It was early evening when the 11-year-old girl snuck behind the run-down opera house and picked the lock on the stage door. Quietly she made her way to the prima donna room. The girl had dark blonde hair, bright blue eyes and was of average height. Once she stepped inside she closed the door. Then sitting down on the bed, she cracked open a book titled The Phantom of the Opera. The girl closed her book and sighed, "I wish I were a part of that story." She got up and started dancing in front of the full-length mirror.

"Think of me. Think of me fondly. When we've said goodbye." She continued humming the tune as she danced. And then suddenly three things happened in quick succession.

First there was a crack and the giant mirror swung open. Then smoke began billowing out along with a haunting music coming from inside the mirror. Finally, the girl found herself falling through darkness before everything went black as she drifted out of consciousness.