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Chapter 9

Noctis kissed Prompto, hands skimming up and down his sides without going under his shirt. He wasn't going to do anything that Prompto didn't want, he would let him set the pace. The bad thing about being back at twenty? All of those hormones were back. Prompto wrapped his arms around his neck, holding him close as they kissed.

"Please Noct," he whispered between kisses.

"Whatever you want," he promised.

Prompto moved his arms, shoving at Noct's shirt and he yanked it off as Prompto sat enough to pull his own off. Noctis studied the revealed skin, seeing scars that matched his injuries from Gralea but nothing beyond that. It was a relief in a way, to not see the damage done in his absence but part of him wanted to know exactly what had happened to all of them while he was gone. He reached for the glove that Prompto had put back on and slipped it off and then his hands went to the loose pants Prom had put on for bed and he lifted his hips.

Noctis grinned as he looked Prompto over and his cheeks went pink.

"Noooct," he whined.

"You're beautiful," he told him softly even as he wriggled out of his own pants. "I love you…I wasn't really awake in there but sometimes I'd see you, all of you… it was all that kept me sane in there," he explained shakily.

"You're here Noct, you're out, and this is real," Prompto whispered. He shifted on the bed, parting his legs to let Noctis settle more firmly. "I want you Noct, please."

Noctis nodded and then pulled what they needed from the Armiger since anything that may be left in his room would be very out of date. They hadn't had time for anything once he'd come out of the Crystal and he was determined to make it as good as possible.


Harry walked the silent halls of the Citadel, fixing everything he could while everyone else slept. He didn't need as much sleep, then again he'd spent most of his life getting by on too little sleep. He knew that by morning the first wave of refugees would reach the Citadel and they would need somewhere to sleep.

He was making his way through the various apartments, boxing up personal belongings, and cleaning them up until habitable. He labelled every box with where they came from and then shrank them for storage. That way, if anyone was still around who'd lived there, or their next of kin, they could claim their belongings at some point.

A few times, he came across piles of dust in various rooms and halls and he knew….they were what was left of those who hadn't made it out during the invasion, their bodies turned to dust over centuries. It gave a better idea of how long the population had slumbered. The dust he carefully collected into unbreakable bottles for the locals to decide what to do with since he didn't know their funerary rites.

It was depressing work, but it had to be done and soon the place would be filled with life again.


Hermione wasn't surprised to find Harry in the bowels of the Citadel an hour before sunrise. The Citadel had its own power generators, but they had been thoroughly destroyed, apparently Harry had decided to fix them. While he worked on getting them into usable condition she began preparing the runic arrays that would provide the fuel.

"Ron still sleeping?" he asked after a while.

"He's been brewing almost non-stop to ensure any sick or wounded can be seen too as well as the research and restoration work," she pointed out.

"And you've been doing any less?" he asked with a grin and she rolled her eyes.

"And you?" she grinned and kept working.

Harry chuckled and kept at it. She worried about him, she really did, but there was nothing they could do. There had never been someone like him before or if there had, no records had been left behind. He seemed…lighter at least since they had arrived on Eos.

"Done," he announced and then they got to work on setting up the array.


Ignis looked up as Cor joined him, helping him get the meal ready. They were using the food supplies that their new friends had with them. That was a major concern, food. Parties would need to be organised and sent out to forage and hunt until farms could be set up and begin producing crops.

"Everything alright?" the Marshal asked.

"Noctis confronted Gladio last night," he admitted softly. "It ended with Gladio storming out."

"I see."

They both knew what would happen if Gladio didn't get control of his temper and deal with his anger in a proper manner.

"Clarus had a temper too but never this undirected rage," Cor admitted.

"From all I've heard, you had quite the temper too Marshal," Ignis offered, glancing at him. Everything looked so different, because his vison wasn't perfect or simply because he had been blind so long and everything had changed.

"I did," he agreed and then frowned slightly. "How are you doing?"

"It is…an adjustment. My depth perception needs some work, my distance vision is a problem as well."

"How bad?"

"I cannot make out the hall door from the wall," he admitted stiffly. He hated admitting the weakness but there was no other options. The Marshal needed and had the right to know anything that affected those under his command, especially those closest to Noctis. He had been known for seeing everything around them and he had spent years learning to see without his eyes, now with partial vision he was worse off. "I trained to overcome total blindness; I can work around this to with time."

"I had no doubt. Glasses too could help."

Ignis nodded, he'd worn glasses for years but had been able to function without them, now they would be a necessity. He would have to ensure he had multiple pairs once they could begin production of such things. There'd been a jeweller in Lestallum who had done his best to keep those who needed glasses supplied but he was not an optician let alone had any medical training.

There were so many necessary fields of expertise with no one left. With access to the archives and if damage to the schools and universities wasn't too bad then people could be trained for many roles, but it would all be book learning, there'd be no one to mentor and teach them. How long would it take for society to recover to anything nearing the levels they had grown up with? Longer than their lives?

"Keep focused on the necessary for now," Cor told him as if realising what he was thinking about.

Ignis nodded and then looked over as a sleepy, half naked, Prompto wandered in. He smiled at the adorable sight and moved in, ignoring Cor to wrap an arm around Prompto's waist, kissing him good morning. He never wanted Prompto to doubt their relationship again, to think he was unwanted. Prompto eagerly returned the kiss, clinging to him, making sleepy noises of happiness. "Good morning," Ignis murmured and Prompto blinked up at him.

"Mornin'," he mumbled in return. Then he saw Cor and stiffened but Ignis kept his grip around his waist and Prompto relaxed against him slowly.

"Good morning," Cor told him with a nod.

"Marshal," Prompto returned.

"The King still asleep?"

"Fast asleep," Prompto grinned. "I should get dressed,." He pulled away and went back into the bedroom.

"I haven't seen him that relaxed and happy in a long time," Cor offered and Ignis nodded.

"Having Noctis back has definitely helped, it has helped both of us."

"I'll find Gladio for breakfast," Cor told him, leaving the suite.

Ignis sighed but went back to ensuring a good meal, especially for the trio who had been doing so much work to get the city into habitable condition.


Gladio looked up as the lights flickered and then turned on, hearing various bits of machinery kicking on or trying to. Somehow they'd gotten the Citadel's power online which would be useful with refugees due any day. He'd seen the emptied apartments and rooms, all repaired and clean, ready for new inhabitants. It hurt a little, knowing that most of those who had once lived there would never be back, people he'd once paid no attention to as they passed each other every day.

He made his way to a familiar corridor, pushing against a door that was still showing signs of damage. Obviously repairs hadn't made it to there and why would they? There was no need for offices just yet. The door opened and he walked inside the room he had known all his life…his Father's office. Shockingly, it was mostly untouched. The computer was gone, a few shelves disturbed, but that was all. The rest was all decay from who knew how long.

No one who had survived from the Citadel had seen his Father or the King fall, they didn't know where it had happened. He knew his Father hadn't died in his office and yet even with the mess, it made him feel a little closer to him.

How long until Iris arrived? Surely she would come as soon as possible to see if they had survived? How would she react to seeing him suddenly so young? He was physically younger than her now. He didn't often see her; Monica and Cor had handled a lot of her training over the years. He knew the reputation she had made for herself and was proud of her, but she'd needed to grow up without him there to protect her to survive in the mess their world had become.

He'd spent the night outside in the barren gardens. They had obviously died off during the decade of darkness and remained dead during the years frozen over. They had been the Queen's favourites so Noctis would likely want them replanted with something.

Noctis…he'd been avoiding thinking about the others all night… he leant against the window, staring out at the city as the sun began lighting the city. He didn't know what to do, what he wanted to do.


Noctis smiled as Harry and his group joined them for the meal. "Thanks for getting the power up."

"No problem," Harry shrugged, collapsing on the couch as Ignis handed him a plate. "Thanks." He then looked out towards the main bridge back to the mainland. "We've got company coming, an hour tops."

"Then we have work to do," Noctis set aside his plate and he felt Ignis grip his shoulder briefly in support.

"I'll see to your raiment," Ignis told him.

"No," he shook his head. "I'll meet them as they know me," he stood up.

"Are you sure?" Cor asked and Noctis nodded.

"Very well, though they have not been washed," Ignis warned.

Hermione stood up. "I can fix that, anything that needs cleaning or repairing."

"No, I'll do it, you two have been working already today and I got a lie in," Ron stood, kissing her, before motioning for Ignis to lead on.

"I cleared out all the living quarters I could find. I boxed up personal belongings for either the owners or next of kin to claim if there's anyone. In some I found… I don't know your funerary rites and it's definitely been a few centuries…" he placed a jar on the table and Noctis swallowed as he realised what was in it.

"I'll take care of it," Cor told him. "It's my job." He took the jar and stood. "I'll find Gladio and work on securing the entrance as much as possible, just in case."

"No one meaning harm to anyone already in here will be able to get passed the main gates," Harry told them. "Once in here though, if a disagreement breaks out… I'll need to set up more permanent wards to ensure your protection at least." He looked at Noctis who grimaced but nodded.

He didn't like it, but it made sense. If they had that kind of magic…his Dad could have survived the invasion. "How many can they protect?"

"Depends on the ward and how it's powered. There's no ley lines like back home so the massive ward schemes Hogwarts had are out."

"Blood wards?" Hermione asked with a grimace and…sympathetic look at Harry.

"How many relatives do you have?" Harry asked him and Noctis grimaced.

"No close relatives. I think Gladio is very distantly related, but that's at least two hundred years between us."

"Not close enough which rules out blood wards," Harry shook his head. "Guess we're getting creative."


Iris jumped down from the truck, looking around. The Citadel looked…untouched, like how she remembered. How was that possible? It had taken the first waves of the fighting that day. She kept her hand on her sword as she moved towards the stairs, the others spreading out. She was terrified of what they were going to find because losing them? Any or all of them? She couldn't do it.

She froze as the doors opened and then stared in shock as a familiar figure stepped out into the sunlight. "Noct?"