AN: Will include flashbacks. Don't know if it sounds weird but Nani and David are one of my favorite Disney pairings.

Aloha Nui Wau ia 'oe, e David

(I love you, David)

Chapter One – He's Gone

It had been five years since Stitch had first landed on Earth and the friendship between him and Lilo had only grown stronger. Lilo had wanted an angel and she had found Stitch. Stich was far from an angel but with Lilo's own quirkiness, he was what she had needed and even though he wasn't there right now, Lilo believed that he would come back home soon. She watched the stars and smiled.

"I'll be waiting for you, Stitch," she said as she thought about the way that space worked and how small the Earth was when compared to the rest of the universe. That made Hawaii seem even smaller but she still felt that she had as much worth as everyone else.

She sighed as she saw that it was still raining outside and looked at the picture of her family, her deceased parents. They had gone out for a drive in a storm and then they had died in an accident. She was glad that she had Nani to provide her with love and a home but she wondered how it would have been had the accident never happened.

Lilo was going to be moving into middle school soon and maybe it was going to help her find a best friend who wasn't Stitch. She laughed. No. Stitch would always be her best friend but she wanted to find a group of likeminded individuals. Lilo took a deep breath in before picking up her sketch book and pencils to draw and worked on her own picture of the universe or how she saw the universe.

However, as the rain seemed to stop, Lilo paused and heard a sound that scared her. Crying and not the normal type of crying. Lilo felt a piercing of her heart before she went to Nani's room…or over the past year it had become Nani and David's room. David had even been kind enough to Lilo that he had asked her if she was okay with the two of them living together and of course Lilo had said yes. David was like an older brother to her and Nani loved him. She wanted to see her sister happy but the sound of crying made Lilo realize that that might not always be possible.

Lilo knocked on the door and opened it to see Nani holding onto a pillow and sobbing. She looked as if she was a ghost and Lilo didn't know what to think about that. Maybe one of the surfing competitions she had been in had given her bad news – Nani had had some more time to think of herself and a career as Lilo had gotten older -.

"Oh, Li-li-lilo," Nani whispered as she refused to leave the bed but she reached out a hand to her sister. "Sweetie, what is it? What's wrong?" she asked and Lilo stared at her horrified. Something was very wrong with Nani and the way that her sister was acting but she was looking out for her.

"That's my question." Lilo asked and Nani turned to her and blinked before she dropped a small ring box on the floor. "Didn't you want to marry David?" she asked as she thought about what that box probably held. "I'm sure it hurts but you might find someone better," she said and Nani took deep breaths in and out before crying more onto her pillow.

"I…" Nani struggled as she grabbed her pillow tighter and started wailing at that like a child. She screamed into the pillow. "He never asked me," she said as she pulled the pillow down. "He never…had a chance to ask me."

"But then when he does ask you, you'll be able to tell him yes, right? So it's all good," Lilo said and Nani stared at her, her eyes having a haunted glaze to them.

"Lilo," she said as she reached her hand out for her younger sister. Lilo was at her side almost instantly. "David…" she whispered and took deep breaths feeling the pain throughout her whole body. "David's car was found earlier…." She said and Lilo blinked. She had heard Nani tell her a similar story before which had shattered everything. "It was….it was comple—" Nani turned her head into the pillow again and screamed, breaking down further and Lilo felt in her heart the words which would come next.

"He's…dead, isn't he?" Lilo asked feeling as if her sister would never recover from this. She had finally been loved unconditionally and the guy who had loved her, the brother figure in Lilo's life had died in a similar manner to their parents.

"He…they didn't fi-find his bo-bo-body," Nani said before sliding her hand down to her belly and Lilo watched her. Lilo felt tears in her own eyes at how much she loved and cared about David. He was a little clueless and goofy but he loved Nani and he was kind and supportive and hard working. He was a good person and Lilo would miss him.

"I'm sorry," she whispered and Nani looked at Lilo and held her sister's hand.

"That's not a-all Li-Li-Lilo," Nani choked and Lilo tilted her head curiously. "I'm pregnant," Nani told her and Lilo's eyes widened. She climbed into the bed next to her sister and let Nani hold her. She wanted to be there for her sister just as Nani had always been there for her.

End of Chapter One

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