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It was late at night, the moon was out, most people were asleep and things were quiet as of late.

"I'm surprised to see you again." A voice spoke up that was male, but feminine. The person the voice belonged to turned to see Nepgear in a trench coat standing at the door to his work space. "Honey, I'm glad to see you, are you okay?"

"Yeah." Nepgear nodded and took her trench coat off, revealing that she was wearing a small black dress with purple trim on underneath it. "...Anonydeath, I..." She took a deep breath. "Do you want to go on a date?"

Anonydeath jerked in surprise.

"I mean," Nepgear blushed softly, "going out with a person would be hard for me, so, um..."

"Honey," Anonydeath stood up and floated over to her. "Whether we go to a fancy place to eat, or just staying here, it doesn't matter to me." His voice was gentle as Nepgear blushed. "I'd love to though."

Nepgear smiled and hugged him. "I have to warn you, I don't think I'd be a good girlfriend for you."

Anonydeath hugged her back. "And I told you, I'd love it if you'd be my wife."

"...One step at a time, Anonydeath." Nepgear said softly. "But... Could you... Take off your helmet?" She asked and stepped back as he tilted his head and reached up to unfasten his helmet and took it off.

"Is this what you want, Honey?" He asked and Nepgear could only stare at how... Handsome he was.

"Yeah." Nepgear said before taking a step forward and grabbing his neck and pulling him down a bit before planting her lips on his, much to his shock, though it didn't take him long to kiss her back.

Sure, she knew the problems associated with being involved with a human, Blanc had told her as much.

It wasn't logical, it didn't make any real sense no matter how she looked at it. But quite frankly, she didn't care. Even if she'd outlive him by more than a couple of centuries, he deserved that much from her. 'After all, he's only been my closest friend and confidant for years and he saved my life.' She thought to herself. Of all the people that she could try to start a relationship with, Anonydeath wasn't the worst option in her mind.

And, deep down, Nepgear knew that, even if she would hurt over the loss, she wouldn't mind it.

End Healing of the Heart

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Some final thoughts on Shadows and Healing.

I never intended for any sort of shipping when I did this story originally. It just kind of grew as the story unfolded. Nepgear and Anonydeath weren't supposed to end up like this. I hadn't even thought about it. But as time went on, the idea grew on me. It's so utterly unique and unusual that, ironically, felt natural due to how things went in this world. I do like my UniGear ship (I think it's cute), but I'm not opposed to other pairings. Speaking of Uni, she was never looking for romance in this universe, just a friend that can fully relate to her, which she has in Jupiter now. Blanc and C-Sha was just another pairing that grew on me as I wrote the story (plus I liked the ship from VII).

Anonydeath was originally supposed to be a one-shot throwaway character that was supposed to show that Nepgear wasn't a good guy, but rather an Anti-Hero. Heck, Jupiter originally was supposed to be known in Shadows, but as I wrote the story, well, I realized things could work out differently and much better if I changed how things were with both of them.

This is the end of Shadows and Healing, but it's not the end for my Neptunia writings. I've got some story ideas that some of you might enjoy in the future, but I don't like to start posting until I have a significant amount written ahead of time.