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Chapter 10

Harry stood off to the side towards the back, Hermione and Ron with him as Noctis walked towards the repaired Throne where Cor was waiting for him. After a year, he was finally undergoing an official coronation. They'd wanted to do it immediately but Noctis had refused, saying the welfare of the people came before any ceremony. He was just happy that their part in things had been able to be mostly hidden, at least from the general population. They didn't want accolades or anything, they just wanted to live their lives as normally as possible, even if they were still living in the Royal Wing.

He caught Noctis' eye and grinned at him, joining the crowd in clapping for their new King.


Prompto stared at Noctis as he signed the new legislation. He'd been joking when he mentioned Harry's comment on changing the laws, he'd never thought… Without the stuffy old Council King Regis had been forced to deal with, Noctis was getting a lot of the old laws changed. When some of the elderly had complained, he had simply pointed out that the world was now a very different place and needed the laws to suite it.

He glanced at the trio and Hermione smiled at him. Prompto had the feeling they'd be the first to make use of the new law since they'd never gotten the chance on Earth. Would they soon have a wedding of their own?

Prompto's eyes were drawn to Gladio, despite how painful it was. He'd left them, too proud to apologise or just unwilling. Cor had even stood Gladio down from his position as Shield, Iris taking his place. It hurt…it hurt so much, but it was a pain he was gradually getting used to. He'd had a decade to get used to Gladio not being around much after all, not being intimate or even truly friendly. It had been even harder on Noct since he hadn't had that decade of distance and there'd been a lot of yelling.


Gladio stood towards the back of the crowd, watching the King sign the legislation that over a decade ago would have brought them happiness. He could feel eyes on him, knew it was Prompto, but he didn't return his gaze. Cor had assigned him as one of the guard in the room but he wasn't sure why.

He'd lost everything, his position as Shield, their relationship…he knew he was lucky Cor hadn't had him removed from the Crownsguard entirely. Iris now stood in his place beside Noctis, though not in his bed thankfully. He would have been obligated to kick his ass if he had been sleeping with his sister, grown woman or not.

He rarely saw any of them anymore and it was better that way, he'd burned his bridges and it was for the best. What they'd once had was long gone and they were all to blame. Well….maybe not Noctis, he hadn't chosen to be sucked into the Crystal. He spotted the trio from another world standing off to the side, their presence had brought about so much, even if the average citizen didn't know it, and he'd wanted to blame them but the trouble had begun long before they appeared.

He thought, if he could go back in time…he never would have joined the relationship. He should have just remained in his role as Shield. Maybe then, things would have been different. He didn't regret his time with them, they'd been good together, had fun…the good had outweighed the bad, at least until the Fall.

He checked the room for threats silently, catching sight of Sania across the room. He had spent a lot of time with her during the decade of Darkness and…well.


Noctis sank into his chair, hearing a chuckle. He looked up to see Harry across the room with a book.

"You sound like an old man," he teased, and Noct rolled his eyes.

"We're the same age so what does that make you?"

Harry just grinned at him before dropping into the armchair across from him. "So…have you heard the latest?"

Noctis groaned. "Please no… I've been getting that enough from the remaining nobles."

Even if they weren't his Council they still thought they should be able to stick their noses into his life. His marriage legislation had proved very popular and yes, Harry, Hermione, and Ron had been the first to use it. Noctis had happily performed that service himself, giving them the blessing of the Astrals…which had felt a bit more than ritual words. Then again, was it surprising when the Astrals, Shiva and Ramuh at least, had brought them to Eos to save them all?

Now they were all on his back about providing an heir. There were no daemons, no war, did it really matter if the Lucis Caelum continued or died with him? Yes, he was now the only native magical but was magic all that important anymore? He knew it was only due to magic that they had come as far as they had in the three years since the thawing, the trios magic, not that very many knew that. They'd done their best to keep it under wraps so that they could live normal lives.

They had farms going for food and they'd managed to get some of the technology working beyond power supplies, some of it from sending teams to scavenge the Empire since they had fallen later than Insomnia. Phones still existed, thawing perfectly with their owners, the towers had been down but they had been one of the easier fixes. Cid and Cindy had been a great help in getting vehicles going, mostly those left in the Citadel garages since they had been preserved in the city and not exposed to the elements. Computers were basically a no-go, other than some salved imperial tech which meant a lot of lost information which was very frustrating.

Thankfully, they had surviving scientists and people willing to learn, plus print books had survived in various places, it'd take time, maybe more than his life, but they'd rebuild.

"Do you think I should do it?"

"An heir gives stability," Harry shrugged. "After everything they've been through, it's not surprising they're pushing for that sign. Of course if you go ahead, that's going to be complicated, how would that even work?"

Noctis shifted uncomfortably. "Used to be that a uh…sample from both would be taken and then grown within a volunteer. We've been focused on other areas of medicine so they actually want me to…well…sleep with an appropriate candidate."

"Yeah…that'd be awkward," Harry grimaced in sympathy.

"What about you," he smirked. "Pitter patter of little feet any time soon?"

"Uh, no, not any time soon that I'm aware of. My parents got married young, right out of school, because of the war and had me straight away. I don't think we're quite ready yet. And magical kids….well I know the kind of accidents I had."

"I can imagine, I got into enough odd incidences like accidentally warping and getting stuck," he chuckled.

"I apparated onto a roof during school to get away from my cousin and his gang, they had to call the fire brigade to get me down," Harry shook his head.

Noct grimaced, he'd picked up enough over the last few years to know his home life hadn't been good. was that another reason they weren't looking to have children yet? Worried he would act like his Uncle and Aunt? He didn't think it'd happen, Harry was too kind, too patient with kids.

Harry also had a point, the people were looking for signs of stability. An heir would give them that, especially one of his blood. He sighed. "Guess I need to start looking for someone." That was going to be a nightmare! Someone willing to carry his child but to not become Queen since that was impossible, he was bound to Iggy and Prom. He was sole King but they were both called Consort and had certain authority equal to that his Mother had once had, they just split things between them.


Hermione curled between them on the couch. "I have an idea I need to talk to you both about."

"Oh boy, we're in trouble now," Ron teased.

"Mione?" Harry asked, cautious. He knew she'd been considering something the last few months.

"I want to offer to carry Noctis' heir," she stated. She'd seen the stress the search for someone was causing him and the others.

"What?" Ron pulled away to stare at her.

"Have you thought this through?" Harry asked more calmly. "Mixing two very different types of magic in one kid…"

"Could be risky, I know," she agreed. "I know the three of us aren't ready for kids together yet either. This child would be theirs although I assume I'd be involved at least for the first few years."

"And since we live here, we could all be involved, especially if he or she inherited our magic," Ron finished, grimacing. He sighed and leant back on the couch and she was glad he hadn't blown up like he once would have when they were kids. "You sure?"

"It feels like the right thing to do," she answered softly, and Harry wrapped an arm around her.

"I won't say no," he told her.

Ron thought about it a bit more. "I'll brew a fertility potion, I've got the needed ingredients still, it'll ensure conception on the first try."

She kissed him. "Thank you."

"Noct could still say no," Harry warned, and surprisingly it was Ron who shook his head.

"I don't think he will. Let's face it, Hermione's about as perfect a candidate as he can get. She's with us so has no designs on him, she's one hundred percent healthy, young, brilliant, and she has her own magic. Added to that, we're friends."


Noctis lay his head on Ignis' chest, listening to his heart, Prompto lying at his back. "Hermione offered to be the Mother of my heir," he admitted.

"I was wondering if she would," Ignis admitted. "The process has been causing so much stress."

"Husband stealers," Prompto muttered. and Noctis chuckled, not that he wasn't right. "Hermione really offered?"

"Yeah, with Harry and Ron's blessing. She had some pretty good arguments…and a magical way to ensure it'd only take the once."

"Honestly, I doubt a better candidate will be found and there is the benefit of not only knowing her well but living only a few doors down, ensuring easy care of the child. I am sure the three of them will wish to be part of his or her life to some degree, especially if the child inherits their powers," Ignis offered.

"Prom?" he turned his head to find Prompto smiling nervously.

"A baby…I mean, I know it has to happen but wow…Hermione definitely has my vote."


Ignis stared at the wedding invitation, honestly unsure how he felt and in a way surprised it had been sent. Gladio had moved so far away from them since the Thaw, especially once relieved of his position as Shield by Cor. Noctis had given him several warnings but had been unable to take that step so the Marshal had done it for him. Iris made an excellent Shield and she was a friend, but the comradery they had once shared with Gladio was lacking…then again it had been lacking since Altissia.

Finding out Gladio was marrying Sania Yeagre was a shock…far more shocking than finding Iris and Talcott lip-locked in the library last year. For old friendship sake, he would attend, but he was unsure if the others would.


Hermione followed Noctis into the bedroom, dressed in a simple dress to make things less awkward.

"Hermione…are you sure…" he blushed slightly and she smiled, stepping closer to him.

She kissed him softly, obviously surprising him. "I'm sure Noct. You've become a very dear friend, you all have. I know you and Harry have been dancing around things since you met, maybe this will be the nudge you need to do something about that," she smirked and he gaped at her. "From the looks Prompto and Ignis give him, I doubt they'd complain either."


"Come to bed," she took his hand and guided him over to the bed.

"I've never…with a woman that is."

"I figured." She undid the tie around her waist, letting the dress fall open before dropping to the floor, letting Noctis look. She'd been very shy about her body once, thankfully Harry and Ron had helped her get over that. It was strange having someone else looking but…she found that she quite liked the idea of any of the three of them seeing her. They had become close to them since arriving on Eos, closer than they had been to everyone back home amazingly enough.


Regis laughed and clapped as the bird circled overhead before diving towards him, the five year old showing no fear at all, even as his Uncle was suddenly kneeling in front of him, scooping him up into his arms.

"You like that, don't you?" Harry smiled, ruffling wild black hair. Regis may have inherited Noctis' colouring, but he had gotten Hermione's wild curls.

"Again Uncle Harry!"

"No, you have lessons with Papa Ignis little imp." He set the child down on his own feet, ignoring the pout as he led him from the private garden and back inside.

"Lessons are boring! I wanna play with little brother," he sulked, and Harry laughed.

"The baby could be a little sister," he pointed out. "Besides, they won't be born for a few more months and they won't be able to play until they're older. Babies are fragile," he explained.

He wasn't going to correct Regis on the sibling thing, genetically they'd be half siblings after all. Harry was rather terrified honestly, despite their involvement in Regis' life, the idea of being a father himself was scarier than facing Riddle.

"Daddy!" Regis yelled, running on little legs down the hall to where Noctis had just appeared.

The King smiled and knelt down to catch his son, picking him up. "Don't you have lessons?" his questioned earned another pout.

The kid was just so adorable that he had everyone wrapped around his thumb, even grumpy Libertus and surprisingly enough Gladio. Regis played with Gladio and Sania's boy often enough.

"We're on our way," Harry answered for the little Prince, and Noctis chuckled, leaning in for a quick kiss since no one was around, their magic mingling together at the contact.

"Ewww," Regis muttered and they laughed as they separated.

"One day you won't be saying that kiddo," Harry told him as he escorted him to Ignis.


Ron grinned as he held little Lily on his hip, her green eyes just like her Dad's wide as she watched her big brother practice magic with their Mum. She was such a mini Harry, just a girl instead of a boy obviously. Although she would never know the horrors Harry had growing up, not with her over protective big brother to watch her back. Hermione, who he'd never thought was all that interested in having kids, turned out to love being a Mother. In fact, she was pregnant again, although whether Prompto would get passed the shock and realise he was going to be a father was anyone's guess.

Poor guy had been so sure he'd never have kids because of his own origins. He'd been utterly dumbstruck when the offer had been made, but he was so good with Regis and Lily. He'd even said that Ron should have the next baby but he'd turned that down. He wasn't ready for a bigger parental role. He liked his life how it was, running the Citadel infirmary. Hermione had her research and work to get the archives back into some kind of shape (a project likely to last longer than even a witches long life span) and somehow still found time to be a Mother.

Harry had fun working with Libertus to keep the Guard and Glaive on their toes. Cor had retired and given Harry his spot, shocking his best friend. They'd all assumed someone native would be picked but Noctis had backed Cor up. Harry was one of the few who could go toe to toe against Noctis in a fight so it made sense. And he'd trained and lead a child army back home so it wasn't like he was inexperienced.

Their family was highly unconventional, even by Wizarding standards, but he didn't care. He loved them all in their own ways and wouldn't trade what they had now for anything.


Harry lounged on the window seat, Ignis leaning against him. Phoenix tears had given him back his sight, but now approaching his mid-forties, it was worsening. It hurt to see them aging when the three of them still looked to be in their prime thanks to the extended lifespan their magic gave them, although it was less noticeable in Noctis. His predecessors had aged fast because of the drain from the Wall and Ring, without that Noctis was aging almost as slowly as they were.

Ignis squeezed his hand and then kissed him softly. "I am hardly dying this minute Harry," he chided, and Harry chuckled. You'd think Ignis was the Legilimens with his gift for knowing what they were thinking.

"Sorry," he sighed, and then chuckled. "Did you hear about Lily's suitor?"

"I did indeed, poor boy."

"Yeah, she doesn't want to have a thing to do with him," Harry ran his hand through elegantly styled hair, messing it up. "I hear you're retiring."

"Indeed. Lily has agreed to take my place at Noctis' side, she definitely inherited Hermione's mind."

"Hey!" Harry mock pouted.

"Not that you aren't brilliant in your own way darling, it is just not in the same manner that would be useful in a Royal Advisor."

"Nice save."

"The kids have grown up so fast," he sighed. He missed them being kids, but Hermione had put her foot down, little Arthur had been the last and they would all agree to her decision. "Has Luna decided what she wants to do yet?"

It was Ignis turn to sigh. You could not find a father and daughter more different than Ignis and Luna, named for the late Princess with Noctis' blessing. "Unfortunately not. She has no desire to follow in mine or Hermione's footsteps which is fine. I never wished to push her into Royal service if that was not her wish. I do wish she would decide on something though."

"She will eventually," Harry assured him. Hopefully.


Noctis couldn't be prouder than when Regis took the Throne as King, his half siblings at his side. Iris and Talcott's eldest as his Shield, Talcott having taken the Amicitia name to keep the tradition going. And there was another Amicitia nearby, Regis and Clarus was still good friends, better friends than he and Gladio had ever managed outside of their relationship. He wished Cor could have seen another Regis on the throne but it wasn't to be, all of his Dad's Retinue were now gone and he hoped together once more.

He was the first Lucis Caelum to live long enough to abdicate for an off age child to rule. He hoped it would become a long lasting tradition. He glanced at the Mother of his son and smiled, with her genes in the mix, her magic, it should be. He knew the peace wouldn't last forever, human nature being what it was, but he prayed it would last for as many generations as possible. His eyes went to Harry, all of the trio under glamours to look older, but Harry…would he live to see war again one day? He now appeared the youngest of them all, even younger than the kids. He knew it hurt Harry but what could they do? Hermione had confided her fears to him, that Harry would simply disappear into the wilds of Lucis and give up any thought of being human, living only in his Animagus form.


Ignis lived to the good age of eighty two, completely blind by the time he died. Gladio followed soon after, they had repaired their friendship a lot in their later years and Noctis did wonder if he had followed him like he had when they were younger. Prompto made it to eighty six, dying peacefully in his sleep without any warning. By then they were all grandparents, Noctis a great-grandfather.

It was strange, he had always known they would outlive him, first because of the Wall and Ring and then the Prophecy. So being the last one…the trio never let him alone, comforting him. He was in his late eighties and yet looked no more than fifty, like they did.

They had left the Citadel after Prompto's funeral, moving to the rebuilt Cape Caem for the freedom to not be living under glamours all of the time. They visited the kids from time to time and he hoped that the gifts of their magic would spread further through the population since there were five family lines to spread it now.

Regis eventually abdicated for his daughter and then she for her son the same year they buried Ron and Hermione.

Harry still looked like a young man in his twenties, Noctis finally looked old though. He hated the thought of leaving Harry. It wasn't fair, but life seldom was. He watched from the house as Harry tended the garden and then stiffened as the temperature dropped, sensing a presence he hadn't in so long…

Noctis looked up and she was there, just how he remembered, Gentiana, Shiva really but she had come in the familiar form of the Messenger. She smiled at him, her eyes open for once. "Is it…"

"No dear King, your time is not yet come. Perhaps it shall not come to pass for Ages of man," she tilted her head to the side slightly and her smile was…mischievous. "My Lady would see you given a gift should you wish it." she glanced out the window and he looked to see Harry standing to stretch.

Noctis' heart seemed to skip a beat, was she saying… "I don't want to leave him alone," he whispered.

She walked closer and kissed his forehead. "Blessed by the Glacian and Fulgurian, companion of the Lightning Phoenix. Go to him oh Chosen King. Your magic calls to his, let them be one." With that she was gone.

Noctis blinked, was it really that simple? Their magic had always been very reactive…was the key letting it take that last step? Noctis got up and hobbled outside, leaning heavily on his cane, and Harry looked up with a smile. Noctis didn't hesitate. He missed the others so much, but he knew they would all understand. How could he leave Harry alone?

Green eyes went wide as the magic leapt between them, the skies darkening with a storm in reaction, and then Harry was running to him, laughing and crying happily. Harry kissed him and Noctis dropped his cane, wrapping his arms around the wizard, feeling stronger than he had in a very long time.


Stories were told down through the ages of the Chosen King, the Great Freeze, and the legendary Storm Phoenix who saved the world. Some said it was just another form for Ramuh while others insisted he was the founder of the Potter line, all gifted magicals. If they knew the truth of the legends, they'd never tell. The descendants of a Marauder had to keep some secrets after all.

And if a house at Cape Caem was kept in their family line and prone to storms, well, no one needed to know the truth.

The End.

This was originally going to be a one or two shot, then some plot got involved, and then I just really lost interest in it. So you got a wrap up chapter.

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