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"We're gonna turn it out till it gets too hot." Normal speech

"Everybody sing, hey-o." Past speech

"Tell 'em turn it up till they can't no more." Bijuu/Powerful Being/Demon speech

'Let's get this thing shakin' like a disco ball.' Normal thought

'This is your last warning, a courtesy call.' Bijuu/Powerful Being/Demon thoughts

Previous lines are lyrics from the rock song, "Courtesy Call," by Thousand Foot Krutch. I would suggest looking up the song if you haven't heard it before, or looking up the band.

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(Play Epic Seven: Promise)

(Sinking, falling into despair a hand reached out and broke through my fears

when I was lost, you found me, showed me kindness, set me free, and still

I remember)

(A group of people is prominently seen, though their forms are shadowed expressively to be unable to show who they are.)

(Now I can hear you

When I close my eyes

I can feel your hand in mine)

(The darkness begins to spread, when suddenly, a blinding light explodes into existence, expelling the darkness to reveal the ninjas of Konoha. The group turns to see a hulking Escanor holding Rhitta, a massive sun burning brightly behind him as he glares ahead at an unseen enemy)

(Now I can hear you

I can find you

Finally, I realize)

(Escanor kneels and holds his hand out to the screen, a soft smile growing on his face. However, a massive explosion causes him to turn around as a jet of fire makes its way towards the group. A flick of his wrist and his sun easily overpowers the flame and disperses them.)

(For you I promise, I promise I'll never forget

Every moment that we spent together)

(The people are running around frantically while Meliodas, Ban, King, and Diane all walk up to stand next to Escanor. The five then burst forward as they charged forward before a creature appeared in front of them.)

(Promise, I promise I'll hold my head high

Here together standing under the seventh sky)

(The five of them all launch an attack that causes the beast to fall while people begin cheering before Meliodas suddenly spasms as his eyes turn blank and the picture zooms into Meliodas' eye.)

(When the end feels so far out of reach and the path is long and you want to retreat, just know that I'm there with you together we will make it through the dark, and we will rise up)

(Escanor is now standing in front of Margaret, and Elizabeth while he holds Rhitta and glares at a group of shadowed figures. While one is shown with purple, ringed eyes another is Meliodas who smirked evilly while he had the demon mark on his forehead and was covered in clothing made from darkness.)

(For you I promise, I promise I'll never forget

Every moment that we spent together)

(Escanor suddenly charges while Ban snatches Elizabeth and Margaret back while the shadow group charges as well with Meliodas and the ring-eyed person leading the charge before Meliodas and Escanor clash weapons which is when a bright explosion occurs and causes everything to go white.)

(Promise, I promise I'll hold my head high

I'll be there I swear
(Promise, Promise) (Promise, Promise)
That we spent together
(Promise, Promise))

(Suddenly, a pair of blue eyes snapped open to show Escanor sitting on top of a mountain as he stares at the sun until his image shimmered as it was briefly replaced with that of a young man with spiky, blonde hair and whisker marks before he smirked as it stopped and he turned to look at the group of ninjas, and fellow Sins who all smiled with him as the looked at the setting sun while the sun glinted off of Rhitta.)

(I'll hold my head high

Here together standing under the seventh sky)

~Chapter 4: Festival Continues, Plans, and An Attack!~

The group of Meliodas and his companions as well as the Kunoichi from the Elemental Nations left the fight festival with their heads low, for some of them at least, and others with their heads held high. Kushina sat down at a table inside the Boar hat with a huff, "I don't understand how someone so big can move so fast," she said to herself.

"I didn't know Escanor-san could be so strong," Satsuki said in admiration.

"So, what seems to have all of you in the dumps?" Mikoto asked as she brought them some food.

"To be honest? A lot," Kushina answered.

"Yeah, and then there's the fact that apparently, there's more to this fight than meets the eye," Anko said to her.

"Could you tell us? I mean we did miss out on the festivities to serve alcohol," Hitomi said smiling.

"Ok, first off, these Sins? Easily Kage Level fighters. Ban and Meliodas nearly destroyed the arena they were fighting on. Those two idiots nearly killed each other in appearance but they were only sparring at most. Oh, and apparently, there is a large mushroom that shrinks people and it hit both Diane and Elizabeth and so Diane, being bored, decided to join the festivities," Kushina said huffing.

"Did she do any fighting?" Madami asked her.

"Fighting isn't the word I would use, more like utterly annihilating her opponent," Mito said laughing.

"I almost felt sorry for her opponent," Satsuki laughed out at the memory.

"Not Diane?" Hitomi asked.

"Oh yeah, that girl is as strong as Tsunade-sama," Kurenai said crossing her arms.

"Really?" Tenten asked her, "I know she's strong, but that strong? Come on," she said incredulously to the woman.

"She is. In fact, she might actually be stronger," Mito said.

"So, was that all that happened today?" Hitomi asked the group of women.

"No, we saw Escanor," Anko said to her.

"Really?" Mikoto, Hitomi, and Tenten asked them.

"Is he as strong as the sins said he was?" Shizune asked the girls.

"Yeah, and if you think Meliodas, Diane, King, and Ban were monsters, this guy is worse," Kushina said motioning to the Sins in question, "Than those four put together," she told them shivering as she remembered Escanor's nigh unlimited power.

"I'm almost afraid to ask how so, but tell me how so?" Mikoto asked.

"He is powerful, like super powerful. He managed to take a full-on fire attack that looked equal to a Great Fireball Jutsu and come out unscathed," Satsuki said as she recounted the sight.

"That's impossible! He'd be a pile of ash!" Tenten exclaimed.

"Not this guy, apparently he's immune to fire," Mito said to her friend.

"How'd he manage to become immune to flames? That has to be an overpowered ability," Hitomi asked her.

"Nobody knows except the sins, probably, but he just stood there and acted as if it were a nice breeze blowing. Sure, he lost most of his shirt, but he didn't even seem shocked by it. And his ability, Sunshine? Don't even get me started, one attack had enough chakra in it to rival the combined force of Mito, Satsuki, Anko, Jiraiya, Me, Meliodas, Ban, Diane, King, and a couple of Holy Knights that participated in the match combined," Kushina said to the shocked trio.

"He has that much Chakra!?" Tenten cried out, "If anyone had that much chakra, they'd burst from chakra overload," she said in shock.

"Not this guy. Remember? His power rises and falls like the sun, so he must have something unique that allows him to handle all that power. It's still amazing that anyone, let alone a mere human can be that strong," Kurenai stated.

"It's almost like he's as strong as Lord Hashirama if he has that much power. Remember the stories in class? How, Lord Hashirama-sama had enough Chakra to match several of the Kage simultaneously? This could be a similar thing," Satsuki said in thought.

"Not likely," Hana Inuzuka stated as she walked over, "If he's as strong as you say he is, then there must be some way to get him to answer the question of where Naruto is," she said.

"Hana, you don't get it. This guy was holding back," Mito said loudly, "He was wearing sealing items that suppressed his power, and the minute he took them off his power skyrocketed to levels that caused even the other sins began to cower. Meliodas himself has said that there is no person alive that can match him unless it is a certain time of day. And even then, she has to be really quick to beat him," she told her friend's sister.

Shizune came over and sat down next to the ladies, "So the question is, how do we get him to reveal Naruto's location?" she asked.

"It's rather simple. He's overconfident," Hitomi said.

"And how do you know this?" Anko asked her friend.

Kurenai sighed out in annoyance, "Remember, Meliodas and the other Sins have confirmed and have told us, he is arrogant and believes his power is the greatest in all the lands. So, by tricking him into revealing Naruto's location we can simply get our things and go find the little trouble maker," the red-eyed beauty said.

"But it's not that simple," Mikoto said, it was starting to look like a plan was forming, but even the greatest plans could go bad, "He is simply too strong for any of us," she pointed out.

Hitomi nodded her head, "And that is the only problem I am seeing so far," she said.

"Maybe my mom and I could bind him using the Adamantine Sealing Chains," Mito offered.

"It's possible, but we don't know how it will affect the people here. They use a less potent form of Chakra, and as far as we know Escanor is the only one that has figured out how to channel his chakra to fight," Tenten pointed out.

"That doesn't matter, the chains can seal off chakra no matter how potent. If it is made of chakra or uses it, it can be cut off," Kushina stated.

She would not miss the chance to find a lead on her son, no matter what the odds were.


Escanor sighed happily as he leaned back in his wagon, "Today was a good day," he said, shaking a bag of coins he had proffered from his wares. He had not only made it to the next round of the festival, he was the strongest after all, but he had also managed to sell his wares before the end of the day. Man, Bernia Ale sure was a divine blessing for him to invest in.

"So, Escanor, any idea on what you're gonna do after this Fight Festival?" Margaret asked him softly.

"Try to go back to living in my tavern, but something tells me that's highly unlikely for me now," he said to her.

"That'd be correct," a new voice said from behind him, causing the duo to turn and see a slightly agitated Veronica Liones tapping her foot impatiently, "So, care to tell me why you are out of the palace Margaret, and with a notorious criminal of all people?" she asked her big sister.

"I'm a grown woman, and I'm capable of handling myself just fine thank you," Margaret said to her little sister adamantly.

Escanor raised a brow, is that what she thought a few days ago when they had encountered each other, she was scared out of her mind and looked ready to pee herself.

Veronica snorted, "Uh-huh, and I'm a Fairy King in disguise, Margaret," Veronica said before she walked over and grabbed her sister's hand, "Come on, the others will want to know where you have been and how healthy you are," she told her.

"I don't think so, I'm the eldest, or have you forgotten that much Veronica?" she asked, ripping free from her little sister's grasp.

Veronica sighed, "No, I haven't forgotten Margaret, but I am still your sister. Besides, how can you trust a criminal like him, especially him?" she asked her sister.

Margaret snorted, "You forget that before he became a criminal he was both a knight and a prince before his kingdom was destroyed almost 15 years ago," she responded.

"It doesn't matter, we were told to avoid them, and you disobeyed father's wishes just like Elizabeth has done," Veronica said.

"Lizzy? She's here?" Margaret asked her sister.

"Yes, she's here, and with the Captain of the Sins at that," Veronica stated.

"There you are Princess Veronica," a masculine voice said, "I was worried you had gotten lost. Did you perhaps forget why we were told to come here in the first place?" the voice asked her, causing them to turn and see Griamore.

"Ah, Griamore-kun it has been too long, my student. Where are those other troublemakers of your group, Gilthunder-kun, and Howzer-kun? You have gotten big since I last saw you," Escanor smiled.

"Master Escanor, it is a pleasure to see you once more," the giant of a man bowed, "As for Howzer, he is lurking about and ensuring nobody overhears the conversation between us," Griamore told his mentor, "As for Gilthunder, he's being forced into submission through Vivian, Dreyfus has some type of spell placed on her that makes her obey him. Somehow, my father has used her as leverage against poor Gilthunder, and now he's practically a dog on a leash due to this," the hulking man told Naruto.

Escanor sighed, "How unfortunate for the lad," he stated, "You said that the three of you had a mission and it involved me, how does bringing my Sacred Treasure to me involve your mission?" he questioned.

Griamore cleared his throat, "This year's Fight Festival, it's a trap for the sins. Somehow Dreyfus has found out that you would be here and has sent a contingent of knights to take you out. What he didn't take into account was for the other sins appearing, with you out of the picture the hunt for the other's could begin and we could eventually eliminate the whole order," he told the man honestly.

"I know that much, Veronica-sama explained it to me earlier today, and who told you to retrieve my ax?" he asked.

"Hendrickson ordered those loyal to the king alone and had us bring it here," Veronica answered before Griamore could, "A way to help you along your journey back to redemption and freedom. Also, there are other plans in motion, but we don't know what all they are, but if the rumors are to be believed, he plans on starting a Holy War to throw the realm into chaos," the princess said.

"That's horrible," Margaret said in horror.

"Many of us agree, but currently, we just aren't strong enough to fight the numbers that Dreyfus has amassed to his side," Griamore said.

"If the things you say are true, then we must warn the sins immediately," Escanor said.

Margaret felt her eyes widen, "B-But you said we had to avoid them at all costs," she stated.

"Your identity has already been revealed, and the Sins already know me by my power signature and look. Their companions are no different," he said to the princess and then looked to Griamore and Veronica, "Veronica-sama, Griamore-kun. Go get Howzer-kun and meet us at the traveling bar the Boar's Hat. There is stuff we must discuss," he ordered as he grabbed Margaret by the hand and climbed into his wagon, "Please, meet us as soon as you can at the tavern," he told them as he urged the horse on and watched as it took off at a light trot.

"Escanor, what's the matter? You're acting strange right now," Margaret said to him.

"I'll explain everything once we meet up with the other sins my lady, but for right now, trust your protector in what he is doing," he stated as the horse was urged to turn a corner.

"Escanor, slow down please, I might fall off," Margaret pleaded.

However, what she didn't expect was for Escanor to reach around and suddenly yank her around to sit in front of him, "Is that better milady?" he asked her.

Margaret felt her eyes widen as her cheeks heated up in embarrassment, "I-It's fine Escanor, just please be careful with me up here, would you?" she asked him.

Escanor didn't respond as he jerked the reign's to the left, "Hyah, hyah!" he urged the horse as he slapped the reign's on the beast's neck to get it to break into a gallop.

~Boar's Hat~

"This is very strange indeed, a mushroom that can shrink living organisms with microscopic spores," Tsunade said as she checked Diane and Elizabeth over.

"It was both exciting and unexpected, though the shrinking part was definitely not planned," Diane told the busty blonde.

"Hmm, I may have to take some spore cells from both of you to see if I can make an elixir that can reverse the effects of the shrinking, maybe even make a serum that can allow for the same effects so you can spend more time with us down here," Tsunade muttered while Diane looked excited at the thought of being able to stay small for longer periods, "Though, I would need more knowledge about this continent and its various creatures and the energy you all use."

"Well, Sir King said the effects weren't harmful, but I don't think he mentioned if they would be permanent," Elizabeth said.

"Well, I wanna make sure nothing harmful is happening to the both of you with those spores covering you. Could the two of you hold out your arms please?" Tsunade said as she grabbed a scroll from her pack and unfurled it.

"Of course," Diane said as she placed her arm on the top of the table while Elizabeth merely stuck her arm out for the blonde.

A puff of smoke later and a set of medical tools and a microscope were laid out. Diane looked at the equipment in curiosity, "These are some strange things. Not even Merlin had these when she was working," the shrunk giantess said looking at it all.

"I believe it is due to the technological differences that separate the two continents," Tsunade said as she took a cotton swab and dabbed it in some alcohol and then wiped Diane and Elizabeth's arms before she placed the swabs under the lens of the microscope.

"So, what exactly do these things do?" Elizabeth asked the doctor.

"The alcohol is a sanitation medicine, it kills any germs that can be harmful and it allows imperfections to show in the dead cells on the skin. The swab, which is this little thing here," she said holding the cotton swab up, "gathers the dead cells together by pressing against the skin and picking up the traces of foreign objects that lay across the skin. I.E dead skin, blood, plant spores. Anything that can't be seen by the naked eye is gathered in it. The microscope, which is this thing here, allows one to see those things that cannot be normally seen," she explained to them, "Here, take a look," she said as she placed the swab she had used on Diane under the lens.

The shrunk giantess placed her eye to the lens and immediately withdrew with a gasp, "Oh my, you mean to tell me that all of that is on my skin, eww." she said in disgust.

"Yeah, it's pretty bad, but then again something like this must be unheard of even for you guys," Tsunade said.

"Yeah, because our doctors rely on Incantation Orbs and basic medicines and herbs to heal us. They don't really care for the small things, especially those things," Diane said pointing to the microscope.

"Well, I'm gonna need to swab a lot of your skin to get a proper sample of those shrink spores. From both of you, just to make sure the effects are roughly the same," she stated to the two women.


Mito sighed as she ate some of Ban's cooking. She hated to admit it, but the man's food put even Ichiraku's to shame, and that was saying something as Ichiraku's was heaven itself, "So, Mito was it?" the silver-haired man asked and got a nod, "Why are the lot of you so desperate to find Escanor? What's the real reason you're looking for the strongest knight in Britannia besides your lost brother?" he asked her. He had never really pried into their business, but call him curious. Ever since Howzer appeared and said those things it had been bugging him.

Mito shrugged her shoulders, "Even I don't know why we're looking for him. I was only told we had to find Escanor to find out where Naruto might be," she said.

Ban nodded his head, "I guess the higher-ups are always shrouded in mystery," he muttered.

"Yea, politics are always like that," the blonde teenager said. She then looked at Ban with a curious glint in her eyes, "So, how did the sins first hear of my brother anyways? Your captain mentioned when we first met that he had heard of him, but Howzer, that Holy Knight that snuck up on us to speak with you, mentioned that the Sins were disbanded for roughly a decade before we arrived," she pointed out.

"And you would do well to remember that," Ban told Mito seriously, "The Seven Deadly Sins is the strongest order of Holy Knights for a reason, but before we were even a group, we were all just lost souls waiting to find a purpose in life," he told Mito as Satsuki sat down next to her as he placed a plate down in front of her.

"Really, like each of you was just wandering around with nothing better to do?" the Uchiha heiress asked him and the immortal nodded.

"Yep, lost, alone, and thirsty for some attention," Ban told her with a chuckle, "Now before I get into how we have heard of your brother, let me explain a bit about Escanor so you can better understand our greatest fighter," he told them as he flipped some meat on the grill, "Escanor was once a prince of a distant land, a part of a kingdom called Castellio, and this was before he discovered his magic and all the other things that make him who he is today," Ban said as he tossed some seasonings over the meat.

"He's a prince?!" Mito said in shock, she was not expecting that.

"Holy shit! He must be one hell of a prince," Satsuki muttered.

"Hold on, I wasn't finished yet," Ban started smacking the spoon down on the Uchiha heiress' head for interrupting him, "Anyways, while he may have been royal, he had a desire to be a knight rather than rule the kingdom, and so his brother took over and ruled Castellio. Well, while Escanor was over here in Britannia learning to become a knight, a war broke out in Castellio. Bandits had attacked the kingdom and had overrun the state. Escanor pleaded with the king of Liones to send him back as soon as possible so he could try to save his family, but unfortunately, he had asked a bit late on his request," Ban told the two girls.

"That's so sad," Satsuki said as Ban nodded his head.

"Yeah, it is, but that's not the worst of it. See, Escanor's home would come under attack by a large horde of Barbarians, tens of thousands of them all at once. Well, as many barbarians there were, the kingdom had several thousand knights that could fight the hordes off easily. But they didn't take into account that these weren't the average barbarians," Ban said as he rolled some vegetables onto the burner and sprinkled a hint of salt over them.

"I thought that there was only one kind of Barbarian horde though, I didn't expect for there to be different types of barbarian hordes," Elizabeth said in shock as Diane sat down beside the ninja.

"Oh yeah, you better believe there is. And it just so happened that this particular horde worshipped the Demon Clan, and they were very… devoted, I guess you could say, to the worshipping of the demon clan," Ban told her.

"So, if this horde wasn't able to wipe out the kingdom, I'm gonna have to go out onto a limb and say that they did something that was both an advantage and a curse," Hitomi said in wonder as Ban nodded and flipped the cooking meat.

"Oh yeah, that the idiots did. Barbarians aren't known for their smarts cuz in all honesty they're a bunch of freaking morons that can't even say their own names right half the time. However, the fact that this horde was devoted to the demon clan allowed them certain things that most other hordes weren't able to get on their own. And it just so happened, that this horde, in particular, summoned a powerful ally to help them destroy the kingdom," he told the girls.

"No…," Mito said in shock.

"Yes, and don't interrupt me when I'm about to tell you what happened," he said smacking her on the top of her head with a spoon.

"Itai!" the blonde yelped before she rubbed the sore spot.

"But yes, the simplified version of the story is this, the barbarians summoned a demon. It was said to be gold in color and was able to stand roughly 20 feet in height. The barbarians were the first to fall to this creature, all wiped out in a single night by this demon, and then the knights fell soon after it had claimed the lives of the horde." Ban stated.

"So, where does Escanor fit into this tale?" Satsuki asked the immortal.

"His family had been rushed to the castle to protect them. Escanor's mother decided to lead a battalion of the remaining knights into battle, but none of those knights ever returned alive. They were torn apart limb from limb so the beast could feast on its victim's flesh. Escanor's elder brother, the first in line for the throne, decided to lead another battalion to try and beat the demon, only for the process to repeat itself," Ban explained heavily.

"Damn, that's bad," Tenten winced.

"If you think that's bad, then wait till you hear this," Ban said as he cleared his throat, "As Escanor went to lead another battalion out to battle, his father stopped him. He was the last royal heir and as such he was considered the next in line for the throne when his brother died. His father decided to take his place, but this time he succeeded in beating the demon, but not only at the cost of his own life but the rest of the holy knight's he led into battle. Escanor found his father, weak and dying, and barely had time to say goodbye before his father, King Micheal, died in his arms. It was here that a second horde of Barbarians decided to set up shop in the fallen kingdom, but what they weren't expecting was an infuriated Escanor to be waiting for them," he sighed heavily.

"What happened? I can assume he fought them or fled from them seeing as he is still here," Kushina stated.

"He fought them," Ban told her seriously, "From what Escanor said, he fought for four days and five nights against 50,000 barbarians, and on the dawn of the fifth day, he was practically disemboweled and had to hold his organs inside with one hand, and he was on the verge of collapse. He was so caught up in the fighting, adrenaline, rage, and bloodlust, that when help from Liones arrived, he didn't even recognize the sigil of Liones painted onto the flags and charged head into battle even with them. He beat the ever-living shit out of 10,000 Holy Knights in the blink of an eye, an entire battalion of Holy Knights that were considered to be the strongest of the strong, and it was here that Hendrickson and Dreyfus finally managed to calm him down, though they did take one hell of a beating from Escanor at the time," he told the women.

Mito felt herself gulp heavily in fear. Escanor, she decided, was the one person she would not ever face in combat to the death. Kushina tapped on the bar, "Ok, and while I concede to the fact he knows how to fight, how the hell did he not die of blood loss or other injuries?" she asked.

"His power, Sunshine, has the ability to help him recover when he's injured to an extent. But it's not perfect, even for such a scenario where he was fighting for his life. However, we have a special type of bead over here that heals you once it cracks over a person's body. Escanor, however, seared his stomach shut after shoving his intestines back inside so that he could keep fighting, but that only got him so far even for patchwork. His stomach reopened sometime during the battle and this had allowed them to fall out again, so he just simply held them in his hand and swung his spear, like a man possessed, from what we were told," Ban told the girls.

"T-Then how is he still alive?" Hana asked in shock.

"The only one that has the answer to that question, is Escanor himself. But he keeps a tight set of lips whenever the topic is brought up. It's one of three things that piss him off, and trust me when I say, that is the last thing you wanna do, especially with a man like Escanor," Ban said as he piled the food onto plates and set it down in front of them before sticking forks onto the plates, "Bon appetit ladies," he said before he walked off.

Anko hummed in thought, "Hey, how come some of what this Escanor guy did sounds familiar, like someone from our home has done it before?" she asked.

Shizune answered her, "It was the third Raikage that did something similar for his friends and allies when he died in the 3rd Great Ninja World War," she told the snake mistress getting an "Ah," from Anko as she snapped her fingers in realization.

"Third Raikage, the hell is that?" Hawk asked in confusion.

"Not a what, but a who, Hawk-chan. The Sandaime Raikage, or Third Raikage as we say back home, was a man that was so powerful many considered him unbeatable. He was blessed with not only immense power but immense durability as well. Any attack that could have damaged him wouldn't have reached him fast enough to deal with any lasting damage. He was quite a warrior," Tsunade said in admiration for the old lightning wielder. Rumor said he died at 67 but he went down like a true ninja should have, taking as many of his enemies with him as possible.

"This guy sounds like he'd make one hell of a fighting partner," Ban said smirking, "So, how'd he die?" he asked as he leaned over the counter.

Kurenai cleared her throat, "It's said that to let his people escape, he used himself as a decoy and faced 10,000 of the enemy alone. Supposedly he lasted 3 days and 3 nights to buy his comrades enough time. It's also said he took every last one of them down with him before he succumbed to his wounds. At the age of 67 he was labeled not only the wisest for his time, but the strongest, and with good reason," she clarified for the Fox Sin.

"He sounds like he'd be as big a monster as this Escanor person," Hawk squeaked out.

"Yeah well, from what we're told, Hendrickson was said to have had nightmares of Escanor charging at him with his intestines falling out his body, covered in blood with a look of rage, nearing insanity if the description is to be believed, while his sheer willpower is just so great he was unwilling to give in to exhaustion. It's known as an Indomitable Will," King told the ladies.

"And while he could certainly last as long as you said, there's no way he would try and spend all that time fighting, Besides, wouldn't it be much easier to just wipe them all out, he's shown he has the power to do so," Mito said.

King sighed, "You humans don't understand anything do you?" he asked them, "He was fighting 50,000 enemies, it wouldn't be that simple. If this 3rd Raikage faced 10,000 ninjas of high enough rank before he succumbed to his death, then it is almost the same for Escanor. Even for barbarians who are more brawn than brains they still have a much higher advantage due to their numbers alone, so Escanor would just have that much more of a hard time trying to control himself," he stated.

"Ok, and while we concede to that, it doesn't explain how he is still alive, why not just stop when he saw Hendrickson and Dreyfus?" Mikoto asked the Fairy King.

"Ok, let me paint it in a simpleton's fashion," he stated, "First off, Sunshine would be focused on fueling his rage, and not only that, he's so caught up in his bloodlust, he can't see straight due to multiple bodily repercussions; IE; Exhaustion from multiple nights of sleeplessness, multiple injuries that would kill ordinary knights, and the sheer amount of grief he would have felt from losing his entire home due to the pointless battle. And why attack the knights? He probably thought they were reinforcements for the enemy," King said to them.

Before the discussion could go any deeper, the door was almost literally ripped off its hinges as a hulking frame burst through the door, "Ah, shit, sorry bout that," Escanor's voice filtered into the ears of the shocked group as he moved out of the way for Margaret to rush in where he placed the door back and closed it. Walking away the man cringed as the door fell to the ground, "Uh… sorry," he said.

"Still the big clutz as always," Ban smirked.

Meliodas looked to the ginger-haired man, "Really, my door?" he asked him.

"Sorry about that, I'll fix it when I can," Escanor said, rubbing the back of his head.

"Oh yea, you'll fix it alright," Meliodas said poking his hand towards Escanor.

"So, when'd you grow a mini-stache?" Ban asked him.

Escanor chuckled, "I thought it'd give me some class," he said to his fellow sin.

"Class, since when did that matter?" King asked Escanor in confusion.

"I-I wanted to impress Miss Merlin," Escanor said with red cheeks, not noticing how Margaret narrowed her eyes in jealousy at hearing her name.

"Bro, she's never gonna love you if you don't just tell her," Ban said to the man.

"I can't impose on her-WAIT! That's not why I'm here," he said taking them off that train of thought.

"Well, what is it? I suppose it would have to be important if you came rushing in here hard enough to break my door down," Meliodas said.

"There's gonna be a contingent of Holy Knights here tomorrow to kill us," Escanor said.

"What, a contingent, but why would there be one of those?" Diane asked in confusion.

"Dreyfus has sent them here. Originally they were gonna be for me, but upon finding out about all of you arriving here, he sent two battalions of Holy Knights to rid of us," Escanor said.

"Damn, it's serious," Ban muttered.

"Ban, you're immortal, it doesn't apply to you. We, however, are mortal," King said.

"So, what are we gonna do? I mean, we can't just fight that many knights and hope to win. This isn't like ten years ago when we were framed." King said with a sigh.

"F-Framed?" Elizabeth asked them.

"For the death of Grand Holy Knight Zaratras," Meliodas said quickly.

"Who the hell is that supposed to be?" Mikoto asked in confusion.

"He's Little Gil's dad if you wanna know the truth," Meliodas smiled.

"W-Wait, that was why the Sins were considered criminals?" Elizabeth asked in shock.

"Ok, but why would you guys be framed for the murder of this Holy Knight? Something fishy is happening," Kushina stated.

Escanor shrugged, "Not even we Sins know why we were framed. We had gotten a message to meet with Sir Zaratras, but the second we met up with one another to meet nothing seemed to have happened and everyone was speaking normally. When we reached his chamber of work, we saw his body speared multiple times to a wall and his corpse simply hanging in place. That was when the knights of the kingdom arrived and tried to kill us. We did what was right and defended ourselves and fled the area on the Captain's orders. Since then we remained in hiding. Until now that is," he told the redhead.

"Before we delve into anything else, I wanna know one thing from you," Mito said walking up to him, "Where is my brother, where is Naruto Nii-Chan at?" she demanded from Escanor.

"I apologize young lady, but I will not tell. I swore an oath of secrecy and I will not break my vow of silence to reveal his location to you," Escanor told her.

"Please, we just need a general location of where you last saw him. Not the exact location, but the last place you saw him. When we have that we'll leave you and your comrades to clean your mess up. I just wanna bring him home," Mito pleaded with him.

"No, and I stand by my vow," he told her before looking to his leader, "Captain, I have summoned Griamore-kun, Howzer-kun, and Veronica-sama to the tavern to explain the situation as they have more intel for us," he told him, "Until they arrive I request a spot to refresh myself," he told Meliodas.

"Yeah, there's a bathroom just up the stairs and to the right after the second door," Meliodas told the man.

"Thanks. And it's nice to see all of you again after so long my comrades," he said pleasantly before going upstairs to clean himself.

However, before he disappeared, he heard Meliodas exclaim, "And don't break that door either!"

The sins chuckled when they heard Escanor grumbling about midget blondes and not understanding accidents, before Margaret looked to the short blonde tavern owner, "Ok, where is she?" she demanded.

"Where's who?" Meliodas asked her.

"My sister, Elizabeth. The princess that decided to run after you and has been rumored to have joined your bar," the lavender haired beauty stated seriously.

"U-Uh, well that's a bit of a difficult one to try and explain," King said nervously.

"If she has a single hair out of place, you will regret it. Take me to her, now," she commanded the knight.

"Hey, I don't care if you are some princess, you don't just order people around like that," Mito said hotly to her.

"And I can go to the knights posted here and reveal just exactly where the sins are and their accomplices and have each of you arrested for conspiring against my kingdom with renowned criminals. So try and stop me from checking on my baby sister, I dare you," Margaret challenged the blonde. And with that, she began to look around for Ellie to see if she was safe from harm.


Escanor sighed as the hot water soaked into his scarred flesh. Littering his body, numerous wounds and gouges covered his muscles. The most prominent scar was one that ran vertically up his stomach. Other small scars were noticeable as well, each looking like a chunk of flesh was carved out of his body. Dipping his hands into the water he brought them out and ran them over his face, splashing the hot water over himself before he ran his wet hands through his hair and dispersing some water through his locks.

The man sighed as he leaned back in the bathing water, the cloudy soap hiding anything improper to ensure nobody saw what they shouldn't see.

However, his thoughts weren't on relaxing in the hot bathing water he immersed himself in. No, it was on the group of mercenaries downstairs.

They had found him, and he could only keep the charade of being a different human up for so long. His only thought, was for how long?

He closed his eyes and laid his head back, only for the door to slowly open up causing him to look up and see Hawk walk in, "Oh, hey, Ban asked me to deliver these towels up for you since he forgot to do so earlier." the pig told him.

"Talking pig, that's a first," he muttered to himself before nodding his head, "I thank you, sir pig," he told Hawk.

"Finally, the recognition I deserve as Captain of the Order of Scraps Disposal. You know, I think I may like you most out of these schmucks of your pals," the pig said, getting Escanor to chuckle before leaving the towels and Escanor alone to himself.

~ Back Downstairs~

Margaret was shocked, "Poor Ellie, what did these people do to you?" she asked her baby sister.

"Oh, this was mostly my fault. I was helping Lady Diane look for food and we encountered a rare monster that shrank the both of us," she told the older woman.

"A monster?" Margaret asked her where Elizabeth nodded her head, "Well, as long as you're unharmed I'm glad," she told Elizabeth.

Suddenly the door opened and the shocking sight of two more Holy Knights and Veronica herself entered, "Alright, we're here," Howzer cheered, "Time to get drunk!" he exclaimed happily.

"Howzer, that's not what we're here for so get it together," Griamore sighed out to him. Seriously, he enters a bar and the first thing he does is holler about getting drunk.

He needed better friends.

Soon Escanor came walking down the steps in a fresh uniform and his glasses in place while he finished placing his tie around his neck, "I see they came, how nice," he said calmly, "Princess Margaret, Princess Veronica, Princess Elizabeth, please come join us," he said gesturing to a table.

"I've told him to simply call me Margaret but he insists on still calling me 'princess'," Margaret sighed out.

"Ok, so now that everyone is here, can you please explain to me just why we were told that it was a trap this year? Please," Ban sighed out.

"Dreyfus has gone mad with power, and while he has a following, they only number in the hundreds rather than the thousands that the King has under him. We can't stop him at this point and it's only going to get worse from here," Howzer said ignoring the jab in his ribs from Griamore

He was the son of Dreyfus, can't blame him for sticking up for his old man now, can you?

Clearing her throat, Veronica managed to gain their attention, "While not entirely private to all of the shenanigans that Dreyfus is doing, we have spoken to a source that has figured out your identity Escanor-san. The plan was to originally send a small contingent of troops to subdue and possibly kill you. However, it has since changed due to the revelation of your comrades back at Baste Dungeon. Hendrickson has been hiding you for a couple of years, but he is unable to any longer. We had been told the location of your home so we could bring the Divine Axe Rhitta straight to you in case of the fight turning into too much for you. Other than that, we're as much in the dark as you," she told him honestly.

Escanor nodded his head, "I thank you. It is much faster than having to call it from its resting point so far away and makes it easier to use when close to me," he said to himself.

"So, what are we gonna do about these Knights under Dreyfus?" Griamore asked.

"Yea, you never really spoke of what would happen," Tsunade said to her.

"We didn't have a plan. We were told to ensure Escanor survived," Howzer said.

"I have the answer, and it's a simple one," Escanor said to them, "We fight, win, and then move on. After that we find the other sins and then clear our names," he told them.

~The Next Day~

Day two of the fight festival was about to get underway, and many people were excited.

Love Helm was grinning broadly as the crowd gathered whilst the fighters walked up onto the large fighting area.

Escanor, Meliodas, Diane, Howzer, Mito, Kushina all gathered and were prepared. Love-Helm smiled as he walked up to each of them, "For today's matches, we will be doing this in a similar fashion as to what we did yesterday, but seeing as there are roughly half of our original numbers now, we can do away with the hidden doors and be done with the farce of hiding all the fights. I have taken the liberty of taking the names from the slips of paper you provided yesterday and have mixed them up here. Draw a piece of paper, but don't worry, if you draw your own name, you can hold that paper and draw properly. Just be sure to put it back when you make your choice. But be warned, there are no redos for when you decide so choose wisely," he told them as he stepped in front of Escanor, "Naruto, you hold the championship, so I will allow you to draw names first," he told him.

Naruto hummed as he reached in and moved the names around a bit before he stopped to grab one. Pulling it out he opened it and showed it to the judge, "Here is my opponent," he said.

"First match, Naruto Uzumaki versus Kushina!"

With this announcement, the crowd went wild in excitement. Naruto was unbeatable, and this lady had fought amazingly so it was sure to be a show.

"Lady Matrona, seeing as you won your fight against Griamore-san, I shall allow you to draw next," he told Diane as she reached inside next and drew a name before showing it to him, "Our next fight will be, Matrona versus Howzer!" he called out as more cheers rose from the crowd. Walking up to Meliodas he held up the hat, "Your up, little guy," he said happily. Meliodas felt a vein throb in his forehead before he took a deep breath and reached in and drew a name.

"I have drawn myself," he sighed.

"Well, it doesn't matter like I said, drawing your name doesn't count so, draw another name," Love-Helm instructed him where the blonde then handed it to him, "And your fight shall be up against Naruto Uzumaki! This means that Naruto shall fight twice to determine the finals as Mito shall be fighting the winner in the fight between Matrona and Howzer!" he called out as the crowd cheered loudly.

Veronica looked to the shrunken Elizabeth in her hand, "Don't get too excited Ellie, it's just a fight. I'm sure Meli-san will be fine," she told her.

"I-I'll try, big sister," the silver-haired beauty said smiling.

"And with that out of the way, let the tournament begin!" Love-Helm cheered out, "All competitors not fighting, please exit stage right!" he instructed them as the group with the exception being Escanor and Kushina, "You may start whenever you are ready!" he told them.

Kushina didn't hesitate to leap at Escanor and kick him in the chest with a chakra enhanced heel with fire chakra that would send a twelve-ton boulder flying off into the horizon. However, much to her shock, Escanor not only tanked her kick like it was nothing, and this was saying something as the air behind her opponent was displaced hard enough to set the air itself on fire.

"I expected more out of you," Escanor said calmly as he watched her leap back with a simple smile, "Tell me, can you keep going?" he asked her calmly as a small wave of heat seemed to wash over the area.

Kushina smirked, "Of course I can, I'm just getting started," she told him as she pulled out a scroll and with a small pulse of chakra, a sword popped out, "Say hello to Hyperion, the sword of the sun, this should do nicely against your fire," she grinned out at him.

"Oh, a fire sword, this should prove interesting," he said mildly intrigued.

"It'll do more than that!" Kushina yelled as she charged at him with the sword catching aflame. However, when Escanor began to move his arm around, she came to a halt, "What are you planning to do with that hand?" she demanded.

"Come at me as hard as you can. Otherwise, this match will mean nothing to me," he told Kushina calmly.

Kushina grinned, "Don't blame me if you lose an arm!" she called out to him.

"It'll take more than that much flame and steel to cut me I assure you. Set your mind at ease madam," he told her.

Mito gulped nervously, "What does he mean by 'That much flame and steel'? It's a searing hot katana that can sever entire limbs in a single blow. That sword has even cut through steel, I've seen it happen," she said in both wonder and shock.

"You'll see. Just make sure you keep an eye on that lower jaw of yours," Ban smirked at the blonde.

Kushina meanwhile felt a trickle of sweat run down her cheek. Something told her that her opponent wasn't lying when he said that. Regardless, she ran forward, "I warned you!" she yelled as she struck, only to meet the flesh of her enemy much to her shock. I-Impossible, how could his skin be that strong to withstand her blade?

It wasn't just Kushina either, many civilians and even the other ninja were in shock by the sight. How did he manage to avoid injury from a flaming sword?!

The sins and the Holy Knights only smirked at Escanor. He was toying with her.

"So you have a sword that never fails to kill," he said in observation while he continued to smile and adjusted his form a bit to look at the redhead beneath him, "But what happens if it fails to do so? Do you have any other moves?" he asked her calmly.

However, what he did next was utterly horrifying. He seemingly turned his hand around to grip the blade before he released a powerful pulse that shattered the sword to pieces and hurled Kushina back a bit as the metal scraps landed around her with the sound of metal falling to the ground along with tiny clusters of metal hitting stone at her feet.

Mito felt herself gulp, "N-No way, that sword was enhanced with durability seals and senjutsu seals to empower it, and he just shattered it like it was a glass plate," she said in shock.

"He blocked that sword with one hand and then shattered it almost effortlessly, he's a monster alright," Howzer said grinning, though he did have sweat run down his face as he watched his mentor fight an enemy.

Kushina looked to the shattered blade in her hand, "No way. Not even my cousin could extinguish this sword, and he has Rinnegan eyes," she whispered in shock.

Escanor shook his head, "I see your will has been broken. I think the match has been decided," he sighed out and began to turn.

However what he didn't expect was Kushina to yell out at him, "Not bad, that was nice, but don't count me out yet!" causing him to turn and face her again as she leapt at him, her hands and feet covered in chakra, "Don't think that just because you shattered my sword means I'm out of the fight!"

Escanor calmly raised an arm and ate the blow that came from her foot, a powerful explosion of energy being released through the seals she engraved onto her body last night that would allow her to mimic these knights. She had decided to try and imitate the Explosion Corps of Iwa, so she had made up seals last night that would hopefully give her an edge in the battle against Escanor, though it was a shame to say that each of them only had a few uses in them before the seal deteriorated and faded.

The fire engulfed Escanor and shook the platform everyone stood on causing them to wobble around from the impact. Meliodas felt impressed, "She sure does pack a punch. I'm shocked," he said.

"Now that's a hit!" King said covering his face due to the winds kicked up.

Kushina was grinning at Escanor, and once more charged at him, throwing some punches and a few more kicks, but nothing really made him move except his blocks to stop her hits, "What's the matter, scared to hit a girl?" she asked him as she charged a large amount of chakra into her seal that was placed on the bottom of her foot where a natural chakra point rested, "I'd move out of the way unless you wanna die!" she told him as she raced at him.

Her foot glowed gold with chakra being charged up into the seal, but when it impacted against Escanor's body, the explosion sent out a shockwave that engulfed the area in smoke briefly after the arena shook once more. When the smoke died down everyone could see Escanor standing in place, the only damage done was to his shirt which had a burn around the area that had been hit by Kushina.

Kushina felt her eyes widen in shock, "What?!" she exclaimed in shock.

"Why are you even here?" he asked her, "That was disappointing, even for me," he stated seriously.

"I'm looking for my son, and you hold the answer to that question," she told him.

"You have a long way to go," he told her.

"Well, if I beat you then that won't be an issue, now will it," Kushina grinned at him.

"I see, well look no further," he told her.

This confused her, "What do you mean by that?" she asked.

"As I said, look no further," he told her as he raised a foot into the air before stamping it down which released a pulse of sorts before something unseen impacted against her where the power of the blow could be seen coming out her back. Kushina coughed up a gob of blood. That hit was stronger than it looked. The redhead landed in a roll before she fell off the arena, thus making Escanor the winner.

"J-Just one hit to her, and she's already beaten… no way," Kurenai gulped in nervousness. He was incredibly durable, and he was still able to dish out such a devastating blow against one of the strongest women in the Elemental Nations with such devastating ease. This guy wasn't human.

"Holy crap! Did you guys see that!? He didn't even touch her and he still won the fight!" Anko cried out in awe.

"Yea… we saw it." Mito gulped nervously.

"And the winner by ring out is, Naruto Uzumaki!" Love-Helm called out as the crowd cheered and clapped for him, "Next up, it's Matrona versus Howzer of Liones!" he announced as Escanor walked down the stairs.

Nodding to Howzer he let him pass and joined the group he had joined last night, if only for a time until he could go back to his bar and live in solitude.

Watching his student fight was humorous in itself. Then again it has been a decade so he was proud to see him progress so well. He only shook his head when he got flustered over some skin. Seriously, had he not visited a brothel before he was a knight, the ladies loved the knights. He had more tail on him when he wasn't a criminal than he could remember and more often than not he turned them down so he could get to where he was going. He would give Howzer this though, the boy had an impressive ability to create cyclones with but a punch of a fist. Though, Escanor only shook his head when Howzer looked so shocked, as Diane stopped his hand from hitting her using the palm of her hand.

Of course, this wasn't without a slap, but Howzer seemed in need of it. In the end, Howzer lost the fight, but he had indeed put up a fight of his own. He only felt sorry for his apprentice's gut from when Diane briefly used her Heavy Metal to fall to the ground and land on Howzer. But all in all, he did decently. He had already come up with a set of things for the kid to do to improve himself.

Once again, Howzer felt a shiver run up his spine, 'There's that feeling again,' he thought to himself as he looked over to Escanor, only to pale when he saw a familiar shadowed look on his face. It was the same look he remembers Escanor having when he was having to correct and then come up with brutal training for himself, Griamore, and Gilthunder.

"And the winner is, Matrona!" Love-Hem declared loudly.

Griamore had hopped up and laughed at Howzer, "You got knocked the fuck out!" he laughed at Howzer.

"I'm glad my misery brings you joy, jackass, now help me up," Howzer told the muscular man.

Helping Howzer get down, the Holy Knight looked to Veronica and laughed, "I think I did pretty good, even if it was one of them," Howzer laughed at his loss.

"You should have gone all out from the start, yet you lost because you held back. I get the feeling that you only did it cuz she was a girl," Griamore sighed at his friend.

"N-No I didn't," Howzer blushed.

"Dude, you so totally did, didn't you?!" Griamore laughed out at the blonde.

"Shut up Griamore!" Howzer yelled.

"Now, we'll be taking a break from the fighting so that we can get the stage fixed, so all you go and enjoy the festival while we get this repaired for the next fight, Meliodafu versus Naruto!" Love-Helm declared loudly as the crowd shouted happily.

The crowds began to disperse while the sins, kunoichi, and Holy knights all gathered together.

"So, since we now have to wait for the stage to get fixed, what should we do now?" Diane asked as she was hoping to get back to fighting soon.

"Well, since we already know about the Holy Knights' plans to attack us, it's only a matter of when, but, that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the festival," Escanor replied since he hadn't had a chance to enjoy the festival as he had been busy selling his wines and alcohol before heading straight to the fights.

"Well, I guess we can all simply relax and enjoy ourselves until the fights continue later, but don't forget to keep your guards up. We never know when the Holy Knights will decide to launch their attack," Meliodas said, getting everyone to nod in agreement.

Margaret and Diane swiftly wrapped their arms around and arm of Escanor's before he also felt someone sitting on his shoulder, which turned out to be Veronica.

Blinking, Escanor asked, "Umm, what are you three doing?"

"Well, since we need to be careful, we thought it'd be better if we went with you," Margaret said with a mischievous smile.

"I'm not that bad. If anyone needs to be looked after, I think you need to go with the Captain rather than me. At least I'm good at hiding in plain sight," he told them as he pointed to the blonde in question.

"While that's true, you also tend to have your moments where you can't help yourself," Veronica said as she lightly swung her legs, enjoying the view from Escanor's shoulder.

"Such as?" Escanor asked.

"Really? What about that time when I was ten, you set the entire forest outside the castle on fire trying to spell my name? We weren't even able to reclaim it as good forestry and had to convert it all into farmland, though I will say you made the soil quite fertile," Veronica said smiling.

"It was one time, and I was 17, lay off woman!" Escanor exclaimed in embarrassment.

"Oh yea, well, what about the day my father turned 46? You released your Sacred Treasure and created that lake down by the gate, Lake Penance I believe?" Margaret smiled at him.

"I was drunk!"

"Uh-huh, and was this before or after the Captain flashed you Merlin's tits?" Diane laughed out at Escanor.

"I will not dignify that with an answer."

"You say that now, but we know the truth," Diane smiled brightly.

With that, the group began to laugh as they had fun messing with Escanor before they all separated, though Veronica continued to sit on his broad shoulders.

It would be a few hours, but eventually, the call was sent out for everyone to come back to witness the fights. With that announcement, Naruto once again returned to the platform, "I am looking forward to this fight, Captain. Do entertain me," he told the short blonde as he stood across the arena from him.

Meliodas laughed, "Just make sure there is something left of me when we're done alright?" he asked the man.

Needless to say, Meliodas was not looking forward to getting his ass kicked.

"I cannot promise you that, for this is a fight between gods today," he told the shorty standing in front of him calmly.

"Alright, as stated before yesterday, all forms of magic are permitted, weapons are forbidden, and the only way to win is by knockout, ring out, or all other forms of defeat with the exception being death. Let the next match, BEGIN!" Love-Helm called out.

And with that, Meliodas shot off in a flash and appeared behind Escanor, only to cough up spit as he held his gut, "You nasty fighter, why'd you go and do that for?" he asked his comrade.

"Don't think that this is like when we first met, I have greater control over my magic than back then," Escanor said as he closed his eyes and leaned out of the way as Meliodas tried to kick him. However, a pulse of energy cracked the arena once again, only this time the amount of force was enough to tear a large chunk off the wall of the platform where it crashed down to the ground below.

"What are you trying to do, kill me?" Meliodas asked, pointing to the smoke filling the air.

"That wasn't even close enough to hurt you, Captain. Try something else, I want to test myself as much as possible here," Escanor grinned, "And I'm not talking about your food either," he pointed out.

Meliodas leapt at Escanor, only to be swatted away with the flat of the man's bare hand. Escanor then raised his hand into the air and gripped it into a fist, and with a yell, he gathered his magic and slammed it down into the ground with such force that the entire platform cracked into four sections, cratered the fighting area, and toppling the Gideon Hammer from its place of rest at the same time.

"Geez, he has to be as strong as Baa-chan!" Mito exclaimed as she covered her eyes from the fierce winds howling past her ears.

"He did all that damage with just a single blow of his hand, dammit this guy doesn't play around does he?" Mikoto grunted out.

When the shaking and the blast died down, it was a shock to the watching people, for barely an inch away from the impact spot of Escanor's fist was Meliodas's head. Meliodas gulped, "I thought you said you'd refrain from trying to kill me?" he asked his friend.

"Strange, I don't think we agreed on that," Escanor hummed as Meliodas rolled out the way as Escanor raised a foot up and then slammed it down where Meliodas once laid, releasing a powerful blast of pressurized heat that struck Meliodas, only for it to have hardly any effect, "Oh ho, not bad Captain," he told him.

"Man, it's times like this I'm glad to have Counter Cancel in my arsenal of abilities," Meliodas gulped. Escanor really wasn't playing around here, sheesh.

Escanor raised his fist into the air as it became engulfed in flames before he swung at Meliodas. Meliodas saw what looked like a sun and knew that this strike would be dangerous to his health.

Meliodas quickly leapt into the air, "Damn that was close," he muttered as he watched Escanor hit the ground precisely where he stood and it cratered even further into the ground. With that he went on the offensive and struck his comrade causing him to stumble back, as he appeared behind Escanor, he suddenly felt his face being grabbed, "And he's as fast as ever," he grunted as he was lifted twelve feet into the air, only to grunt in pain as Escanor smashed him onto the ground further cratering the ground.

As Escanor released Meliodas, he clenched his fist once again and proceeded to throw it, but once more Meliodas rolled out the way as the fist struck with frightening force. Meliodas once more appeared behind Escanor, he fist cocked back and as Escanor turned to face him, a seemingly dark mark appeared above his eye just as his fist connected to Escanor's own which caused the ground to bend down under the force, "Oh~ it seems like you finally take me seriously, Captain," Escanor said before he grinned broadly, "NOW SHOW ME MORE!" he bellowed out as he called upon more of his massive strength.

With that, the two began such a brutal fight it was more intense than that which he shared with Ban the day before. The shockwaves that the two released with each collision was so great that none could gaze at them, the force of hits that when they missed diminished the fighting spot more and more with each passing second. Blow after blow, strike after strike the two monsters brutally fought with all they had in them. The two would more often than not smash their fists together with frightening power, crumbling away the arena bit by bit. Hell, at one point they were simply walking around in a circle trading swift blows trying not to fall off before they had to leap away from each other.

With two grunts the Dragon Sin of Wrath and the all-powerful Lion Sin of Pride removed themselves from their opponent's strike area and roughly stood on an eight by twelve foot space that was roughly a quarter of the original space to fight on.

The two then charged, ready to continue fighting, but they suddenly stopped, confusing everyone as they sensed something coming from the distance. This was shared by the other sins and the kunoichi as they all moved over to stand together. All of a sudden, the entire area became filled with an intense heat as they heard someone clear their throat and looked to see it was the one known as Naruto who had stepped forward.

"Hello everyone, I would like to say something now if you don't mind," he spoke.

Everyone was muttering about what was going on when they froze at what he said next, "My real name, is Escanor Pride, and I'm one of the Seven Deadly Sins, the Lion Sin of Pride and I would like it very much if you would all leave."

Everyone was shocked, but before they could do anything, suddenly, everyone saw as a large number of fireballs started heading towards the town, causing panic when a few of them hit and exploded, not injuring anyone, but destroying a lot of homes. However, right before the rest of the fireballs could hit the more populated areas, all of them stopped before disappearing as if they were being absorbed.

Everyone watched as the fireballs formed together above Escanor's hand, causing an intense amount of heat, before he threw it at the mountain, causing it to explode and rip a hole in the mountain. At this, everyone began to run away, heading for safety as they now realized that the infamous group known as the Seven Deadly Sins were in their very town.

"Why'd you do that!? I thought we were supposed to remain inconspicuous!" Hawk exclaimed as he ran over with mini Elizabeth on his back, as she had been placed there when everyone moved together.

Escanor looked down at Hawk, who was now more at his waist due to him shrinking minutely since he was still wearing his glasses, but also because it was now mid-afternoon, so while he still had plenty of power, he wasn't going to be able to use his full might any time soon, but he was by no means a pushover.

Another explosion ripped through the air, Escanor opted to ignore them as he looked to the ninja, "I suggest you call upon your allies, we shall need all the help here we can get. Be fast though, cause I doubt we can hold them off for long with how they are moving," he told them before looking to Diane, "Diane, I would hurry to Gideon, do whatever you have to do to ensure we do not lose that weapon," he told her where she nodded and ran off the edge of the arena.

"Ok, well what about Rhitta? I don't think it's gonna vanish anytime soon, but I wouldn't leave it lying around for these guys to take away," Margaret said to him.

"PFFFT HAHAHAHAHA!" the sins laughed, some holding their bellies due to the harness of their laughter.

"Carry it away, oh my god that's a good one!" Ban laughed out.

"Like they'll be able to move that thing HAHAHA!" Meliodas laughed.

"Hehehe, I'd like to see that happen, I'll even let them melt it down and keep the gold from it!" Escanor chuckled as he held his hips with his hands.

"It's not that funny!" Margaret yelled at the three men.

"You don't know how funny it was!" King said before he busted his gut once again.

Already tears were forming in the four men's eyes from the sheer absurdity of their laughter.

Margaret felt her eye twitch in annoyance. Weren't they supposed to be doing something like, oh say FIGHTING ROGUE HOLY KNIGHTS?!

Escanor then cleared his throat again, though he had to hold back a laugh, as he said, "Anyway, we don't need to worry about Rhitta because even if they are proper Holy Knights with high enough magic and power, they wouldn't be able to lift Rhitta as there are only three people capable of moving her with ease, two of which are here amongst us."

"Well, we need to make sure nothing happens to Margaret, Veronica, or Elizabeth, especially since Elizabeth is in no position to run away without assistance due to how small she currently is," King said, finally calming down.

"Good idea! King, go with Diane to make sure nothing happens while she's retrieving Gideon. Hawk, you and Escanor take Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret to the Tavern. Make sure you aren't seen," Meliodas told them, "Ban, try to help evacuate the civilians. Avoid all contact with the Holy Knights here and make sure that you remain hidden at all times. I'm going to stay behind to try and draw their attention from you," he ordered.

"Let's go!" the men shouted as they took off to do as they were assigned. Hawk began to gallop away with Elizabeth on his back with Margaret and Escanor following behind him as Escanor held Margaret in his arms to make sure nothing happened.

As the four of them were running, they passed Rhitta, getting Escanor to look at it briefly, remembering how his life had gone so far, before he looked forward and continued to run with Hawk. As they ran, they heard explosions in the distance, but they knew their goal was to simply get Hawk, Elizabeth, and Margaret to safety.

~Meanwhile, Meliodas~

After everyone left, Meliodas decided that if he was gonna play bait, then he might as well have a drink while he waits for someone to come. So, here he was, standing in the middle of the destroyed stage, with his broken sword in hand and a beer mug in the other while he chugged down some alcohol. Suddenly, he heard footsteps walking towards him, so he put down his mug and saw that it was Guila who was approaching him while wearing a full-body suit of armor as she held a lance.

Eventually, Guila stopped a small distance away from Meliodas, "It's been a while, Meliodas," she said in her normal sweet voice, though Meliodas could easily tell that she wasn't trying to be nice as he could sense the killing intent that was flowing from her.

"Hey Guila, what brings you here today?" Meliodas nonchalantly asked while he raised his free hand, not at all worried.

"That sword you carry actually. Give it to me," she demanded.

Meliodas lost all the friendly look he had on his face, "You'll have to kill me in order for me to give this up, and I won't go down without a fight that won't end without you dead at my feet," he told her.

"I'm glad to arrange that for you," Guila said smiling as she held up the discarded Goddess Amber that Veronica tossed aside. Speaking a series of enchantments, Meliodas felt his eyes widen before he was sucked away and into the crystal, and the green sword fell to the ground with a clatter, "Not even the mighty captain of the Seven Deadly Sins can stand against such a powerful Holy Artifact, how intriguing. You must have been a truly desolate being if you couldn't budge away from it," she muttered as she picked up the broken sword, "But regardless, my mission is complete," she said to herself.

She wondered how Jericho was doing against the other sins?

~With Ban~

After he separated from the group, Ban simply wanted to take it easy, since there were hardly any civilians left. So he simply decided to stroll around town while looking for anything that caught his interest.

However, he suddenly had to dodge a rock that came flying at his head, drawing his attention to it. This, however, left him wide open for someone to appear in front of him, with a sword poised to strike his chest. They suddenly pierced his chest, but the speed it was done at was so great, that it caused Ban and his attacker to shoot backwards until they slammed into a building, causing the sword to go deeper into his chest while he spits up blood.

Ban looked down to see a woman wearing a set of slightly erotic pink armor as it had an opening in the chest piece to show off her mid-C cup breasts that were being hugged nicely within a black lace bra and then a metal skirt with a crimson cape that wrapped under the back half of her metal skirt, showing that she wore a set of black garter belts and matching black lace panties. Finally, she had shoulder-length lavender, almost silver hair.

But the strange thing about her were the pure blackish-purple eyes she had that seemed to lack emotion.

"Now this is how all festivals should be celebrated!" Ban laughed out before he looked at her in confusion, "Wait, hold on a second, do I know you?" he asked.

"My name is Jericho, and I've been looking forward to finding you again, Ban of the Seven Deadly Sins. As for you knowing me? Would it help if I said I was the Holy Knight Apprentice that you humiliated back in Baste Prison?" The now revealed Jericho said, as she moved the sword further into Ban's chest.

Ban, ignoring the sword and the blood he was coughing up, suddenly had a look of realization, "Oh yeah, you're that barber boy from back then! I didn't know you were into cross-dressing!"

This caused a tick mark to appear on Jericho's forehead and she clicked her teeth before removing her sword from Ban's body and began to attack at an incredible speed as she shouted, "Godspeed Ten Flashes!"

With that, Ban found himself covered in wounds, but the strange thing was, they weren't healing!

Jericho walked over to him before stomping on his body, causing a splash of blood, with a drop landing at the corner of her lips. She could only smirk now, "With this, I can feel like a true woman," She then used her thumb to smear the drop of blood across her lips, acting like lipstick, before she said, "And maybe even gain Escanor's attention."

Hearing this, Ban couldn't help but groan, both from the pain and Jericho, as he had one final thought before losing consciousness, 'That damn Escanor and his subconscious playboy self!'

With that, Ban lost consciousness while Jericho seemed to be temporarily lost in her fantasies that consisted of her and Escanor in an X-rated setting that caused a blush on her cheeks.

~With Diane and King~

As the two rushed over to where Gideon should have been, Diane and King were shocked to find that Gideon was gone!

"Wha-! What happened to Gideon!?" King exclaimed in shock.

How does something the size of the damn rock that they were fighting on simply vanish into thin air?!

Was it an invisibility spell, no it couldn't be, but where did it go?

Suddenly, they heard groaning and looked to see an elderly man who was injured and lying nearby. Diane ignored the fact her Sacred Treasure was missing and decided to fulfill her duty as a Holy Knight and rushed over to the elder laying on the ground, "Hold on, are you ok?" she asked him.

"I-I'm fine," he groaned out to her.

"Please don't move, we'll find some help for you," Diane told him. Looking around she couldn't see anyone that could possibly help, even King wasn't able to help the old man without potentially becoming a bigger target for the people of the town.

"Diane, the Serpent Sin of Envy, and King, the Bear Sin of Sloth, by order of King Bartra of Liones you are hereby ordered to surrender yourselves immediately for punishment fit for your crimes against the kingdom. Stand down immediately," Marmas spoke in a sneer towards the two.

King held a hand up to the man to try and make sure nothing escalated past talking, "Listen, we need to help this old man, he's been injured. He needs immediate treatment. Please allow me to heal him," he pleaded to the knight.

"You refuse his majesty's most generous offer of surrender, I must say justice will be very painful for you, and I shall take great joy in serving upon you." the knight said as he pulled a couple of rattles (what was he a baby?) out from behind his back and began to shake them furiously, "Fall to my glorious power, Gravity x70!" he called out as the ground began to crack and crater under the sins.

"Hey, Marmas, what the hell do you think you're doing!? There's a civilian over there! Stand down, stand down right now! That's an order!" Howzer ordered as he ran up to try and stop the violence.

"That is not possible. Our orders were to eliminate the Seven Deadly Sins, and I aim to do just that, stand in my way and I shall eliminate you too!" Marmas yelled out.

Diane grunted as the ground was pushed down even further. Without hesitation she grabbed the elderly man and threw him, "Howzer, catch him!" she cried out just as the ground collapsed underneath her and King.

Howzer caught the elderly man and set him down before looking at Marmas, "You disobeyed a direct order from a superior officer, I hope you are prepared to meet the hanging noose!" he bellowed out to Marmas angrily, "I specifically ordered you to stand down for the presence of an innocent civilian and you did not heed my words. Your punishment will not be a light one, death will probably be the best thing for you!" he roared out.

Marmas snorted, "As if anything like that will be judged upon my sense of justice, I will look forward to seeing this be proven wrong, sir," Marmas sneered at him.

However, as the two began walking away while arguing, they completely missed King flying out of the chasm. Along with a plume of smoke that popped out from the chasm, while a large, orange leotard was dropped while a person wearing a yellow raincoat walked into some bushes.(1)(2)(3)

~Back with Escanor, Hawk, and the princesses~

The group was still running through the town, trying to hurry to the Boar's Hat so that they could leave Margaret and Elizabeth where it was safe since Hawk's Mom would be able to swiftly leave and take them to safety if need be. That is if the giant pig hadn't died in the time he had been gone.

"Hurry! We need to get these two to safety already so that we can come back and help the others!" Escanor exclaimed to Hawk, his height getting shorter by the moment. He really needed to remove his glasses so he could get a faster speed.

As they were running, they suddenly saw Ban's unconscious body in their path, with his body covered in wounds that were healing at an extremely slow rate.

"Ban!" Escanor shouted as they swiftly moved over to check on the unconscious immortal.

Seeing that Ban was fine, simply unconscious, Escanor looked to Hawk, "Do you think you can take him too, or do you need me to carry him?"

"It's okay, just leave it to me! Sir Hawk, Captain of the order of Scraps Disposal!" Hawk exclaimed before he grabbed the back of Ban's jacket with his mouth and they continued running, with Ban being dragged due to Hawk's height. Though, none of them were worried about that, since he would be fine anyways.

As they began to exit the town and see the Boar's Hat within sight, they saw the kunoichi were making their way back to town.

"Escanor! Hawk! Margaret! Elizabeth! Are you all alright!?" Kushina asked as they made their way to each other.

"Yes, we're fine, but we need to get Margaret and Elizabeth inside the Boar's Hat. It's safe there thanks to some defensive runes that I placed earlier during the break for the stage to get fixed. Once these two are safe inside, I'll rejoin all of you on the frontlines," Escanor said, getting the kunoichi to nod, but before anyone could move, they suddenly heard metal footsteps.

"Escanor Pride, the most powerful man to have ever walked this land and world in 3000 years, I have finally located you." a masculine voice said stopping them.

Suddenly, before anyone could react, Escanor tossed Margaret at Kushina while everyone saw as a sword that was oozing a deep magenta pierced Escanor torso. Everyone was shocked to see this as they saw a man with green hair, facial hair, an eye patch, and then orange armor standing behind Escanor, holding the blade.

"I am Helbram, a Holy Knight under the direct employment of Sir Hendrickson and Sir Dreyfus. I am here to accept your unconditional surrender and, your severed head," Helbram told Escanor with a sinister look while the other saw Escanor fall forward.

"ESCANOR NO!" a cry rang through the air.

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