(Hey guys, this is my attempt at a Kid Icarus Fanfiction! I really love the series, and I think there are so many stories to tell. But sadly, we might not get a game for another 20 years. ;-; So, I decided to write my own story! That being said, enjoy the chapter to my first ever fanfiction!)

The pitch black room was introduced once again to light as a distant door opened with a loud creak. The light poking in was obscured by the shadows of two figures. One walked into the room and sighed tiredly, his vast white wings fluttering erratically, as if very uncomfortable. The other simply watched, their breath raspy and tired.

"Are you sure this is where you wish to stay?" The outside figure said with a feminine, yet jagged voice. Her hair shifted unnaturally in the light. The light shone upon the winged figure, revealing an exhausted Pit. His once-amber shoulderpads have now faded to black. His eyes drooped uncomfortably, with bags sinking them lower. His wings still twitched, much like his fingers. He nodded.

"Yea. I've discovered some things about myself... and about other people. I no longer want to fight, not just to be talked down and taunted by those I served." He gritted his teeth and slammed his fist into a wall, creating a small dent in the steel lining. "I'm not just some mindless servant, the butt of everyone's jokes!" He breathed intensely, before recollecting himself and sighing. "I-I'm sorry... I shouldn't lose my cool like that."

Behind the emotionally shifting angel, the Woman was going through a few moodswings herself. She seemed satisfied about the turning emotions of the angels, which was apparent in her wicked grin that spread across her face. But, that sneer began to fade, to a more pitiful face. She saw a bit of herself in Pit, as someone who was also stomped down by and became a laughingstock of the gods. She wanted to reach out, and be a comforting hand... but, she retreated, looking down. She knew, in his eyes, that she was no better than any of them. She hardened her heart before giving her next response.

"Well, feel free to call me if you need anything." She spoke in a monotone nature. She hesitated for a moment. The woman wanted to spit, to yell, to tell the young man how absolutely disgusting the gods were, and that if he needed anyone to confide in, she would be there for him. But once again, all the threats he spat her way in the last bout invaded her mind. She sighed under her breath and closed the door with a light, metallic slam.

The click of the door signaled that Pit was alone again. He looked in all directions, and only darkness was in sight. He snickered behind an emotionlesss face. Just a week ago he would have found this pitch black terrifying. But now, it felt like any other place. When had he become this unfeeling?

His train of thought was interrupted when the once-pitch black room was lightly illuminated with a shifting warm light. Crimson, Amber, and golden lights dimly lit the area. The sudden brightness caught him by surprise. He whipped around to see what was the source.

"Who's there?" The angel called. His question gained no response but a few heavy thuds. The light revealed a large wall that seperated Pit and the source of the light and sounds. A large, dark paw came out from behind the wall, and hit the floor with a familiar thud. The paw was ablaze, with ivory claws protruding from the toes of the beast. Pit could assume who it was as the creature stepped out from behind the wall.

"Twinbellows..." The young man gasped softly as it stepped out. He did not appear fearful of the large, two-headed canine. The beast turned to a defensive stance as Pit began to approach it. Pit held his arms up, revealing no weapons to harm Twinbellows with.

"Easy, boy. I'm not here to hurt you, or anyone. I'm just here to think for myself for a while." He chided quietly and calmly. The watchdog seemed to understand his words and actions, and calmed down a bit. It layed down, and looked down at the approaching angel. Once directly in front of it, Pit raised his hands and began to stroke both chins of the monster. With a few scratches, Twinbellows gleefully murred under Pit's affectionate strokes. Pit gave a soft smile.

"You know... all these gods are all fighting for something personal, for their own gain, or just to tip their egos in a good direction. But not you, huh? You're just satisfied with survival. You and I aren't so different anymore." He got a bit more affectionate in his strokes and leaned his forehead against the beast. Exhaustion got to him, and he fell asleep, right there into the arms of the beast. Twinbellows, while not really understanding what Pit said, understood his affection and troubled face. The monster leaned it's head down, and cuddled with the sleeping angel as it succumbed to sleep as well.

Without the knowledge of either angel or demon, the scene was being projected to a completely distant room. A large room lit by a golden tinted glow surrounded a desk, on top of which held an orb that displayed the previous turns of events. The sleeping duo left a silence in the large area. The silence was broken by the loud, metallic clang of a golden staff hitting the linoleum floor. The woman at the desk did not occupy herself with picking up the staff she dropped, but sat with an aghast look. She covered her mouth in absolute shock and depression.

"He smiled..." She softly muttered to herself. She stood up, her own two legs almost unable to keep her up. She leaned on the desk for a few more moments before sighing, and attempting to get her bearings. The woman leaned down, her sliky green hair cascading around her head, to pick up her staff. Lifting it up, she wandered to the area of her residence she knew very well. The hot spring.

Palutena undressed herself blindingly fast. Exhausted from staring for so long, she sat down into the pool of water and mulled for a bit, sighing at every thought of Pit crossing her mind. Normally they'd bathe together and share stories, laughing and enjoying time together. But now, she was truly alone. A tear crept from her eyes, and among the steam the spring provided, she wept.

Kid Icarus: Revelations.