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This is the first chapter of my new story (obviously) called, "The Shinobi Blessed by the Sun!" Now, it is another Naruto/Seven Deadly Sins crossover with Naruto being ESCANOR this time! This is also a harem, but this time it is more controlled, so don't worry about that. The current harem will be posted at the end of the chapter in the end notes. And I say current because I may add a few more women, not too many, but maybe like 2 or 3 more and that's it, so if you have a suggestion, let me know.

Now, I am very nervous with how this story will turn out, well, I'm nervous about how all my stories turn out, but this one even more since at least with the others, there have been stories done like them. There have been stories of Naruto being Asura from Asura's Wrath, Naruto is Vergil from the Devil May Cry series, and even a couple where Naruto is or becomes Ban. However, there are no stories where Naruto is or becomes Escanor. There is the story, "Child of the Sun," by fairy tail dragon slayer, which is a Naruto/Highschool DxD and while Naruto has power like Escanor, he isn't actually him.

Anyways, like I said, this is a Naruto is Escanor story as well as a harem. Now, I believe that is all I have to say concerning this story, so let us get on with the story!

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'This is your last warning, a courtesy call.' Bijuu/Powerful Being/Demon thoughts

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Chapter 1 Beginning of Pride

-Konoha 12 years after Kyuubi attack, night time-

It was currently close to midnight in the village of Konohagakure and everything was silent. People were at home sleeping in their beds, while the village shinobi and kunoichi were either patrolling one of the village gates, or sleeping in their homes. However, there appeared to be one person who wasn't sleeping and we find them moving through the streets and alleyways. The small figure looked around before ducking behind a trash can when they spotted some shinobi patrolling the area before leaving. Once they were gone, the small figure looked before looking both ways and ran to the nearby store.

Upon reaching the door, the figure took out some lock picks before they unlocked the door. They quickly made their way inside before closing the door back up. Finally within the safety of the store, they were suddenly engulfed in a small puff of smoke before it dissipated revealing a young blonde child of eleven or twelve years old. The child, without needing to think, runs through the store, grabbing some sealing scrolls used by shinobi for sealing objects, and begins sealing fruit from apples, melons, oranges (which was also his favorite color), and several others along with vegetables, ramen noodles, fish, and other assortments of food. Once he got the food, the child began sealing several dozen cases of bottled water, before also sealing pots, pans, and cooking utensils.

As he is beginning to leave, he spots a black cloak with an outfit that just screamed, 'WEAR ME!' to the child. It consisted of a burnt orange colored jacket with a hood that had black fur around the hood, cuffs, and hem of the jacket. There were black stripes on the sleeves as well as a pair of black pants and sandals. Quickly swiping the outfit, he changes into it, before donning the black cloak around himself. With his excursion complete, he leaves into the night, disappearing from the village without a sound.

-1 Month Later-

It was eerily calm on this day in the village, but if one were to pay close attention, they would realize everyone seemed to not be in the happiest of moods. People who were smiling were clearly faking it as could be seen, while everyone seemed to just not be as full of life. Then, in a small residence near the summit of the villages National Monument called the Hokage Monument, a red-haired woman could be found, seething in rage at a blonde-haired man who looked eerily similar to the child who left. These were the Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze and his wife, Kushina Uzumaki.

"Dammit Minato, this is your son!" Kushina yelled out in anger and frustration as tears were streaming down her face, "If it was Mito, you'd be tearing the village apart to find her in a heartbeat, but since it's Naruto, you could care less if he was found in Iwa by Oonoki!"

Minato merely scowled and said, "Now listen closely Kushina, I love Naruto as much as I do Mito, but I can't show more affection for one missing child." Kushina glared at him to the point that it looked like she was trying to kill him with just her glare alone. Minato then said, "The needs of the many outweigh the few."

"You bastard." Kushina growled out in anger and sorrow, "This is our son, our flesh and blood Minato or did you forget?" she questioned, "And besides, he has the Nine Tails's Chakra sealed inside his body, do you know how many people would love to get their hands on something that powerful? He might not be a full-fledged Jinchuuriki like Mito is, but he can still call on the chakra of the beast inside." she said.

Minato shook his head, "I'm sorry Kushina... but there is nothing I can do." he told her as he vanished in a yellow flash.

Kushina glowered at where her husband once stood, "No, you're right. There is nothing you can do. Because we're done." she told herself.

It was a considerably good thing her daughter was at the academy at the moment because if she were home she would be upset beyond words. As Naruto's twin sister, they shared a close bond, and seeing as Mito wasn't crying in distress, he was alright. She sighed deeply, "Naruto... wherever you are, I hope your alright." she told herself, before she left in order to go get some papers filled out and signed by her no good, soon-to-be ex-husband.


In an underground tavern built into a mountain, a man of 25 could be found wearing a simple pair of glasses with a manly mustache staring at a wall in silence. He was wearing what appeared to be a bartender's outfit with a baggy, white, button-up shirt, green vest and red bow tie. He was also wearing a pair of green pants and brown shoes. On the wall he was staring at, was what appeared to be a single-handed battle axe that looked to be made of gold. He sighed before turning back around and drying some glass cups as he remembered the events that took place which led to his current predicament from seven years ago.

He didn't like how he and the other's were framed for killing Grand Holy Knight Zaratras to the point where they had to flee, but he accepted it as yet another day in his life. He then sighed to himself, before looking out the window at the night sky and said, "I wonder how mom and Mito are after all these years."

He then shook his head before continuing to dry the dishes and placing them back where they belong. He then began to think back to how he got to where he was now.


A currently thirteen-year-old Naruto can be found walking across the country of Brittania after paying a boatman for the trip and waiting almost six months. He was currently wearing a loose, white shirt and baggy black pants with brown shoes and a bag thrown over his shoulder. He was just walking along the road when he noticed a pair of cloaked people walking in the direction he had just come from. He saw both of their bags containing their money, and then looked at his little bag and figured they wouldn't mind if they have that much money. So, keeping his pace, he subtly cut their bags of money, quickly collected a few coins and kept walking, thinking he got away with it, until he sensed an attack heading his way, and dodged. He looked to see what had attacked him, and saw what looked to be a strange, small orb.

He looked up, and came face-to-face with a sword that, judging by the arm holding the sword, is a man the other person began to move over towards him, and just as he was about to perform a kawarimi, a breeze of wind blew the hood of the one in front of him off just enough for him to see a pair of gold eyes. He then heard the person say, "Time shift," with a voice that clearly proved this was a woman. Then there was a bright flash of light, and everything was gone.

The woman looked to her fellow traveler and nodded her head, "It is done, Lion Sin of Pride has been found." she said to the man.

"Well, he might not be the one we were originally after, but his heart is in the right place." he responded before he chuckled, "If you could look past the sheer amount of pride he has around him he'd certainly make one hell of a Holy Knight." he stated.

The woman nodded her head, "Indeed, now all we have to do is wait and he will reappear to bring an end to this as well as his own lands' chaos." she responded as they suddenly grew a pair of wings and vanished in flashes of light.

-25 years prior-

Naruto felt himself hit the ground with a thud before getting to his feet. Looking around he saw he was still in the same place so he didn't know what happened. Was it some type of Genjutsu. He looked around and saw that there was nobody around however it was then he began to notice his body was changing, he was getting smaller and smaller-WAIT! He wasn't getting shrunk like he thought he was, he was getting younger.

Ten minutes later, all that was in the spot where Naruto Uzumaki once stood was a baby with golden orange hair with blue eyes crying in a bundle of clothes. The babe would soon be found by a grieving couple of royal blood who had lost their newborn son Escanor Pride not even a week ago. However upon seeing the baby they gasped in shock before they picked up the baby, "Micheal, do you see the baby's parents?" she asked as she looked around.

Micheal shook his head, "It appears he's been here for several hours on his own. His parents must not have been able to care for him." he said as he looked at the baby, "He sure does remind me of Escanor..." he said softly.

The queen felt her eyes widen as an idea came upon her, "Micheal, what if this was a sign, a sign that he was meant to be with us. Our first child has already begun to learn how to lead the country, so we could just take him in as our own. We could pass him off as our little Escanor, we never did tell Bartra our child died nor Simon that Escanor is actually dead." she said hopefully.

Micheal smiled softly, "It wouldn't hurt, and if he chooses to serve Bartra like we agreed for our Escanor to, then we will happily support his decision to do so." he said as he gently rubbed his new sons head, "Welcome to the family, our little Escanor." he said happily.


Escanor shook his head, before muttering, Man, if only Ma and Pa could see me now. I wonder what they would say… tch, knowing Ma, she'd nag my head off going, 'Escanor, you idiot! I told you to watch what you did, but did you listen to your mother, no~. You had to go and do something as stupid as kill the Gand Holy Knight, Zaratras.'" Escanor then chuckled and said, "Yeah… I am not looking forward to that one."

He then drank swallowed some of his high quality Bernia Ale. It was actually one of his twelve bottles of 300-year-old Bernia Ale that he had bought for himself and his friends from their order of knight known as the, "Seven Deadly Sins."

Too bad he wouldn't be able to share it with them for years to come.

-Present time, Konoha-

It had been nearly six months since Naruto up and vanished from Konoha. Minato had been secretly sending out Anbu search teams to see if they could find his son, but unfortunately, not only did they not find hide nor hair of his son. Due to him keeping this a secret, his wife had divorced him and even stated that keeping it a secret from her was stupid as she wouldn't have told anyone. He had tried to mend the bonds between them, but it just wasn't happening. It didn't help that Kushina and Mito moved out to live with her friend, Tsume Inuzuka, who was head of the Inuzuka clan.

However, he recently heard a rumor of a man in Britannia by the name of Escanor Pride who had actually met his son, even if only in passing, before parting ways. If these rumors were true, then he would need to find this Escanor before someone else did. He was broken from his thoughts at the sound of someone knocking on his office door, to which he gave the work for them to enter.

The blonde leader watched as a group of his ninja entered, including his ex-wife and the twin sister of his missing son. These women consisted of Tsunade Senju, Mito Uzumaki, Kushina Uzumaki, Kushina's friend, Mikoto Uchiha and her sister, Madami Uchiha*, his former teammate Hitomi Uchiha*, and his former Anbu protector, Hisui Hyuuga, genin Tenten Higurashi, who was in Naruto's class, Anko Mitarashi, Naruto's notorious prankster friend, Hana Inuzuka, Tsume's daughter and a friend who used to watch Naruto as a kid, and finally, Shizune Kato, who was Tsunade's apprentice.

Now, Tsunade normally wouldn't have stepped foot in Konoha, but unfortunately, she didn't have much choice in the matter. Minato had sent her a message saying how, if she did not return to Konoha, then she, along with her apprentice, Shizune, would be labeled as rogues, as well as how it was her duty to be there for Kushina and Mito, since she was Mito's godmother. So, with no other choice, the buxom blonde returned home with her apprentice.

Tsunade sighed as she looked at her Kage and asked, "Alright Minato, why are we here? I'm sure it has to do with the rumors of the other continent, right?" With the other women nodding their heads, as they also wanted to know what they were doing there.

Minato nodded and spoke as he reached into his desk, "As per our agreement with the land of Britannia, we give up information on rogue ninja in the Elemental Nations," Minato then pulled out some fliers, "They do the same with their warriors turned criminal. It recently came across my desk that a group of seven of their most deadly warriors have gone rogue after killing their GrandMaster several years ago. It's actually quite humorous that they are called, 'The Seven Deadly Sins.'" He then spread the fliers out to show they were in fact, wanted posters, revealing six of the seven. "There is also a rumor that one of them knows the location of Naruto, but keeps it to himself." Minato finished, as the women felt their eyes widen in shock.

"Nii-san is in Britannia?" Mito asked her father, who nodded his head.

"Not only that, but according to the rumor, the one who knows his location, is said to be the most powerful warrior to have lived in nearly six centuries, as none can match his strength. Assuming this rumor to be true, he might be on par with some of us Kage, possibly even Tsunade's granduncle." Minato said.

What they didn't know however, was that Escanor had surpassed even Tsunade's own Grandfather by nearly twice as much power alone when he fought.

The women themselves gulped a bit in fear. Tobirama Senju was a High Kage level ninja and was the third most powerful warrior in his time period after Madara Uchiha and Tsunade's grandfather, Hashirama Senju. If these rumors were true, then they would need to be extremely cautious. Shizune stepped forward and said, "If that is true, then we will need to approach with caution if we ever find him."

Minato nodded and said, "Indeed, that is why I am sending all of you to Britannia to track down Escanor and see if you can indeed confirm, that he is knowledgeable of Naruto's location." Minato then places down Escanor's wanted poster, and says, "This is the man you are looking for, his name is Escanor Pride. Now, I want you all to find him and try to see if he really knows the location of Naruto. I don't care what tactics or methods you have to use, just make sure you don't get yourselves killed, you come back in one piece, and you come back with Naruto. Is that understood?"

All the women then replied in unison, "Yes, Hokage-sama!"

And with that, the group of women began to leave in order to prepare for the journey ahead of them, as they didn't know what they should expect. Little did they know, the journey they were about to embark on, would keep them away from Konoha and the Elemental Nations, for quite a number of years.

-Timeskip 3 Years-

The wonderful country of Britannia, so full of life and wonder that is very different from the war-torn lands of the Elemental Nations. Along with having different creatures, they have different abilities and military. Instead chakra like the Elemental Nations uses, the people of Britannia use mana, which allows them to use magic. Instead of having shinobi and kunoichi, the lands of Britannia use soldiers called knights, with an elite class called, "Holy Knights."

It had been ten years since the group known as the "Seven Deadly Sins," betrayed the Kingdom of Liones and killed the Great Holy Knight, Zaratras, before suddenly disappearing. No one has seen, or heard anything about any of the seven and peace had been present for most of the ten years. However recently, many disturbances have been occurring due to a new threat that is coming to Britannia.

These new threats are going to be the catalyst that causes a change in the entirety of the land of Britannia. However, if you want to stop these threats, you would need the strongest, most ruthless people in all of Britannia.

You would need the Seven Deadly Sins.

-Random Hill near Random Village-

We currently find ourselves overlooking what appears to be a tavern on the hilltop near a village. However, there was suddenly the sound of armor clanking as it seemed to be moving. The armor from which the sound is coming from is a set of extra large armor that appears to have rusted some as well, meaning movement would have been quite strenuous. As they continued moving, we see that their path was headed straight for the tavern, where a sign could be seen, showing the name of the tavern was called, The Boar Hat.

"The… Seven...:" came a muffled voice from the suit of armor, "Must… find… the… Seven…"

-Meanwhile, Inside the Boar Hat-

Inside the tavern, people were having a good time, as they were able to drink a various spread of alcohol ranging from some finely aged Bernia Ale to even some Sake from the Elemental Nations, which recently opened up to trading. People were having a good time, as they loved the rich taste of Sake, but we're getting off point. Focusing on a specific table, we find ourselves a familiar group of women.

"So, anyone find anything?"

This question came from a red-headed woman, thought the more correct term would be crimson-haired woman. She had violet eyes, her hair in a ponytail and wore a black, short-sleeved shirt with a red hooded jacket vest that had white fur lining the hood and black, form-fitting pants with black shinobi sandals. Strapped to her hip, was a sword, or more specifically, a katana with the sheath being solid black with the design of a red Chinese dragon. This was Kushina Uzumaki, mother of Mito Uzumaki, and ex-wife of Minato Namikaze. Currently, Kushina was talking to the rest of the kunoichi who she had come to Britannia with, in search of her missing son, Naruto.

The kunoichi looked at each other, before one decided to reply with, "Sorry Kushina, but we haven't heard anything about any of the sins, let alone about the specific one we're looking for."

The one who replied was a girl who had grey eyes with black hair that was styled into two buns, giving her a sort of panda look, with a few short-fringe bangs framing her face. She was wearing a white, high-collared blouse, with long-sleeves and maroon edges with a pair of maroon, puffy hakama-style pants, with bandages wrapped around the exposed part. She was also wearing a pair of black, fingerless gloves and low-heeled sandals with her black forehead protector wrapped around, well, her forehead. This was Tenten Higurashi, she was currently seventeen years old and was the former classmate of Naruto.

During their time in the academy, the two had been very good friends because she didn't treat him badly like a good portion of the other students. As the two had spent time together, Tenten began to wonder why she would help defend Naruto from the other students. As they grew up together, she slowly began to realize that she was falling in love with him. She remembered how when they were nine years old, she was made fun of for her hairstyle by others calling her a panda.

However, Naruto was the one who would stick up for her and would fight off the bullies. He would then tell her that she shouldn't listen to them, because, while her hairstyle did resemble panda ears, it just made her that much cuter. She remembered how she would always blush at that, and how he seemed to have this warmth around him during the day, that just seemed so relaxing. That was probably when she started getting feelings for Naruto, but she was still too young at the time to realize it. However, girls mature faster than guys, so by the time they were eleven, she started showing signs and hadn't realized until shortly before he disappeared, that she loved him.

She had been ready to let him know her feelings, but when she had finally worked up the courage to let him know her feelings, he had disappeared. Tenten had felt like her whole world had shattered in that instance, as he had been there for as long as she had known him. It was indescribable how much pain and sadness she felt when he had disappeared. That was why, when she heard from her Hokage that someone knew of his location, she had been ecstatic to be a part of the group who were searching for him. However, she was sad that they hadn't found anything about Naruto or of this, Escanor Pride, they were looking for.

"Yeah, we've been searching everywhere, from libraries to bars, but nobody has anything about Escanor or Naruto." Sigh "I just can't believe we've been looking for almost three years and haven't even heard of a rumor."

These were said by a pair of women who looked exactly alike with black hair and onyx eyes. One was wearing a tight, black, short-sleeved shirt that showed off her E-cup breasts underneath her green flak jacket and a pair of black fingerless gloves. She was also wearing a pair of gray Anbu pants with low-heeled sandals and a ninja pouch wrapped behind right hip. The other lady was wearing a light-gray, no sleeve kimono blouse that hugged her DD-cup bust quite nicely. She was also wearing a pair of black stretch pants that hugged her luscious thighs, and tight, heart-shaped ass and a pair of gray, low-heeled sandals. They both also had black bo staves on their backs.

These were Mikoto Uchiha and her younger sister, Madami Uchiha, two of the last few Uchiha in the world. They were friends of Kushina, and when they heard how her son had disappeared, they were instantly there for her. Mikoto couldn't imagine if one of her children had just suddenly disappeared, and while Madami couldn't understand since she didn't have any children of her own, she knew that she would be devastated if her sister had ever disappeared.

"Don't worry Kushina, if we keep searching, we're bound to find something about either one of them."

This came from a gorgeous and buxom blonde with brown eyes and her hair styled into two ponytails with a few bangs framing her face. She had an I-cup bust which was clearly straining against her sleeveless, grey kimono blouse that showed off her cleavage and was held closed by a dark blue-ish grey obi that also matched her pants. She was also wearing a pair black, strap sandals with high heels with a green haori that had a red circle with the kanji for gamble (, kake) in the middle with a necklace that seemed to have a green gem on a leather cord. She also wore red nail polish on her fingernails and toenails with soft pink lipstick.

Next to her was a woman with straight, shoulder-length, jet-black hair and onyx eyes. She was wearing a bluish-black kimono with white trimmings held close by a white obi, though the whole thing strained against her G-cup bust. She wore open toed, low-heeled sandals as well as what appeared to be a mesh clothing underneath her kimono. Something to note about her, was the pig that she was carrying in her arms that was wearing a pearl necklace and dark red jacket.

These three were Tsunade Senju, last of the Senju clan, Shizune Kato, Tsunade's apprentice and niece of Tsunade's former lover, and finally, Tonton the pig.

Tsunade was the godmother of Mito and Naruto, though she hadn't been there for either of them when they were growing up. The reason being because she didn't want anything to do with the village, due to her past. You see, Tsunade had lost both, her former lover, and her younger brother to war, and both had wanted to become Hokage of the village. After their deaths, Tsunade gained a fear of blood, as well as grew a type of hatred for Konoha.

It was due to this hatred that Tsunade never went back to Konoha, but it also because of her not being there, that she couldn't help Kushina take care of Naruto or Mito. When Tsunade finally came back, the first thing she wanted to do was check on Kushina and the kids, however when she got there, she had finally realized the other reason she was called back. She had never seen Kushina look as heartbroken as did, and Tsunade couldn't help but feel guilty, because had she been there, she could have helped Kushina take care of Mito and Naruto. Tsunade probably would have gotten worse with her drinking if it hadn't been for Shizune reminding her that drinking wouldn't help anybody and would only hurt herself.

Tsunade had never been more grateful to Shizune than at that point in time, because if it hadn't been for Shizune, Tsunade would have become nothing more than a useless, drunken mess who was full of guilt. Nowadays, Tsunade still loved to drink, but she now knew when it was okay to drink, and was in better control of herself. Especially after Shizune, after Kami knows how many years, explained how Tsunade could end up doing things or get taken advantage of when she gets drunk. Tsunade realized that all the years of Shizune telling her to slow down on the drinking or to drink less wasn't because Shizune didn't want her to enjoy herself, it was because she was worried for her.

Sigh "I hope we find onii-chan someday."

The one who said this looked to be a carbon copy of Kushina. She had the same crimson hair and violet eyes as Kushina, though her hair was left straight with two small braids framing her face. She wore white, long-sleeved kimono blouse with crimson trimmings, held close by a crimson red obi, showing off her high D-cup breasts. She also wore black, hakama-style pants with black, low-heeled sandals with a ninja pouch behind her right hip while she also had a katana strapped to her left hip. The sheath was blood red in color and had the design of a tree with roots growing out on it in black. This was sixteen-year-old, Mito Uzumaki, younger sister of Naruto Uzumaki, daughter to Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze, as well as Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Yoko.

The day she had come back from the academy, she had been devastated to learn that her brother had disappeared. She and her brother had always been close to each other to the point that they would know if one was hurt, in danger, or even sad. Their mother had always teased her about wanting to be closer than a normal brother and sister, but Mito would always begin vehemently denying it, though the bright blush on her face never helped. Mito couldn't help that she loved her brother more than a sister should, but she just felt drawn to him.

When they were growing up, she would always cling to him and absolutely loved the warmth he exuded. He always made her feel so safe, and whenever people would begin glaring at her, he would always be there to chase them off, or if an adult got cocky and tried to attack her, he was always to protect her. He never allowed her to get hurt, and whenever someone would come and try to hurt her, he would overpower them before throwing them away. Literally. Her onii-chan would pick them up, and throw them in the trash.

She could always count on him to be there for her, whether it was when she had nightmares, or when people were mean to her. That was also why, when her brother disappeared, it had been so devastating, because she had believed that he left due to not wanting to protect her anymore or believing she was a burden. It was only thanks to her mother and her brother's classmate, Tenten, who later became her friend as well, confirming that he loved her dearly and protected her because he never wanted to see her hurt.

Mito can honestly say that she had never cried as much, or as hard, as she did at that point in time. Not even when she first heard about her brother disappearing did she cry as much as hearing that he loved her so much. After that, Mito had decided to work her ass off in training in order to be strong enough so that she could earn the right to leave the village and find her brother. However, when she heard about how there was someone who knew where her brother is, she was happy and scared.

Happy, because she would finally get to reunite with her brother after being separated. Scared because she didn't know if her brother was still alive and she was afraid if the reason he left was because he saw her as a burden. However, she trusted her mother and Tenten, so she knew there was nothing to worry about and that it was just her fear getting to her.

"Don't worry Mito, we'll find him someday. Besides, this also gave us the opportunity to train and learn more." One voice said, before another began, "Yeah! We also got the chance to get some pretty interesting stuff."

The first voice came from another of the women in the group. She had long brown hair that was in a ponytail with two strands framing her face and black eyes. She also had a pair of red fang tattoos on her cheeks as well as a flower tattoo on her upper right arm. She wore a grey brace on her left wrist and bracelets along with bandages on her right wrist. She wore a form-fitting, green flak jacket that hugged her DDD-cup breasts, which also didn't have any pockets and was unzipped to show off some of her cleavage. She was wearing a pair of grey, form-fitting shorts that ended just above her knee and black, low-heeled sandals.

The second voice came from a woman with short, purple hair and light brown, pupil-less eyes. She was wearing a form-fitting mesh bodysuit that hugged against her E-cup bust, also showing that she wore no bra and went from her neck to her thighs. Over that, she wore a tan overcoat with a purple seems, a dark orange mini skirt with a dark blue belt and pale grey shin guards that connected with her black sandals. She wore her black forehead protector, a necklace with a snake fang and a wristwatch.

These were Hana Inuzuka and Anko Mitarashi, friends of Naruto's. Hana was the daughter of a clan head, and because of that, a lot of people treated her like she as glass. And she HATED it. She wasn't some fragile doll, or a glass cup. She was a kunoichi, one who worked her way up to the top and trained hard to get where she was. It was getting to the point that she felt like she was suffocating, she was just glad her mother and clan didn't treat her any different.

Hana had been feeling especially stressed the day she met Naruto, and she had thought he was going to treat her the same as everyone else, but to her pleasant surprise, he just treated her like everyone else. Of course, he was just a kid as she would babysit him and his sister, but he still didn't seem to care about who she was. He was a breath of fresh air to her as he didn't treat her any different and she didn't mind. It felt good to have a friend who wanted to hang out with her for who she was, and not for being a clan heir.

She had even introduced Anko, her friend and old classmate from her academy days, to Naruto and the two hit it off. It then became the three of them hanging out and having fun, though it eventually became her babysitting both of them, since they somehow got into pranking together. She knew about Naruto's pranks, I mean who didn't, but when his expertise became combined with her experience as a shinobi, they made a deadly team.

Even Anko had taken a liking to the, "little gaki (brat)," as she liked to call him. The two of them would often be found getting scolded by other shinobi or even the Hokage, depending on who caught in the act. If they were caught at all.

It was this friendship and the closeness that the three felt, that made the two of them glad they were partaking in the search for Naruto. They missed their friend, and Anko especially missed her pranking buddy, as they would have more fun together than when she was hanging out with her friends, Hana, Yugao, and Kurenai.

The group kept talking when they were suddenly interrupted by drinks getting placed on their table. They turned to look who it was, and they saw what appeared to be a little boy with messy, blonde hair and green eyes wearing a white, button-up shirt, sleeveless, black vest. He was also wearing white pants that stopped at his knees, a loosely-worn, black tie, and black shoes with no socks. On his back, was a brown scabbard for a sword and the sword handle was in the shape of a green dragon with a ruby for the eye.

"Here you go ladies. You look like you could use them."

They all grabbed the cups before taking a sip and they all liked the taste, except for Mito who had her drink taken from her by Tsunade. Mito pouted at Tsunade who only gave her a knowing look before nodding her head towards Kushina, Mito now understood why she still wasn't allowed to drink, despite being considered an adult. With a pout, Mito just unsealed a bottle of water and drank from that.

Kushina turned towards the boy and said, "Thank you, young man, but aren't you a little young to be working as a waiter?"

The boy turned and said, "Oh, you 've got it wrong. I'm not a waiter, I'm the owner, and my name's Meliodas."

The group were shocked to see that someone so young was the owner of a tavern, but they couldn't really say much about it, considering they've each seen weirder. The group were about to continue talking until the door was slammed open by a guy who looked like he'd seen a ghost.

"I-I saw i-it."

This got everyone to quiet down and listen as the man sat down and began to tell everyone about the, "Rust Knight." This got reactions of people saying that they were just stories that parents used to tell their children to behave or else the Seven Deadly Sins would come and get you in blood rusted armor. (A.N. Basically the part in the anime when they are all talking.)

Suddenly, everyone began to hear a loud, metallic thumping sound coming from outside the door to the tavern. Everyone began watching as suddenly the door opened up to reveal a large figure wearing rusted armor walking in, before saying, "The… Seven…"

This got all of the men to run out of the bar, leaving only the curious, young bar owner, and the group of women, who all looked surprised to find the person they were searching for suddenly do the exact opposite of what Anko had said earlier.

"Hello, would you like something to drink?" asked the young bar owner, getting looks from the kunoichi like he'd grown a second head.

"The… Seven… Deadly… Sins…" the knight muttered one more time before falling backwards to the floor, where the helmet fell off revealing the face of a girl with silver hair covering her right eye and an earring hanging from her left ear that had a blue gem with the designs of a sun and moon with stars in it.

Later on, we find the group in a room, with the young girl laying on a bed and the rusted armor lying in a corner. The young girl was wearing a black, skin tight jumpsuit with black leggings that extend from her mid-thighs to just before her toes with matching black wraps on her arms covering from her wrists to just before her shoulders. The group, young bar owner and Hawk had all been surprised, except the bar owner, at seeing such a young girl wearing all of that armor. While they were initially surprised, the group then became protective when they saw the young bar owner try to grope her chest with the excuse of, "making sure she was okay and alive." This got him thrown out of the room by the group of women before they asked Hawk to get a basin of cold water and a towel.

Currently, the girl was resting on the bed, with a towel that was soaked in cold water on her forehead, sleeping peacefully, while the women were talking about the girl.

"So, any ideas on why she would be walking around in such a big suit of armor in this heat, clearly for a long time, if the heat stroke she is suffering from says anything." asked Tenten, knowing from her background as a co-owner of a weapons shop that metal armor will build up heat from being in the sun and when it's hot.

"No idea, but we could ask her when she wakes up." offered Mito which got the group nodding in agreement, 'And maybe she knows something about the Seven Deadly Sins from what she was saying.' Mito mentally added, figuring that the girl must know something.

"That is very true, and she also seems to have some strange energy coming from her but I cannot tell what it is."

Mito didn't react to the voice in her head because she knew that it was Kurami talking to her from inside the seal, for you see, when Mito was training when she was younger, she used too much chakra at one point and knocked herself out, where she eventually found herself coming face to face with Kurami, who explained that she didn't want to attack Konoha because she actually liked Konoha, if only because it was Mito and Kushina's home, and that she had been forced by an Uchiha who called himself Madara. This had shocked Mito, but she decided to trust Kurami and told her mom when she woke up, where they decided to look at the seal and rewrite it so that Kurami could have a body outside but her power would stay inside the seal and be regulated by Mito, so that she wouldn't die because she was not strong enough to survive having a bijuu removed from her seal like her mother was.

'Okay, I'll keep an eye on her just incase she turns out to be dangerous.' replied Mito.

"Okay kit." informed Kurami.

Mito then snapped out of it when she and the rest heard the girl began to stir. She opened her visible eye to show a dazzling blue eye before she looked around curious about her surroundings and was surprised to see the group all either standing or sitting around her.

The girl gained a slight flustered look and stuttered, "H-Hello, there." while waving her hand.

"Hello, it's good to see that your up and feeling better. You gave us quite a scare there when we saw you passed out from heat stroke." informed Hana, having some medical experience even though it was mostly towards animals.

The girl looked even more flustered at that, "Sorry about that." she apologized while bowing her head.

The group just giggled or chuckled at her antics and told her it was fine and that she didn't have to bow. They soon found out her name is Elizabeth. They then began to talk about what she was doing, wandering around in such big armor in this heat, and she informed them that she was looking for the Seven Deadly Sins. The group and Hawk were all surprised at hearing that answer. Before they could continue however, there was a loud noise from outside in the main part of the tavern where they heard a bunch of knights saying they serve under some, "Lord Twigo," in search of the Rust Knight who had been spotted in the area. The group came out of the room, after telling Elizabeth to stay put, and were prepared to defend the girl when they heard the bar owner says that he knew where the rust knight was and then Hawk exclaimed he was the rust knight when he came out with random pieces of the rusted armor that Elizabeth had been wearing strapped to his body.

Before anyone could do anything, a knight outside began shouting about a woman running into the forest. The knights gave chase to Elizabeth, saying they just had to tire her out before Lord Twgo arrived.

As the knights were chasing Elizabeth, they were being attacked by the group and Hawk. This caused the knights to focus on the group and not notice Elizabeth being picked up by two people into a tree, before the last knight ran off the cliff.

In the tree, were Elizabeth, Meliodas, and Mito looking down as the knights fell.

"So, how does the rest of that story go?/Why are you looking for the sins?" asked Meliodas and Mito at the same time, just as the rest of the group began appearing.

Elizabeth began explaining that she was looking for the Seven Deadly Sins, in order to stop the Holy Knights. As she was explaining all of the horrible things that the knights did, they were unaware of another presence approaching them. Meliodas began saying how it might not be possible to find the sins because of some rumors that they all died, when Elizabeth exclaimed that they were too amazing in order to die so easily. The group looked at her in surprise when suddenly the ground began shaking.

It turned out that the cliff had been sliced clean through and was falling to the ground. Standing on the area where the cliff was sliced, stood a knight with a thick mustache and dark red armor.

The knight looked down and said, "Confirmed! Thirteen unknown people, dead!"

He then looked behind himself, "Is that alright?" He was asking the four knights that were standing behind him.

"B-But Mr. Alioni was beneath the cliff." said one of the knights.

"Then we can say fourteen dead."

The knights were shocked at how calmly this knight said that and said, "B-But! Lord Twigo, that's horrible!"

The now named Twigo turned them and asked, "Then, eighteen dead?"

"Anything but that!" the knights shouted in fear.

The five knights then heard several sighs of relief and turned to see the group of women with a redheaded teenage girl carrying Elizabeth and Meliodas carrying Hawk and Mr. Alioni.

The four knights shouted in surprise and relief, "Mr. Alioni!"

Twigo however, "What are you all doing alive?! Don't change my confirmed death toll!"

The entire group minus Elizabeth and Mr. Alioni all shouted or calmly said, "Don't confirm it on your own./!"

As the group, was checking on each other, Twigo saw Elizabeth's earring. "Well, it seems I'm in luck! That symbol is of the royal family. Which means you are, confirmed! Princess Elizabeth!" he exclaimed getting shocked looks from the group except for Meliodas.

"Princess Elizabeth? As in the princess of the kingdom?!" the group and Hawk shouted I surprise, while Meliodas just looked curious.

Twigo then said, "There is a search order for you throughout the kingdom. You won't run, will you? The order is for your capture… but nothing can be done if you were killed in an accident."

The group began running into the forest, with Elizabeth shouting, how she can't be captured and that she won't give up.

Twigo then swung his sword in there direction while shouting, "Confirmed! Accidental death!"

Once he swung, he caused the entire forest to be cut down, but everyone was okay except for some scratches and dust with Hawk being the worst with a stick being stabbed into his rump and Meliodas having his left sleeve blown off.

Elizabeth was lying on the ground crying about how she was being saved by a group she didn't know and a man whose name she didn't know. Meliodas than smiled and told Elizabeth, that his name was Meliodas, causing her to be surprised and she along with the rest of the group, all finally noticed the symbol on his arm.

"A-a dragon?" Elizabeth stuttered in shock, with the others being surprised as well.

As she was saying this, Twigo came up to them and swung his sword down on them, causing a huge cloud of dust to appear. Twigo stood there thinking this time he got the group, when suddenly he was hit with a blow of strength, blowing him back. He looked up and everyone was surprised to see Meliodas wielding his broken sword in his left hand.

Twigo grew angry at this and began shouting, "You!? You plan on fighting me with that trash!?"

"Trash is just fine." answered Meliodas.

Elizabeth then began asking, "Are you really that Meliodas?"

Twigo was shocked hearing this, "Meliodas?! W...Wait, I remember seeing your face before…! No… If that's the case then why do you not look any different from before…!?"

Meliodas then stood with his sword ready as if to swing from right to left with his knees bent, "Have you figured out… Who I am?"

Twigo got a look of fear and began shouting, "It… It can't be! Truly, you are…" Twigo then swung with all his strength shouting, "YOU AAAAAAAREEE!"

Meliodas then swung his sword out and introduced himself, "Seven Deadly Sins- The Dragon's Sin: Meliodas!"

Twigo was then hit with all of the power that he used when he swung sending him flying. The group and Elizabeth all looked at Meliodas in shock as Meliodas just calmly watched Twigo go flying as he said, "Ohh! He sure went up high!"

He then resheathed the broken sword, turned to Elizabeth and said, "Well, looks like you found the first one… Elizabeth! About the remaining six, I've actually got business with them too, so I've been searching for them as well as of late. I've been using the bar in order to find information about them. If I had a serving girl, then I'd be able to get more customers and more information. You'll come with me… right?"

Elizabeth looked shocked at the offer and smile brightly while exclaiming, "Yes!"

"Actually," a voice said, this earned the attention of Meliodas and Elizabeth who both turned to see the women standing looking at Meliodas with serious looks, "we will be coming along as well."

Meliodas and Elizabeth both grew confused, "Why?" asked Meliodas.

Then Mito stepped forward and said, "Because we have been looking for the sins, in order to see if they would help us find someone."

Elizabeth then decided to ask, "Who are you looking for?"

Kushina answered this time, "We're looking for my son."

"Why would we be able to help you?" asked Meliodas with a curious yet serious face.

"Because we received information that the Man known as, Escanor Pride, knows the last known location of my son, Naruto." replied Kushina.

This caused Meliodas to go wide-eyed as he then answered, "I know that name."

Everyone looked at him in surprise, "You know Naruto!?" asked the group of kunoichi.

Meliodas nodded his head, "Yeah, Escanor used to talk about the boy who earned his respect all the time. He told us stories that he said were told to him by Naruto."

The group grew extremely happy, knowing that they now had a solid lead, "So can we come with you?" asked Tenten.

Meliodas just smiled and nodded his head saying, "Sure, I think it'll be fun and amazing to help you guys out."

Suddenly, a giant green pig appeared and everyone noticed the Boar Hat on its' back along with Hawk, who had ran away earlier.

"Nice timing Hawk's mom!" exclaimed Meliodas, and then he and everyone else climbed on Hawk's mom. With this everyone looked forward, all of them ready to continue their journey, Elizabeth and Meliodas to find the other seven sins and the group of kunoichi to look for Naruto but decided to help Elizabeth along the way. None of them knew what was in store for them but they all knew one thing; no matter what happens on this journey, it was going to be one HELL of an adventure.

-Meanwhile, Undisclosed Location-

In an undisclosed location, one Escanor Pride sat at his hidden bar waiting for an eventual customer when he heard the door to the 'My Sweet Gluttony' slowly opened to reveal a familiar face to him, "Ah, Hedrickson-san it's so good to see you after all this time." he said happily as he adjusted his magic glasses that suppressed his powers to the bare minimum. It had been a couple of years since he had laid his eyes on his old friend.

"Escanor, I see you haven't picked up hardly any customers even after all this time." the silver haired man joked with a smile as Escanor grasped the man's forearm with his hand as the man did the same, both wearing smiles on their faces.

"Yeah, it's hard to be a barkeep when hardly anybody knows the location of the bar." he said getting a laugh from Hendrickson.

"I hear ya on that one my old friend." he said as he sat down with a tired groan where he rubbed his aching knees, "Man, either I'm getting old, or the travel to your bar is just that long." he said with a chuckle as Escanor nodded in agreement.

"Now you know how I feel when I have to make deliveries to places like Vaizel and Bernia, Hendrickson." Escanor said with a calm look as he poured the man a mug of his finest ale.

Hendrickson sighed nostalgically, "Yeah, seems as if the old days were just yesterday." he said with a small smile, "Princesses Margaret and Veronica followed after you like lost puppies trying to catch you training with the boys and Elizabeth following after Meliodas and Zaratras to play with her. And then the bullshit that happened with my brother went down and now here we are, ten years later with nothing to show for it." he said as he chugged the alcohol down.

Escanor nodded in agreement, "Yeah, seems so long ago when in truth it was just ten years ago. I can't even go back to my parents because of the treaty between Britannia and my old home." he said as he placed the bottle back on the shelf before he sat beside the man with his own mug, "To the good ol days, where all we had to worry about was Meliodas perving on the women's bathhouses with the others before he convinced us to join him and we got our asses kicked royally." he said with a small grin where the two smashed their mugs together.

"To the good old days, and may they once again come back to us." he said as they chugged the booze down, setting their mugs down with content sighs Hendrickson and Escanor wiped their mouths clean before they stood, "So, I already know that you never see me without a reason behind my visits, so I'm just gonna explain to you what's going on." he said as Escanor nodded his head to say he could go on, "As you already know, Dreyfus has found a couple of demons. One is red and the other is a silverish color although we assume that is because that is due to it not having been in the sun for however long it's been where it is currently." he said to the man as he brushed his hair back.

"Yeah, the enhancement project for the new knights of the order. You told me this about a year ago when you came by." Escanor nodded his head remembering the topic.

Hendrickson nodded his head, "Right, which you already know is a failure thanks in part to Dave when he went rogue nearly six years ago to protect his kids Guila and Zeal from his actions. I assume Gowther found him as I can sense his presence but not the armors own." he said with crossed arms where Escanor nodded his head in agreement, "Anyways, I was ordered by Dreyfus to ingest some of the red demons blood around a week ago. I barely survived it." he said as Escanor looked shocked by the revelation, "And soon, he'll order me to inject a couple drops of the white or silver demons blood into my body to enhance myself even more," he revealed.

"What? Are you serious!? You know you can't go through with it Hendrickson! You could die! It's bad enough that you were almost killed with the red demon's blood when you took it!" Escanor exclaimed.

Hendrickson shook his head, "Dreyfus seems to think otherwise." he stated, "He seems to believe that with my body already enhanced by the red demons blood I could survive the injection of the silver/white demon blood into my body." he said, "I don't know what'll happen, but if you ever return to the capital and I am in fact possessed by the power hungry energy of the Demon Clan, you'll kill me." he said seriously.

Escanor shook his head, "No, I won't do it. Your one of my oldest friends, we've known each other for years, I won't allow you to succumb to the darkness of the demons blood." he proclaimed.

Hendrickson nodded his head, "I know you won't, but I know if it comes down to it, you'll show the world why you are the Lion Sin of Pride." he said as he gave a grin, "After all, your Pride is the Sun." he said as he stood up and walked out of the bar.

Escanor smirked, "Don't I know it, Hendrickson." he said before shaking his head, "Oh brother this isn't going to end well." he said as he walked to his vault, "Whelp, better get going. It's gonna be a couple weeks before the Fight Festival in Vaizel comes round and I need to get a new brand of Fire-mountain Whiskey from Esclossa." he told himself as he began to get his shipment ready to leave in the morning.

-At the Same Time, In Another Undisclosed Location-

In a room where nine dark silhouettes stood on a series of stumps that resembled fingers a man with a set of purple eyes with a ripple pattern spoke, "Report, Black Zetsu." he ordered.

"The Nine Tails Boy has been located, but it may not seem believable when I tell you that he is no longer a mere boy." Black Zetsu said.

"Oh do tell, is he a good boy to have grown strong like Tobi, Tobi is a good boy." a man wearing an orange spiral mask question.

"No, he has somehow turned into an adult. I assume it was one of his new colleagues that made the transformation, or used a special seal to enhance his growth." Black Zetsu said before shivering, "However there is something you need to know." he stated.

"Tell us. If we can't get the chakra from him then we'll go for the sister or even that third option." a woman spoke in a commanding tone.

"His power, although suppressed to an impressive amount is still immense. I wager it to match Pein-sama as he is now. I wouldn't cross him if he releases his suppressant to fight." he said in a serious tone.

Pein snorted, "He can try, but like all others, he cannot stand against the full might of a God." he said arrogantly. he then looked to the rest of his group, "Go to Britannia and get him and bring him back. I don't care if he is on the verge of death, but as long as his body holds the Nine Tails' Chakra we can extract it from him into the Gedo Mezo." he ordered as the shadows vanished, "Soon, peace will be in our grasp Yahiko." he muttered to himself.

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