Chapter 4

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*Slytherin Table*

Usagi and Minako ate in silence holding each other's hands while they observed the students that were looking at them. Usagi felt like the display in front of a store and didn't care for it but she noticed Minako was focused. She used the grace and stealth of many years being Sailor Moon to try to see what her head general saw. After about ten minutes a frown marred her face in confusion Minako's eyes kept drifting back to this pompous looking blond boy. She looked at him like she recognized him and was trying to place where she knew him from.

The boy seemed to be regaling his friends with a story about his father being important. He, however, noticed Minako staring and took that as his opening to speak to them. "Welcome to the best house don't let yourselves be corrupted by that Griffindor rubbish." Usagi's blood was boiling how dare he call her friends rubbish they were far better people than him. Minako squeezed her hand drawing her attention and shook her head. With all the self-control she had Usagi went back to her food ignoring him like he hadn't even spoken.

He was furious at them for ignoring him "Do you have any idea who my father is? He will hear about this!" Minako looked at him coolly almost bored "No do you have any idea who we are? Learn your history and watch your tongue." The table went quiet then hush whispers broke out throughout it. A girl with a pug like nose draped herself by the boy trying to calm him down while glaring at the girls. Minako turned to a smiling Usagi and winked before going back to her food. Leaning closer Usagi whispered, "Why do I get the feeling that you know who that is and how to push his buttons?" Minako just smiled mischievously at Usagi winked and went back to her food. Laughing Usagi shook her head and went back to eating excited to drill her friend about this development later.

Usagi, however, didn't see something that Minako saw and made her mischievous smile wider. The furious blond looked up startled when Usagi laughed. His expression softened and he even showed a small, smile till he saw Minako looking at him knowingly. He glared at her and looked away turning a deep shade of red everyone but Minako thought was from anger. Minako looked around the room then to see how the others were doing. She saw Rei talking to a boy with glasses and Makoto already seemed to be looking at a boy with a love-struck expression. Ami was with a white-haired girl looking confused which got a giggle out of her. She had been planning to see if she could use her power of love to see the strings of fate but it seemed too soon. She would have to let the relationships grow before she could give the girls a hint of where to look.

Later that night the houses were shocked the girls got rooms in their houses for themselves. The girls enjoyed being alone together and quickly found a note from the headmaster on all their beds. All of their rooms were connected to an ancient war room. The girls were in awe the room had all the planet symbols on it. Its walls were lined with books from every planet on war, life, Magic, history, and even some old diaries. A long table with 10 chairs was in the middle of the room and they could see another door leading somewhere else.

They debated on checking it out but decided against it since it was so late they would meet there tomorrow after classes to check it out together. At least with this room, it solved the issue of how they would keep in touch with each other. This room would be their nightly meeting point to strategize and keep each other updated. The girls hugged and were about to head to bed when Usagi remembered something. " Minako from where do you know the blond jerk? Is he your intended perhaps?" All eyes looked at Minako intently while she squirmed in place.

"Fine ill tell you please stop with the stares. He is not my intended that boy used to be my half brother during the Silver Millennium." All eyes were wide and the girls sat down to understand the situation better. None of them had ever heard her speak of a brother. "I know I never really mentioned him he was my secret. I only ever got to see him a few times but I cared deeply for him so annoying him became a pastime of mine. I'm happy to see his pompous self again alive and well. You guys didn't know about him since he lived on the their price. All eyes went to a very shocked open-mouthed Usagi. "Wait ar...are you telling me he is MY intended?!" Minako nodded slowly waiting for the blowup. It never came Usagi just collapsed on the chair in shock.

"Usa please give him a chance we know from Setsuna that his path is full of sorrow so we have no clue what kind of rubbish has been drilled in his head," Minako pleaded grabbing Usagi's hand to make sure she had her attention and trying to sooth her friend. "Plus I saw he isn't immune to the Usagi charm. The poor boy couldn't keep his eyes off you." Usagi turned beet red and all the girls laughed at her mischievously.

After a bit more teasing Amy promised to find out more about him and his family history-wise. Rei and Makoto would keep an eye out for that Sirius Black character and Mina would protect Usagi. Ami started rounding the girls up " Alright girls enough planning tomorrow is our first day of classes we should all be well-rested so we can do our best." The girls grumbled but exhaustion didn't let them fight too much about it and they all headed to their comfy beds. Most of them not looking forward to getting up early for school the next day.

The next morning as expected when Rei and Makoto made it down for breakfast Ami was already at her table eating and reading a book. The girls shook their heads and headed to their Gryffindor friends for breakfast. They sat down and Makoto knew someone would die that day. " So how did the princesses sleep in their private room away from all us commoners." Rei was already glaring daggers at the red-headed boy and it hadn't been five minutes. " Listen you whiny little toad the only commoner is this table is You from last night I could tell your siblings don't behave as crass as you." Rei looked at him challengingly while Hermione and Harry held him down. He was red-faced and sputtering his brothers were just shaking their heads at him. Makoto just grabbed her food and tried to pull Rei back carefully. It was too early for fighting in her mind especially over being called princesses they would just have to show him what these princesses could do.

Rei looked up just in time to see her two blond friends rush into the meet hall doing each other's hair. She couldn't help but laugh calling the attention of all the other Gryffindors towards the girls making them chuckle at the sight. Minako and Usagi looked at her and stuck out their tongues rushing to their table to get food before it was all gone. The boy with glasses stared amused at their antics it was refreshing with all the darkness floating around.

" You guys all seem close normally people grow apart after getting sent to different houses." Makoto and Rei smiled " We have been together through everything and that girl has saved our lives more than once even though we are supposed to protect her. That meatball head doesn't understand that concept." With that being said they went back to eating leaving a puzzled Harry and Hermoine staring at the pig-tailed blond that didn't look like much. They were even more intrigued when the girls got their classes all stood up in synchronicity and walked to the back to compare schedules. It seemed they all wanted to be in classes with the pig-tailed girl. One second they acted like sisters then they acted like guards something was weird and he wanted to know what.