young teenage girl, with her pink hijab, blonde, but only now, just a cold-stone like.

"Abdulla?" Josue tried to get back again, but when he saw the face, he lost his mind. Not just the sense of the lying girl, but also, the reaction of Abdulla haunted both Fawaz and Josue …

Abdulla fell into nightmare after his elder daughter, the only, died. His wife Nansi, who divorced him long ago, had carried two remaining daughters to Canada, eventually naturalized Canadians. Fadida, thus, was the only jewel of his life. She was one of the best students and was looking to go to the university in Manila, and to persuade higher education in the United States. Fadida once said to her dad to lay down arms, she would raise and provide money for him.

The investigation from the police discovered that the attack had a terrorist link, with an Abu Sayyaf member blew himself. However, subsequent investigation delivered a complex answer: the bomb was a gift from the Latin American cartels to Abu Sayyaf. However, which cartel group, the police didn't answer.

The funeral of his daughter Fadida was very simple, but for Abdulla, he had lost the only thing of his life he felt belonged to. Then, Josue decided to address only after the funeral of Fadida.


He didn't talk. Josue had to calm Abdulla.

"I see why now, Abdulla. The police is investigating. Wait for few days. I will stay there in duty."

TV broadcasted about the brutal suicide bombing in Zamboanga, the scene of the attack. Abdulla didn't bother anymore, and left the city. He soon began to litigate, and he wanted the police to reveal which group. But for a year, it was entirely delayed.

The incompetent of Filipino law reinforcement to figure who was behind had been instrumental. Previously, Abdulla was a rebel fighter of Moro Liberation Front, but subsequent death of his daughter put him to declare against any kind of groups that related to drug cartels, only to find out the Al-Qaeda facilitated this drug trade in Mindanao and even more, the money link from drug cartels.


Manila, Philippines

Three years passing, Abdulla was still on the run to find out the truth of the bombing.

In one moment, Josue, after three years, now a high-ranked military officer rose to Captain, for some reason quickly discovered the backbone of the bombing in Zamboanga. He realized, the money flooded to the Abu Sayyaf, was far from being just "cartels". The cartel is just one of a larger group and he soon used phones to take photos and recovered all the lost profiles.

This was so important. As Abdulla continued to find out the truth of his daughter Fadida's death, Josue collected all and eventually took a year to write and registered the news. For only a year, he wrote and thought a lot about the risk as a military officer, captain of the Special Forces of the country's Armed Forces. Josue, in fear that the military could be corrupted as well, decided to encrypt the message and called it …

Abdulla received in secret of Josue, but Josue this time texted a message in the following "Don't call me back again, this is a top secret. I fear there will be no fair trial and the real perpetrator is not punished. The only thing is to put it into light." The message soon ran into Abdulla, and Abdulla questioned what's next. But Josue refused to respond, and from this moment, Abdulla had decided, to seek for another person. Yet, he did not possess enough power and he could not change, as his litigation was no use, so he came to a friend.

"Adnan! Matutulungan mo ba ako suriin ang mga naka-encrypt na profile?" (Adnan! Can you help me examine the encrypted profile?)

Adnan, friend of Abdulla, a software engineer, got a big cheer from Abdulla. Abdulla urged Adnan to help examining the code from Josue's message and Adnan accepted. However, what Adnan examined was a complete shock.

Abdulla then looked on Adnan's computer, and he was surprisingly serious. Adnan then gave to Abdulla and told him to "keep it secret". However, Adnan, also a professional hacker, suggested Abdulla to find two people, which Abdulla agreed, and left.

From this point, Abdulla began collecting money and decided to take vengeance against one, but this was calculated to meet two men, and so he booked fly to Peru, thanked by his friend, the hacker named Adnan.


And this led to Peru.

"I'll slaughter you, soon."

Abdulla opened fire on the oil barrels, and it quickly turned into an explosion. Rodrigo was stunned as Abdulla continued his ambush. His fast-speed actions allowed him to kill a lot of cartel's fighters.

The Mastiff got mad.

"Encuentra el intruso! ¡Encontrar!" (Find the intruder! Find!)

Abdulla just moved between trees and trees, and many of them could not see the ghost who was fighting against the cartel. Rodrigo then ordered his henchmen to fire, from Roberto, Muni, Arturo, etc. to fire and shoot. But they all failed. The attack inflicted heavy damage for the cartel on the day they should have to celebrate their new achievement.

Full of trigger, gunfire exchanged. A lot of men fell but Abdulla still stood. The attack caused a lot of casualties, showing that Abdulla was well-prepared. Previous experience as Moro Liberation Front's guerrilla allowed him to be faster and quicker.

However, one thing the Mastiff far ahead, was his reflexibility. Rodrigo was a former FARC fighter-turned drug lord, he also knew what to do. He soon took an Italian-typed shotgun, and headed into a tree in the left of his eyes, where he saw a supposed suspect.

And the whistle …


From there, Abdulla suddenly fell down, he could not believe … he would bear a huge pain like that. But that's it. He was shot. And even worse, something bled from … the middle of his.

What's happened?

Rodrigo, having shot down a man, got surprised to see a young man. And, Rodrigo saw the young man injured, but with what he did discover was the damage of the man.

"Oh …"

With a large beard, it was hard to believe it. But Rodrigo, who was quite tall by standard, decided to cheer for Abdulla, after the brutal shooting. But of course, it was mostly … sarcasm.

"Wow, what on earth we have. A bastard wanna commit suicide against our own priorities. What a dickhead."

Abdulla was shot injured, and by a drug lord, former FARC member. How could it be even more dramatic. Rodrigo's men soon surrounded to Abdulla, who fell into the camp with a huge wound. But Rodrigo, who saw Abdulla's face, quite laughing big.

"Hermanos, tenemos un patético bastardo que quiere ser un héroe allí." (Brothers, we have a pathetic bastard wannabe hero there.)

Abdulla didn't understand Spanish. But he was fast enough to realize, he was facing the notorious Colombian drug lord in Huancayo. The drug lord, Rodrigo López Amirello, put his shotgun into Abdulla, and spoke to Abdulla some few words.

"I think, you … you're a bastard, who try to seek and sneak there. Can find where am I, you must be a good boi. Very, very annoying dog, indeed."

"I will look for you death … sooner or later." Abdulla boldly responded: "You'll not escape, even what happened later."

"Oh, really? I must be so afraid of. May I give you another bullet? Ah …" Rodrigo "the Mastiff" soon put his second shot, this time, to the right foot of Abdulla. Abdulla put his scream, but he could not bear even more. Nonetheless, he rejected to bow down.

But Rodrigo didn't even need it. He saw Abdulla and he, without asking the name, just showed to others.

"This, it is a lesson to those who try to sneak against me."

Abdulla, as usually, was lying. He knew that, he could not survive this time, because of unsustainable injuries. Rodrigo's shot was so perfect that it cost a quick bleed of his body. Now, with his feet as well, he knew that, he would not live longer anymore.

Just that moment in this time, Abdulla just shouted: "Shoot me, if you can, bitch! Then you will still die … anyway … huh … huh … huh …"

"Oh … how heroic. Okay. I grant you the wish. Sure, I will die, but not today. I may die, when I established my own empire … Die, hunter. For your big laid to rest."

Suddenly, a bullet flew from behind and quickly hit one of Rodrigo's bodyguards. The bullet was fast enough to hit him and he fell down without a response. Rodrigo, at that moment, was startled to see …

Suddenly, two men appeared. One man with his gun shot his gun and the other became a werewolf, where he crazily attacked and snatched the enemy. All of those cartel shooters were unable to battle either of them, as they just kept falling. Shooting, shooting, shooting insanely, but the face of Rodrigo turned into fear. Who were they?


"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

Gunfire continued, but only with this. Now, from being more by men, The Mastiff was outnumbered. When he tried to identify, a bang happened in the front of his face. This was crucial on taking down the Mastiff and this man was stunned.

A big bullet hit into him, and he just flied like … he could not even break a word, nor even a single expression to what's going on. He just got a moment to fly, of course, painful, yet, unheard.

Then, he fell down. Rodrigo López Amirello fell down dramatically, and didn't put a word. There was no response anymore, as two men arrived. They were …

It was Dora-the-Kid and Dora-nikov. They just simply arrived to relieve the situation, having shot down the drug tyrant.

But what Kid and Nikov just discovered was something unexpectable. They saw a man breathing his last, speaking some words. Kid quickly realized.

"Abdulla … what on Earth are you here?"

"Just … some small justice moment …" Abdulla breathed, but he knew he could not live any longer: "Sorry … if I disappoint …"

"It's okay. But … I guess … you have something to tell, don't you … right?" Kid asked, as the more quiet Nikov noticed on the eyes of dying Abdulla.

"Yes … in my pocket … my iPhone … it did have a recover of a list … very, very … important … take it …" Abdulla's words touched on, as Kid took his pocket in his jean and discovered his Huawei iPhone. This moment saw a special feeling of Kid. It was not locked, but it caused Kid to search. In one page, he took the on a specific profile called the List.

"You mean …" Dora-the-Kid startled to see on the list. Dora-nikov understood that, why did Abdulla come before die, but never imagine it would go by that far.

"This was something … you don't know about … but … I am not coming here for nonsense …" Abdulla put last words: "Hard to believe … but this is a list of criminal groups and figures … all taken by … my friend … he got it from … classified reports … Very … important …"

"So that's why you risk for me …"

"A good advice … from my friend … who contacted a special person … he also told me … to meet a man … who lives in Utah … I need to … but … I think … you'll have to do it for us …"

"I know … might be no longer hopeful, but I promise, I will do it for you. Your friend must be a very smart person. I promise, I will handle it." Kid told the last word to dying Abdulla in hope and pray, which he discovered something from this list was abnormal.

Nikov reminded to Kid that, this must be noticed because of the important of the blacklist Abdulla kept, and they understood how worth it was. In this list, the name of Rodrigo López Amirello "The Mastiff", was inside as well. Hence, Kid and Nikov, without saying, realized that, they had to embark into a dangerous and risky one.

But with Kid's promise, Abdulla felt himself no longer needed. He smiled, like he was awarded with the wish.

"Inshallah …"

Kid and Nikov again looked to Abdulla's face, but this time, he took this word, and the Huawei iPhone.

"I promise, I will find and discover, how did it relate, and why."

Nikov, this time, asked seriously:

"(So, what's next?)"

This moment was especially emotional for Kiddo, because bearing the story of Abdulla Bangsan, he also told to Nikov.

"Then … it's time. Let's head … to the old city of Mandalay."