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Chapter 1

Mist swirled all around slowly in the vastness of the before time gates. Not all was peaceful and calm however 4 senshi sat holding on to their distraught queen. Her sobs echoing all around the dimension along with the senshi's soft reassurances that everything would be OK. Sailor Pluto watched silently cursing having been proven wrong. She slowly approached the group her heart heavy but knowing it was time to speak the truth about Queen Selenity's true wish.

" Queen Serenity I beg your forgiveness this heartbreak is all my fault." Usagi and the senshi looked at her like she had just sprouted an extra head. It wasn't her fault that Mamoru had chosen to stay in the states and then fallen in love with Galaxia. Usagi was happy for them but she was still suffering for the child that could have been. Pluto kneeled before her queen and bowed her head.

" Let me explain Princess Serenity had been betrothed since birth a Prince of the Sun. Both were said to be perfect soul mates since both bore the other half of each others mark. You had a sun symbol on your hip as a baby and he had the crescent moon. This was a royal family secret a way to guarantee that the moon rulers would be happy as well as their courts. If you senshi remember your past lives some of you had older siblings yet the did not bear a soul mark. Your soulmates were to be in each others court. However before your 16th birthday princess Serenity had given her heart to Endymion not knowing that at her birth day her engagement would be announced and the next day you would have all been off to meet your intended.

Unfortunately the moon kingdom was destroyed and your soulmates died at the same time you did since your lives are linked. It is said if a soulmate bond is denied both will experience nothing but bad luck in life repeatedly till they are together. The queen wished for you to be reborn by your intended's side however... I thought that your and Endymion's love could overcome all even without a soulmate bond. So I sent you guys to different dimensions to hopefully find happiness away from each other." The girls were speechless that made so much sense no wonder they kept dying and no wonder none of their relationships panned out and it explained the whole in their hearts.

Usagi couldn't be mad though she had done this thinking of their happiness after all. " You have told us the truth but what can we do now about it?" Usagi now sat perfectly composed as the queen in he shone through. " My queen if you allow me I can send you back in time in age 3 years and send you to that world. Three years is the max I can meddle but the future of that world needs to change. First however I need to teach you all you need to know to go tho school there. Secondly you will have to find and awaken your soulmates. The closer you are to them the more your birthmark will return as will theirs. From what I have seen their birth marks will be easy to see as they are in the back of their hand. Remember they won't awaken till you have at least formed a friendship and after remembering you would still have the courting process since you guy never got to meet.

This world if full of danger and you will have to find a way to save them even from themselves." The girls looked at each other with a little bit of hope in their eye but also weary then looked towards Usagi for a decision. She was their queen and best friend so no one would go without her. " I think that we all need that chance at true happiness and well hardships is what brings us all together so I guess lets do this. Where are we going exactly and what do we need to learn Pluto?"

Pluto smiled and stood back up. " We ladies are going to Hogwarts and I will be teaching you to become a wizard. Your powers will remain as they are now as will your memories however you might not all end up together at school so keep your communicators handy and keep each other caught up on your progress. Maybe you guys can help unify this broken school." Waiving her staff over the senshi she watched time turn back on them till they were the age of 13. The senshi looked at themselves in amazement they hadn't even been senshi at this stage of their lives but they remembered everything. Pluto proceeded to tell them about the world they would be joining and teaching them how to do wizard magic up to the year they were about to head into. The girls were astounded they picked it up easily almost like second nature. Pluto admitted this was the dimension the queen was sending them too. Also as such they would be famous their for their family lines.

The moon and planetary treasures had been sent there to be cared for by goblins until the day they would choose to return if ever. Now these goblins had a bank but before they did that they needed to go to their home and furnish it. The Silver Manor was specially made to house them should they return after all the Silver family was the family that chose the members of the sacred 28. The Silver family was the purest magic family that ever existed living in complete isolation. They were the rulers of the wizarding world so there was a throne for Serenity and her senshi if they so wanted it. First though they had to go to Wizarding school and would all be using other last names to make it easier to find their soulmates without all the people trying to suck up to them.

After what felt like days Sailor Pluto opened a portal to the Sliver Estate in front of the door. The girls were in awe this estate was an exact replica of the moon palace. Pluto detransformed and opened the door so the girls could go pick out their rooms. Once the girls picked out a room their planet symbol appeared on the door. The girls decided that since only the goblins knew that the Silvers were made up of different influential families it would be OK to use their planet as a last name and they would be considered pure bloods but not as important as the silvers.

Once the rooms were picked out SetsunaSetsuna told them it was time to got to the bank and get some supplies for school. It seemed that while they were picking their rooms all their Hogwarts letters had arrived. Setsuna walked them over to a huge fire place and grabbed the floo powder tossing it in to show the girls she stepped inside saying Diagon Alley and dissapeared the girls were excited and one by one followed the example till they were all in a little house. " This is the house we use to privately connect to diagon alley". The girls nodded and looked out a window at the bustling street. For now they were wearing what these wizards would call muggle attire. The girls didn't really wanna change that any time soon since they were comfortable in them.

Setsuna opened the house door allowing them all out then shut it behind them. "All right ladies to gringotts first. They walked for a bit till the were standing in front of a huge crowded building. The climbed the steps of the gray brick building and got in line to wait. The girls were intrigued by the grumpy looking goblins that seemed to run this place. They watched them in silence till Setsuna made it to the front of the line and requested to speak to the head goblin. The goblin in front of them sneered at her till she presented him a paper then he stood, bowed and walked towards the back of the bank.

An older goblin appeared at his side with shining eyes and a smile that made the girls feel ill at ease. He escorted them to his office " I take it since you are here first Lady Pluto you want this handled with out most secrecy?" Setsuna nodded and h continued. " Alright Ladies I will place a paper front of you and an Athame please say your name and prick your finger with the Athame and put the drop of blood on the paper. Do not worry the paper will heal you as it absorbs the blood and will say your name if that is who you truly are." He placed the papers and the Athame on his desk and motioned for the girls to come forwards. Reluctantly Minako went first then Rei , Makoto, Ami and finally Usagi. The goblin looked at the papers in shock that they were who they said they were and got five keys from the vault behind him each key held a small crystal with their symbols on it.

The goblin himself took them down to the very base of the bank to their vaults even he was curious what was in there since this had been guarded here for over a millennium by his ancestors. Minako was first there were all kinds of gems and jewelry as well as weapons of all kinds. Minako grabbed a bag of golden coins and walked back out she granted Setsuna as did all the girls temporary passage to all their vaults so she could grab things from there from the manor as even their old beds from the silver millennium were there. All the girls vaults were the same stock full of all sorts of treasures even books to Ami's excitement they all grabbed their old diaries to try and better recover their memories. Usagi even surprised them by grabbing two more books one was her mother's diary the other was a book about the secrets of the lunarian royal family. Setsuna told them she would take all their books home and gave each girl a bag that had a portal to their room in it so their bag would never get too heavy since all purchases went straight to their room.

She gave them a map of Diagon Alley and told them to go to Madam Malkins to get measured for robes and she'd be back before they were finished there. The girls huddled around the map trying to figure out which way to go. Finally after much bickering from Rei and Usagi without progress Ami took the map and started leading the way. They finally made it there and were being measured for their school robes by the time Setsuna got to them. She was amused as the girls all chatted excitedly about getting measured and how they felt so fancy. She rounded them up as they were done and ushered them out come on ladies lets get you guys a wand. Setsuna smirked knowing Ollivander was in for a huge shock.