The Normandy soon hit the mass relay sending the ship towards the Citadel. Interested, Ashley and Kadian, who had never seen the megastructure before, made their way up to the cockpit to get a good look. As the ship flew thigh the nebula the immense structure of the Citadel came into sight. Zenna came up as well eating some meat while looking out of the windows with the others.

Ashley and Kadian were in awe of the structure as they began to approach.

"Look at the size of it," Ashley awed before spotting the largest dreadnaught in the fleet.

"That," Kadian said. "Is the destiny ascension, the capitol ship of the Citadel fleet,"

Shepard leaned in to have a look, but was unimpressed with the ship. "Well, it's tall." She muttered. "But it's not like the Titan,"

That earned a nod from the other two. The Titian was arguably the largest ship in the galaxy and was the main command centre for Alliance command. But due to its size, it violated one of the many Citadel rules of engagement treaties. So, it was a point of debate whether or not the ship should be cut down. But either way the three just looked on as Joker took them into the docks.

Even with all of this in mind, it was major point of pride for minotaurs to the point where they are the most vocal against its dismantling. Mostly because, they are the ones responsible for designing and building it.


Looking out from the balcony from Undia's office, Shepard, Ashley and Kadian watched as the people around the Presidium went about their routine. The view was impressive, but Shepard had a hard time admiring it. While Minotaurs had a reputation for being hard to take down, they also had one for being the best builders on earth. It was instinctual part of their psychology, when not fighting they turned towards more creative pursuits such as art, food and building.

Zenna was no exception to this rule. From time to time she would be in her room, office or some form of workshop tinkering with her armour and weapons. Unlike other demi humans like the Lima or catgirls who had a mind for the medical, minotuars had a mind for engineering and building. They built things such as Tower bridge, Eiffel tower and more. Because of this as she looked out at the Presidium, she saw plenty of thing she didn't like from both an asthenic and engineering perspective. But yelling of Udina drowned out her thoughts.

"This is unacceptable!" Udina roared. "The Council would step in if the Geth attacked a Turian colony! I demand action!"

"You don't get to make demands of the Council!" Sparatus snapped at him. "And here I thought humans could take care of their own colonies,"

"Humanity knew the risks when the Alliance colonized the Traverse," Trevos said in a calmer, more understanding tone.

"What about Saren?" the human ambassador asked accusingly. "You can't ignore a rogue Spectre!"

"C-Sec is finishing their investigation into your accusations. We'll speak more at the meeting. Not before," at that the holograms vanished making an annoyed Udina turn to Anderson.

"I'm see you got the Council to agree to the meeting," Anderson said keeping his cool.

"Yes, but they aren't happy," Udina grumbled. "Saren is one of their best Spectre agents. They don't like it when one of their Spectres are charged with treason,"

As Shepard moved next to Anderson annoyance started to grow inside her. "It does not change the fact that Eden prime was attacked by the Geth. And a rogue Turian Spectre who is leading them," she said in an aggressive tone.

"Calm down, Shepard," Udian chided. "You've already done enough to jeopardize your candidacy for the Spectres. The Eden Prime mission was to prove you could handle things. Instead Nihlus ended up dead and the beacon was destroyed,"

"Like I give a shit about my candidacy," she spat. "I didn't ask for it,"

"Besides that, was Saren's fault not hers," Anderson defended.

"Well, we better hope that C-Sec turns up some evidence or the Council may use this as an excuse to keep you out of the Spectres," Udina quickly left the room.

"And that's why I hate politicians," Ashley scowled.

"You're not the only one," Zenna said as she cracked her neck.

"Shepard, you and your squad should hurry to the Citadel," Anderson said. "I'll meet you there,"

"Yes sir." she said as Anderson walked out.

"Shall we get going?" Kadian then asked.

Shepard nodded and walked out the office with the other two following her.


The three of them exited the lift with little to stop them. As they followed the pathway to the chambers two Turians started arguing about current events.

"Just give me some more time," the Turian in the blue armour said. "Stall them!"

"Stall the Council?" the other chided. "Your investigation is over, Garrus."

As Shepard and her group approached the Turian he turned to face them and approached. "Commander Shepard?" he asked earning a nod from the commander. "Garrus Vakarian," he introduced himself. "I was in charge of the investigation into Saren,"

"From the sound of thing, it doesn't seem like you didn't have much luck," she said.

"No," he agreed reluctantly. "Saren's a Spectre. Anything he touches becomes classified. I couldn't find anything solid. But like you Humans say 'I feel it in my gut'. He's up to something. I know it," Garrus let out a sigh. "But hopefully the Council will listen to you,"

"Thank you, Garrus." Shepard nodded to her squad and they walked up to a set of stairs leading up to the podium.

As they approached Ashley and Kadian stopped and waited at the foot of the stairs while Shepard with Anderson and Udina walked up them. The three Council representatives stood behind their podiums. The look of contempt was very clear on the Sparatus councillor's face, he wasn't impressed by the accusations of a rouge Spectre. A twenty-foot-tall hologram of Saren was displayed to the left side of the room.

As Shepard approached, she noticed what seemed to be a smirk of his face. Arrogance was something she despised.

"The Geth attack is a matter for some concern, but there is nothing to suggest that Saren was involved in any way," Trevos declared in her normal clam tone.

"The investigation by C-Sec turned up no evidence to support your charge of treason," Sparatus added with a hint of anger.

"I resent these accusations," Saren said. "Nihlus was a fellow Spectre. And a friend."

"That just let you catch him off guard," Anderson shot back.

"Captain Anderson? You always seem to be involved when humanity makes false charges against me," Saren looked to Shepard a little surprised to see a minotaur. "And this must be your protégé. Commander Shepard. The one who let the beacon get destroyed. What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in a barn? Cow?"

"Tell me how in the hell you know about the beacon?" Shepard asked doing her best to hide her anger at the insults. "Eden Prime was a classified mission,"

The Spectre's mandibles twitched witch Shepard gave a small smile for.

"Upon request, I can get information on whatever Spectre mission I wish. This was no exception. I read the reports. I was not impressed. But what can you expect from humans?"

Zenna looked to the Council. "If I recall we aren't at war with anyone. Saren despises Humanity. That's one of the reasons why he attacked the colony. Those insults show his lack of respect,"

"Humanity needs to learn its place," Saren scolded. "You're not ready to join the Council. You're not even ready to join the Spectres."

"He has no…" Udina was about to say but Zenna couldn't hold back

"To hell with the Spectres and your council!" she yelled making eyes widen towards her. "I don't care about all of that garbage! All I care is about who is responsible for an attack on a human world by the geth! They haven't been seen outside of the veil for over 200 years, a nebula that's a few hundred light years away from Eden prime. Not to mention the finding of the beacon was classified on a high level. Even if they managed to crack the encryption codes it would take them longer then it took me and the Normandy to get there. Someone told them about the beacon, someone…" she looked up to Saren. "…with classified information,"

"While Shepard's admission into the Spectres is not the purpose of this meeting," Trevos said to bring order back to the meeting. "The commander does raise a valid point. Who reviled the existence of the beacon to the geth?" discreetly she looked up at Saren and her mind turn to think if the accusations are right.

"This meeting has no purpose!" Saren scowled. "The Humans are wasting your time Councillor. And mine,"

"Saren is hiding behind his status to cover up everything he's done," Shepard argued. "He's is abusing his Spectre status to cover up the information that the investigation was trying to find. Not to mention you gave them a limited amount of time to investigate," her eyes looked to Sparatus.

Trevos also looked to the Turian with a slightly raised brow. She knew how the humans embarrassed the Turian government and military during the first contact war. A lot of Turians harboured resentment against the humans for that, but they did have respect as well.

"There is one outstanding," Anderson said. "Shepard's vision may have been triggered by the beacon,"

"Are we allowing dreams into evidence?" Saren asked sarcastically. "How can I possibly defend my innocence against this kind of testimony?"

"I agree," the Turian Councillor said. "Our judgement must be based on facts and evidence. Not wild imaginings and reckless speculation"

"With respect councillor visions from the beacon and other Prothean devices deserve merit," Shepard answered matter-of-factly. "And this has no bearing on the guilty or innocence of Saren,"

The Councillor's looked at each other. The Valern and Trevos nodded while the Sparatus shook his head. The Asari then gave a serious look at the Turian who then nodded reluctantly.

"Commander Shepard please tell us what you saw," the Asari then said.

"To tell you the truth I'm not too sure what I saw. Death, destruction machines killing millions. Maybe more. It's not too clear, it's more like a jumbling of images and sounds. Nothing is clear,"

"Do you know if these machines are Geth?" Valern asked.

"I'm sorry I have no idea," Shepard replied. "If I find anything else, I'll let you know."

"Thank you, Commander," the Asari then said. "But back to the subject at hand. Is there anything else you would like to say for this hearing?"

"I have no more evidence to put forward," Zenna said reluctantly.

"The Council have found no evidence of any connection between Saren and the Geth," Trevos announced. "Ambassador, your petition to have Saren disbarred from the Spectres is denied,"

"I'm glad to see justice has been served," Saren said cockily before his hologram disappeared.


The council walked into their side chambers with little relief. But Sparatus smiled to himself.

"Ahh finally we can put this little debacle to rest," he said as he sat down and poured himself something.

But Trevos had other ideas. "No, it's not," she said making the other two looks at her. "Like it or not Zenna Shepard has a point. If they were not informed, it would have taken them hours. They would have been there after the humans removed it from the planet,"

Valan nodded, but Sparatus was sceptical. "You can't be serious? The investigation…"

"Will be handled by the Asari and Salarian members of C-sec," Trevos interrupted. "We all know what happened during the first contact war. One cannot help but to think that there is still some bad blood between humans and Turians," the look on her face clearly said that Sparatus wasn't going to get his way this time.

"Bu…" he tried to say.

"Nothing, we need to have an impartial judgement about this matter. Besides you heard Shepard. She couldn't care less about being inducted Spectres, that means even if he's not responsible, he is guilty about something. Or at the very least she is convinced that he is guilty. It maybe time that we re-evaluate the decision to make all actions by Spectres a secret,"

OOOOO meanwhile

"It was a mistake bringing you to that hearing, Captain," Udina scolded as they walked down the stairs. "You and Saren had too much history. It made the Council question our motives. And Shepard! What the hell were you thinking?"

"We minotaurs are quick to anger, or did you forget what he called me?" she asked barring her fangs.

"Well it just only added to irritate the Council. We don't need to worry about them as well as Saren," the ambassador said in anger.

"I know Saren," Anderson said. "He's working for the Geth for one reason. To exterminate the entire Human race. Every colony we have is at risk. Every world we control is in danger. Even earth isn't safe!"

"Right now, we need to find evidence of Saren's treachery. Sorry sir, but all we had was words and hearsay. Nothing concrete," Shepard said

"Yeah I know," the captain admitted.

"As a Spectre, Saren is untouchable," Udina commented. "We need to find some way to expose him,"

"What about Garrus?" Kaidan suggested. "That C-Sec investigator. We saw him arguing with the Executor,"

"That's right!" Ashley said remembering. "He was asking for some more time. It seems like he was close to finding something,"

"Anyone know where we could find him?" Shepard asked.

"I have a contact in C-Sec who may be able to help track him down. He's name is Harkin," Udina offered but Anderson didn't like that idea

"Forget it," Anderson scolded. "Harkin was suspended for drinking on the job. I wouldn't waste my time with him,"

"Cat?" Ashley asked.

"Base," Anderson answered earning a nod from Ashley

"You won't have to," Udina growled. "I won't have the Council use your past with Saren to dismiss anything we come up with. Shepard will handle it,"

"You can't just cut the Captain out of this!" Shepard roared.

"No, Shepard, he's right," Anderson complied. "I need to step aside. My history with him could have some negative effects against us. And like you said commander, we only had words, nothing concrete,"

"I have some business to take care of," Udina informed the two soldiers. "Captain, meet me in my office later," the ambassador then walked off leaving the group there to talk.

"Harkins probably getting drunk at Chora's Den," Anderson said to Shepard once Udina outside of earshot.

"I thought you said he was a waste of time?" Kadian asked.

"Yes, but he might be able to help. Emphasis on 'might'," Anderson clarified.

"Maybe there's another way," Zenna suggested.

A thought then crossed Anderson's mind. "Try Barla Von in the Financial District. Rumour has it he's an agent for the Shadow Broker,"

"Shadow Broker?" Ash asked.

"An information dealer. Buys and sells secrets to the highest bidder. I hear Barla Von is one of his top representatives. He might be able to help you, but his information likely won't come cheap," Anderson shrugged.

"Isn't anything cheap or easy these days?" Shepard sighed in annoyance as she thought. "Let's go to Harkin, if he's not cooperative I can always arrange a meeting with my muscles," she smiled and Anderson gave a slight smirk as well.


Walking into Cora's Den, Zenna looked around expecting to see Harkin but saw little. Dancers, both asari and human danced around poles above the bar and some patrons were having personal dances. As she walked, she noticed succubi dancing around as well. The wings, tail and horns were very noticeable as she moved around. She largely ignored them, but just moved on. Krogan was having a talk with another Korgan. Interested she edged closer.

"Back of Wrex," one of them said. "Fist told us to take care of you if you came here,"

"What's stopping you?" the other asked. "I'm standing right here,"

"This is your only warning Wrex, I'm not afraid to take you out,"

"I like to see you try," Wrex said before walking off.

'I wonder what's going on there,' Zenna thought before she noticed Harkin in front of a topless succubs dancer.

Walking up to him she looked to the dancer. "Take 5, me and your customer have something to discuss," she said with a hard tone.

The succubs was surprised but nodded and walked off. "Now why did you go and do that honey?" Harkin asked.

Shepard leaned in close the cop fangs baring. "If you don't want me to rip your arms off, tell me where Garrus is,"

"Now why…" he was about to say but Zenna grabbed his collar.

"Don't test me pal. I am not a person you want to be crossing today," she growled.

"Garrus? He was looking into the Saren case, right? That means Anderson. Tell me did he tell you his little secret?" he asked.

"Do you want to keep your balls?" she asked. "Where is Garrus?"

Harkin could only watch as she produces a pistol and point it at his dick. "Wait, ok, ok you win. Last I heard is that he was sniffing around Dr Michel office in the wards," he said quickly.

"That wasn't so hard, was it?" she asked before letting go and walking out.


Dr Michel's clinic wasn't the easiest place to find, but Zeena and her team soon found it. As they approached the three could hear voices inside and did not sound friendly. Shepard signalled the two to move to the sides of the door. They moved up, pistols in hand. Zenna walked up to the main door and hit the holo. The door opened up and three entered to see the doctor, a limia, being confronted by a pack of three huhounds. While Garrus was behind cover and was moving quietly around the corner in a crouched position.

"I sssswear I didn't sssssay anything to anyone!" the doctor said defensively.

"Good, and if that Turian comes back you'll still say nothing," he threatened before he saw Shepard enter through the doorway and grabbed the doctor to use as a hostage. "Who are you?" he demanded.

"Let her go!" Zenna demanded aiming her pistol at the thug.

Seeing his chance, Garrus moved around and shot at the lead huhound in the head making him fall to the floor and making the others back up. Ashley and Kadian then moved up jumping though a window and fired at the huhounds who took cover. Zenna then followed them before charging in. One of the huhounds came out to fire at the wrong time and was crushed against the back wall by the 6ft minotaur.

The other two moved out of cover only to be shot down by Garrus and the other two huhounds.

"Perfect timing, Shepard," Garrus complimented walking over the doctor while Zenna walked over to him. "Doctor Michel are you hurt?" he asked.

"Jusssst a little sssshaken," she replied with a sigh

"Why were those men threatening you?" Shepard asked.

"They were ssssent by Fisssst," she answered. "They wanted me to keep quiet about a Quarian I patched up."

"Patched up?" the commander questioned with a raised brow. "How bad were her wounds?"

"It was a minor sssssuit puncture with a cut. I couldn't really tell where it came from. The ssssuit was repaired and I gave her some extra-sssstrength anti-bioticssss. Sssshe sssshould be okay, maybe a fever, but that'ssss about it. Sssshe wanted to trade information for ssssafety. Sssso I sent her to Fisssst,"

"What kind of info are we talking about?" Ashley asked.

"Sssomething to do with Ssssaren and the Geth. Sssshe wassss planning to sssssell the information to the Sssshadow broker in exchange for ssssafety. He'sss and agent for the Ssshadow broker,"

"Not anymore," Garrus then said. "Now he works for Saren,"

"Fissst betrayed the Sssshadow Breoker?" Michel asked in surprise. "That'sss ssstupid even for him,"

"Well looks like we need to talk to Fist," Zenna then said. "Before he can escape,"

"I agree commander it's the only way he can get out of this mess." Garrus then said. "But onto more important matters. I know this is your show Shepard, but I want to bring Saren down as much as you do. I'm coming with you, he makes us Turians look bad,"

"I'll take all the help I can get, welcome aboard." Shepard welcomed and shook Garrus's hand.

"You know we are not the only ones after fist. The Shadow broker hired a Krogan bounty hunter named Wrex to take him down," Garrus added.

"A Krogan will be useful," Kadian added.

"I think I heard him threaten Fist in Cora's Den. Where can we find him?" Shepard then asked.

"At the C-sec academy we took him in for a talk, if we move now, we can catch him," the Turian answered.

"Let's go," John then ordered.


Shepard and his squad along with Garrus made their way down in the C-Sec Academy. Wrex immediately stood out among the crowd of people in the area. He was a scarred and wore a crimson-coloured armour. He was surrounded by three officers with one speaking to him face-to-face but judging by his tone he was not impressed.

"I mean it, Wrex," the officer warned. "Stay away from him,"

"I don't take orders from you," he growled in his deep voice.

"This is your only warning Krogan. Otherwise you will be arrested,"

"You should warn Fist. I will kill him,"

"Do you want me to arrest you?"

"I want you to try," he dared before he walked away.

Seeing the minotaur walking up to him Wrex got curious and apprehend. "Do I know you?"

"I'm Shepard," Zenna said. "I'm going after Fist, thought you'd like to come along,"

"Ahh Shepard, commander Shepard. I've heard a lot about you. I'll give you fair warning, I'm going to kill Fist,"

"Fist knows your coming," Garrus said. "We'll have a better chance if we worked together,"

"I'm trying to bring down Saren. You can help me in that matter," Zenna added

"Mmmm there is a saying among my people 'seek the enemy of my enemy and you will find a friend," Wrex said.

Shepard smiled and shook his hand. "We are going to get along just fine,"


The Squad now joined by Wrex then made their way to Cora's den. After a few minutes they reached their destination as they exited, they removed their weapons ready for a fight. As they approached Chora's Den where they were greeted by a couple of Turians.

"Assassins!" Ashley yelled and the group got into cover.

The team didn't have their armour with them, they only had portable shield emitters. They needed to be careful. Zenna took out per modified pistol and switched the setting to automatic. She, Ash and Kadian then popped out of cover and fired. Both marines fired single shot rounds at the assassins while the shock rounds took down the shields and stunned the assassins allowing Wrex and Garrus to take them out.

"They were expecting us they have the inside fortified," Wrex muttered.

They then moved to the entrance and as soon as it opened gunfire came through the door making the squad take cover.

"As soon as they stop firing move into cover," she then ordered. He then got a nod from the squad.

The firing then stopped and as soon as it did the squad moved through the door firing on the mercs that they could see. Shepard however ran up to the counter jumped on it then jumped on the platform and started taking out mercs from her vantage point. The shock rounds she used managed to stop most of the mercs in their tracks allowing the rest of the squad to finish them off with no trouble.

Once the last merc fell Zenna jumped down and approached the back door. The doors opened with two workers standing there petrified in fear.

"Don't come any closer," one of them warned.

"Warehouse workers," Ashley commented. "The real thugs must be gone."

"This might be a good time to find a new job," Shepard suggested.

"Y-Yeah," the other worker said.

"I never liked Fist any way," The two walked out of the room.

"Would have been quicker to just kill them," Wrex said.

"Violence isn't always the answer," Garrus replied.

They went through the final door to Fist's office. As they moved in two turrets activated as soon as they entered the room. Shepard pulled up her omni-tool and activated an overload but that did little forcing the team to get into cover. Grunting Zenna then switched to another setting on her pistol. She exited cover and fired. One round impacted one of the turrets foring it to shut down before it over heated. The others the fired at the final turret taking it down allowing Shepard to run up to first with her squad behind her. Fist fired several rounds at Zenna took.

Before he knew it, Fist was starring Zenna in the eyes. Then he found himself on the floor with a pistol in his face.

"Where's the Quarian?" She demanded.

"I-I don't know!" he answered in a distressed tone. "That's the truth,"

"He's useless to us," Wrex grumbled. "Let me kill him."

"Wait!" Fist pleaded while standing up but with guns still pointed at him. "I don't know where she is, but I know she will be. I set up a meeting for her. Told her she would meet the Shadow Broker himself,"

"Face-to-face?" Wrex muttered with a surprise. "Impossible. Even I was hired through an agent,"

"No one ever meets the Shadow Broker. Even I don't know his true identity. But she didn't know that. When she shows up for the meeting, it'll be Saren's men who will be waiting for her there."

Zenna then grabbed Fist by the collar pushed him on the wall closely while aiming her pistol at his head. "Tell me the time and place of the meeting and I won't shoot,"

"The back alley of the Wards near here. She's supposed to meet them right now. You can make it if you hurry," Shepard nodded and let him go before backing up

But before Fist could relax, he saw Wrex aim his shotgun.

"Wait! You said-" be for he could finish his head blew off from the shotgun.

"I never said anything about Wrex shooting you," Shepard said in a cold tone before running out the door.


In a side ally in the wards, Tali waited for the contact to arrive. She was hesitant at best, but anyone would be if they knew that a Spectre was on them, they'd likely do the same. She sighed as she waited. A turian began to approach her.

"Where's the Shadow broker?" she asked as she also approach him. "Where's fist?"

"They'll be here," he said though her arm. "Where's the evidence?"

She slapped his hand away, "No, deals off," she said making the turian back up and two salarians bring up their weapons.

She threw a grenade before running into cover cursing herself for being too trusting. Before she could do anything, something whizzed past her at speed. Looking outside of her cover she noticed a minotaur holding up the turian who threated her. She had never even seen one before and looked on with fascination as she cracked the turians neck before throwing the body at the two salarians.

The body knocked them down before she drew her pistol and burst fire shot at them. Killing them outright. "It's alright," she then called in Tali's direction while holstering her pistol.

"Fist set me up," Tali said in annoyance as she came out of cover and approached the minotaur. "I knew I could not trust him,"

"I do not work for fist anyway he's dead," she said in a calm tone as she was joined by four others.

"Well now I have two things to thank you for. Who are you?" Tali said in a thankful tone, but still on guard.

"Commander Shepard yours?" the minotaur asked

"Tali'Zorah nar Rayya," She said as she tried to apologize.

"Pleasure do you have information about Saren?"

"Yes, I do but it is best if I show you somewhere safe."

"We should take her to the Human embassy," one of the huhounds suggested.


Shepard and her group, excluding Garrus and Wrex entered Udina's office. The ambassador was facing away as they entered but he sensed them walk in. He shook his head disapprovingly.

"You're not making my life easy, Shepard. Firefights in the Wards? An all-out assault on Chora's Den? Do you know how many-" Udina looked to Tali a bit taken aback by the non-human presence. "Who's this? A Quarian? What are you up to Shepard?"

"Miss Zorah here has evidence to implicate Saren in the Eden Prime attack," Shepard answered, "Which I would have said if you didn't bite my head off,"

"Really? Maybe we should start at the beginning. Miss…" Udina started.

"Tali, Tali'Zorah nar Rayya," she answered.

"Why did you leave the Flotilla?"

"My Pilgrimage. It's my people's rite of passage into adulthood,"

"What happened?" Shepard asked.

"Well, I heard rumours that the Geth were leaving the Perseus Veil. I was curious as to why. I tracked a patrol of Geth to an uncharted world. I waited until one left the group. I attacked, disabled it and then I took its memory core,"

"I thought that the Geth fried their memory cores when they died," Anderson pointed out. "Some kind of defence mechanism."

"That's true," Tali confirmed. "But if you're fast enough and lucky you can get some useful data. Most of the core was frayed but I was able to extract some audio files," she then pulled up her omni-tool and play the file.

"Eden Prime was a major victory," Saren's distorted voice said. "The beacon has brought us one step closer to finding the Conduit,"

"That's Saren's voice!" Anderson exclaimed. "This proves he was involved in the attack,"

"The Conduit?" Shepard said. "Sound's familiar what is it?"

"I'm not sure, but there's more to the file," Tali answered before playing the recording again.

"Eden Prime was a major victory. The beacon has brought us one step closer to finding the Conduit," another voice, a female one the replaced Saren's. "And one step closer to bringing back the Reapers,"

"I don't recognize that voice," Udina said. "The one speaking of the Reapers."

"I do," Shepard then said making everyone look at her. "Not the voice, the name: Reapers,"

"You do?" Anderson asked.

"Remember when I was talking about machine in my vision," she added.

"Yes, but still does not explain everything,"

"If the vision serves me right the Reapers are a race of sentient machines. They've repeated a cycle of extinction for god knows how long. It's possible that the Protheans were wiped out by them,"

"That sounds a little far-fetched," Udina said dismissively.

"Never said it was true," Zenna shot. "I'm guessing,"

"The Geth memory core said the exact same thing!" Tali said in a surprised voice. "The Geth worship these advance machines. They see them as the pinnacle of non-organic life,"

"The Council is going to love this," Udina grumbled.

"True but we can't fully dismiss it until there is no other explanation," Shepard said.

"Regardless of what the Council thinks, these audio files prove that Saren is a traitor," Anderson concluded.

"The Captain's right," Udina agreed. "We need to present this to the Council right away,"

"What about her?" Kadin asked while nodding to Tali.

"My name is Tali!" she scolded. "You saw how I handle myself in the alley. Let me come with you,"

"But what about your Pilgrimage?" Shepard asked concerned about her traditions.

"It can wait plus I can go anywhere,"

"I'd be a fool not to accept your help,"

"Thank you, Commander," Tali said. "You won't regret this"

"Anderson and I will get things set up with the Council," Udina said. "Meet us at the tower,"


Shepard and Anderson walked out onto the platform while the audio file played for all to hear. Udina had a smug look on his face.

"You wanted evidence? There it is!" he shot with satisfaction.

"This evidence is irrefutable," Sparatus replied. "Saren will be stripped of his Spectre status and all efforts will be made to bring him in,"

"I recognize that other voice," Trevos added. "It's Matriarch Benezia,"

"Who's she?" Shepard asked.

"A powerful biotic with many followers. She would make a formidable ally for Saren," she said with concern in her voice

"I'm more interested in the Reapers," the Valarn said. "What do you know about them?"

"Only what the Geth memory core and Shepard's vision said," Anderson answered. "They were an ancient race of machines that wiped out the Protheans and then they vanished,"

"The Geth worship them as gods and the Conduit is the way to bring them back," Shepard added.

"Do we know what the Conduit is?" Valan asked interested.

"Just that it can bring back the Reapers," Shepard replied. "Plus, the Reapers fits with the Prothean visions I had,"

"Listen to what you're saying!" Sparatus scoffed. "An ancient race of machines that wiped out all life. Impossible. Has to be. Where did the Reapers go? Why did they vanish? How come we've found no evidence of them? If they were real, we would have found something?"

"I tried to warn you about Saren and you refused to see the truth," Shepard pointed out. "Don't make the same mistake."

"This is different," Trevos defended. "You presented us with evidence to prove Saren's guilt. We all agree that he and the Geth are looking for the Conduit, but we really don't know why,"

"The Reapers are obviously a myth, Commander," Valern agreed. "A convenient lie to cover Saren's true purpose. A legend he used to bend the Geth to his will,"

"Forgive me if I'm not as doubtful as you," Zenna shot.

"Don't be ridiculous Commander," the Turian scolded.

"As a minotaur I don't leave anything to chance," she stated.

"And your explanation is a race of sentient machines that no one has ever heard of."

"Please," the Asari pleaded to bring order back. "This is getting us nowhere,"

"I agree," the Turian said. "As of now Saren is a rogue agent on the run. He doesn't have the resources of the Spectres,"

"That is not good enough!" Udina yelled. "You know he's hiding somewhere in the Traverse. Send your fleet in!"

"A fleet cannot track down one man, Ambassador," Valern advised.

"The Citadel fleet could secure the region. To keep the Geth from attacking anymore of our colonies," Udina said with aggression.

"Or it could trigger a war with the Terminus system," the Turian scolded. "We will not be dragged into a galactic confrontation over a few dozen Human colonies,"

"Send me after him," Shepard interrupted.

"No, it's too soon!" Sparatus roared.

"And what would you propose?" Zenna shot. "The Council doesn't have to send a fleet and the Ambassador gets his Spectre. Everyone's happy,"

Trevos and Valern looked to Sapratus with a look that he knew all t well. The Turian sighed in annoyance before the three tapped into their consoles.

"Commander Shepard, please step forward," the Asari said.

Shepard looked to Anderson who smiled and nodded. Zenna took a few steps forward attracting a crowd. They had seen this before, but this time it was happening to a human, for the first time. They were witnessing history.

"It is the decision of the Council that you be granted all the powers and privileges of the Special Tactics and Reconnaissance branch of the Citadel," Trevos started the speech

"Spectres are not trained, but chosen," Valern continued. "Individuals forged in the fires of service and battle. Those whose actions elevate them above the rank and file."

"Spectres are an ideal. A symbol. The embodiment of courage, determination, and self-reliance. They are the right hand of the Council. Instruments of our will," Trevos added.

"Spectres bear a great burden," the Turian continued in the third section of the creed. "They are protectors of galactic peace. Both our first and last line of defence. The safety of the galaxy is theirs to uphold,"

"You are the first Human Spectre, Commander," Trevos reminded. "This is a great accomplishment for you and your species,"

"I'm truly honoured, Councillor," the Commander said bowing her head

"We are sending you into the Traverse after Saren," Valern informed. "You are authorized to use any means necessary to apprehend or eliminate him."

"I will bring him to justice," Shepard said

"This meeting of the Council is adjourned," Trevos concluded.

Shepard turned to the group to see most of them smiling. Anderson approached her and reached out a hand which she shook.

"Congratulations, Commander," he said

"We have a lot of work to do Shepard," Udina said. "You're going to need a ship, crew, supplies..."

"You'll get access to special gear and training. You should head down to C-Sec academy and speak with the Spectre Requisition officer," Anderson added

"Anderson! Come with me! I'll need your help to set all this up,"

The Ambassador and Captain both left in a hurry.

"You'd think the Ambassador would be more thankful," Ashley commented.

"Until I've caught Saren, I haven't done anything yet," Shepard replied. "Let's go and make history,"




A unique demi human, a Succubus is a female only demi human with a heighted sexual apatite. The are noticeable due to their bat like wings, demonic like horns and tail. However, the wings serve little to no purpose and are vestigial.

While Succubi are sexually charged, they are also masters of deception, information gathering and more. Outside of dancing and being companions in bed, they are used as spies by militaries. They don't have a good reputation due to their appetites.

Lamia/ Naga:

Commonly known as 'snake people' Lamia are mostly female. While there are males, they tend to be in low numbers but large enough to keep the species going. With the top half being that of a human, and the lower being a snake they are classed as 'human reptiles'. A category of demi-humans with reptilian features.

Lamia are clam, cool and collective and one of the more populous demi-humans around. They are mostly seen as doctors, teachers and politicians but their combat prowess is not to be scoffed at. Mostly ambush attackers, they don't use guns often but instead they use their coils and venom to take down their opponents.

Most Lamia have venom sacs in their jaws to deliver it. In order to counter this, they have to take daily injections to remove the poison from their sacs. Removal of it however affects their health in a negative way however and it's not recommended, unless necessary. An interesting aspect of the sac however is that the venom can be converted into something akin to medi-gel, but this is an expensive procedure and is only given to doctors.

Hi guys, ok before you click off, I need to ask you something. So recently I had to cancel Trapped in 40K, this opens me up for a new project. I already have one up, but no one seems interested (Hearts of iron: world in flames) so these are the ideas I have.

Halo/ Star Wars/ Korra/ Overwatch Warlord: Similar to ME Warlord, but set in one of the respective universes.

Gate+ EDF: a crossover between Gate and Earth defence force in which a gate appears in the EDF universe.

Stellaris: Project seed: following a bounty hunter and crew as they uncover a conspiracy that threatens the galaxy.

KAMB: A Korra and RWBY crossover.

Nation of dogs: A remake of my nation of dogs MGS story

Fable: A lose novelisation that takes place over the three games with three different seasons starting from the original fable.

The one that has the most votes after 2 weeks will get written