"So this is it". He said as he was sitting on the edge aircraft carrier waiting for all life in New York to end. He failed to stop the bomb, to stop the supreme hunter. "well its best to stare death in the eyes" mercer said as he stood up preparing for the blast. 3…2….1….

boom! The explosion sent an ear ripping scream, but what came next was an indescribable pain that shot through his entire body ripping his cells one by one until there was nothing.

But somehow Alex's consciousness was still alive. "This is what is what death is like, booooooring"! he shouted at the empty void, then suddenly a blinding white light shone through the darkness and soon covered everywhere until there was silence. Alex opened his eyes to find himself on solid ground, as Alex was processing this, millions of thoughts rushed through his head at still showing that he was still clearly the virus.

Alex's mind started to wonder how he was still alive, if the bomb had eradicated everything in New York how is he still alive and where is he?

At that instant Alex sensed movement across the forest too big to be human and too weak to be a hunter so what could it be Alex thought as he stood up, then suddenly a stinger came from in front of him, but Alex had faced much faster opponents and was easily able to dodge the attack, then came from the trees a giant scorpion.

" Well I guess you're itching for a fight" Alex said as he stomped his feet on the ground like a matador and waved an imaginary flag. The scorpion saw this as a threat and charged, ignorant of the danger ahead the scorpion attacks with its claws, to which Alex grabs one then violently rips it off.

The scorpion reeling in pain tries to attack with stinger but is too slow, Alex dodges the attack and using his strength to jumps in the air but not before grabbing the ripped off claw.

In process of falling Alex decided to use the claw he grabbed, Alex pointed the sharp point of the claw at the beast and he threw it piercing the monster's skeleton and to add insult to injury Alex landed on the head of the scorpion killing it finally.

Soon after the beast died Mercer decided to eat it but only to be interrupted by a scream, Mercer wondering what's up decides to put his hunger on hold and check it out.


"did you see him take out that deathstalker like it was nothing" said A tall white man with a light green scarf and small glasses, he was watching Alex through a screen. "He seems to be headed towards the students, should I stop the exercise" said a female associate of him "no, I want to see how he reacts to our students" he replied. "but he might injure them Ozpin"! The woman shouted. "That's a risk I'm willing to take, besides this will show us his capabilities" The man coldly stated.


Alex was sprinting his way past all the other beasts he saw at speed of faster than a normal the fastest helicopter (A/N actually researched this), to get to where the scream happened. When Alex arrived at the place he found a clearing with a small temple which held chess pieces of some sorts,

Alex looked closer and 4 teens a girl in black hair, with a bow tie on her head, a with blond hair and gauntlets and two strangely dressed girls on in all white clothing and one with red and black clothing. Alex thought to talk to them but then from nowhere a death stalker attacked him from out of the blue tearing him in two then eating him.

Team RWBY (soon to be formed) P.O.V

"OMG!" Ruby said as she gagged, this was the second time she had seen someone killed before. The first was here mother who died when she was 6 years. Then to see another person taken by the Grimm infuriated her. But then suddenly from inside the death stalker a hand tore its skin through ultimately killing the stalker and out emerged a man. "Just who is he" Ruby muttered under her breath.

Mercer P.O.V

"I know I have killed nasty things but this by far tops them all" Alex said to himself. Mercer then notices a group of teens running towards him "great" he thought while thinking of what to say. "hey do yo- "was all Alex was able to get out before being bombarded with questions like where did you come from? and what kind of semblance do you have? it continued until they heard a monstrous roar up in the sky." Two nevermore in one place must be my lucky day!" The blond haired teen happily stated.

"Well if this conversation is over how about this you guys deal with the giant bird the never-what?" "nevermore", the smallest teen among the group said "alright the nevermore on the right while I deal with the one on the left kay" then the group (RWBY) agreed to question him later as they were in immediate danger.

But before mercer left the teen with the blond hair asked "how will you be able to kill the nevermore without a weapon, Mercer yelled back at them "don't worry about it" as he ran to the nevermore on the left, the nevermore saw this and decided to dive bomb Mercer with its mouth open, but this was a mistake as mercer dodged the beak of the bird and grabbed onto the skin of the nevermore.

The nevermore in pain flew up trying to shake Alex from its skin, Alex deciding he was high enough that the girls could not see him busted out his whip fist (A/N Whip fist looks like a blade attached to a whip) and used it to tear off the birds wing. Next Alex Morphed the biomass in his arms to form muscle mass (A/N think of this as gauntlets formed from biomass to increase the strength) in which he slams his fists on the back where the spinal cord is causing the bird to lose control of it limbs and fall head first.

Alex not wanting to delay his meal any longer absorbed the nevermore, as he absorbed the nevermore, as soon as he was finished devouring the bird visions of a strange woman wearing charcoal black clothing with pale white skin and hair, suddenly he snapped back to life, he realized he was not on solid ground and he just ate the only thing that could fly, but Alex remembered that he could glide and he did just that, Alex landed softly on the ground only to be confronted by the man who wears a green scarf. "Before you say anything I know and saw what you just did", the man stated. "And you're not scared" Alex replied while thinking of the people who usually ran in fear when seeing what he was.

"No rather I offer you two options join my school under a watchful eye or you and your descendants be hunted for the all of your lives". the man coldly said with no his of remorse or fear in his voice.

"You got experience with bargaining with things above your pay grade", Mercer replied back. "oh you have no idea" the man said before extending his hand. "Ozpin is my name" the man replied. "Alexandre Mercer but, just Alex is fine" Alex said as he shook Ozpin. "so what's the name of this school", Asked Alex. "Beacon Ozpin replied.