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When I said in Chapter One's Author's notes: "Naomi Furukawa is not an OC. Since she doesn't have a last name in canon, I gave her the name Kousaka" I messed up. Kousaka was the original last name I was going to give Naomi before Changed it to Furukawa. I completely forgot to fix my mistake and for that I apologize.

The sentence now reads (they way It should of): "Naomi Furukawa is not an OC. Since she doesn't have a last name in canon, I gave her the name Furukawa." What happened is that I do not have a beta readier, meaning that I have to spell check, grammar check, etc all by myself. Thus there are things that I miss... that I screw up without ever meaning to. I am my own beta readier.

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Location: Fujimi Academy/Tokonosu City Proper

"Fuck! There's too many of them!"

Takashi growls in annoyance, "I know that Rei!"

With a determined expression, Koyko snarls, "Shizuka, plow right through them!"

Shizuka nods, "Hold on!"

With a burst of speed, the minibus charges towards the front gate, plowing through zombified students and some faculty members that were the initial victims of the outbreak alike. All the while Shizuka keeps mumbling to herself, "They're not human any more!"

Eventually the minibus smashes right through the gate. With their escape, the Fujimi survivors cheer in triumph. However not all is well within the bus. Within thirty minutes of leaving Fujimi, a fight breaks out. Enraged, Tsunoda snarls, "Shit! Like I said, it's only dangerous if we keep going! First of all, why should we go with Komuro and the others? You where the ones who decided to go back to the city! Maybe we should of looked for some place safe inside the school. If you ask me, we were better off where we were!"

Kurokami nods his head in agreement, "I kind of agree with Tsunoda!"

Alice scoffs, "No we weren't asshole!"

Naomi glares at Tsunoda and Kurokami, "What are you two smoking? We would have been torn apart!"

Sarah just shakes her head in disgust, "Have you two retards lost your fucking minds!"

Suddenly Shizuka stops the bus abruptly then bolts up and spins around, "Ok that's enough! I can't focus on driving with all this yelling!"

Alice nods in agreement, "Too true. Shut up Tsunoda!"

Tsunoda scoffs then mutters in frustration, "Yah, whatever!"

Saeko raises an eyebrow at Tsunoda, "Ok then, how about you tell me what you want to do?"

Tsunoda clinches his fist in anger and spins around to face Saeko then thumbs at Takashi, "I can't stand this guy! I hate him!"

Takashi narrows his eyes, which causes Tsunoda to face him, "Why? What did I ever do to you asshole! I don't even know you!"

Tsunoda growls, "You know!-"

Tsunoda then charges at Takashi. However Rei quickly takes Tsunoda down with the blunt end of her spear, knocking the wind out of him. As well as causing Tsunoda to clutch his chest in pain while simultaniouly coughing. Rei then sneers, "Asshole!"

Cheryl nods in agreement, "What a prick! Personally I say we throw this asshole off the bus!"

Cheryl and Takashi's groups nod their heads in agreement except for Koyko who scowls in disgust, "Young man, You are a disappointment. And I for one am starting to regret even letting you onto the bus!"

Sarah snorts, "You think?"

Shidou then starts clapping, "Brovo! Simply outstanding teamwork, I'm impressed! I commened both of you. At any rate. A conflict like that only proves my point! We need a leader, we do! Surely neither of you wants such responsibility on your shoulders?"

Saya arches an eyebrow, "So your going to run for the position?"

Shidou smirks, "I'm a teacher like Koyko, Miss Takagi. While mature, your all barely in your teens. That alone makes it very clear who's more qualified to assume such a role! If Miss Hayashi won't step up to the plate that is!" Shidou then turns around dramatically, "Why just moments ago, I saved all of these brave students! What do you say guys?"

Like drooling idiots, the people that escaped with Miku (including Miku herself) and Shidou clap in simultaneous agreement. Shidou smirks and spins to face the front of the bus dramaticly, "There, it's been decided! The majority has made it quite clear."

Before Rei can do something stupid, Sarah stops Rei by grabbing her hand. Then shakes her head. Meanwhile, Cheryl has had enough, "Oh shut the fuck up Shit Show! If anyone is more qualified it's Miss Hayashi, Takashi, Sarah or me! You were the one who forced Rei to repeat a year because Rei's father was investigating your own father Ichirou Shidou for corruption! Your dear old dad told you to do that in order to send Rai's father a message! You self-absorbed, pompus, sleazy snake-oil salesman!"

Shidou's eyes widen, "How did you-"

Rei widens her eyes in shock as does everyone on the bus excluding Sarah, Alice and Naomi. Cheryl smirks, "Thought no one knew about that fucker? My mother and father investigated you as well. And believe me, they are far more powerful than you even realize. I even have a copy of that conversation on a tape recorder. Before the outbreak even began, I planned to release that recording on the school's PA system. However the outbreak happened before I could even do that! Also, my family planned this out. Once the police had enough proof of your father's illicit activities, my family would release that recording to the public as icing on the cake! However the outbreak happened before a concreate case could be made. Now... now I'll play the tape! Suck on this motherfucker!"

Cheryl then pulls out a tape recorder and hit's play. Ichirou Shidou's voice is then heard throught the minibus, "There's this annoying man in the Public Safety Office in Tokonosu. Supposedly his daughter goes to the school where you work. Here's what I would like you to do. Make her repeat the grade. That will teach him a lesson!"

The entire bus (except those already in the know) are in in complete shock. Kyoko, Takashi and his group are horrified and angry. Takashi snarls in rage, "You dirty motherfucker!"

Despite knowing the truth before hand, Sarah snarls in rage as well, "We should throw you and your ilk off the bus!"

Rei nods in agreement, "Damn straight you asshole!"

Cheryl grins sadistically, "All if favor of tossing Shit Show off the bus, raise your hands."

Alice, Sarah, Naomi, Kyoko, Takashi and his group raise their hands in support. Surprisingly, in an act of betrayal, Miku and her thralls raise their hands as well to the shock and horror of Shidou and his remaining supporters. Miku shrugs, "What I know where the wind blows. I'm not leaving the safety of this bus. I, as well as those who follow me will cause no trouble so long as we stay on this bus. Besides, you need all the help you can get. I for one don't care if you trust me. So long as I remain on the bus in relative safety."

Saya scoffs, "What's to stop us from booting your asses off the bus anyway? Or more importantly: What's to guarantee us you and your people won't betray us to?"

Miku shrugs, "Nothing really. But there is something to strength in numbers you know."

Koyko nods, "True enough. I say let Miss Yukki and anyone who follows her stay. However we should keep a close eye on them."

Cheryl grimaces, "Fair enough. If they do turn on us, toss'em out. Now then Shit Show. The majority has spoken, off the bus you and your followers shall go!"

Tsunoda snarls, "Like fuck you will!"

Tsunoda Then lunges at Cheryl, however Sarah clotheslines him with blinding speed. Sarah then snarls, "You'll not touch my sister fucker!"

Cheryl smirks, "I think we now know who is the disruptive element here. Miku, even though you and your people are only in it for yourselves. Even though we are bitter enemies, it would go along way for you guys to help us to kick Shit Show and his band of thugs off the bus. You know as a sign of good faith."

In a fake pleading voice, Shido asks, "Miss-"

Miku cuts Shidou off before he can finish, "Shut up! I don't give a damn for Komuro, the Adams sisters or the others. However, I'm doing this for my own self-interests. The Adams sisters as well as their girlfriends and I maybe mortal enemies, but the truth still remains. You and yours are outvoted and outnumbered. Like I said, I know where the wind blows, and it's not in your direction Mr. Shidou. Girls help Adams and the others eject Mr. Shidou from the bus."

Miku's thralls speak as one, "Yes ma'am!"

Minutes later Shidou and his followers are successfully but violently manhandled off the still running bus. However, just as Takashi and Kohta are about to head back onto the bus, Saeko yells in panic, "Hirano, Komuro! Get on the bus now!"

Hearing a horrifing sound, Takashi, Kohta, Shidou and his group look over their shoulders to see a city bus full of zombies barreling straight towards them. In panic Takashi shouts no time! Kohta, the tunnel! Go!"

Takashi, Kohta, Shidou and his group then barely but successfully bolt for the safety of the tunnel. Saeko quickly shouts to Shizuka, "Ok, you got to punch it!"

Shizuka nods, "Got it!"

Shizuka then swiftly guns it. However, she just barely gets out of the way in time. By this time everyone on foot has made it safely inside the tunnel, the city bus crashes and bursts into flames.

Once the city bus crashes, Saeko hops out and runs to the now blocked tunnel. After regaining his barrings, Takashi runs up to the safest part of the tunnel's mouth from his end. After catching her breath, Saeko calls out to Takashi in concern, "Komuro, are you alright?"

Suddenly Burning zombies burst out of the bus. Saeko recoils and prepares for a fight. Past the flames, Takashi sees whats going. He then quickly shouts, "At the police Station. At the East Police Station."

Saeko quickly responds, "What time?"

Thinking for a minute, Takashi responds, "7:00. If not today, tomorrow at the same time."

After this the tunnel starts collapsing from the crash. Everyone on both sides of tunnel runs as fast as they can away from the burning city bus before it explodes. Several minutes later, Saeko and everyone except for Takashi, Kohta, Shidou and his people are on the minibus. With one destination in mind: The East Police Station.

On the other side of the now collapsed tunnel, Takashi, Kohta, Shidou and his group are arguing violently. With a snarl, Tsunoda points a finger at Takashi, "It's because of you people... you are responsible for me being thrown off the bus! It's all your fault!"

Takashi scoffs, "As if! It's you and Shidou's own fault that you were thrown off. You know what? You assholes are on your own. Rei was right about it being a mistake helping you people. But I stupidly didn't listen. Lets go Kohta."

Kohta nods, "Right." Kohta then turns to Shidou and his followers, "I hope you people burn in hell!"

Before anyone can respond, Takashi and Kohta hightail it out of there. Twenty minutes later, they come across an abandoned sports bike. Takashi runs up to it to check if it's still usable. However he is unexpectedly attacked from behind by the now zombified former owner. After a brief struggle, the zombie is dealt with by Kohta smashing a piece of broken concrete on the back of the head. After which they find the bike's keys in the zombie's jacket pocket. After this the two boys commandeer the bike for themselves. Kohta sighs, "This won't be the last we see of Shidou and the others will it?"

Takashi sighs before sadly nodding, "No, it won't. Anyway maybe we can save some people on the way to the police station."

Kohta nods, "I hope so."

Back with the girls. The humans on the now safely parked bus are gobsmacked. In pure shock, Rei gasps, "No way!"

After telling the human women about the existence of vampires as well as showing them proof of their own vampirism. Adding on to what they told Alice and Naomi before they became vampires themselves, Cheryl and her followers stand quietly. Awaiting the humans response. Saeko blushes, "So that's why we... so now we know the truth. You and Sarah turned Alice and Naomi of their own free will. However from the sounds and looks of things, Yuuki turned her followers into thralls. No wonder they'll do whatever she tells them."

In an annoyed voice, Saya grumbles, "And to think me and Rei... anyway, why are you telling us this exactly?"

Cheryl sighs, "Because you have a right to know. We would of told Takash and Kohta if they were still on the bus with us. The entire world has gone to hell. It doesn't matter that you know. Besides, you can use our skills to survive this blight. Now the question is: What are you going to do now?"

Rei stutters, "I...I don't know."

Koyko is stunned into silence and simply shrugs her shoulders, lost for words. Rei suddenly blurts out, "Cheryl, when did your parents make that recording and why wasn't it handed to the police earlier?! I know what you said to Shidou, but is that the entire reason? You are famous/infamous throught school for being the 'Chessmaster Of Omitting Stuff!' So what are you ommiting?!"

Cheryl sighs, "Everything I said to Shit Show and this gang of drooling idiots is one-hundred percent accurate. What I didn't say was that the police were given the tape almost as soon as it was made. There just needed to be more evidence of Ichirou Shidou's illicit activities. That conversation was to be used as evidance against the Shidou family once everything was in place to finally nail them to the fucking wall. A year before that conversation, the Shidou's where already under heavy police surveillance. And remained so until the outbreak. If that tape got out when it was made. The entire operation would been blown to hell. The truth is this, we had more than enough evidence to arrest Ichirou Shidou a week ago. The police planned to arrest him today. Releasing the recording over the PA would have eventually lead Shit Show himself being fired!"

Saeko sighs, "Then the outbreak happened. After that, everything went to hell."

Cheryl nods, "Exactly."

Rei's eyes widen, "If it wasn't for the outbreak then... the truth would've finally come out!"

Cheryl nods, "Yes. In fact the truth did finally come out... it's just to everyone that was on the bus when I played that recording. Anyway, now that's been said. My question is this: What do think of this whole vampire thing?"

Saeko chuckles, "I think it's interesting. You and your sister never harmed innocent people. To be honest, the whole, "All vampres are blood sucking fiends!" theme is over the top bullshit. Including those Twilight books and movies... vampires sparkle in the sunlight my ass... Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is that I have no problem with you or your sister at all. Nor even your girlfriends. However-" Saeko then turns to Miku, "You and your followers, I do. I'm keeping an eye on you. Try anything here and you will die." Saeko then turns back to Cheryl and Sarah, "Actually, I have a request. Would you make me a vampire?"

Everyone except for Miku and her thralls eyes widen in shock. Cheryl splutters, "But... but... If I do that... you do know there is no going back right? When Naomi and Alice asked me and Sarah to turn them... that was their ultimate sign of trust in us. However me and Sarah only ever spoke to you during school hours. You don't really know us."

Saeko nods, "True, but I do know you two as well as your girlfriends are honorable descent people. Also..." Saeko then blushes madly, "...Are good during... *cough* anyway... I'm sure of this. Besides-" Saeko thrusts a thumb over her shoulder at Miku and her group, "You need an extra pair of hands and eyes to handle and watch these ones."

Rei, Saya Sarah, Alice, Naomi, Kyoko and Shizuka nod in agreement but say nothing. Meanwhile Cheryl nods her head in acceptance, "Very well then. Me and Sarah, this includes our parents, only turn people of their own free will. They must give their full explicit consent. And it must of their own free will before they are turned. Never forced. Ever. They must also fully understand exactly what they are getting into as well."

Saeko nods her head, "Understandable. I'm sure."

Cheryl sighs, "I'll do it. Saeko this is going to hurt alot. After I feed on you. I want you to drink my blood so you don't become my thrall like bitch face's have."

Massive tick marks appear on Miku and her thralls heads, but they don't say anything. Just grit their teeth in silent fury. Ignoring this Cheryl walks over to Saeko and sinks her fangs into her. A few minutes later Cheryl has Saeko drink her blood. Twenty minutes later, Saeko Busujima arises as a new vampire. After a minute, Cheryl asks Saeko, "Well, what do you think? By the way, It still stands that we can be on a first name basis."

Saeko smirks, "I like this new feeling. So this is what it feels to be a vampire huh. Anyway, what should we do now Cheryl?"

Cheryl sighs, "Before the outbreak, Me and Alice were going to go to Taiei Shopping Town. We could still do that. But for a different reason than we had before the outbreak. Of course we need to first meet up with Takashi and Kohta. Shopping Town maybe a hotspot for survivors to flee to. If the place hasn't been overrun already. Thing is, if we happen to meet up with Takashi and Kohta before we reach the East Police Station. We should still go there before we head to Taiei. There may or may not be surviving police officers still alive. If not, we can load up on guns and other equipment. Hell we may even run into Rei's father for all we know."

Rei smiles, "That would be great!"

Suddenly Saeko gives perverted grin, "Rei do you mind if I turn you?"

Rei blushes madly and splutters, "Wh... What?! Where did this come from?! I know we had sex earlier but... amazing sex... I even licked and sucked your... anyway... I... wouldn't mind... truth is I admired you from afar for years... just thinking about your beautiful succulent bre..."

At this point Rei becomes a stuttering mess. Saya suddenly backhands her, "Rei Miyamoto! Get your perverted head out of the damn gutter!"

Still blishing madly, Rei apologizes, "Sorry about that. Anyway, as I was saying, ye... yes... I want you to turn me."

Saeko quirks an eyebrow, "Are you sure?"

Rei nods, "I'm sure."

Saeko smiles "Understood."

After this Saeko turns Rei into a vampire. After being turned, Rei sighs, "Saeko, I have confession to make ... I'm in love with you. Have been for years."

Angrily, Saya mutters under her breath, "Rei, you idiot... I've been in love with you since we were both in kindergarten!"

Unfortunately for Saya. Due to Rei's newly vampiric supernatural hearing, she hears Saya's confession of love. Rei spins around towards Saya then marches over to her and kisses her on the lips seductively, "Good. Join me in bed latter with Saeko."

Saya blushes crimson with embarrassment and mutters incoherently. Everyone sniggers but Kyoko, Alice, Naomi and Shizuka (who giggle uncontrollably) at Saya's expense. Saya snaps, "It's not funny! Now Rei's eternally young and immortal while I'll grow old and eventually turn to dust!"

Sarah tilts her head, "Then why don't you let Rei turn you? There. Problem solved."

Saya is gobsmacked, "Me a vampire? Hm, If Rei turns me, I'll get to be with her for eternity... If I drink her blood, I won't become a thrall..."

Suddenly Cheryl eyes widden as she remembers something she forgot to tell Alice, Naomi and Saeko about being turned, "Shit! girls, I forgot to tell you this because I just don't even think of it at all. I should of mentioned this back before I even turned Alice and Naomi."

Alice arches an eyebrow, "Which is?"

Cheryl sighs, "Eyesight. The vampires of our strain have perfect eyesight. 20/20. Not only that but If Saya is turned, our natural healing ability will give her 20/20 vision!"

The turned vampires simultaneously shout in unison, "Why didn't you say so in the first place?! No wonder we have better vision!"

Embarrassed, Cheryl rubs the back of her head and apologizes, "Uh... I'm so used my own eyesight that I don't even think of bringing it up at all. I apologize. I can be an absent minded professor some times."

Irritated, Naomi cracks her knuckles, "Anything else you forgot to... mention hm?"

Cheryl gulps, "...Not at the moment I'm afraid..."

Alice growls, "I see..."

With a snap of her fingers, Saya has finally come to a decision, "I'll do it."

Surprisingly Kyoko and Shizuka step forward. Both speak in unison, "Turn us to. We have our reasons. One of them is that we don't want to be thralls to Miss Yukki! This is what we want."

Twenty minutes later, Saya, Kyoko and Shizuka are turned into vampires. Now none of the former humans have to worry about Miku turning them all into thralls. After being turned Rei asks, "What now? Shouldn't we look for Takashi and Kohta?"

Miku I guess we could, but first-" Miku then smirks maliciously as she unleashes her vampiric pheromones unexpectedly. This causes all her thralls to do the same. Then all the girls on the bus blush before wetting themselves. They then unintentionally unleash their own pheromones. Miku then finishes what she was saying, "Lets have some fun!"

Due to both the type of explicit nature and the Site's policy, the lemon is moved into AO3.

Two Hours Later

Location: Shintoko Third Elementary School

Across the city, Asuka, Rika and Asami as well as a squad of Tokonosu police officers (including Rei's mother Kiriko Miyamoto (Auska and the others came across her as well as a neighbor of Takashi and Rei's named Kikyo Seto while they where driving across the city) are fighting against a hord of incoming zombies. Meanwhile, Nikki along with Kikyo and Takashi's mother Midori Komuro are safely in a SWAT van helping to coordinate evecuation efforts of any and all survivors of the Shintoko Third Elementary School. Midori was one of the few people to initially make it out of the school alive and meet Asuka's group.

While evacuating the police station, Asuka received a distress call coming from Shintoko. As soon as she hangs up the phone, Asuka then mobilizes the remnants of the station's police force. When she and the others first arrived twenty minutes ago, they discovered several survivors already made it out alive. Midori being one of them. However they where fighting a losing battle against the zombies. Presently the hoard is slowly gaining strength with every officer and civilian unfortunate enough to get bitten. So far ten officers and fourteen civilians have been bitten and turned already. While putting down another zombie, Kiriko yells, "We can't hold these bastards anymore! We have to pull out!"

Asuka shouts back, "Agreed. So far, we managed to only save twelve people. If we stay here any longer, were all dead. All units pull out immediately!"

Confirmations of, "Yes ma'am!" ring out throught the defence line. As the police pull out with the surviving civilians, six more officers are lost before Asuka and her forces successfully escape. Ten minutes later, Asuka is sitting in the back of a SWAT van with a scowl on her face, "Sixteen of our people are dead. Good officers. As well as fourteen civilians... damn it to fucking hell!... The only thing that can be said is this.. if you can call it good... is that at least we saved twelve people."

Kiriko quirks an eyebrow, "Sounds like your bitter about it."

Asuka nods, "I'm bitter about not being able to save more people. That good men and women lost their lives because of these things. That we have to put down our own who have died and reanimated. The innocent we are sworn to protect. To shoot these creatures that wear the faces of our loved ones. People we grew up with. People we have known for years. People we care about. The thirty that died, must be avenged. My comrades that died today. I knew them for years. Five of them I even went to the academy with. They were as close as brothers and sisters by blood to me, even though I'm an only child."

Kiriko nods sadly, "I see. All we can do now is stick together. I hope we can survive. I hope Rei is safe... unlike... Tadashi... George said Fujimi was overrun. I hope Rei and the others escaped that hellhole."

Asuka smiles, "I'm sure she did Kiriko." Asuka then hugs Kiriko before breaking down. With tears in her eyes, Asuka whispers, "I'm sorry for your loss Kiriko."

Kiriko wipes tears from her eyes, "Thank you Asuka."

Midori gulps at Tadashi's probable fate, "What happened Kiriko?"

Tears stream down Kiriko's face as she tells them what happened, "Me, Tadashi and several other officers were headed to Taiei to see if we could use the place as an evacuation site. As we were rescuing survivors, those things attacked. In the chaos... Ta...Tadashi was bitten... before he reanimated... he told me to run... to save the other survivors... while he still lived... he held those things off long enough for us to escape.. I left him there... his reanimaded corpse... is still probably there... shambling around... infecting... Oh god... Rei.. what will I tell her?!"

Kikyo suddenly hugs Kiriko. With a sob, Kikyo cries out, "Kiriko you did everything you could. Tadashi wouldn't want you to... he died as he lived... a hero!"

Midori Looks down in sadness, "Tadashi was a good man... a good human being... a good friend... even so I... I can't help but worry about my own husband and son... I... feel... terrible... for thinking that... hoping that Takashi and Junichi are alright... after... what happened to Tadashi."

A sadden Kikyo shakes her head, "Midori listen-"

A hand goes to Midori's mouth in horror, "Junichi didn't make it. Didn't he?"

Tears role down Kikyo's face, "He was bit while trying to protect me. One of our first stops before we came here was your neighbourhood Midori. We initially evacuated him out along with Kikyo and and several people, however a hoard of those vile creatures soon swarmed us... If it wasn't for Junichi... I would of been bit instead. Now he's apart of the hoard. The person... no the thing wearing her face... it was Kagome."

Midori's eyes widen in shock and horror. While a sadden Asami sombrely asks, "Asami apologizes, but who is Kagome?"

Midori wipes tears from her eyes, "Kagome Tanaka. She was a neighbor and a friend."

Kikyo places a gentle hand on one of Midori tightened fists and softly smiles, "Despite losing the people we love. All we can do is save who we can save and try to survive ourselves to fight another day."

Kiriko softly nods her head in tearful agreement and sighs mournfully, "I sincerely hope so, for all our sakes."

Author's Note:

Since the canon characters Mrs. Komuro, Mr. Komuro, Seto and Tanaka (to my knowledge) don't have first name in canon, I gave them the names of Midori Komuro, Junichi Komuro, Kikyo Seto and Kagome Tanaka respectively.