Judge and Tempters


Summary: Hastur loved the 14th Century and beyond; it was his heyday of the time during the famine, the black death, the civil wars and the religious upheavals of Europe. It wasn't until 1462 did his life got turned upside down in the arrival of an archangel, Gabriel. What is he doing here messing up with his temptations to Frollo? And what is he doing here if not stopping him of doing his job?


Chapter One: 1462, the Arrival

Hastur ran though the dark alleyways and streets in the gloomy winters' night. The snow was slightly falling; as the crisp wind blow though his long white blonde hair. He grinned as he creeped though the passageways through Paris. He wraps his hood tighter around his head as he pulled it further so the wind would not touch his face. His grin showed his yellowing sharp teeth, his black eyes shine brightly.

He can smell his prey as he got closer to the Seine River that flows through the city. Though Ligur, they found out that there will be a small band of romani that is be smuggled into the city tonight. His target, Cladue Frollo have this massive hatred of them, which Hastur never understood why but though a little demonic intervention got the man to be Judge just a short year before, which started the pathway for Frollo to start his vendetta against the romani people of who he sees as a disease of corruption in his city. Hastur was able to easily get employed by Frollo in the hunt of romani and after just a short year has his full trust as an advisor and someone who can do the dirty work that Frollo needed to get done. The human took it seriously that if he doesn't physical do the crimes, then he is free of any foul deeds. What an idiot.

Child's play really if he says so himself. Give a man promises of riches and dominance over what he sees as a threat and the human easily swayed by the snap of his fingers.

Hastur hissed as he got near the Notre Dame Cathedral. It appears the romani believed that they would be safe if they smuggle themselves near the cathedral or perhaps the priests there are part of the smuggling? Hastur will never know as he is unable to go near any churches and besides, getting rid of the traffickers would mean no more fun for him.

He already sends Ligur to bring Frollo and the rest of the band for the ambush. Hastur watched as a small boat carrying three men and a woman slowly drifted through the still water. It was winter but not yet cold enough for the river to be frozen over just yet. A baby was heard in the still night as Hastur sneered at the sound. He hated when there were children involved during his job. But there is nothing he can do about it; it's not like he or Ligur have an orphanage on the side nor any of the Satanic nuns are nearby for any of them to take in any children for them. It is what it is really, sometimes innocents get in the way. Besides the child will go to Heaven, it's not like it was his fault if the child dies or not. That was Heaven's business protecting the innocents not theirs.

"Shut it up, will you!" snapped one of the male companions in the boat.

"We'll be spotted!" grunted the other. Hastur wonders if any of them are related to the woman or child as his first thought the first romani would be her husband as the man has her in his arms. With the child being called an it however, either the child was too young to have a name yet as many human children die when they are this small during this time of the year or none of the companions are related to begin with and huddle together for warmth. But then again Hastur doesn't understand humans much as they change far too fast for him to follow. For all he knows they are just being snappy of thinking they are going to get caught. But they are and its funny.

The woman rocked her child, as she looked down at the bundle in her arms. "Hush, little one." She said.

Within moments the boat went to shore. The boatman who had a large limp at one leg jumped out first followed by the three romani. "Four guilders for safe passage into Paris." The ferryman reached out his hand towards them accepting the payment, leaning heavily on his walking stick.

It was in that moment; an arrow flew across the alleyway and went through the man's walking stick. Hastur grinned as he saw the look of horror on the romani and boatman's faces as Frollo's guards showed up surrounding the small group with their swords and spears.

They are here. You will die. There is no escape. How does that make you feel? Yes… yes, yes! attack them….

The first romani kept the younger man and the woman behind him as he kept the spears away from them by swatting at them as he had no knife on him. He half wanted to attack the guards but there are too many of them. They heard a horse approach as they turned and gasped. "Judge Claude Frollo!"

Hastur would feel the arrogance coming off Claude Frollo as the human approached them on horseback. Frollo loves being feared by the common people, even those that he works under him. The demon wonders how far he could make the human love the feeling of being feared that could lead into lust. Human men are like that, not knowing the difference between love and lust. They are the easiest to tempt into such sins then other the sex after so many eons of men wanted to control over women because of what Eve had done all those years ago. Hastur slowly approach the horse rider to his side, keeping his face half hidden in the cloak to hide his eyes. The guards near glanced at him as they quickly stepped away as they know of his reputation. Hastur grinned at a much younger one, who yelped away.

"Bring these gypsy vermin to the Palace of Justice!" Frollo ordered his men as they started grabbing them by the arms and putting on chains around their wrists. One guard grabbed the Romani mother and she snatched her child away from his grubby hands. The idea of anyone touching her child angered her.

"You there! What are you hiding?" the guard barked as he took the woman's hand as she tried to pull it away.

Frollo looked bored as he rolled his eyes. "Stolen goods, no doubt. Take them from her."

Hastur knew that Frollo was stupid but didn't know he was that stupid. In that moment the woman snatches her arm off from the guard's hold and bolted. A thrill went through Hastur as he started to run after her but Frollo yelled out orders about going after her himself. It was clear that he wanted the glory of capturing the Romani woman for himself either out of boredom or he was too fueled by demonic influence as lately there has been much more flock of Romani coming into the city lately. Frollo kicked his heals on the horse's sides as he sped off after the woman. Hastur knew what will happen if he displeased Frollo and the paperwork that he had to go through from the last time was not pleasant.

But still… he can feel that he is needed to wherever Frollo and the Romani woman will be at when he catches her. Making sure the guards knew what they were doing as they took the three men who was left behind into a cart to be place into prison in the Palace of Justice, to be hang in the morning no doubt; Hastur went off after Frollo. It wasn't hard of course following the scent of fear, the small tracks of a barefooted woman and horse prints in the snow. With a burst of speed and a push with his blacked wings Hastur found himself near the Notre Dame, again.

Hastur hissed knowing he isn't close to be in any danger from the Cathedral as the property only goes as far as the building itself; he can still feel Heaven's touch even at this distance. He never tried to step into a church before, nor does he ever want to test fate of being attacked by one of those righteous bastards. The priests there know him by sight now after being in Paris for the past few years. They know not to trust him as he is not a man of God.

Up ahead the romani woman ran up the stone steps of the Cathedral banging her hand into the wooded door as she tried to open it, but it was locked. "Sanctuary! Please give us sanctuary!" she cried out as the back of Hastur's back hairs prickled up as he felt her prayer.

Frollo came barreling towards her in full speed as he caught up to her on the steps of the cathedral. He rips the bundle from her arms, kicked her hard in the face, sending her crashing to the cement steps where she lay there not moving. The baby within the bundle in Frollo arms began to cry.

Frollo looked down in the bundle in alarm. "A baby?" he uncovered the baby's head to look upon the face of the child. He gasps in alarm as he covered the baby back. "A monster!"

Hastur jumped in alarm of this. What would freak out a human this much of a common baby? As far as he knew the child doesn't have any demonic blood in it. Hastur could feel the thoughts that went through the human's mind. He wants to dispose of the child. Again, Hastur's felt his demonic impulse rise as he steps closer to the stricken man that just murdered a woman and took her child as Frollo search around, anywhere to get rid of the child.

The child is a demon. Throw it into the well. Where it belongs.

Frollo rides closer to the frozen well that was on the other side of the courtyard, he raised the child high into the air as he was about to drop the child into its bitter grave, Hastur felt the presence of an angel that appear into the clearing.

Hastur swore under his breath.

"STOP!" a voice cried out across the courtyard. It was the archdeacon of the Notre Dame that finally came out from the church as the man pointed his finger to Frollo with such righteous fury in his eyes.

Behind him stood Gabriel.

(End of Chapter)

Words: 1,963

Author's Notes: Bear with me with this crazy crossover. It will work, I had this stupid thought the other day about "what crazy crossover could I pair with Good Omens?" along with "what does Gabriel do all these years besides bothering heaven earth agents and paperwork? Does he do any field work?" and BOOM this crossover idea of monstrosity was born. It's different and I needed something to show what Gabriel's does as a job other than doing paperwork in heaven and overseeing earth agents like Aziraphale. Also, Hastur and Ligar needs more love into the fandom.

Thanks for reading.