Location: Tokonosu City

With a determined expression, as well as fuelled by rage and grief for the death and reanimation of her husband. Ushio Maresato smashes another zombie's skull with a baseball bat she grabbed from Alice's closet. All Ushio can think of is to search the entire city for her daughter. The very thought of these things hurting her precious daughter Alice enrages Ushio into a crazed frenzy. Rage hotter then even the inferno of Earth's sun. With a snarl, Ushio downs another zombie. With adrenaline pumping and her heart racing, Ushio eyes narrow upon the vast hords of the undead. Then Alice's blood spattered bat swings like a tornado of death and destruction as zombie after zombie falls dead permanently.

Seeing an opening, Ushio dashes across the zombie infested street, downing every zombie within her daughter's bat's range. The bat nostalgically reminds Ushio of her past of when she was still in high school. Ushio was the captain of Fujimi's baseball team: The Fujimi Sentinels. A batter by trade, Ushio went down as the best batter in Fujimi Academy's history. She was even on the verge of going on to join one of Japan's national baseball teams: The Tokonosu Dragons. However due to her rabid stance against Ichirou Shidou, Ushio's chance at her future career was destroyed. That was two years ago. Not long after, she joined the Tokonosu Police Dapartment or TPD for short. When the outbreak first occurred, Ushio was at home and was almost out the door to start her shift when Tadashi called her.

When Ushio picked up the phone, Tadashi told her to quickly turn on the news. After doing so, he told her of the situation as she watches the news. Before he hangs up, Tadashi tells Ushio to grab a melee weapon. Taking Tadashi's advice, Ushio rushes upstairs into Alice's room and grabs her baseball bat. Briefly smiling that her daughter would follow in her mother's footsteps and take up baseball herself. Even joining the Fujimi Sentinels. After Ichirou Shidou destroyed Ushio's baseball career, Alice hatred for Shidou and his son grew to unprecedented heights. This angers Ushio even further. To see her bright cheerful kindhearted daughter, to even know what hatred even is because of that man... it pisses Ushio off to unimaginable levels. Ushio's husband and Alice's father, Koji Maresato despised Ichirou Shidou due to everyone that bastard ever hurt (especially Ushio and Alice). Before the outbreak, Koji was one of the people helping the police investigate the Shidou Family.

Back in the present, Ushio rushes towards an abandoned car. After quickly looting car keys from a downed zombie. With a sigh, Ushio remembers bitterly how she had to abandon her own car hours earlier because it was close to being swarmed by zombies. Luckily, it isn't hard for Ushio to find the correct vehicle after hitting the unlock button. Of course this draws in more zombies. With a smirk, Ushio devises a plan. Unlock the vehicle she wants to steal, then quickly run to the other side of the street and start smashing vehicles with the baseball bat. This will cause the vehicle's alarms to go off. Then wait till a significant portion of the things shamble off towards the car alarms. With a sigh, Ushio hopes this will cause a loud enough distraction for her to make it to the car without getting bit. Ultimately the plan works but there are still a few close calls. Now Ushio is on the road again looking for her daughter Alice. Under her breath, Ushio mutters in determination, "Alice, sweetheart... I'm coming."

Three hours later

After dealing with a thug while filling up the bike at a gas station, Takashi and Kohta head off towards the East Police Station again. While on the road the two boys come across a firefight between several survivors (mostly police officers and remnants of a SWAT team) and dozens of zombies. Deciding to help, the boys come to the survivors aid. Welcoming the aid, the leader of the survivors twenty-nine year old Officer Tabane Tamaki has Takashi and Kohta join the defensive line.

While the boys try to curtail the oncoming hoard, the few remaining police officers load the civilians onto three SWAT vans. Standing shoulder to shoulder with Takashi and Kohta are two half sisters from America. Rebecca and Chloe Fitzgerald. Before the outbreak they were exchange students at Tokonosu's Yamato Acadamy. The outbeak happened during school hours. Being the daughters of a highly decorated US Navy SEAL, the two girls put their skills to the test by helping fight back these creatures. However as more of the hoard show up, the survivors supply's start to dwindle. Frustrated Takashi yells, "How long till those van's are loaded?!"

One of the policewomen, Shiori Yagami yells back, "Almost there!"

Takashi sighs in relief, "Finally something going right!"

Another female officer named Megumi Fujisaki sighs, "Where not out of the woods yet! Now conserve your ammo and give these bastards hell! I'm only twenty-three! I refuse to die like this! "

Shouts of "Understood!" are heard all over the defence line. A few minutes later, Shiori calls out, "That's it. Everyone is aboard. We have to pull out now! *sigh* I'm only twenty-one years old. Why did all the senior officers have to die?! Anyway, we need to evacuate to Taiei. The inside of the mall is currently free of those things, however the streets surrounding the place are still infested. Now get to the vehicles before we're overrun!"

Quickly, the survivors guarding the perimeter run to the vans before boarding them. Before getting into a van, Megumi quickly hands Takashi a radio, "Here take this. You and Kohta have a sports bike, you can use it to scout ahead."

Takashi holds up a hand, "Hold on, me and Kohta have friends heading towards the East Police Station. We got seperated awhile back. Right now they're in a minibus."

With a frown, Megumi shakes her head, "That place was overrun hours ago. We need to get in contact with your friends somehow. They need to be warned. Working together we can find them. Being on that bike will allow you two to be more mobile than us."

Takashi and Kohta nod in unison. Determination then fills Takashi's features, "Alright then, lets go!"

One Hour later

Back with Ushio. Speeding across the infested streets of Tokonosu, Ushio's determination to rescue Alice grows ever stronger. Along the way, Ushio picks up a lone survivor of a squad of the JSDF fighting off several zombies. After rescuing her, Ushio descovers the survivor to be a twenty-two year old Private named Tsubaki Tohdoh. Her entire squad was wiped out by those things while trying to rescue survivors. Unfortunately, none survived. While driving, Tsubaki hands Ushio her radio and tells her that the radio can be used to contact other survivors so long as they have a radio themselves. However their radios have to be on the same frequency as theirs. They can even get in contact with remnants of the TPD. After this conversation, Ushio and Tsubaki switch positions in a secure location. Now it's Tsubaki driving while Ushio is in the passenger set. Ushio then proceeds to try and contact any survivors of the TPD.

Luckily, Ushio manages to eventually get in contact with some of her fellow officers. The voice on the other end sighs in relief, "Ushio it's good to hear your voice again. How did you get ahold of a radio?"

Ushio smiles, "Kiriko it's good to hear your voice again. As for how I got a hold of one, that's a long story in itself."

Ushio Then proceeds to tell Kiriko how she meet Tsubaki as well as some of what she went through after leaving her house to find Alice. At the end of her tale, Kiriko (on the end of the radio) clinches her fist, "Ushio... losing Koji like that..."

Kiriko then proceeds to tell Ushio how she lost Tadashi. She also tells Ushio about the deaths and reanimation of Junichi and Kagome. Also Kiriko tells Ushio that she and several others successfully evacuated Taiei after securing the inside of the building. However the streets outside are still infested. After finishing the story, Ushio is in tears while Tsubaki clinches the car's steering wheel, silently morning the loss of good people despite never meeting them. After this Kiriko directs Ushio and Tsubaki to their current location. It takes them at least two hours to reach Kiriko's location due to all the zombies infesting the area. Working together, Ushio and Tsubaki coordinate with Kiriko and her people to get into Taiei without the zombies breaching the building.

They successfully do this by having Ushio and Tsubaki go into the surrounding streets and ransack abandoned vehicles so their alarms will go off. After this Ushio and Tsubaki beeline it for Taiei without making too much noise as possible. It takes a bit, but the two finally make it inside the mall successfully without being infected or allowing zombies inside. After a tearful reunion, Ushio hugs her surviving friends. With tears in her eyes, Midori smiles, "Thank god your alive Ushio!"

Ushio nods tearfully, "Me to Midori."

Kiriko smiles happly, "I'm glad your safe Ushio." Kiriko then turns to Tsubaki, "You must be Tsubaki. Good to finally meet you."

Tsubaki bows politely, "Thank you ma'am."

Kiriko laughs, "Just call me Kiriko."

Tsubaki nods, "Understood."

After this exchange, Kiriko turns to Ushio, "Ushio there's a meeting in twenty minutes. I would like for you and Tsubaki to be there. Asuka was elected to be the one in charge of our group. We'll see her at the metting."

Ushio and Tsubaki nod their heads. Ushio then asks, "What's the meeting about exactly?"

A determined look crosses Kiriko's face before responding, "To rescue our children that no doubtably survived Fujimi."

Date: March 16th, 2017

(The Next Day)

"What the hell!"

Everyone on the minibus watches in abject horror as Boeing 767 crashes into a nearby street while simultanosly destroying everything around it as well as wiping out several zombies. Miku shakes her head, "I seen this same scenario when I watched that Amarican film World War Z, though I prefer the book... What? contrary to popular belief I do actually read you know. Anyway, I remember the scene were a single zombie gets on the plan and infects a flight attendant. Of course it doesn't take long before the entire plane is infected. In the end, the plan crashes due to one of the main characters throwing a frag grenade at the zombies. Anyway, that was a movie... this is real life. Somthing similar... minus the frag grenade of course, probably happened here."

Rei sighs, "If that's remotely true, then that plane is probably overrun with zombies. Question is now, what do we do about it?"

Miku shrugs, "I say leave and get out of dodge before the zombie brigade shows up. The crash probably will bring this entire city's worth of infected to this location. We should use this opportunity to head to the police station. The crash will no doubt thin the herd."

Sarah sighs, "I don't usually agree with Miku, but she's right. If there's still survivors, then they won't last long. They'll probably be dead before we even reach the plane anyway. Besides, like Miku said, the crash will bring thousands of these things to this location. We stay, we'll be overwhelmed.

Kyoko clinches her fist, "True but we should take the chance and look for survivors!"

Cheryl sighs, "Look, we don't have time to argue. So lets put it up to a vote. Raise your hands if you think we should just leave."

Miku and her group vote leave. Cheryl sighs, Everyone raise your hands if you want to stay as long as humanly possible and rescue whatever survivors we can."

Everyone but Saeko raises their hands. After this, Saeko sighs, "I dislike leaving people to die-" She then grimaces with distaste, "But we have to think of ourselves to. However if they're still survivors we need to rescue them. If we die here, then we won't be able to save people in the future. We can't say to long. We'll have about at least ten minutes before those things start swarming us in the dozens, then eventually in the thousands. We can rescue people within that time frame. If we stay any longer we're done."

Miku nods grimly, "Fine, but some of us need to stay with and guard the bus."

Cheryl nods, "Alright it's decided then. Lets go."

A few minutes later, the gang reaches the remains of the plane. and just as feared, the plane is crawling with the undead. Miku, her group, Kyoko and Shizuka stay with the bus while everyone else goes to search for survivors. After searching for surviors (while killing zombies) for five minutes they find no one. However due to the sounds of battle, five people rush to the broken windows of the still largely intact cocpit. One of the survivors, a girl shouts down with a silky smooth, but regal voice, "Hey down there, we're still alive. We barricaded ourselves in the cocpit. However there's only five of us left. We see you have a minibus. Drive it close to the plane so we have a chance to make a break for it!"

Hearing the girl's voice, Cheryl stops and blushes crimson before unintentionally wetting her panties. A minute or so later, she regains control of herself once more, Cheryl nods before calling out to Sarah, "Sarah, tell Shizuka to bring the bus around and hurry!"

Sarah quickly nods after hearing the girl's voice herself as well. She then rushes over to the bus before informing everyone of the situation. A minute or so later, the minibus is brought closer to the downed plane. With help, the survivors manage to escape the plane. However as everyone is bolting for the bus, two of the survivors are bitten. With regret, the two bitten are left behind. After everyone has made it on to the bus, they hightail it out of the area. After they're safely away everyone breathes sigh of relief. With a polite smile on her face, Cheryl asks the three remaining survivors their names.

With a returned smile, one of the survivors, the same girl that shouted out the broken window responds in a silky smooth voice. However it's naturally regal... almost like royalty, "My name is Anastasia Alexandrovna Romanov. I'm a direct descendent of Nicholas II of Russia. I was actually named after two people, the Grand Duchess Anastasia as well as Anna Alexandrovna Vyrubova. She was both a close friend and confidante of the Tsaritsa Alexandra Fyodorovna. Anyway, I was born in Moscow Russia. I'm currently eighteen years old."

Blushing crimson, Cheryl carefully studies the Russian 5'9 blond haired blue eyed beauty. Flowing from her hawk like face, her long golden blond hair cascades down to her waist. With her double D breasts, it would drive any man or lesbian wild with lust. Especially since she's built like a ballerina. Her sharp attentive raptor like gaze confidently as well as strictly studies everyone on the bus for every nuisance of their strengths, weaknesses, character, etc... When she speaks, her silky smooth voice from before returns. Causing Cheryl's heart to race. Unsuccessfully, unable to keep her deepening blush off her face (causing Alice to glare at Cheryl), Cheryl shakes Anastasia's hand. Which causes Cheryl to redden even further, much to the other girl's dismay and jealousy, "Nice to meet you Miss Romanov. My name is Cheryl Adams, but you can call me Cheryl and this-" She then points to Sarah, "Is my younger sister Sarah."

Anastasia laughs, causing Cheryl to cross her legs as she unintentionally wets her panties again. Blushing up a storm. The vampires on the minibus hormones begin going out of control as soon as they smell this occurring. Anastasia then shakes Cheryl's hand, "Nice to meet you Cheryl, Sarah." She the says seductively, which causes Cheryl to unintentionally moan in ecstasy (to the fury of the other girls except for Miku and her group whom are enjoying this), "You can call me Anna. Miss Romanov makes me sound like an old lady."

Meanwhile one of the other survivors, an American girl with German and Cherokee ancestry named Monica Anderson stands quietly thinking several perverted thoughts. Standing at 6'1 with dark blue eyes, waist length dirty blond hair, Double D breasts, a sharp angular face and built like a marathon runner. Currently Monica is blushing madly while unashamedly openly masturbating. Once she realises what she's doing, she quits. Hungrily, Monica stares at Cheryl. Standing at 5'7 with long raven black hair that goes down to her waist, bright ocean blue eyes, with a heart shaped face and Double D breasts. Built like an Olympic swimmer. Cheryl Adams barely contains herself from jumping Anna on the spot. Something the other girls on the bus including Anna don't miss. Monica then looks to Sarah. Standing at 5'6 with a round face, raven black hair cut to shoulder length, Double D breasts, bright green eyes and built like a Olympic runner. Monica blushes madly with perverted thoughts running through her sexually deviant mind. Suddenly Monica is brought out of her thoughts by Sarah, "Uh... you still haven't told us your name Miss."

Monica blushes madly in embarrassment, "So...sorry about that. My name is Monica Anderson. I was born in New York City in the United Sates. I am currently a nineteen year old lesbian.. oh I was recently a virgin. In my spare time, I both draw and wright manga. my favourite part is creating lesbian parings. By the way, just call me Monica."

Sarah facepalms, "Girl, TMI... TMI."

The third survivor nervouly laughs. As soon as she realizes what she did, she cowers in fear. Standing at 5'5 with mousy brown hair, brown eyes, a round mousy face, D cup breasts and built like your typical geeky shut in. The red faced Japanese-American Vanessa Kōzuki straightens her glasses before stepping forward nervously, shaking like a leaf, "Hi...hi.. my...my... name is Vanes... Vanessa...Vanessa... Kōz... Kōzuki... I'm... a... a Jap... Japan... Japanese...Amer.. Amer... American! I'm... I'm also... also... fro... from New... New... York... City! I'm.. I.. I'm... only... only... seven... seven... seventeen... years... old! Please...please... to.. meet... meet... you... you! You... can... can... call me.. Van..."

Anna sighs, "Don't mind Van, she's been that way since before we realized the plane got infested. Anyway, I've been watching you since the plane. Your movements, your very way of being... I can recognize fellow vampires anywhere. Especally purebloods. If you don't mind me asking, What strain are you?"

Cheryl quirks an eyebrow, "Your a vampire to huh...Anyway I can also recognize a fellow pureblood as well. By the way, for those not in the know, a pureblood is a vampire that was born to two vampire parents. We are of the Chimeran Strain."

Anna nods, "I'm of the Vorth Strain."

Cheryl and Sarah's eyes widen. Meanwhile Saya coughs to get everyones attention. Saya then asks, "If your a pureblood than how are you related to the Romanov Family? I find it hard to believe your family are all pureblood vampires."

Anna nods, "The Romanov's are not a vampire family. However my mother Oksana Dobrynin turned my father Vladislav Romanov before I was born, thus fulfilling the requirement for me being a pureblood."

Raising a hand, Alice asks, "What is the Vorth Strain?"

Anna raises an eyebrow, "You don't know? Anyway those of the Vorth strain have many of the same powers as the Chimeran Strain. Actually the Chimeran and the Vorth Strains originated from the Volga Strain of vampirism. However our strains diverged when several of our kind mixed and interbred with multiple other vampiric strains. However, our strain contains werewolf DNA as well. What do you think vampires are the only supernatural species to exist? Anyway, our strains started to diverge seven hundred years ago. The Vorth Vampires mostly are elitist and arrogant. We can shape-shift into wolves and bats. We even can turn into mist. The more we have sex with a person, the more that person turns into a thrall. Particularly if we exchange bodily fluids. And that's not even the tip of the iceberg.

Anyway, as long as the human or other species have sex with us... well they can live for centuries. The thralls will maintain their age and will look the way they had when they first had sex with us. For instance-" Anna then gives a perverted grin before walking over to Van. Anna then starts doing several erotic things to her body (this causes Van go as red as a tomato and unintentionally start moaning in pleasure to the delight of Monica, Miku and her gang) before speaking again, "If I have sex with Van she will become my thrall. Van will become addicted to me as well as become obsessive and posessive of me. She will even eventually be unable to deny having sex with me.

In fact, she will permanently sexually desire me the more we have sex. Ultimately most of these powers derive from the Volga Strain interbreeding with the Carmellan Strain as possessing werewolf DNA. Fun fact, Bram Stoker was inspired by the Carmellan Strain when he wrote Dracula. His book strikingly details an accurate depiction of of Carmellan Vampires in his book Dracula. Also a fun but true fact is that Carmella was the alias of the Blood Countess herself Elizabeth Báthory."

Everyones eyes widden. Saya chokes, "But I thought Elizabeth Báthory died!"

Anna shakes her head, "No that was staged. Báthory's crimes where so heinous that she needed to escape. So she faked her own inprisonment and later death. After Báthory's supposed death, she went under several aliases over the centuries. In 1872, Báthory started using the alias Carmella after reading Sheridan Le Fanu's book of the same name. Moving on. Carmellan Vampires are in fact one of the strains that's killed by sunlight. Luckily, we don't have that weakness. It was bred out of us since 1980 for the most part. How the Volga Strain and the Carmellan Strain combined was unnatural.

A sect of both Volga and Carmellan Vampires known as The Blood Templars experimented on humans mainly by simultaneously feeding on humans while using black magic, werewolf DNA as well as other vile unspeakable acts. Overtime, the Vorth Strain arose. Not until 1949 where the Vorth Strain able biologically reproduce again. Even then, there are still Vorth that still can't biologically reproduce in present day. Another thing, The majorty of the Vorth Strain don't need to drink blood to survive only if we have a constant supply of sex. It doesn't matter if it's from another vampire or a human... or another species. Also, the majority won't fry in sunlight ether. I'm apart of the Vorth majority."

By this time Van is completely a red faced stuttering mess while the other vampires on the bus as well as the human Monica are weak at the knees with lust. After Anna's explanation is over, Monica excitedly exclaims, "Can I be turned! The amount of sex with other girls will be amazing! Hey what would happen if a Vorth and a Chimeran Vampire feed on a signal human simultaneously?"

Anna, Cheryl and Sarah shrug their shoulders. Sarah sighs, "We don't know. By the way, you need to be damned sure you want to be turned into a vampire. It isn't like in Hollywood you know. Might as well tell you about the Chimeran Strain."

After this, Cheryl and Sarah tell both Van and Monica all about their strain of vampirism as well as the fact that they are the only two Chimeran purebloods on the bus. As well as that the other girls on the bus besides Miku and her gang where mostly turned by her and Sarah. Sarah then goes into an explanation as to who turned who. After the explanation is over, Monica smirks, "I defiantly want to be turned. Since me and Anna had sex on the plane before those things attacked, I would like for Anna to turn me."

Anna nods and releases Van. Who surprisingly through her stuttering, begs for Anna to give her more attention. Anna sighs, "Just like the Chimeran Strain, it takes twenty minutes for individuals to be turned. Also, the individual drinking our blood and remaining a individual person vs not drinking our blood, thus turning them into thralls... well those are carryovers from the Volga Strain."

After these words, Anna seductively slinks up to Monica before sinking her fangs into Monica's neck. Twenty minutes later Monica rises as a vampire. After Monica's turning, Van of all people makes a surprising request, ""Can... can... I become... a... a... a... vam...vam... vampire? Maybe... be... I won't... be such... such... a... a... cow...cow...ard... any...any... m... m... m... ore! Moni...ca... y... y... ou... r... id...ea will.. I... it w... work?"

Monica sighs, "It's possable Van. But are you sure?"

Van nods shakily, "Y...Yes!"

Anna nods, "Very well then. Cheryl, I would like for you and Sara to help me turn Van. It's best for purebloods as well as a sired vampire of my bloodline to do it. That means you Monica."

Cheryl, Sarah, Anna and Monica then proceed to sink their fangs into Van and drink their blood. After which Van then drinks all four girl's blood. After twenty minutes Van rises as a newly turned vampire. Licking her lips, Van speaks in a clear but very seductive and mature manner, "Now that's over. My life as a stuttering coward is over. Now then, why don't everyone on the bus have sex? Van then unleashes pheromones into the air. This causes the other Chimeran vampires simultaneously to do the same.

Due to both the type of explicit nature and the Site's policy, the lemon is moved into AO3.

Two Hours later

"Asuka, were getting a transmission from a convoy. It's one of ours!"

"Put it on Ushio." Asuka commands.

Ushio nods, "Of course."

Suddenly a voice crackles over the radio, "This is Officer Shiori Yagami. can you hear me."

Asuka nods, "Of course Officer Yagami. We read you loud and clear. What's the situation?"

Shiori sighs, "Not good ma'am. Question is there a Kiriko Miyamoto around?"

Standing behind Asuka, Kiriko nods, "I'm here. What's this about?"

Shiori breathes a sigh of relief, "Thank god! I've been trying to get in contact with you since yesterday. Takashi and Kohta will be happy to hear your voice ma'am!"

Relief washes over everyone in the room that knows the boys. Particularly Midori. With a realived expression, Kiriko asks, "Can you put them on?"

Shiori nods, "Yes ma'am. Just give me a sec."

A minute or so later, Takashi's voice can be clearly heard, "Mrs. Miyamoto. Its good to hear your voice. Do you know if mom or dad survived?"

In tears, Midori cries out, "Takashi, your safe! Your... father... he didn't make it... I sorry!"

On his end Takashi grits his teeth and clinches his fists in both anger and sorrow. Midori then goes on to tell Takashi everything that's happened on her end. By the time she's done, Takashi is fuming. A few minutes later, he calms down. Takashi then, with Kohta's help tells everyone everything that happened to them up to this point. After they're finished, Ushio's eyes turn to slits, "Shidou! So that fucker is still alive and kicking?! Just great! Anyway, the best thing to do now is to escort your convoy here then go look for everyone in the minibus. They probably seen that plane go down a few hours ago. It would be a good distraction for them to slip though the city unhindered for the most part. At least for a while. Anyway, one of the places to go would be the Takagi Estate besides here. Plus Souichiro Takagi probably has that place armed to the teeth. We could use his help."

On his end, Takashi nods in understanding, "Got it."

Around the same time Takashi is having his conversation with the people in the mall, Koichi Shidou glares from a safe distance as Tsunoda is devoured by several of the undead. So far Yamada and Kurokami have fallen and have joined the hoard. Only Miura is left. Feeling it's time to cut and run, Shidou heads for a car he stole the keys to from a disposed of zombie. Tsunoda was the one who killed the zombie and gave Shidou the keys before being killed. Shidou manages to safely reach the car, however Miura doesn't make it in time and is bitten. With a shrug of his shoulders, Shidou drives off vowing revenge on everyone on the minibus, especally Cheryl Adams.

Author's Notes:

Since the canon characters Mrs. Maresato and Mr. Maresato were never (to my knowledge) given first names, I've given them the names Ushio Maresato and Koji Maresato respectively.

Anastasia Alexandrovna Romanov, Monica Anderson and Vanessa Kōzuki are OCs.