Zenna pulled herself up on the bar in her room. With everything that was going on, she needed something to take her mind of it all. Working on something would take too long, so she decided to train as much as she can. A strong body leads to a strong mind, or so the minotaur philosophy goes. Shepard, despite being a chimera, was always prideful about her minotarian heritage. Something that all minotaurs shared, it led to a sense of family and community. It kept them together though rough times.

Letting herself go from the bar, she picked up a nearby towel and dried herself from sweat. As she threw the towel down the door opened allowing Ashley and Liara to walk in. as soon as the huhound walked in, the smell of Zenna working hit her and her face flushed red. She licked her lips as she looked to the bulge in Shepard's sports shorts.

"Yes," the commander asked.

"Fuck it," Ash said as she pulled off her uniform top and moved up to Zenna.

Liara watched in shock as the human hound knelt in front of Zenna and pulled her shorts down to reveal a minotaur cock. Liara wasn't a virgin by any means, but the size of cock Zenna had surprised her.

"Err Ash, what are you doing?" Zenna asked confused.

"I'm fucking horny," she said licking the minotaur's cock. "And I really like you commander,"

Zenna's cock grew harder as the huhound licked her cock and stroked it moaning as she did. Shepard sighed in satisfaction as the marine continued to lick her making her cock rise like a flag. Liara watched, her hand slinging into her suit touching her breast. She lightly squeezed it making herself moan as she licked her lips. Once Zenna's cock was nice and ready Ashley looked up at her commander with a smile before opening her mouth and took the cock inside her mouth.

"Ahhhh," Zenna yelled throwing her head back as Ashley began to suck on her cock. "Yes, this feels so good," she moaned as she took a hold of Ashely's head and began to force her to choke on her cock.

Liara couldn't take it anymore and striped down to her underwear. Once done she moved up to Zenna and locked lips with the minotaur. The two moaned as they made out, before Zenna pulled away and pulled up her top exposing her breast. Liara got the hint and began to suck on the minotaur's pierced nipple. That made her moan even more as she forced her cock deeper into Ashley's throat.

The huhounds eyes began to roll back into hear head as the sensation just overwhelmed her. Zenna then cried out as she came dumping a load into Ashley's mouth. She let go to let the marine breath. But she coughed up most of the sperm that she couldn't swallow. As she did Liara just looked at the amount Zenna ejaculated. It was more then she was expecting. She gulped wondering what will happen if the commander came inside her.

But she soon found herself being picked up by the minotaur and positioned over her cock. "Er wa.." she was about to say but Zenna didn't wait as she lowered the asari onto her cock.

"Ahhhhh," Liara moaned as she felt the large member enter her.

It was bigger than anything she expected and the top of her womb making her cry out and cum instantly. "It feels so good…" she moaned. "I feel so full,"

"That's because you are meant to," Ash said as she stood and rubbed Liara's belly. "Minotaurs are big and strong, made from centuries of breeding strength and intelligence. This big cock, is meant for breeding," the huhound smiled.

Liara gulped as Zenna sat on her bed allowing the asari to get in a good position to move. The minotaur leaned back and began to move her hips upwards. Liara followed the motions following the minotaurs movements. The two moaned with pleasure as they followed each other's movements. Ashley joined in after pulling off the rest of her clothing.

She moved up to Zenna and began to suck on her breast. She wasn't expecting milk to flow out, but she did want to join in. As she sucked, her hand began to play with herself. But Zenna was focused on fucking Liara who in turn was slowing losing her mind from the pleasure. The monster of a cock filled her up so much that she wouldn't be able to take too much more of it.

She came again as she bounced on the large meat-stick wondering how anyone could remain sane from this. Her mind flooded with pleasure, as she moved unable to register with it all. Zenna then grunted and came again. Sperm filled up inside her so much that she not only cam again but her belly extended outward due to how much sperm was pumped into her until she looked 9 months pregnant. Her eyes rolled up into the back of her head and fell onto Zenna who patted her on the back.

The minotaurs eyes fell on the huhound with lustful eyes.


Stealth systems were immediately engaged as soon as the Normandy exited the jump.

Shepard and her crew were gathered in the cockpit to look outside. "Uh, Commander we have company," Joker announced.

There were at least a dozen Geth ships over Ilos if not more, that meant trouble.

"Have their sensors picked us up yet?" Liara asked.

"Stealth systems are engaged. Unless we get close enough for a visual, they won't know that we're here," Joker replied.

"Geth don't use windows," Zenna said in a matter of fact tone. "They see them as weak points,"

"Picking up some strange readings from the planet's surface," Pressley mentioned.

"Talk us down, Joker," Shepard ordered. "Lock in on the coordinates,"

"Negative on that, Commander," Joker shook his head as he checked the location. "The nearest landing zone is two klicks away,"

"We'll never make it in time on foot!" Ash argued. "Get us something closer."

"There is nowhere closer! I've looked!" Presley nearly yelled.

"Then drop us in the Mako," Shepard suggested.

"You need at least a hundred meters of open terrain to pull off a drop," Presley countered. "The most I can find near Saren is twenty,"

"Twenty meters?" Ash gasped. "No way we can make a drop in there,"

"We have to try!" Liara said.

"Find another landing zone!" Ash demanded from Presley.

"There is no other landing zone!" Presley yelled back checking all other locations.

"The descent angle is too steep," Tali explained.

"It's our only option," Liara reminded.

Zenna looked out at the window at the planet. Her teeth gritted; how could they be so close yet so far from their target? If they left earlier, they could have got him, but now… she cursed the politicians who stopped her.

"It's not an option!" Ash screamed at her. "It's a suicide run! We don't-"

"I can do it," Joker said in a calm, confident tone.

"Joker?" Shepard asked looking at the pilot.

"I can do it," he repeated confidently.

"Gear up and head down to the Mako! Joker, drop us right on top of that bastard!" Zenna ordered.


A small platoon of Geth moved through the entrance to the Prothean base. Saren heard a roar in the sky. He spun around and saw the Normandy fly in.

He looked to two Geth pointing at them. "You two, keeping moving inside. Now!" he yelled.

The Mako emerged from underneath the Normandy and landed in the small area. The entrance doors slowly closed as Saren watch the Mako make its safe landing. The doors slammed shut with a loud thud. Shepard's entire crew came out of the Mako and looked at the doors. Zenna looked at the sealed doors with a clear aura of anger. She slammed her fist on it in annoyance.

"Damn it!" Garrus cursed. "Saren closed the doors behind himself," he said looking around at the entrance.

"No way to get through that door without some heavy-duty explosives," Wrex added.

"Saren found a way in," Ash reminded. "Maybe there's a terminal to open it around here,"

"Fuck," Zenna yelled. "Wrex, Garrus, Liara, you three stay here and make sure that no one comes in or out. If the door opens let us know. Tali, Ash you two are with me,"

The groups nodded and split. Zenna's team moved forward favouring speed over anything else. Thankfully it seemed that most of the geth troopers pulled back. The area was overgrown with the planet's flora. It was surprising that the complexes were still standing after fifty thousand years. As the group journeyed into one of the complexes, fossilized Protheans sitting at odd devices. At least they thought they were fossilized Protheans. They could have been statues. But they looked like they were exposed to Husk technology. But time was too short to allow for Shepard's group to truly examine them.

It took them a good while for them to find an elevator that still worked. It had to lead where the control terminal was.

The elevator opened up to what appeared to be a geth bunker of sorts. A dozen of the regular geth troopers stood guard along with one geth prime. Two armatures on each side of the room supported to the group. As soon as the three walked into the area, they got targeted by the geth. Tali quickly went to work hacking the armatures while the rest of the squad focused on the geth. It didn't take long for the two to get the armatures up and running. Once they were, the geth pressed their attack.

Zenna cursed and looked over to Tali who was still trying to hack the armatures. The minotaur moved up to the quarrian and patted her on the shoulder. Tali nodded and started to do something else while the commander pulled out one of her high explosive grenades and threw it at one of the armatures. The grenade stick on the side of the armature's 'head' before exploding. That took off parts of the armour opening a hole in it.

She then fired a high explosive round from her pistol fully taking the machines head off. Ashley moved though the geth troopers, her speed making it hard for them to target her. While the geth did transfer knowledge between units, there was something that just a simple transfer just wouldn't do. With living creatures experience counted for a lot, it allowed them to adapt and think outside the box, but machines are logical. They couldn't think outside of a programmed box.

This allowed Ash to jump from one to one ripping into their innards. But after ripping out the fourth geth's circuits she had to fall back to recharge her shields. An explosion made her look toward the armatures to see one fall on top of the other. Tali then made her move by deploying her drone sending it to blind the final armature. She then moved up and place a timed grenade on his core before falling back.

Her shield depleted before she managed to get back into cover before her suit got ripped. Shepard then drew her battle-axe and charged into the rest of the geth cutting them down. Once the final geth fell, Shepard's omni-tool bleeped as it read an energy source at the back of the room. They moved forward and found a ramp that led to a second floor which had a working terminal. She activated it.

"Come on," Tali urged. "We need to hurry before Saren finds the Conduit,"

"Unless he's already found it," Ash mentioned. "Then we'd be walking into a trap,"

"A chance we'll have to take," Shepard said as she turned around.

But as she did hologram activated. "Hold on! Something's happening," Ash said making the minotaur turn to see a hologram so corrupted that it could not hold a form.

"Too late..." the hologram said through static and in broken words. "unable to... invading fleets... no escape..."

"Sounds like a message," Tali thought out loud. "It might be in Prothean, but I can't understand it,"

"You can't understand it?" Shepard asked looking at the two in surprise. "The cipher must allow me to understand Prothean,"

"Not safe... seek refuge... –side the archives..." the hologram continued.

"Can you make anything out that may be useful?" Tali asked.

"Reapers... the Citadel... overwhelmed... only hope..." the voice then suddenly changed from the VI to something that sounded like it was from World War 2 "act of desperation... the Conduit... all is lost..."

As soon as it said that Zenna moved up to it and began to check the circuitry. But even at first look she knew there was nothing she could do. Everything was too degraded to do anything.

"It said something about the Conduit, but it was too damaged to make any real sense of," she sighed as she got up "We should keep moving,"

As Shepard and her crew move forward, she could hear it repeat, "cannot be stopped... Cannot be stopped..." but ignored it.

Lucky for the squad, a pathway led directly to a working elevator which took them up to where they faced the two Armatures, very close to their drop point. They made their way back to the Mako.

"Have fun?" Wrex asked with a smile.

"No," Zenna said as she and the others climbed into the mako.

The entrance of the complex had opened up allowing them inside. Zenna took the driver's seat and began the chase after Saren. As she drove, the others looked at walls of the tunnel which had many pods that stuck out of its walls and large roots of trees that came out of the walls, digging into the ground of the tunnel.

"You think Saren would have set up some kind of trap," Ash muttered as the thought came to her.

"Either he was in too much of a hurry, or we haven't run into them yet," Wrex answered her.

"What are those pods in the walls?" Tali asked.

"Probably stasis pods," Liara replied as she looked at them. "The protheans here were probably trying to outlast the Reaper invasion, by cryogenically freezing themselves here. I did find a few on my digs,"

The mako shook as the cannon roared as they ran into a small group of geth that was left behind. Thankfully they were close together that the blast took them out with one shot. As they moved further, they soon saw a large barrier curtain that blocked the tunnel. Zenna slowed down and stopped a good few meters from the shield.

"Saren, must have set an ambush!" Wrex yelled. "It's a trap!" as he said that he jumped out of the mako looking around.

"I don't think Saren's is behind this," Liara muttered flowing the krogan looking around.

"There's a door to our right that active," Shepard pointed to an open section. "Either Saren went that way, or the way to deactivate the barrier is there,"

The crew followed her as she made her way over to a lift that took them down to one of the lower levels.

"Any idea what we may find down there?" Tali asked out loud looking out of the window.

"No idea," Liara answered. "It's most likely we were targeted for something,"

"I don't like the idea of us being specifically targeted," Tali said in a disapproving tone pumping her shotgun.

Soon the lift stopped and the doors opened leading into a small room. Again, pods line the room and several trees were growing at the back of a long platform. Shepard's squad approached the terminal activated revealing a corrupt VI.

"You are not Prothean, but you are not machine, either," it stated. "This inevitability was one of many that was anticipated. This is why we sent-out warnings through the beacons,"

"Fascinating," Liara said. "A working VI program, but it is badly damaged,"

"Not the first one," Zenna muttered.

"I do not sense the taint of indoctrination upon any of you, unlike the other that passed by recently. Perhaps there is still hope," the VI continued.

"Wait, I can understand it," Tali exclaimed. "Why aren't you speaking Prothean?"

"I have been monitoring communications since you arrived here," it explained I have translated my output into a format you will comprehend. My name is Vigil. You are safe here, for the moment. But that is likely to change. Soon, nowhere will be safe,"

"Why did you bring us here?" Shepard asked with her brow rising.

"You must break a cycle that has continued for millions of years," Vigil answered. "But to stop it, you must understand or you will make the same mistakes we did. The Citadel is the heart of your civilization and the seat of government. As it was with us, and as it has been with every generation that came before us. But the Citadel is a trap. The station is actually an enormous mass relay. One that links to dark space, the empty void beyond the galaxy's horizon. When the Citadel relay is activated, the Reapers will pour through. And all you know will be destroyed,"

"How do the Reapers survive in dark space?" Zenna asked her engineering mind peaking.

"We have only theories. The researchers here came to believe the Reapers enter prolonged states of hibernation to conserve energy. This allows them to survive the thousands of years it takes for organic civilizations to rebuild itself. But in this state, they are vulnerable. By retreating beyond the edge of the galaxy, they ensure no one will accidentally discover them. They keep their existence hidden until the Citadel is activated," as it spoke the team looked to one another with concerned expressions.

"How come no one ever noticed the Citadel was an inactive mass relay?" Liara asked. "I mean, something like that would be obvious,"

"The Reapers are careful to keep the greatest secrets of the Citadel hidden," the VI explained. "That is why they created a species of seemingly benign organic caretakers. The Keepers maintained the station's most basic functions. They enable any species that discover the Citadel to use it without fully understanding the technology. Reliance on the Keepers ensures no other species will ever discover the Citadel's true nature. Not until the relay is activated and the Reapers invade,"

"The Reapers can wipe out the Council and the entire Citadel fleet in a single surprise attack!" Zenna exclaimed in horrified realization.

"That was our fate," the VI continued. "Our leaders were dead before we even realized we were under attack. The Reapers seized control of the Citadel and through it, the mass relays. Communication and transportation across our empire were crippled. Each star system was isolated, cut off from the others. Easy prey for the Reaper fleets. Over the next decades the Reapers systematically obliterated our people. World by world, system by system, they methodically wiped us out,"

"Some of you must have survived?" Shepard asked with some scepticism.

"Through our Citadel, the Reapers had access to all our records, maps, census data. Information is power and they knew everything about us. Their fleets advance to every settled region of the galaxy. Some worlds were utterly destroyed. Others were conquered, their population enslaved. These indoctrinated servants became sleeper agents under Reaper control. Take in as refugees by other Protheans, then betrayed them to the Reapers. The Reapers either killed us or enslaved us. They were brutal and absolutely thorough," that explanation chilled Zenna to the bone.

"What do the Reapers get out of this? Why do they repeat this cycle over and over again?" Garrus asked, something not quite fitting in his mind.

"The Reapers are alien, unknowable," the Vi answered. "Perhaps they need slaves or resources. More likely they are driven by motivates and goals organic beings cannot hope to comprehend. In the end, what does it matter? Your survival depends on stopping them, not in understanding them,"

"You said you brought us here for a reason. Tell us what we need to do," Zenna said.

"The Conduit is the key. Before the Reapers attacked, we Protheans were on the cusp of unlocking the mysteries behind the mass relay technology. Ilos was a top-secret facility. Where the researchers worked to create a small-scale version of a mass relay. One that linked directly to the Citadel, the hub of the relay networks,"

"The Conduit is not a weapon," Liara realised the pieces fitting into place. "It's the back door onto the Citadel!"

"Go on," Shepard said, the more information she got the more she could plan.

"The genocide of a species is a long slow process. Years passed, decades, centuries. The reapers persisted. And my energy reserves began to dwindle," the VI said.

"So, you just hid," Zenna nodded. "Makes sense, a few hundred against thousands,"

"Indeed, our only hope was to remained. As my energy reserves decayed, I began to disable life support for non-essential personnel," as he spoke the anger in the others grew. "First the support staff, then security. One by one their pods were shut down to preserve energy. Eventually only the pods of the top scientists remained. Even these remained in danger of failing when the Reapers finally retreated back though the Citadel relay,"

"There were hundreds of pods out there," Liara nearly yelled in anger. "And you shut them down? killed them?"

Zenna gritted her teeth as she thought it though. This VI killed civilians, but it was clear that there was no choice. If the VI kept everyone alive, then it wouldn't have enough power to keep everyone alive. It was a logical decision, even if part of her didn't agree with it. She took a deep breath and sighed.

"We may not like it," she finally said. "But, given the circumstances, there is no other option," that surprised the others.

"Commander…" Liara said shocked.

"Think about it," Zenna calmly said. "If they let the power stay on, and it failed who would be left?"

Her crew looked to one another seeing the minotaurs logic. But their anger didn't leave them.

"Continue," Zenna requested.

"The outcome wasn't completely unforeseen," the VI said, not even trying to deny the fact. "My actions were a result of contingency programming entered on my creation,"

"I bet they didn't tell the 'none-essential staff' that," Tali muttered.

"I saved key personnel," it clarified. "When the Reapers retreated, the top researchers remained. My actions are the only reason any hope remains. When the researchers woke, they realised their species was doomed. There were only a dozen individuals left, far too few to sustain a viable population. Yet they vowed to find some way to stop the Reapers from returning. A way to break the cycle. And they knew the Keepers were the key,"

"Aren't they under the influence of the Reapers?" Shepard asked her curiosity peaked.

"The Keepers are controlled by the Citadel," Vigil explained. "Before each invasion, a signal is sent through the station compelling the Keepers to activate the Citadel relay. After decades of feverish study and help from Kareena, the scientists discovered a way to alter the signal. Using the Conduit, they gained access to the Citadel and made the modifications. This time, when the signal was sent to the Citadel, the Keepers ignored it. The Reapers are trapped in dark space,"

"Unless Saren gets in," Shepard commented.

"Correct. Saren will try to transfer control of the station over to Sovereign. Sovereign will override the Citadel's systems and manually open the relay. And the cycle of destruction will begin again,"

"Is there any way we can stop them?" Garrus asked.

"There's a data file in my terminal," the VI explained. "Take a copy when you go. When you reach the Citadel's master control unit, upload it to the station. It will corrupt the Citadel's security protocols and give you temporary control over the station. It might give you a chance against Sovereign,"

"A what?" Garrus asked rubbing the side of his head. "I've never heard of the Citadel's MCU,"

"Through the Conduit. Follow Saren. He will lead you there," it said with Zenna nodding. "There is still time, hurry,"

Zenna grabbed the drive and the group ran back to the lift. "I think it's time to step up the pressure," the minotaur said.

Liara gulped. "Does that mean…"

Ash just nodded with fear in her eyes. "As soon as we get back to the mako, strap in tightly,"

Once the lift stopped at the level where they left the mako, the team moved as fast as they could to the tank. Thankfully the shield was down so there would be little trouble catching gup to Saren. They moved into the transport and strapped themselves in before Zenna decided to push the mako to it's limits.


The relay near the Citadel activated. One Geth ship appeared. Then two. Then dozens along with Sovereign. They made their way towards the Citadel fleet. All of them open fired on the fleet. The Citadel fleet was unaware of their presence until several of the Turian cruisers blew up. The Geth ships continued firing torpedoes as they made their advance. The Destiny Ascension went forward to join the fray.

Electricity sparked at one of the consoles inside the Asari Dreadnaught causing the Matriarch Captain to stumble briefly. She regained her footing. "Activate the defences! Seal the station!" she ordered.

"The arms aren't moving," the navigator reppled as she tried to activate the systems. "Systems are not responding!"

"Abandon the Citadel! Evacuate the Council!" the commander ordered.

"Citadel Control! Citadel Control! Do you read?"

At C-Sec the Asari laid dead on her console. The shadow of a Geth Trooper loomed over her dead body. It turned around and followed Saren towards the Citadel tower.